Lightroom :: Print Doesn't Show A Selected Photo And Won't Print

Oct 13, 2012

How do I get my photos printed? I select a photo but I get the maessage that no photo was selected.

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Lightroom :: How To Add (almost) White Border Around Photo(s) To Print In Print Module

Oct 14, 2012

How to ADD (almost) white Border around photo(s) to print in print module (not for creating a JPEG)  WITHOUT TRIMMING the photo?
 I dont understand why I'm so stupid not to be able to acheeve this simple task with Lightroom WITHOUT TRIMMING the image (altering it's proportion and cutting away photo-content)
 (on light-gray backgrownd for instance, to use as cutting indications. I know how to use cutting-indications for images i print without a border)
(i do not whant to use workarounds, the kind of preparing "identity plates", a new one each for infinite variations of proportions to use as fullblown-up backgrounds..)

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Lightroom :: Print 16 X 20 Photo Through Print Module

Jun 29, 2013

I am trying to print a 16" x 20" photo through Lightroom's print module. I am using an Epson 3880 printer and 17" x 22" paper. I have done this in Lightroom 4 with no problems. Now I am getting a print that is 16-3/8" x 20-1/2". I have the cell size set at 16" x 20" and borderless printing is turned off. I also checked zoomed to fill. This has also happened on a couple of 12" x 18" photos.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Background Mask Doesn't Show / Print

Jun 17, 2012

I'm on Civil3d 2010.  I have a drawing where i have background masks on most of my text - everything works great.  Then I did a "Save As" to give the drawing a new name.  After working in it for a day or so, I noticed that all of the text masks don't show.  When I hover over mtext (or blocks with mtext), a border shows around the text (only when hovering).  But bottom line is the background mask doesn't show at all or print. The original drawing is still fine.

I've checked and this has nothing to do with line merge in the pc3 file etc.

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Illustrator :: Print To File Message When PRINT Is Selected?

Feb 20, 2014

I have a Samsung Laser printer. THe passive USB hub went bad yesterday, and I re-installed teh printer drivers. Everything prints fine from my on-line E-mail, Microsoft Word, etc. However, when I attempt to print from Adobe Illustrator I get a "Print to file" WINDOW that comes up, I never got this before I don't want to print to file (!!!!). I want to print to the printer.

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Lightroom :: 4 Print Module - Print And Print One Tabs Greyed Out

Nov 25, 2012

In LR4 print module the print and print one tabs are greyed out and I can't reset.

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Lightroom :: Print Module Doesn't Work Properly?

Jun 8, 2012

in print module main window for image control (not preview window in the left upper corner) is blank. what is the reason and how can be remedied? os Mac Lion 10.7.3 lightroom 4 ( the 3-rd version had the same problem)

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Lightroom :: Picture Do Not Show In Print Module After Upgrading?

May 22, 2012

Picture do not show in Print module after I upgrade the frm LR3 to LR 4

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Lightroom :: 5 - Print Module Stops At Fonts And Doesn't Continue To Job

Mar 16, 2014

My LR5 Print Module stops at "fonts" and doesn't continue to Print Job. What is wrong?

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Lightroom :: 5 - Navigator In Develop Mode Doesn't Show Current Photo

Jun 16, 2013

In Library mode, the Navigator does what I'm used to from previous versions of Lightroom -- it shows a preview of the currently selected photo.  However, when I go into "Develop" mode, the Navigator chooses another photo from the collection I'm working on (always the same one, it seems) and shows that one.  This is frustrating, because I like to use the Navigator in Develop mode to see previews of an edit I'm working on.  It's also just nonsensical that it shows a different photo.

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Lightroom :: Print Module - Show Single Pages In Custom Package?

Jul 20, 2013

I'm using Lr4.
I'd like to prepare a multiple pages package in the Print Module. I need to view each single page, as because every time I add new page the cells become smaller and it's hard to arrange the images well.

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Lightroom :: Print Text On A Photo?

Mar 25, 2014

I would like to print some text on a photo. Can I do that in LR?

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Lightroom :: Print Date Under Each Photo

Mar 8, 2012

in the Book module, I want to print the photo's date under each photo. I only found a way to print caption.

