AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Client Application (COM C++) Suddenly Will Not Build

Apr 19, 2013

My Civil 3D 2013 client application (COM C++) suddenly will not build:

error C4772: #import referenced a type from a missing type library; '__missing_type__' used as a placeholder..fatal error C1084: Cannot read type library file: 'C:/Program Files/Common Files/Autodesk Shared/AecXBase70.tlb': Error loading type library/DLL.

The type library is imported in the following way in StdAfx.h (as I have done for several years now, though with different version (60, 65, 67 etc.) each year):

#import "C:Program FilesCommon FilesAutodesk SharedAecXBase70.tlb"  raw_interfaces_only named_guids no_namespace

I have tried to reinstall Civil 3D 2013 but that did not work. I probably also should mention that I have installed Civil 3D 2014, but that was over a week ago and I have been able to build since then.

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AutoCAD .NET :: 32 Bit Oracle Client In 64 Bit Application

Aug 29, 2011

Is this possible, create a .Net 3.5 Dll(A.dll), reference to Oracle 11g 32 bit client Oracle.DataAccess.dll. this dll will be used in another dll(B.dll), which load in AutoCAD 64 bit application. 32 bit version of AutoCAD is not allowed to install on Windows 7 64 bit.   Right now I set my B.dll as 'Any CPU', and A.dll as 'Any CPU' as well.   Do I have to use 64 bit oracle client in my A.dll?

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Application Has Suddenly Started To Link Hatch Pattern To Area Boundaries?

Jan 17, 2013

My application has suddenly started to link the hatch pattern to the area boundaries.

The objects remain on their own layers, but I am not able to delete the hatch pattern without deleting the boundaries.

I cannot edit the hatch pattern either as the application no longer recognises the hatch pattern.

Have i changed a setting unwittingly?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Build A Spiral Staircase And Use Spline To Build The Railings?

Oct 10, 2013

I am trying to build a spiral staircase and need to use spline to build the railings. Every time I try to end the spline by hitting enter the spline disappears. I am using 2014, and I have never had this problem before with previous versions.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Novel Client Thrashed Text Display

May 17, 2012

Installed the latest Novel Client  2 SP2 for Windows (IR2a). On the first restart C3D froze. I rebooted again and I got Civil 3D going. It looked a little different and I had to import a backup profile. The biggest thing that didn't fix is the display. Our standard font is Tahoma, a TTF that appears filled. It now looks like this:

This affects both MText and text in Styles. So far I'm only having this show up in the drawing I had open just before the install and opened immediately after. I've run Audit and Recover, repaired Civil 3D, checked that the standard text style was still set to Tahoma, added the windows Font folder to the path, verified that FillMode is on. I've tried opening the drawing in a stock profile with the same results.

I reinstalled the video driver, downloaded and installed the latest from the Nvidia site and downloaded and installed the latest from the Autodesk hardware site. That's what's installed now. I've turned hardware acceleration off and back on. I've gone through each tab in Options looking for anything not set right.  I've turned Windows Clear Type Text on and off.

The text also flashed in and out of visibility as I zoom in and out. So not all of the text may be shown at any one time. I'm also getting a lot of Fatal Errors. I found out that if I remove the Background Masks the text shows as filled, but it's still terribly jagged.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: ETransmit / Export Drawings To Send To A Client

Jul 23, 2013

I am currently trying to etransmit or export one of our C3D drawings to CAD 2007 to send to a client. Every time I estransmit or export a lot of boxes appear on the exported file. Does anything know what they are or how to get rid of them? it won't let me freeze them, they all seem to be one block together.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Supply Client With Drawing And Exist Surface

Aug 20, 2013

I need to supply a client with a drawing and exist. surface.But I don't want them to have the survey data or points.What's the best way to handle this?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: How To Build All Surfaces Into System

Oct 23, 2013

Until now I have used Civil 3D for small projects. Now I'm starting a large project, 30 parcels, 5 roads in rough terrain.

