AutoCad 3D :: Create Series Of Trays In Shape Of Letters - Unable To Sweep 1 Selected Object

Aug 14, 2013

I need to create a series of "trays" that are in the shape of letters. I am having some success with certain letters, but zero success with others.

I am creating these letters using a curve brought in from illustrator, and sweeping the profile that I want to use around the curve to create the outside.I am then using presspull to create the base of the tray.

However, sometimes the sweep command will simply say "unable to sweep 1 selected object" with no explanation as to why.

Sometimes I will get the shape that I want, but it is facing the wrong way, and I cannot fix it. Other times it will simply stall and then delete both the curve and the profile.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Unable To Sweep 1 Selected Object?

Jul 28, 2012

I've been following the Convert 2D to 3D video that is given in the Help section of AutoCAD 2012, and whenever I try to sweep the handle using the same methods that were used in the video it says that it is unable to sweep 1 selected object (when I select the path). I've attached the DWG file.

Also, when I went to use the 3D align feature I did exactly as the video did, but my handle wouldn't align with the side of the mug. It kept lining up with the side but never between the top and bottom of the mug like you'd expect. I kept having to move it to get it down where it needed to be.

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AutoCad 3D :: Unable To Sweep Object When Attempting Helical Sweep For Pipe Thread

Dec 22, 2012

I am attempting to model an internal 1/8"-27 NPT thread, both the through hole and the tapered part of the hole are modeled, but after I draw the helix and the polygon and orient the polygon to the helix correctly, (or even if I don't, I have tried it) it keeps saying unable to sweep object. I am using Sweep with Alignment with the No option. If I select the polygon first, then click sweep, it works, but rotates the polygon so that what I get ends up looking nothing like a thread profile.

I have tried reducing the polygon radius down to a ridiculously small value, thinking it might have been interference due to a possible trig miscalculation, but with no success, still have the same issue. FYI, I am using a .037" turn height for 27 TPI and a polygon radius of .0214", with a helix small end radius of .177" and large end radius of .189".

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Illustrator :: Know If Selected Art Object Belongs To Series Of Blended Arts?

May 20, 2013

Just draw a rectangle and a circle, then give them different colors. Choose AI menu "Object | Blend | Make", before this step you could set "Specified steps" to an integer in "Blend Options...", now you get a series of blended arts. Using Direct Select Tool you can select the rectangle or circle you drawed at first.
how to know if the art object you selected is one part of the blended series? I looked into the document but cannot find a proper API to get the infomation in AIArtSuite.

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Illustrator SDK :: How To Know If Selected Art Object Belongs To A Series Of Blended Arts

May 20, 2013

Just draw a rectangle and a circle, then give them different colors. Choose AI menu "Object | Blend | Make", before this step you could set "Specified steps" to an integer in "Blend Options...", now you get a series of blended arts. Using Direct Select Tool you can select the rectangle or circle you draw at first.
My question is, how to write code to know if the art object you selected is one part of the blended series? I looked into the document but cannot find a proper API to get the infomation in AIArtSuite. (for CS5 & CS6)

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Make Any Number / Letters Or Series Of Both Or Each As Subscripts?

May 29, 2012

Is there a way to make any number,letters, or a series of both or each as subscripts?

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AutoCad 3D :: Unable To Extrude Selected Object

May 11, 2011

I am getting the error message 'Path curve is coplanar with or tangent to the plane of the profile curve.Unable to extrude the selected object.'

when I try an extrude this shape around this rectangular shape below.



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AutoCAD 2010 :: Unable To Revolve Selected Object?

Oct 4, 2012

i am drawing a chamfered-counterbored cylinder... i meet the problem: unable to revolve the selected object ! After i convert the object i drawng to closed Polyline path with the Pedit command, it cant be revolve ! 

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Paint.NET :: Stretch Selected Object Into Different Shape

Mar 3, 2007

Is there a way to stretch a selected object into a different shape?

For example, I'm working with a friend with a tattoo design and he wants his son's name to fit inside a BatMan symbol.

Like this, but with the letters stretched out to the points in the Batman symbol.

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AutoCAD .NET :: Create Group For The Object Be Selected

Dec 21, 2013

I want to create a group for the object be selected. but the following code doesn't work.

public static void SelectObjectsOnscreen()
//Get the current document and database
Document acDoc = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument;
Database acCurDb = acDoc.Database;


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3ds Max :: Create A Solid Shape From Selected Edges?

