AutoCAD Inventor :: Use Include / Exclude In Pattern Of IAssembly?

Jun 11, 2012

I need use Include / Exclude some components in a Pattern which include an iAssembly. But looks like this option is not available (maybe I missed something)?

I use Inventor 2009, XP32 OS.

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013 (64 Bit) SP2
Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5645
12.0 GB Memory

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Include / Exclude Imates From Two Parts And 1 Whole Part

Nov 15, 2013

I want to exclude imates from two parts and 1 whole part at the same time.

This is my situation:

PartA with 2 sets of imates(for constrains on 3 axis for no movement) on the right side. Set A and set B.
PartB with 2 sets of imates, one on the left side set A and one on the right side, set C.
PartC with 2 sets of imates on the left side. Set B and set C.

i want, in a iPart, part A connected with part C connection with iMate set B. And in the same ipart i want Part A, B and C connected respectively with iMate sets A,C

So in the first situation i want iMates A and C and part B to be suppressed and in the second i want iMate set B to be suppressed.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Point Group Include Exclude

Nov 14, 2013

im trying to create a point group by including all points and then excluding the points i don't need. it doesnt seem to be removing anything from the group. i used to do this all the time in ldd. is it still possible in c3d?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sheet Metal Face - Include In Flat Pattern

Dec 19, 2013

Using a sketch, i've made a sheet metal face with a 1/4" thickness.

When i select "create flat pattern", inventor only uses a very small portion of the part, and the rest disappears.

Inventor doesn't prompt any windows or generate an error message of any kind. How can i include everything in my flat pattern?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Weld In IAssembly

Nov 20, 2012

In my iAssembly, I have placed a weld.  In one of the members, I am suppressing the weld.  When I change to that member, I get an error "Weld No Spine: could not compute Weld: Possible intersection failure".  Inventor complains a little, but it does not show that Red Cross after the member is selected.

Why do I see that even though the weld is suppressed for that member?

Heres a video of what I'm seeing?

Windows 7 x64 -12 GB Ram
Intel i7-930 @ 3.60ghz
nVidia GTS 250 -1GB (Driver 301.42)
INV Pro R2013, SP1.1
Vault Basic 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IAssembly Containing IParts

Oct 21, 2011

If I put iParts into an assembly, and then convert this assembly to an iAssembly, I can include "Table Replace [My_iPart]" as a column in the parameter table. As the value of this column I can select the individual rows of the given iPart parameter table.

However, I can not make this column be a "Custom Parameter Column". (In fact it seems to me that in an iAssembly I can not make any other types of columns to be "Custom Parameter Columns" either). Also, if a parameter of the iPart is a "custom parameter", I can not carry over this "customness" into the iAuthor parameter table.

This means that I need to insert table rows by hand, one-by-one, which is quite cumbersome. Imagine you have an iAssembly containing only two iParts, each having N rows. This means N^2 rows in the iAssembly, all of which I need to specify by hand. Plus I can not use the "customness" of a parameter of an iPart within the assembly.

In an iAssembly containing an iPart, I would like to

- have a "Custom Parameter Column" in the iAssembly parameter table, which can select rows from the iPart parameter table (selectable values would automatically be all the rows from the correcponding iPart)

- if my iPart has a custom parameter, I would like to have this custom parameter available as a separate custom-value column in the iAssembly

Is it possible somehow? Or is it conceptually wrong?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Ballooning In IAssembly

Aug 28, 2013

I have several iterations of an assembly.  Specifically I have a base of a machine with different tooling for different products. 

I generated the BOM by referencing the specific tooling I am trying to detail.  That worked.  But when I balloon, it references the main assembly.  It won't let me redirect the source file to the tooling asm.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Exclude Drawing Sheet From DWF When Check-in

Aug 31, 2013

I am using Inventor 2012 64 bit with Win 7.

We have a lot of drawing that has some extra sheet for ref. and Inventor let me exclude count and print from those extra sheet. This work fine but when we check-in the drawing to vault it update or publish all sheet to dwf. This is very compass for us because we full the dwf file from vault to release and the sheet count is different than the print out.

Is there a way to EXCLUDE those sheet when check-in or update dwf?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Not Possible To Exclude Components With Derived Assembly?

Jan 12, 2010

It seems to me that the basic exclude component no longer works when deriving assemblies. If I cycle through components it is not possible to get the Grey circle with the backslash through it?

IV2010 SP2
Dell Precision PWS690
Quadro FX3500
DirectX 178.46
Spaceball 5000
Intel Xeon 3GHz
WinXP Pro SP3

IV2014 SP1 64bit
Dell Precision T7500, Geforce GTX 480, DirectX11 306.97
SpaceExplorer 4.04, 3DxWare 3.12.2
Twin Intel Xeon E5506 2.13GHz, 12GB RAM, Win7 Pro SP1 64bit

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IAssembly / Table Replace

Aug 12, 2009

I am creating an iAssembly with iParts. Some of the iParts have the "Table Replace" colum option and some do not. Both iParts have tables with members and part numbers. See pic.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Change Row Of IAssembly Using ILogic

Nov 11, 2013

Issue between an i-assembly and i-Logic. So, I have an assembly that includes some extra components that are not always needed and therefore an i-Logic rule takes the decision whether these will be suppressed or not.