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Lightroom :: How To Create A4 Borderless Print In Canon Mg6150 From Within Print Module

Nov 1, 2013

I wanted to create an A4 borderless print in my canon mg6150 from within the print module. I can do a borderless print using the canon easyprint.
I go into page setup and the properties of my printer and set the page layout to borderless and click OK.
However, I am unable to set the margins to zero. When I go back into my page setup and check the page layout, it has reverted to normal so it has ignored my setting.

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Lightroom :: Switch To Print Module And The Print Review Is Now Blank (100% White)

Jan 7, 2014

All was working OK and the printer is showing ink cartridges almost full In the Library Module the print review is fine.

Switch to Print Module and the print review is now blank (100% white)

Pictures no longer print
Windows 7
Espon Artisan 835 printer

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Lightroom :: Setting Print Size To A3 Or Bigger Using 5 For Printing At Print Shop?

Feb 28, 2014

I have just bought and installed Lightroom 5 and need to set my print size to A3 and in the future even bigger. I do not have the facility at home and need to have them sized correctly for the print shop so they do not have to waste time resizing them. I am at a loss how to do this. I cant find any settings for this size print. A3 is roughly 42 x 29.7 cm.

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Lightroom :: How To Reset Print Template Screen In Print Module

Apr 1, 2012

I cannot seem to reset the print template screen while in the  " Print " module. It has adopted the smallest pic size with three times the normal border. I wish to reset to full screen in print module

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Lightroom :: Print Layout Not Matching Final Print

Sep 26, 2012

Epson 3880.
Lightroom 4.
Moutain Lion.
All current.
I am trying to print on 5x7 paper. I set the page setup to 5x7. I have the margins set to .2" on each side. The layout image inside Lr looks exactly how I want it to.Then I print. I end up with a .125" margin on the left and top, and a .625" margin on the right and bottom.

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Lightroom :: Print Settings Are Not Stored In The Print Preset

Apr 13, 2012

It seems that, no matter how many times i save and update the profile, all the print setting (image size, sharpening, bit depth, color management, ...) are store within the preset, all but the Epson Driver settings, which have to be selected every single time.
I really can't remember if this bug was present in 4.0 or not (I'm currently running 4.1 RC), but I'm quite sure it was working OK under 3.x. Here's the thing.
I configure the printing settings and create. a profile: Profile1.I change all the settings and create a second profile: Profile2. The "Print Settings" settings are different, same printer, one for Color (Profile1), one for Advanced B&W (Profile2).I click on Profile1 (which was created with color Print Settings). Clicking on "Print Settings" or "Print", the printer settings selected under the epson driver is the ABW one (the one that belongs to Profile2).I reselect the correct setting from "Print Settings..." (Color).Click "Save" again.Righ-t click on Profile1 -> Update with current Settings. Setting seems to be saved.I then click on Profile2 and bam! The "Print Settings..." seems to be rverted to color instead of ABW.Update the correct settings, back to point #3 
Can you reproduce this? This behavior is vanishig the power of the "Print One" button, unless you constantly print with tha same Driver settings.
Lightroom version: 4.1 RC [820174]
Version: 10.7 [3]
Application architecture: x64
Physical processor count: 4
Processor speed: 2,4 GHz
Built-in memory: 8192,0 MB
Real memory available to Lightroom: 8192,0 MB
Real memory used by Lightroom: 2388,3 MB (29,1%)
Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 4759,6 MB
Memory cache size: 866,7 MB
Displays: 1) 2560x1440, 2) 1680x1050
Epson R3000, latest OS X Epson Drivers.

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Lightroom :: How To Batch Print Different Orientations Or Print Sizes

Jun 6, 2009

How do I batch print several exposures at one time that differ in orientation (Landscape, Portrait) or print size (4X6 - 8 X10) or both orientation and print size?  I currently have Lightroom 2.3 installed on a XP SP3 machine.
I have been unable to find any documentation on this subject.

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Lightroom :: Print One Button In Print Module Of LR3 Not Activated

Mar 13, 2013

My "Print One" button in the Print Module of LR3 is not activated. What is amiss and how do I reactivate the button?

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Lightroom :: Print Module Switches Intended Photo?