Jan 5, 2013

I'm creating a bin model. I've hollowed it out, the thickness of the bin tapers from top to bottom. I have selected the edges at the bottom of the bin and just want to connect these to form a solid shape which can be the base of the bin. At the moment it's hollow all the way through.

When I select these edges, then select 'border' and 'cap', nothing happens. How do I make this selection into a simple circular base?

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Create Box Around A Selected Shape

Aug 30, 2012

Here's another video that shows how to make a box around a shape.

Have fun watching me goof up my words

(Note: I notice the forum chops off the right end of the video. Maybe you can save the swf and watch on your computer)


"The best thing about learning is that it never stops, and the rabbit hole will go as deep as you let it. [URL].....

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Xara :: Unable To Create Shape

Sep 21, 2013

My mindset doesn't work properly with shapes - more with lines and curves from point A to point B.

My normal usage of Xara is for banners and posters etc. not art or technical drawing. Anyway, I wanted to create a specific shape in Xara - it's not that I can't create it otherwise (it's very simple to create in CAD and export as PDF - import into Xara), it's that I can't create it in Xara - No matter what I try I cannot create this exact shape. I say exact specifically because I can close to fudge it, that's not the point. How would I go about creating this shape exactly.


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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Larger Routine To Create And Rotate Text Based On Object Selected

Dec 29, 2011

the expression in question is part of larger lisp routine to create and rotate text based on the object selected and the viewtwist variable (we use dview twist to rotate our views when needed)

So the expression in question:
(< (/ pi 2) ang (* pi 1.5)
where ang is the total angle used to determine proper rotation of the text.

Now the problem. In most cases where ang = 90 (or 1.5708 radians) this works fine. the two exceptions i have encountered

in testing are a line at 70 degress, viewtwist 20, and line at 50, viewtwist 40. For whatever reason at these two conditions the expressoin evaulates True instead of nil and rotates the entire text object incorrectly (180 degrees). So question is how exactly is this being evaluated? i know its comparing ang (* pi 1.5) to (/ pi 2). is there some sort of rounding error? or maybe the expression needs a wee bit more definition? attached image and full lisp routine for reference of what is happening, blue text is angle of the line as created by routine at viewtwist 0.

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AutoCad 3D :: Sweep Spiral Stair Channel Shape Along Spline?

Jul 3, 2011

I am once again trying to get the hang of drawing a 3D spiral staircase and cannot seem to figure out the SWEEP command properly. I have a channel, or a rectangular tube shape which I want to use for the stringers. If I use a round tube, like when I do the handrail, there is no trouble. But when I use a channel or rectangular tube shape the SWEEP command causes the shape to bank and I end up with an unuseable shape.

In the attached drawing (ACAD-2007 format) I have shown a SPLINE which indicates the path I want the outside stringer to follow.

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AutoCad 3D :: Unable To Sweep The Cutting Tool

Sep 4, 2011

I want to sweep the "cutting tool" through the helix to create a inner thread of my nut. When i set "Align" to "NO" it refuses to sweep. If i set "Align" to "Yes" it works perfectly but the result is of course totally wrong.


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CorelDRAW X5 :: Create Hairline Object Offset From Shape?

Mar 26, 2012

I am looking for a way to create a single hairline object displaced outside, so many millimeters from another object.

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AutoCad 3D :: Unable To Sweep Region Along Helix (DWG Included)

Apr 25, 2011

why I cant sweep this region. I have tried to flip ucs move region etc.


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AutoCad 3D :: Applying Surface / Turning Series Of Curves Into Solid Object

Mar 23, 2012

I am currently working on a project that involves some basic collision simulation of an LNG ship in Solidworks. However, before I can do that I need to turn the ship (which at the moment exists as a series of curves, see attachment!) into a solid object, which I can then export as an IGES file.

So far I have tried the PRESSPULL command and it hasn't worked at all, only produced a "not responding message".

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CorelDRAW X5 :: How To Change Same Letters In Text To Selected Color At Once

Jul 13, 2011

I have a large text with different letters and want to change the different letters with different color.   for an example


How do I select all the text  and change the same letters to a selected color at once, I know how to change the color for a letter one by one, but it is too tedious.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Create A Profile From A Series Of Points

Dec 15, 2013

I have collected points across a 500m distance with easting, northing and height values. This line of points is measuring a stepped slope of a field.

I want, if possible, to create a profile (something that looks like a slice of the slope, so that the steps and profile of the slope is clear.