Of course this is not a problem however it turns out that I miss some info from BOM according to the suppressed parts   ...and all these makes sense following the LOD etc.

A potential solution to keep up to date the BOM while you are excluding the needless components is to create 
an i-Assembly.

To keep that simple I turned my current Assembly to an i-Assembly and very successfully I excluded various components and of course I included some others by adding extra ROWS. 

So far So good

Now I want to apply some dimensional boundaries by using i-Logic rules. According to them I want to allow this i-assembly to jump among these different ROWS that meet the right criteria.

Very rough thoughts led me to the following code...

For example...

If Width > 600 Then
iPart.ChangeROW ("..." , "...") 'Row-1'
iPart.ChangeROW ("..." , "...") 'Row-2'
End if

The Problem is that the above code works fine, for a example, in case that I will place an i-part in my assembly... However I am looking to change the row of the actual assembly that as I mentioned before I turned it to an i-assembly

To make this even more clear I want to be able to manipulate my i-assembly with i-Logic rules while this is open in Inv. I don't want to change rows while this is placed as a component or sub-assembly in an another assembly...

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IAssembly Inside IPN File?

Oct 27, 2013

I have 2 configurations in my assembly and one of them is in ipn file.

Once inside I cant change members...

Is it possible to change between them in the ipn file?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Two Tables In An Iassembly

Mar 22, 2013

I was wondering if I'm able to create two tables in an iassembly, like one table for size and another for different components in the same assembly.I have a vague memory of an old assembly having this but I can't find it or it's just a figure of my imagination.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Insert Table Into IAM Without IAssembly

Dec 5, 2013

Is there any way to insert a generic table into an assembly file. I don't want to create an iAssembly or use the data to configure the component in any way. I would just like to be able to maintain some design related information within the assembly file, similar to the tables that you can create in an idw. A table just like the iAssembly table would be fine, minus the iAssembly part or any sense of configuration.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Generate Files IAssembly

Apr 17, 2012

I have an assembly with around 120 variants in it. I am getting a little annoyed having to click the OK button when asked:

"Do you want to save changes to 122.iam" and its dependents"

is there any way to set the default to OK?

(other than setting an electric motor and a poking device up)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: BOM Structure Of IPart Or IAssembly?

Nov 20, 2012

I am using Inventor Professional 2012 and I have created complex iparts and iassemblies and I am not able to change the BOM structure of the parts simply because they are intelligent.  I require the tables and features that the iparts and iassemblies can create but they are coming up read only and can not modify the BOM information. Is there a way to change the read only aspect of an ipart or iassembly?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Creating New IPart From IAssembly

Jun 11, 2013

What I am looking for is a command similar to table replace, but that will allow for a new part to be created based on a user input. This will need to be done at the i Assembly level to an i Part that is placed within the assembly.

The end goal is to have input boxes come up, ask the user for the values then create all of the associated parts.

I don't need anything with the input boxes, just the part creation.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Exclude Part From Assembly Section Drawing

Jan 16, 2013

I have an assembly were i want to exclude some parts in a sectional drawing view. I mean i want those parts should be visible in section view but should not get sectioned. And the remaining parts will be in a sectioned view. Is that posible or i may be missing something.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Unable To Exclude Parts In A Derived Assembly

Jul 14, 2013

It says i can exclude parts from the assembly, when i insert it as a derived part, but the exclude button is greyed in the insert derived part dialog box.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IAssembly - Accessing Part Parameters

Jul 13, 2012

How we can access the part parameters after hitting create iAssembly. do I need to make i parts first and then bring them to an assembly and make an iAssembly??

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Extract Single Assembly From IAssembly

Mar 4, 2013

I have an i Assembly, with a Sub-i Assembly and i Parts. Is it possible to "extract" a copy of one configuration as normal assembly? So that I have an assembly where I can modify parts without touching the iAssembly or iParts.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add A New Member Row To IAssembly Factory Table

Feb 6, 2013

I am trying to come up with an automatic method to add a new row to my i assembly table and populate that row based on values entered by the user (assuming that combination of values doesn't already exist... ).  Basically, I wish to build my i assembly table on demand over long term by user input via a form that calls an ilogic rule.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2012 Modify IPart From IAssembly

May 22, 2013

I am looking for a way to change the parameters of a part that is within an iAssembly. Basically we have tubing with flanges on the end and wish to have an easy way to model varying lengths. I essentially need to be able to have the upper level iAssembly control the flange spacing and cut the tube to length based on the users selection. Due to BOM setup these parts must be seperate .ipt in a larger .iam

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Using ILogic To Drive IAssembly Table

Nov 13, 2013

I have created two iParts, both with corresponding tables which I then put into an iAssembly so I can change the size of a pad eye and two cheek plates depending upon the desired Working Load Limit. I have a very basic form right now with a drop down menu to chose the different Safe Working Loads but whichever one I choose, is not changing the table configuration to the desired size. Clearly my iLogic code is not working the way I would like. See below and also see attached screen shots so you know what I am working with.

