Photoshop :: White Text, Black Border

Sep 28, 2008



Photoshop :: White Border On Black Shape Against...

May 20, 2009

I used Photoshop CS3 to create a coupe of boxes in black, nothing fancy, just pure black boxes as for background stuff for a web page, and then saved it for Web through photoshop whereby the html and images are created. Opening the html in dreamweaver appears ok until i add a dark background and white "strokes" appear on my boxes drawn using PS.

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Photoshop :: White Border Around The Text?

May 9, 2011

I have tried saving this is different fonts as well as smooth, crisp, etc and it still shows with a white border around it.

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CorelDRAW X4 :: Reverse Black Page And White Line Drawing / Text To White Page And Black Line Drawing / Text

Nov 29, 2013

Started producing a new catalogue some time ago very happy working away on the first 3 – 4 pages

Before long I was up to 100 pages, looking fantastic. But then the thought come to me, I have set may page colour to BLACK and all my drawing and text are WHITE as I said looks fantastic until you go to print a page. How much black Ink would you use printing 100 pages black.  

I have tried publishing to PDF then in acrobat replacing document colours and on screen that works fine but when you print it still prints

With the black background and white text for some reason.         

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Photoshop :: How Get White Bg Away From My Black Text

Jun 28, 2006

I have black text on a white bg. there was a very efficient way to get the black text on transparency, so I could add it to an e mail or something else. thanks! (just cant' remember now the steps)

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Photoshop :: Black Text On White Bg How Save To Gif

Jun 28, 2006

I've got the white bg layer turned off so the black text above it is transparency. I can't seem to save this as a gif. how do I save as gif? don't want to see the white bg though, hence, can't flatten. also, seems gifs are quite pixilated after drag them into e mail text.

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Photoshop :: White Text On Black Background - Weather Beaten

Aug 26, 2006

how to make white text on a black background look weather beaten?

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Photoshop :: Making Black White And White Black

Apr 13, 2005

I wanted to make a decal to place on the acrylic window of my PC. I found the perfect picture, which is in black and white. For it to look right though, I need to switch the black to white, and vice versa. Is there a way with Photoshop to automatically switch these, instead of having to manually switch them.

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Insert Simple White Text Into Black Rectangle

Jan 20, 2012

I've been trying to insert simple white text into a black rectangle I created.  I've been trying to do it but I cant seem to figure it out.

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Photoshop :: White Border On Cut Out

May 23, 2008

I meticulously cut up a person by using the eraser tool but when I move her to a neutral gray background there is a white border around the cut out so it obviously looks pasted.

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Photoshop :: Deleting The White Border

Feb 23, 2008

i want to delete the white border of my image, i only want the whole picture,

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Photoshop :: How Do I Remove This White Border ?

May 12, 2006

I found these awesome icons that I use with a desktop prog called "avedesk" but when use them with a dark background that white border ruins them, i was wondering Is there a fast way to remove this white border around the image ?

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Photoshop :: White Border Around The Margins

Feb 20, 2007

How do I get my image, its a flyer to print on a full 8.5x11 media. The image size/canvas size is 8.5x11, but when I try to print it or save it as a *.pdf it always comes out with about a 1/4" white border around the margins.

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Photoshop :: How To Remove White Border For Icon

Sep 21, 2013

How do I remove a white border for an icon? I'd like to keep the clarity of the icon.

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