Can this be achieved? Will you be able to guide me through the process?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create A 3D Sweep

Aug 1, 2013

Trying to create a 3D sweep.  I want to keep the sweep parallel to the XZ plane (like a parting surface).  In the attached part, there is a SweepSrf3 that has sort of what I am trying to do, but it does not go all the way around the path.  Notice how the sweep is parallel to the plane.  I tried to do the same thing in SweepSrf4, by selecting the 3D Sketch1 as the path, Sketch2 as the profile, and Workplane2 as the Guide Surface.  That failed.

In SweepSrf4, the only way that I could get the sweep to come close to working was to use the 3D Sketch1 as the guide rail and the circle as the Path.  Seems like I need to use the circle as the guide rail and the 3D Sketch1 as the path to get what I want... but that fails.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sweep Or Create 3D Project To Surface?

Nov 29, 2012

Picture this, a tubular feature that has a path that runs along the circumference and turns linnear. A path thats .3125 in diameter. I attached a file that shows a hand sketch with this post but I can't tell if it  will show up.

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Illustrator :: Filling In Shape Of Letters With Type

Dec 12, 2012

I would like to fill in (the shape of the letters of) a word with another word (using repetition). What is the easiest way to do this in Illustrator (CS3)?

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Illustrator :: How To Join Two Letters Using Shape Builder Tool

Oct 3, 2013

I am making a sign for my logo. The 'i' in my script face is long and overlaps the following letter which the sign maker's router will not read. So I would like to be able to use the shape builder tool to join the 3 instances where the letter 'i' appears each to the following letter. No luck so far. I have turned the type into points. I have highlighted the first instance, 'i' and 'c'. but the shape builder tool shows a circle with a line through it... not working.

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Illustrator :: Magic Wand Selection Shape From One Layer Drop To Sub-layer And Copy Selected Shape

Aug 29, 2013

In PS i can Magic wand selection shape from one layer, drop to sub layer and copy that selected shape from that sub layer. How do I do this in illistrator, and moreover, from multiple layer at the same time.
For instance, in PS = Import an image of gold - select a text phrse with wand - drop to gold - copy paste = gold text.

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AutoCad :: Creating Series Of Dynamic Blocks In Order To Create Tabletop Conveyors For Plat Layout

Jul 21, 2010

I am currently creating a series of dynamic blocks in order to create tabletop conveyors fro plat layout. I am using AutoCAD 2009 and am currently having issues making the turning sections. I know this is very simple using AutoCAD 2010 as there are geometric constrains available.

The curved sections must be able to have the inside thickness adaptable, the wall thickness must remain 1/2" thick, and the corner sections must have a 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree radii on them (although allowing any angle would be ideal). I was going to use visibility states to achieve the different angles as this seemed the easiest way to do this.

Attached is the basic 90 degree corner with an inside width of 4.5" with leaders labeling the areas that must be adaptive.

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Paint.NET :: Record Series Of Actions Then Save As Macro To Run In Another Session On Object

Dec 29, 2012

How do I record a series of actions that I can then save it as a kind of script or macro that I can run then in another work session on an object? Is this possible?

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Illustrator :: How To Create A Series Of Hexagonal Pillar

Jun 11, 2013

how I can create a series of hexagonal pillar.

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Photoshop :: Unable To Scale Shape Layers Layer Mask Independent From Shape

Sep 25, 2012

In Photoshop CS6, when you have a shape layer with a layer mask, and the two are not linked together, and the layer mask is selected, you should be able to scale the layer mask independently of the shape. What actually happens is the shape gets scaled and the layer mask stays untouched. In fact, even if you option-click on the layer mask to show the mask by itself, and then try to scale it, you still end up scaling the shape instead of the mask. Even if you go as far as to make a pixel selection of the layer mask and attempt to scale the pixels, the shape still gets scaled and the layer mask still stays put! Unbelievable!
This works correctly in CS4, but not in CS6 (don't know about CS5).

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Illustrator Scripting :: Choosing Different Printer Trays

Jan 24, 2013

Choosing between different trays of a printer in this situation:
Tray #1:  8.5 x 11 white paper.
Tray #2:  8.5 x 11 transparency vellium.
The Illustrator reference doesn't list a way to choose between trays. The only way I can see to select the paper you want is by size.  But what if they are the same size, just different material? 
I'm wondering if I would have to set up a custom paper in the printer itself and have the printer report it in a "PaperInfo" call?  Or, is there something that isn't in the reference that would enable me to choose the tray I need?

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