AutoCAD 2013 :: Adding A Button To A Tool Bar That Triggers A VB Code

Aug 13, 2012

I have a couple of VB pieces of code that set up the standards of my company. What I want to do create a button in my Workspace -within a tab created by me with the CUI tools- and trigger my VB code. 

How is possible to create this button?

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AutoCAD VB :: Adding Button To Tool Bar That Triggers Code

Aug 13, 2012

I have a couple of VB pieces of code that set up the standards of my company. What I want to do create a buttom in my Workspace -within a tab created by me with the CUI tools- and trigger my VB code.

How is possible to create this buttom that is connected with my code and displayed in my workspace?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Way Of Grabbing Code That Triggers Different Commands

Dec 9, 2013

I would like to know of a way of grabbing the code that triggers different commands for example, someone a while back gave me this command of 

This Application.CommandManager.ControlDefinitions.Item("SheetMetalStylesCmd").Execute

this triggers the Sheet metal defaults in a sheetmetal ipt file.Where was the SheetMetalStylesCmd part of it taken from?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Adding New Button Group To Tool Toolbar

Nov 29, 2012

Have only recently purchased and installed X5. I am coming from PSPv9 (and doing so reluctantly.)

I am attempting to duplicate the tool toolbar that I am use to in PSPv9 in X5. I have been successful except for one group. In PSPv9, the Dropper tool and the Color Replacer tool are in the same group. I have been able to create a new Button Group and place both tools into it. What I can not figure out is how to have the new button group display an icon. All other groups display the icon of the first tool in the group listing.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: 2014 - Tool Button Images Do Not Display

Jun 12, 2013

I just loaded 2014 onto a new computer and poof every custom toolbar has a question mark.  Yet the image displays on the preview in the cui.

All of my button images are in a folder on my C: drive and that path is in the support file search path.

I went to one of the buttons and click on the small and large image and browsed to the folder with the BMP files and clicked it for both small and large..  And when I clicked 'ok' everything started to display correctly. 

Custom Build with Win7 Pro 64Bit SP1
Gigabyte Tecohnology Co. X79-UD3
3.60 gigahertz Intel Core i7-3820
16GB GSkill Ripjaw Z PC3 2133 PC17000
PCI-E ATI FirePro V7800 2GB 256bit
ATA SanDisk SDSSDX24 SCSI Disk Device (256 GB)
Dell 2001FP and (2) 2407WFPHC Triple monitor setup

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Write A Code For Pressing Esc Button

Jul 24, 2013

how to write a code for pressing an esc button but in vba

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add A Stop Or Cancel Button Onto Ilogic Code

Jul 2, 2012

Is it possible to add a stop or cancel button onto ilogic code?

I have code that looks into all .ipts with a certain material type,that works great but if we run by accident there is no way of stopping code until it finishes .

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AutoCAD Inventor :: VBA Code To Toggle Custom Button Image?

Jun 5, 2013

I have created some custom button in VBA. I wish I can make those buttons toggling their image.

For example my custom button toggles Part/Component priority or Highligt on/off and I would like the button image will change showing the current state.

The background image color change will work too, or the some extra tiny mark on working sceen would be useful if it quite complicated to deal with ribbons.

Generally I need to see the current state at glance.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Custom Button To Ribbon To Launch ILogic Code Using VB

Jan 16, 2013

I'm trying to find a way to add a custom button to my ribbon that will launch a global rule or form using VB. I know of a way using VBA but I want to get away from VBA. I'd much rather create an add with VB and use that.

I'm currently running IV 2012.

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AutoCAD .NET :: ELockViolation Error Code - Creating New Layer And Make It Work From Push Button

Nov 7, 2011

I wrote some code in VB .NET 2010 getting started from Kean Walmsley project to create a new layer. I did it working directly from code and not using a command line as he did.

[URL] ...

The problem is that the same code works if I call it directly inside the application code, but doesn't if I throw it from a push button.

I get the eLockViolation error code.

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AutoCAD .NET :: Adding Custom Code In Reference Editing And RefEdit Command

Jun 6, 2012

how i can add .net code on reference editing and refedit command.

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AutoCad :: Adding Pan Function To A Mouse Button

Oct 5, 2011

I have a Logitech mouse that uses Set Point. I would like the sideways function of my wheel to function as Pan. In Acads CUI there is a list of ten buttons which different functions. How do I know which button is which? None of them have Pan by default, so how can I add it to a specific button?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Where Does DXF Code 440 Come From

Sep 20, 2013

Our app crashes with a certain dwg-file from a customer.I located the crash to an entity that contains a dxf-code 440.