If Parameter("SWL") = "4.75Te" Then
iPart.ChangeRow("PADEYE iPART - IMPERIAL:1", "WLL = 4.75Te")
iPart.ChangeRow("CHEEK PLATE iPART:1", "WLL = 4.75Te")
iPart.ChangeRow("CHEEK PLATE iPART:2", "WLL = 4.75Te")
ElseIf Parameter("SWL") = "6.5Te" Then
iPart.ChangeRow("PADEYE iPART - IMPERIAL:1", "WLL = 6.5Te")

This code was actually overwriting the table properties (in excel), so I know this is wrong, I just couldn't find any snippet for changing a table configuration .

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Why Can't Retrieve Dimensions For IPart Or IAssembly

Oct 8, 2008

I have tried to use the command retrieve dimensions for an iPart and iAssembly but no dimensions will appear

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Exclude From Count Breaks Page Number When Unchecked

Apr 8, 2013

I had some sheets that I wanted to hide so I clicked exclude from count and exclude from printing. 

Now I want to put them back, if I uncheck the boxes the page numbers don't show up in the border. Neither will if give a page number to the pages that were previously hidden in the browser. 

Inventor 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Can IAssembly Configuration List Appear In An ILogic Form

Aug 29, 2013

A client was looking to develop a custom interface for documenting iAssemblies.

Would it be possible with iLogic to:

1. Show form.

2. User selects a Browse button to select iAssembly to document.

3. List all iAssembly configurations in the form.

4. User picks configuration.

5. Select OK to create base view, projected view, and Parts List.

This may require API.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: 2013 IPart / IAssembly In Drawing Causes Crash

May 15, 2013

I'm having an issue with Inventor crashing every time I attempt to follow this exact procedure:

1.  I have a drawing open with an iAssembly or iPart in it.

2.  I edit a view by double-clicking the view, opening the 'Drawing View' dialog box.

3.  I open the 'Model State' tab.

4.  In the 'iAssembly/iPart Member' menu box, I select a different member.

Now, it may or may not open the 'Save' dialog box.  If it does, then I click 'OK' and poof, Inventor crashes without fail, asking to send in a crash report.

The same thing happens if I start a brand new drawing and attempt to follow the same procedure while inserting a Base view.

Now, I know for a fact that the not all of the drivers are not up to date on my computer, I am not using a recommended graphics card, and I am using SP1.1, not SP2.  I have notified my IT guy about this, but he has yet to get back to me.  I don't now if/when everything on my computer will be updated.  I do not have admin rights to my computer.

In the mean time, Inventor has become essentially useless for me until this issue has been resolved.  how I can get these drawings to start working?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic To Switch Between IAssembly Table Rows

Mar 28, 2012

I have created two table rows in an iAssembly that I would like to have a iLogic code written for.

What do I need to use to trigger between these two, when, for instance, a certain numeric value is entered in the parameters?  Within the assembly file, when I use the iPart.ChangeRow (or iAssembly.ChangeRow) and put the . I am filename in the first spot, it says it cannot find the file.

This is what I am using, and the error states it cannot find the . i am file I am referencing.
IfParameter("Window_Cutout_Vertical")<=1AndParameter("Window_Cutout_Horizontal")<=1TheniAssembly.ChangeRow("A60_RHR_Door_Assembly.iam", "A60_RHR_Door_Assembly-02")ElseIfParameter("Window_Cutout_Vertical")>1AndParameter("Window_Cutout_Horizontal")>1TheniAssembly.ChangeRow("A60_RHR_Door_Assembly.iam", "A60_RHR_Door_Assembly-01")EndIf

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IPart Parameters In IAssembly General Table?

Dec 20, 2012

How can I display iPart parameters in an iAssembly general table?

On my .dwg I would like to use one detail with a table.  The 2 table columns I need are:

(1)   iAssembly name (no problems here, shows up in the general table by default)

(2)   Length (this parameter value is in the iPart)

Inventor RS 2011
AutoCAD Mechanical 2011
ASD 2013
Vault Collaboration 2011
Windows 7 Pro

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IAssembly Table Unwanted Dimension Added

Dec 23, 2013

what the best way to show 2 different subassemblies based on the same iAssembly... I would expect a "custom" option as there is from the content center. If I try and change the table for one, the other instance gets updated, and I would like it to stay the same. I understand that this would require a new "branch" in the BOM holding the different sized parts, but there must be a way to accommodate this?

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