Xara :: Selector Tool Seems Corrupt

Aug 26, 2013

When I click on an object corner point, and try to resize it, I get the 4 way arrows (not the diagonal double arrow bar) and the resizing does not keep the aspect. Is it a setting or a bug.

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Xara :: Selector Tool Becomes Page-size Change Tool

Aug 6, 2011

In Xara Designer Pro 7, when I have selector tool active and want to drag over a number of elements to select them the selector tool will change the size of the canvas (page). Is that not a bug? I used this way of selecting elements often, and it is not good for me with this new behaviour.

Is it a bug or is it a new setting which I then need to change?

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Xara :: How To Use Selector Tool To Make Reflection

Feb 27, 2013

I just installed Xtreme 5 and am impressed. I have a hard time to learn it and wonder what would be a good way to master this wonderful program.

For example in the 3D Extrude Tool>Textures&Photos section I would like to reproduce the example but how do I use the Selector tool to make the reflection?

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Photoshop :: 6 Selector Tool Not Working?

Oct 28, 2013

I cant box my layers in Photo shop 6? 

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Illustrator :: Shape And Selector Tool Have Gone Missing?

Dec 8, 2012

Is there a way to reset the tool palette? Something strange seems to have happened where the tool set I can see is really limited and doesn't have the shape drawing tool (cirlces, squares, etc)
Tried deleting prefs and that didn't do it. Screenshot of my weird tool palette:

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 :: Tool Tip Misaligned With The Mouse Selector

Aug 28, 2011

I recently have developed a problem using Photo Paint. I have already tried to use F8 and restored factory settings, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program. I do not have this problem when logged in as the guest user on my computer, just under my normal profile. I want to correct the settings under my normal profile.

When editing the tool tip does not line up with the selector or cross hairs. For example if I have the paint tool selected and try to paint it actually begins painting about two inches from where I want to begin painting.  See picture below: The small clear circle represents where I want to begin, but the red dot is where it paints. 

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Photoshop :: Getting My Color Selector Back The Way It Was

Oct 31, 2008

I recently had to reformat my hard drive and when I reinstalled Photoshop CS, I found that when I put text into a graphic, I can no longer pick the color from any color on the Photoshop interface nor can I put the color number in. There is only a box where I can guess on the color approximately.

I have looked and looked for whatever I did to get access to the Pantone colors. This is a for instance: I am making a graphic for a web page. I have a photo or something in the photo that has the color I want to use in the text. I put the text on the graphic click on the text color box to change the color and find I have no ink dropper to get the color. Nor is there anywhere to put the color number in as there was before. I have not had to reformat my hard drive before and so it has been a long time since I set my software up. I am getting panicky because I have work that really needs everything to work correctly. I also can't access the Pantone color palettes. I want that all accessible from the fill option. In other words select all, then click fill then allow me to click on color and put the color number in manually as well.

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3ds Max :: Get The Color Selector Numbers To Be Normal

Jul 26, 2013

How do I get the color selector numbers to be "normal." I've got fractional numbers on the spinners for RGB and HSV.

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GIMP :: HSV / RGB Scales In Every Color Selector

Jan 16, 2013

I can't remember what I did but the HSV/RGB scales won't display in other color selector modes. How can I put it back?

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Lightroom :: White Balance Selector Reading?

Jul 15, 2013

Is it possible to change a setting or preference in Lightroom so that the white balance selector tool will give a 0-255 value reading, instead of a 0-99 value?  Having that option would allow users to better correlate their readings with what will show up once  the images is analyzed with Photoshop's eyedropper tools and info window. 

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Lightroom :: 4.2 - No Channel Selector In Point Curve

Nov 13, 2012

When clicking on the bottom right icon of the point curve, I can´t get to the channel selector in LR4.2.

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AutoDesk Smoke :: Text Editor / Color Selector

Jun 13, 2012

a) is it possible to change the default font that gets activated for a project or sequence? Every time we add a title it defaults to "Discreet" - it would be good if it learns from past changes at least for the sequence.

b) it would be good if the default font color changes to a color that contrasts with the background when starting to type. E.g. we had a rather white scene, started typing and no text ever showed up. I then had to go back to the full text editor, change the color etc.

c) moving the color sliders in the color selector manually without a Wacom seems to slow by default. It takes forever to move to a brighter color. And using the picker is cumbersome (we do that as a work-around instead of moving the slider). The OK button for the color sliders is not very visible, sometimes leading to us clicking away without saving the newly selected color by accident.

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GIMP :: Generic Color Selector INCLUDING White

Sep 1, 2013

I tried ALL colors there are on the generic color selector INCLUDING white!! but ALL brushes are painting BLACK and ONLY BLACK! what is wrong???

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Photoshop Elements :: 12 - How To Find Color Range Selector

Mar 13, 2014

My PS element 12 has hidden color range selector.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Make Selector Circle Smaller When Using Oil Brush

Dec 9, 2013

When using the oil brush, the color selector circle in the mixer palette is huge. Is there a way to make the selector circle smaller when using the oil brush The dropper at the center of the circle didn't show up in the screen grab.