Sep 4, 2013

I am using Lightroom 4.4 on a Mac, OSX version 10.8.4.  This problem started about two weeks ago.  I am in the Library or Develop module with a photo selected (photos are NEFs, JPEGS, or TIFFs)   When I move to the Print module, the photo switches on the main screen as well as in the filestrip below at the bottom.  Reselecting the photo in the filestrip in the print module still does not print the correct image.   Even with the correct image selected in the Print module, whatever photo is at the beginning of the strip is the one that prints regardless of what the Print module is showing. I am able to get around this by using filters so that only the image I want to print is available for print, but this is less than optimal. 

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Lightroom :: 4 - Cannot Print To Photo Tray With HP Photosmart 7520

Mar 3, 2013

I can't print to the phototray in LR4 with HP photosmart 7520

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Lightroom :: Simple Way To Superimpose Print Onto Surface Of A Photo In V4?

Nov 1, 2012

is there a simple way to superimpose print onto the surface of a photo in Lightroom 4 ?

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Lightroom :: How Large A Photo Can Print And Still Keep Good Resolution

Aug 25, 2012

In Lightroom 4, I need to figure out how large a photo can print and still keep good resolution.  I .e., I want to print a photo at 20x30" and I need to know ahead of time that it will look good printed at that size.

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Lightroom :: Will Empty Photo Cells In Book Module Print

Nov 9, 2013

A simple question. I'm designing a book in lightroom now and some places I decided to put some text over a photo cell rather than a photo. Will it print the text over the photo cell, or doesn't it print the photo cell?

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Lightroom :: 4 - Add Multiple Pictures In Terms Of Photo Strip And Print Out?

Jun 16, 2012

So i can create a photo strip in Lightroom and i have (just adding 2x2.5" cells and dragging pictures over) but after trying to add an additional picture it changes all the cells to the new picture.  After researching it seems that Lightroom wont let you add/print different pictures on the same sheet.  So i have two questions:
1.  Can you not add mutiple pictures in terms of a photo strip and print out in Lightroom 4?
2.  What adobe software (or even apple aperture) can you create a custome photo strip and add text for the event at the bottom and print?  Preferrably something that is simple for like when my Canon 7D takes pictures and you can drag and drop into the cells, determine # of prints and print, on the spot.  I am starting a photo booth company where person #2 will manually move pics on my Macbook Pro (if need be) to the photo strip template and determine # of prints (not automated). 

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Lightroom :: Print Quality On Epson Stylus Photo R800

Jan 3, 2012

I'm using Lightroom 3.6 and an Epson Stylus Photo R800. This printer is capable of printing very high quality pictures, as I know by using it for almost 5 years. I have bought Lightroom about 6 month ago. I have tried anything I can think off to get those fabulus pictures out of my Epson printer. I alterd color managment settings, changed print resolutions, downloaded new printerdriver, ... Nothing works. Print quality when printing from Lightroom is very poor. Bad colors (dark), stripes over the whole image, it looks like nothing realy. One of the things that I noticed is that the maximum resolution for printing in LR is 720 ppi. My Epson is capable of 1550 ppi. I see a lot of discussion going about print quality with lightroom... I think however this is a more basic problem. My print qualiti is realy very very bad...
Note, When I export a picture to .jpg format (I shoot in RAW only), and print this directly from Windows, I do get the perfect picture a was used to... I cannot believe that Lightroom is unable to do the same.

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Lightroom :: 5.3 On IMac - One Photo In This Print Job Which Is Missing Its Source File

Jan 25, 2014

when I try to print I get this message "There is one photo in this print job which is missing its source file" I've tried many photos, same message. I've already tried to reinstall (and update to 5.3) Lightroom.

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Lightroom :: 4 - How To Add Text Onto Photo Collage Made In Print Module

Dec 21, 2013

How do you add text onto photo collage made in print module on LR 4? Been trying to use the Identity plate

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Lightroom :: Print Package Will Not Print As Displayed

Feb 11, 2013

I set up a print package in lightroom v4.1 and adjusted the image in the cell to fit properly, however when I try to print to file the resulting file moves the crop to cut off the top of my subject's head.  It seems that I can get around this by intentionally moving the image so that it appears to cut off her head, then when it prints it looks correct (the adjustments im doing are moving backwards?).  This works for now but I have no specific control over my crop, I just have to guess and check which does not work for large quantities of images

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