Earlier I got some problems with some surfaces of the new construction that unwanted connected together. This time I want to get control of all small new "constructions" (parcels and roads) and connect them to the surface. I realize the original surface will be covered 100% of new terrain. How will I be able to connect all the surfaces together so that I can eventually create a single surface with all the new designs? (and run the waterdrop :-)

How to build all surfaces into the system?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Build Corridor Using Conditional Slope Assembly?

Mar 3, 2012

I am trying to build a corridor using a conditional slope assembly that considers the roadway and links into the lots.

The corridor is divided into 3 regions. All targeting has been assigned.

The first region appears fine. The second and third show no links beyond the roadway.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Build A List Of Surface Label Style Using Vlisp 2013?

Jun 26, 2013

I'm trying to build a list of surface lable style, (both slope and spot elevation) using vlisp 2013.

I can create a list of the parant, but I can not find the clildren.

my goal is to change a surface label style between the parent and the children, using a list.  To many style for the property menu.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Hydraflow Model - HGL And EGL Drops Suddenly To 0

Oct 31, 2012

I'm having an issue with my Hydraflow model where the HGL and EGL drops suddenly to 0 in the upstream pipes. What might be causing this? Picture attached.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Suddenly Lost Linetypes That Use Shape Files

Nov 16, 2006

i have a drawing i am working and somehow i lost my linetypes that use shape files, anything with text in the linetype work fine. I have tried to reload the shape file, compile it and to no avail. my file directories are pointing in the right direction and everytime i load and compile it goes to correct file and directory.

The reason i say i caused it is they were in the drawing working fine, and 1 or 2 commands later gone, I tried to insert the drawing into a new drawing and that did not work. if i start a new drawing it works fine.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Sample Elevation In Object ARX Application

Mar 18, 2013

I have an Object ARX application where I consult a TIN surface for elevation samples. I need several thousand point's elevations in a straight line.

I have the surface declared as

CComQIPtr<IAeccTinSurface> mTINSurface;

 And given coordinates (x,y) I can easily and successfully find the elevation using

//x and y are given double valuesdouble z;HRESULT result = mTINSurface->FindElevationAtXY(x, y, &z);
//+error treatment

 This, however, takes a lot of time when I have to do it thousands of times inside a for-loop varying the x-coordinate. Reading the documentation on IAeccSurface I found the Sample Elevation method (I don't paste the link here, it's pointing to 'invalid HTML' and forbidding me to post). In the hopes of improving performance, this is what I tried:

SAFEARRAY* safearray;SAFEARRAYBOUND bound;bound.lLbound = 0; //zero-basedbound.cElements = number_elements; //does this define the number of samples?safearray = SafeArrayCreate(VT_I8, 1, &bound); //zero based, safe array of X,Y,Z doubles
CComVariant variant(safearray);variant.vt = VT_ARRAY | VT_I8; //type: safe array of doubleHRESULT result = mTINSurface->SampleElevations(x,y,n_x,y,&variant); //sample in line

This is what I took from the description given by the documentation; that the last parameter should be a "VARIANT containing a zero based, one dimensional safe array of X, Y, Z values. ". My problem is that 'result' is always E_FAIL - and I'm not sure why - and 'safe array' is filled with zeroes.

I have the following questions:

Am I passing the right parameters? I have little experience with VARIANT and SAFE ARRAY types.Does the entire Sample Elevation operation fails whenever a single elevation cannot be found? (I have sections without elevation information in the surface - I'm sure the first point (x,y) DOES have a valid elevation value, though). Would I really see performance gain by using Sample Elevation instead of multiple FindElevationAtXY, as I assumed?When calling Sample Elevation, I'm not entirely sure how the sampling is considered. Does the method recognize the size of the array and divides the distance between the initial point and ending point equally, resulting in that many samples? 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: External Application For Creating A Section Box

Oct 20, 2013

Is there any external application for creating a section box for autocad? If i use the live section it applies only to solids. Is there any option or an external add on so i can apply to points lines polylines civil 3d object and in general to every object? 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Sample Elevation In Object ARX Application

Mar 19, 2013

I have an ObjectARX application where I consult a TIN surface for elevation samples. I need several thousand point's elevations in a straight line. Initially, I was making thousands of FindElevationAtXY calls, but that proved to be somewhat slow, so I searched and found SampleElevation in the documentation and was hoping it'd provide me with performance gain. 