The error is of course ours, we should be able to handle unknown dxf-codes.But where does it come from? It seems to represent the alpha-channel.

How can I create an entity that contains that dxf-code?And what does a polyline do with an alpha channel?

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CorelDRAW Premium Suite X5 :: Adding HTML Code In Website Creator

Feb 17, 2011

I need to place HTML code so that I can get a blogtalkradio graphic link onto my website. Can't figure out how to place the code so it will display the graphic. 

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AutoCAD VB :: VBA Code Keep On Crushing In 2013

Sep 16, 2013

I have this vba code that created in 2009 autocad 32 bit environment. I am fixing it so  it will work for the 2013 autocad civil 3D 2013 64 bit environment.

The code work fine in the old vision but keep on crushing in the new one . I fixed the references and also move up the search path to the top, but it showing compile errors or runtime errors like the following.

 if you ignore that error and run it agin it will go to the next step and show you another errors. after a few rerun it will give the result.I try fix it with an older vision library of autocad 2009 and 2012 both gives an run time error message.

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Xara :: Adding A Button That Stays On The Page

Aug 28, 2011

How do I add a button that scrolls as the user scrolls - so that it is always visible? I think what I need to do is fix the absolute position of a layer, but can't see how to do that.

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AutoCAD VB :: Layer Creation Code Not Working In 2013 VBA

May 10, 2012

I have been using a dialog box with checkboxes for creating layers for the past 5 years now with minimal problems.  I don't know much about VBA code, but when there is a problem, I can usually figure out what is going on, which is generally a typo the causes it to error.  The code was created by an employee that left the company about 3 months after I started.

After installing acad 2013 and the VBA enabler this code only partially works.  It will create the layer in the drawings, but will not set the color, linetype or the description.  When I click on the checkbox for any of the layer checkboxes I get a "Run-time error '13':  Type mismatch" error.  I click on the "Debug" button which opens VBA, the "This Drawing.Layers.Add" line in the below code is highlighted.

As a troubleshooting effort, I tried retyping the ".Color" line, when I had typed out "m_refg_pipe_n." a drop-down box appears, but "Color" is not an option anymore.  The only color option in the list is TrueColor, which we do not use.  In the next line of the below code, "Description" is an option.  So I am guessing that the ".Color" line of code is the problem.

Private Sub CheckBox101_Click()
Dim m_refg_pipe_n As AcadLayer
Set m_refg_pipe_n = ThisDrawing.Layers.Add("m-refg-pipe-n")
m_refg_pipe_n.Color = acGreen
m_refg_pipe_n.Linetype = "Hidden"
m_refg_pipe_n.Description = "MN - Refrigerant Piping"
End Sub

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AutoCAD 2010 :: VBA Code Won't Work On 2013 X64 System

Jul 19, 2013

I am upgrading the AutoCAD 2009 X 32 systems to the 2013 X64, and I have this vab code that won't work on the new system. I try to move the search path that contain the file up to the top and also got all the missing libraries, but the code still won't work.When I run the code it will give me error message like: compile error:

Function or interface marked as restricted, or the function uses an Automation type not supported in Visual Basic. The code work perfectly without any error on the old system so I sure the code is causing this error.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Enter G Code To End With Result Of 2D Drawing

Apr 4, 2013

Is there any possible way to enter a G Code into AutoCAD to end with the result of a 2D drawing of what my CNC has made? I have the code from the machine, and am not sure how to input it into the program to draw the face the CNC has cut out.

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding A Play / Pause Button Into An Animation

May 15, 2013

I have an animation that runs for around 2 minutes. I want to add a button that the user can click to pause/play this animation if they want extra time to read the content on screen. I'm not sure how to tell a button to pause at the current frame and resume when clicked by the user. The button will also need to change states from a pause image to a play image when clicked and vice-versa.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Change VB Code To Open 2013 Instead Of 2012?

May 14, 2012

I am copying chunks of code from the My First Plugin tutorial and am using the code that opens Inventor to start the form.  I have both Inventor 2012 and 2013 installed on my system.  I have gone in to the properties and changed the .dll reference file to read out of the bin/PublicAssemblies folder in 2013, however, when I run my Windows Form, it will open Inventor 2012 instead. 