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Lightroom :: 4.4 - White Balance Selector Disappears When Moved Across Image

Jun 1, 2013

I am using LR 4.4 on an iMac. Why the White Balance Selector tool would disappear when moved across an image?
it seems to change to a vertical line with an arror top and bottom.
The areas of the image on which it disappears seem to be consistent, in other words, it disappears on the same portion of the image eveytime.
UPDATE: Since posting the above a few minutes ago I've noticed that my cursor is behaving eractically. For example, on a different image to the one used above, in the library module using the Loupe the cursor changes from a magnifying glass to an arrow pointing to the right.  It does this on the same part of the image every time.

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Xara :: An Offset Tool?

Oct 4, 2012

I'm using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 and I'm having fun with it. But there's one functionality I can't seem to find that I really need. I'm a CAD operator (and have that mentality), and I really want my AutoCAD Offset tool. It allows you to copy a line or shape a certain distance away. More importantly, if you "offset" a shape inside or outside it's boundary, it automatically makes the new shape equidistant from all the borders.

Anyway to do it in Xara P&GD6?

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Xara :: Clone Tool In XD7

Jun 26, 2011

In Xara P+Designer 6 I can select an area to clone, then edit that selection with the Selector Tool.

I don't seem to manage that in XD 7 doing the identical thing, well, attempting to. Am I not doing something that I should be doing, for it to do the same as in Xara D6?

I can edit with the Shape Editor tool, but not rotate with the Selector Tool.

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Xara :: How To Use Mold Tool

Nov 25, 2012

I don't know how to use efficiently the mold tool ( not a lot of tutorials about it ) .

Maybe it's not possible in Xara but here is an example from an artist's work where the text ( and picture ) fits very well on the page :

I'd like to use the same effect ( or a little better than I usually do ) on some personal works but :

Could be better ... I'm sure I don't know to use well mold tool, though ...

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Xara :: Activate Old Pen Tool In XD Pro X

Jan 14, 2013

There was a fix to put the old bezier pen tool (the Shift+F5 one) back in XD Pro 7, which I can't seem to find. what it was, and if it still works for XD Pro X?

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Xara :: How Useful Mask Tool Is

Oct 6, 2011

how useful the mask tool is! I've been exploring it. It's perfect for working on things like erasing edges of lines, splitting objects, you name it! It's so much better than the older method of having to make objects on top of an object or whatever..

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Xara :: Adding Pen Tool Buttons?

Apr 27, 2013

I cannot seem to add the pen tool button.

I know there is a general way to do this but it seems to elude me at the moment. I go to the button palette and can use the tool from there but would prefer that is was on the side bar.

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Xara :: How To Use Fill Tool Twice For Object

Mar 19, 2011

is it possible to use the fill tool twice for an object, because i want to make 2 effects and the problem is, if you made it first time and click to make a fill effect second time, the first effect dissappears.

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Xara :: 3D Tool And Extrude Causes A Crash In X9

Sep 15, 2013

Applying 3D to a shape and then using the extrude tool (changing a few times the extrusion) causes a crash here in Pro X 9.I had the same in Pro X.

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Xara :: XDP6 - Cannot Find Blend Tool

Aug 10, 2011

I have Xara Web Designer 6 currently at work.

I know where to get the button palette and how to add items to the control bars.

But, I cannot find the Blend tool, was this tool removed? Where can i find and add it?

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Xara :: Tool To Adjust Contrast Of Group?

Dec 30, 2012

Is there a tool to correct the colors of shapes in a group in Designer Pro x?

I mean something that can change contrast, brightness and saturation of all colors in the group at once.

For now I use the bitmap filter "Enhance" but sadly the outlines become jaggy by this.

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Xara :: Crop And Straighten With The Fill Tool?

Dec 19, 2012

You can easily fix crooked photos, zoom and crop with the fill tool.

The first step is to make sure you have the rulers enabled (window>bars>rulers) then click and drag a horizontal guideline from the ruler.

Select your photo and select the fill tool, you will see that your photo is actually a vector shape with a bitmap fill. Click and drag the outer fill handles to enlarge (zoom) the bitmap within the shape and rotate as needed to straighten the image. Move the cursor over the line of the fil handles until it changes to a hand then click and drag the photo around to adjust it's position within the shape.

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Xara :: Jagged Text When Using Morph Tool

Aug 21, 2011

I applied a ceiling perspective to my text and the words appear jagged. Why and how do I fix this?

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Xara :: Can't Locate The Magic Eraser Tool

Sep 20, 2011

I just bought Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7. I can't locate the Magic Eraser tool.

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Xara :: Extruding Sphere In Extrude Tool

Dec 23, 2012

I know that extruding a sphere in Extrude tool is not possible, but like to play with it and not giving up.

As experience so far, starting from a circle a 208-210 extrude depth with 999 Curved bevel type, that gives something around like an apple.


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Xara :: Graph Paper Tool Effect?

Jul 25, 2011

Is these a way to replicate the graph paper too in CorelDraw - it makes it super-fast to divide a page up into X number of colums etc. I cant find this in Xara.

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