I had some problems, due to my inexperience with VARIANT and SAFEARRAY types, but now I get what seems to be correct results when passing an initial and ending point. Here's a code snippet of my call, which succeeds and gives me the correct elevations;

HRESULT result = mTINSurface->SampleElevations(x,y,n_x,y,&variant); //sample in line

Note that I'm sampling a line along the x-axis (y constant).

The problem i'm facing is that the number of samples along the line provided by the method is far smaller than I expected.  I need thousands of points along this line (in fact, I want all points with exact  round x-coordinates), and no matter what size I provide for the safe array of doubles given by 'variant', I get only a few hundred points. Furthermore, I've checked and the offset between any two points in the resulting sample is not constant, nor are they the same when I sample a different line (increase y coordinate by one).

Here are my questions: Why are these points chosen by the method - I mean, are they chosen because they are somehow 'significant'?Is there a way to specify the number of points I want along this line?Would it be at all possible to determine a constant offset for the samples (i.e., I want coordinates at specific points x-units apart from each other)?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Application Has Stopped Error On Closing Drawing

Jul 20, 2010

I am operating 3D Civil with Windows 7, 64-bit system.

Most of the time when I close a drawing, particularly when I have two or more drawings open, the program closes down with the following message "Autocad Application has stopped working - Windows is collecting more information about the problem"

I then have to restart 3D Civil

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Photoshop :: Corrupted CC Application When Desktop CC Shows Application As Up-to-date

Nov 24, 2013

How do I re-install a corrupted Photoshop CC app when the Desk Top CC shows the app as "up to date"?

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Photoshop Elements :: Some Of Application Components Are Missing From Application Directory

Sep 3, 2012

I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 but get the following alert: "Some of the application components are missing from the Application directory, Please reinstall the application." Can it be reinstalled? It is not available under "History" and none of the available installs appear to be for Mac OS X (Version 10.7.4). S

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Photoshop Elements :: Some Of Application Components Are Missing From Application Director

Mar 19, 2014

I have PSE9 and a macbook pro 10.9.  I lost the original DVD that came with my purchase of PSE.  Some files must have gotten corrupted because I can't open the program without reintalling.  It says, "Some of the application components are missing from the application directory.  Please reinstall the application."  I have the serial number and all and I registered the product.  Is there somewhere I can download a new copy to install? 

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Photoshop Elements :: Application Components Are Missing From Application Directory

Nov 5, 2012

at photoshop cs6 extended downloaded in july, i now get the following message: "some of the application components are missing from the application directory. please reinstall the application."

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Egress Linetype For Client?

Jul 8, 2013

I have a very particular client insisting I recreate a specific lineteype. The previous technician used AutoCAD Architecture 2012 to create a shape within the linetype. I have recreated the shape, with my AutoCAD 2014, but am struggling with creating the linetype 100%, and getting into other files. 

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AutoCad :: Beam Complex P&IDs For Client Viewing

Aug 2, 2013

I need to beam complex P&IDs for client viewing. The drawings are in AutoCAD2012. I find it difficult to zoom and pan to the desired place. Beaming individual component P&IDs is also not an option as the client usually wants to see the enitre layout first. The entire layout, when beamed is unreadable without zooming. I was hoping for a solution similar to drilling down in databases (clubbing of data when we at the top levels and then the ability to view details when clicking on a particular cell); where only the important lines and symbols are shown at the top levels so that they can clearly be seen on beaming.

