Photoshop :: Make The Border Of The Picture Blurry

Feb 10, 2009

How does one make the border of the picture blurry like this?

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Photoshop :: Easiest Way To Make A Picture Not Blurry?

Apr 17, 2008

What would be the easiest way to make a picture not blurry?

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Photoshop :: Blurry Pics - Make Picture Crisp With CS5?

Nov 13, 2013

how to make a picture crisp with cs5

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Make A Border / Frame Around A Picture And Add Caption

Mar 8, 2013

I want to make a border/frame around a picture and add a caption. Can I do that in this program? If so, how?

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VideoStudio :: Blurry Pictures After Applying Picture-In-Picture Effect

Jul 5, 2012

I have a photo in large size and high resolution. However after I apply the Picture-In-Picture effect in Video Studio ProX5, it became very blurry. Already check all the Attribute settings and there is nothing wrong with the setting.

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Photoshop :: Fix Blurry Picture?

Aug 17, 2006

What can I do in Photoshop to fix this photo?

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Photoshop Elements :: Blurry / Hazy Look In Background Of Picture

May 11, 2013

How most photographers are getting their pics to have a blurry/hazy look to their background.  I see it in alot of the professional pics lately but I dont know if it is something they are doing in PS or if it is a lens that they are using to create the look.

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Photoshop :: Make Blurry Text On Pictures Readable?

Aug 2, 2013

make the blurry text on these pictures readable?

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Photoshop :: Take A Picture And Add Border

Mar 23, 2004

I want to take picture and add a border to it. A black one pixel border in photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Removing Picture Border

Nov 23, 2006

I have adobe photoshop 7.0, and I want to use for some basic things, but even after searching I'm unsure if and/or how it can be done. Basically I want to "cut out" part of a picture like a cookie cutter, and then place it on a different background. For example, if there is a picture of a lion at a zoo, I want to isolate the lion, and paste it on a african sahara backdrop.

I'm not looking to do anything fancy, its just for a personal project, but I don't even know what terms to search for in the help section of photoshop. I've always had trouble finding how to do this and I don't know why because has to be one of the most common procedures in graphic design. Is this accomplished by using a mask or what..?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Put A Border On A Picture

Jan 31, 2014

I am trying to find out how to put a border on a picture that I want to save for display by projector and it would look better with a border

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Photoshop :: Feathered, Faded Border On Picture

Sep 30, 2003

how to do this, but ive hit some kind of digital design "block" i guess, and i cant think how to even draw right now, but yesterday i put a border using feather and then something else...and it made a nice curved edged faded white border around my pic, now i cant remember the stupid thing that i did after the 5px feather...

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Photoshop Elements :: Frames / Border Around Picture

Dec 4, 2013

How can I put a frame/ border  around my picture?,

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Paint.NET :: How To Make Blurry Image Sharper

Jul 11, 2011

I took an image off the internet.. used it on a project. When you look at the completed page, the image (LOGO) looks good, my client loved it, called it excellent. I printed it and sent to him.. well, that logo is rather blurry. Is there a way to make it crisper, more clear? Somehow make it sharper?

This is a color logo.

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Paint.NET :: Make Blurry / Transparent Overlay?

Sep 12, 2012

I try to make a blurry/transparent overlay simply a picture which makes only certain regions of a screen/picture blurry if I use it as overlay, I've already tried everything I can in PDN but I don't know how to do this. Here is a picture how it should looked with the overlay:

only this areas shuld be blurry-transparent the rest should be completely transparent so that I can use it as overlay for livestreaming I don't want that u make one for me I want a how to

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Photoshop Elements :: White Border Around The Picture When It Prints?

Mar 23, 2013

How do i get the white border off of my picture when i print my picture?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Save Picture With The Border Information To A File

Sep 23, 2013

How can I save my picture with the border information to a file?  I want to be able to my picture with the border so that I may paste it on my FB page and other places.  I am using Elements 9.

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Illustrator :: Multiple Layer Export Scripts Make Text Blurry

Aug 22, 2013

I am using a script to export multiple layers of 16x16 pixel icon files into separate PNG files. It works very well with one big exception. All layers that contain text becomes very blurry.I have tried converting the text into outline paths before exporting, but it does not work. The text becomes blurry and thick.
When performing a regular Non Script export to a PNG file you are allowed to chose antialiasing method between "type" and "art". When using the "type" alternative everything looks good, but when the "art" alternative is selected the text look very blurry and bad.When using script multiexporters it seems they all use the art version. URL....