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Lightroom :: Import Button Remains Grayed Out When Adding Existing Folder To 4?

Apr 23, 2012

I'm following the steps in the following link from Adobe:
The final step, after selecting the folder I want to add, is to select Import.  Except, the Import button remains grayed out.  I'm not sure what to do in order to select Import and add the folder I already have.

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AutoCad :: How To Make A Custom Button And Tool Bar For Lisp

Oct 4, 2011

I don't know how to make a custom button and tool bar for my lisps in Autocad 2011. It used to be easy in 2000-2005.

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Photoshop Elements :: When Adding Text Shut Off Or Move Confirm Reject Button

Nov 22, 2012

Is there a way to shut off or move the confirm reject button in elements 11 when adding text? The Icon gets in the way when adding text to the bottom of a photo.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Error - Undefined Group Code 440 For Object On Line 4974

Apr 10, 2013

When trying to open the dxf file provided by my customer in AutoCAD 2013, it terminates with the error message as

'Undefined group code 440 for object on line 4974 Invalid or incomplete DXF input -- drawing discarded.'

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Tool Button On Annotate Tab Of Ribbon

Jan 17, 2012

I want a to create a tool button on the annotate tab of the ribbon. The button will toggle between having the 'display line weights' box (on the drawing tab of the application options dialog box) ticked or not ticked.

I have the settings set to display true line weights. (so i can visualize how the actual print will look, but need it off to be able to draft properly).

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AutoCAD LT :: 2013 Ungroup Accept Button

Jul 24, 2013

I am running LT 2013. I have the Group Ribbon turned on and use it constantly. Until recently, whenever I would select the "Ungroup" button on the ribbon, a box would appear below the ribbon with a couple of button choices, "Accept" or something else.

I was looking at the shortcut list a couple of weeks ago, and went to turn off the command line (ctrl+9), and apparently entered the wrong command. In trying to undo my error, I probably entered some other commands, of which I have no idea what was entered. As a result, My "Ungroup" "Accept" button no longer shows up.

I know I just turned off a setting. But, I have been through the "Shortcut Key" list and I can't find it. I've been through the listings with AutoCAD LT 2013, and I have looked through the forums to no avail. And turthfully,, there are other text readouts that I used to get when doing a command that seem to be missing too. However, for now, I'd like getting the "Ungroup" "Accept" button turnd back on. I'll worry about the other ones later.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: How To Enable DELETE Button

Nov 13, 2013

i have downloaded autocad on a new computer and i am amazed i can draw and dimension at the same time. 

first of all how do you ENABLE and disable this option because the other autocad app that i have on another computer doesn't work like this and second, how come the delete button doesn't work and how to enable this option because right now i have to use other features such as Trim and it's slow.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Add FeatureLine Triggers Updating Points?

May 14, 2012

I have a few sites that I use just to keep FeatureLines that I'm using for construction and don't want them interacting with anything in other sites. Of the when I draw an FL in one of those sites I'll get a message such as "Updating 286 points". This takes over 2 minutes to accomplish.

Since I don't have a lot of FeatureLines in the sited I wouldn't expect it to take that long. If it were a complicated site I might not think anything of it. If I add another FL I will still get the same message with the same # of points. So it isn't based on the number of vertices in the FL in that site or it would increase after adding each FL. There is no Surface that uses these FL. So It isn't updating a TIN.

Civil 3D 2012
Dell T7400, 4GB RAM, Win 7 Pro.

BTW. If I delete the FL I don't get any message or lag.

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Photoshop :: Resizing QR Code With Move Tool

Aug 4, 2013

However  everytime I try to resize it there is no frame to pul from and with QR codes you have to be careful so you have to depress the Shift key to keep the QR code readable.   I can't pull from the corners as there doesn't seem to be a frame around the image to pull the image smaller.  Am I missing something here possibly in the settings somewhere. 

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Tool Button Image Missing?

Jul 13, 2011

I added a couple of standard Autocad MAP tabs to a custom  panel and in my custom workspace some of the button images don't show up. If I go to the Planning & Analysis workspace, the images are visible, but in the custom workspace, all I get are clouds with a question mark.

I attached two screen shots.

Civil3D 2014 SP1
Win 7 Professional - 64-bit
HP Z400
Xeon W3550 @ 3.07Ghz
24GB of RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 760

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