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AutoCad :: Multiple Files From Client Don't Open Together

Mar 15, 2012

I have a builder client who sends house plans in dwg. Recently, I have been receiving a folder full of dwg files for every room, options, etc.. When I try to open, say, the first floor plan, only dimensions show up. If I open up bedroom 3, only that bedroom shows, with no dims or context. How do I get one complete plan all together?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Client Feature Right Click Menu

Jul 15, 2013

How to add to the right click menu of a client feature in the browser using the API? I'm trying to mimmick the right click menu that pops up when you right click other features like extrusion or hole in the browser. i.e: "edit feature", "redefine",  etc.

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AutoCAD VB :: Client Menus Utilizing Raster Design

Jun 24, 2011

I've been trying to update a client menu and I've gotten most things figured out.  They have a fairly elaborate routine set up to make sure our drawings work with their document control system as well as raster design.  We are using AutoCAD 2011 and the menu's were meant for 2008.

Everything seems to run well except at this sub module and every time I load a raster drawing with a TIF the routine error's out at the line in Red below.  I've tried everything I can think of to keep the routine running, and I want to refrain from just remarking it out, which seems to do the trick, but I do not want to do that unless it's for some other purpose. I just need to get their menus to work on newer versions of AutoCAD.

Private Sub AcadApp_EndOpen(ByVal FileName As String)
    Dim sPathPart As String
    Dim sFilePart As String
    Dim sExtPart As String
    Dim lResult As Long
    Dim vResult As Variant
    Dim bFoundCO As Boolean

[Code] ......

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Client Graphics - Circle Fill Color

Apr 11, 2013

I am trying to fill a client graphics circle with colour . i'm just using the sample included in the API Samples.

' Create a transient circle objectDim oCircle As Inventor.CircleSet oCircle = oTransGeom.CreateCircle(oCenter, oNormal, 1)Create a circle graphics object within the node.Dim oCircleGraphics As CurveGraphicsSet oCircleGraphics = oCurvesNode.AddCurveGraphics(oCircle)Call oCircleGraphics. Color.SetColor(255,35,35) '

This line doesn't work

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AutoCad :: Adding Client Logos To Drawing Title Block?

Apr 20, 2012

I am about to recieve an order to provide drawings to a new client who has requested me to author an new blank drawing title block for the required drawings. The company does however have a Logo and other necessary details.

My question is: What format should the logo be in and how do I transfer this into the drawing title block, bearing in mind that I will most likely have to change the size to suite the various size drawings sheets, namely A0, A1, A2 etc?

I have attempted to search for this information on CT and having found the topic been denied request to open whatever. This is a copy of the notification receive when attempting to open a topic:

"Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forum/showthread.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Fails To Open Directly From Email Client?

Jul 20, 2011

Autocad failes when i tried to directly opening a file from recieved attachment email. whereas it opens it properly when i save the files to hard disk drive.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Client Feature Visibility In Design View Representations

Jan 13, 2014

I have an assembly with a client feature that contains client graphics. I have exposed the visibility (ClientFeature.Definition.ClientGraphicsCollection[1].Visible) to the user via a context menu option. Changing the visibility currently affects all view representations. Is there a way to associate the visibility with each design view representation?

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AutoCad 3D :: Build Panel Missing?

Feb 23, 2012

I have autocad 2012 and am diving into 3d modeling. I realized the build panel is missing from my home tab. how I can get it to show?

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AutoCad 3D :: Build Blocks To Use In 3D Models?

Jun 13, 2011

Is it wise to build blocks to use in 3d models?

I am working on an apartment building. In 2d I created a block of a typical unit and copied and rotated it around as needed. Can I use the same principle in 3d? Can I attach materials inside the block editor? (I built the whole thing as a sketch model with no materials, and now want to make it pretty!)

I'm working in ACAD2010

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