But I have tried a bunch of other scripts as well but with the same blurry result for the text. How to get the option to chose the type optimized initializing for the script exports?

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Photoshop :: How To Put Lines On An Image Make A Picture Glow-or Make Text Look Clear?

Jan 12, 2005

I am pretty new to Photoshop and I have come across a few things that I would love to do but I cant figure out how to do them. Also, I have elements so I'm not even sure if I can do them. Anyway one of the things I am trying to learn is how to put lines over an image. For example the very first picture on this site: ...

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AutoCAD LT :: Removing Border When Inserting A Picture

Jul 23, 2012

When inserting a picture e.g. our logo, how do i remove the border that gets inserted? If turn the layer off i obviously loose the whole picture.

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Paint.NET :: How To Blend Into Transparency At Border Of Picture

Aug 30, 2011

first of all i really like to use

Actually, i'm looking for a way to blend into transparency at the border of a picture. Watch the attachments - i created a sample (of course with ).

Attached Thumbnails

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Paint.NET :: White Thin Border Around Picture?

Aug 10, 2011

The white border only shows up when i color in a part of the picture, not when its all white and black. I've tried the feather tool but it didn't work. It never happened before when i made my other pictures, it just randomly started!

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GIMP :: Make A Pattern Around Picture Placing It On A Picture Of Board

Feb 12, 2013

What I want to do, is take the path tool, make a pattern around a picture (which is rectangle) placing it on a picture of a board like this...and then pull the picture horizontally, and vertically, to make it circular, to fit the perimeter of the board. If I understand it correctly, when you use the path allows you to make an image round (from rectangular) is that true?

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GIMP :: Remove Portions Of Picture Which Fall Outside The Border?

Nov 5, 2013

I am trying to put an angled border around a straight picture and remove the portion of the picture outside the border.

I can't figure out how to remove the portions of the picture which fall outside the border.

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Photoshop :: Blurry Photos :: A Shakey Photo To Make It Look Un-shakey?

May 13, 2006

way to Photoshop a shakey photo to make it look un-shakey?

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Photoshop :: Make Picture 1 Look Like Picture 2?

Apr 9, 2006

How does this person make picture 2, I want to know how he has edited it? I have spoken to my photographer and he thinks he has used a photoshop tool.

Please I really want to know, I can take the base picture easy but need to get the picture 2 "finish"

I have included 2 pictures, My picture is number 1 and picture 2 below is the one I am trying to look like, can you try and edit my picture 1 image to see if you can match picture 2?

I used a light box to take picture 1

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Photoshop :: How Do You Make A Simple Border Around Text?

Jan 11, 2004

how do you make a simple border around text? I checked out the tutorial in the Teamphotoshop site, however I couldn't find "Effects" under "Layer". I have Photoshop 6 (soon gonna be getting Photoshop CS), is that the problem?

I tried to just highlight the text, expand it (or make a border, either one), and use the paintbucket tool to fill it the expanded/border area. However, it leaves off a slightly gritty or faded border.

I also tried by going into the layers, right click on text layer>blending properties>outer glow. But it still leaves a faded border.

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Photoshop :: How Do I Make An Invisible Marquee Border?

May 24, 2009

doesn't have black and white dots fidgeting around all the time.

about the Layer masks. I've just started using them, and I've seen artists on Ustream who can work on single colored flats on an entirely colored layer without touching areas with a different color than the one they're working on.

I've tried back and forth with the layer mask, but I've still got no clue.

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Photoshop :: Cant Make A Simple Outline/border On Rectangles And Circles

Mar 17, 2003

I just wanna draw a white circle with a black outline(border).

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Make Postmark Border?

Feb 10, 2012

How to make postmark border in CorelDraw?

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GIMP :: How To Make Border Around The Edges

Jul 11, 2013

I had a question on how to do a specific border. I need a border around the edges (the Fuzzed Border is just fine), and I can do the border, but what's really getting me is making the fuzzed section transparent. Like the border done needs to slowly fade to a cut-out.

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