Photoshop :: Is There A Way To Know How Many Pixels You Have Selected?

Sep 25, 2005

I'm doing science fair right now and i need to figure out how many pixels are in a certain selection (a laso). Is there a way other than knowing the width and height, a way to know exacly how many pixels are in a selection? or even how many pixels of a certain color are in a selection? if there isnt, does anyone know a program that can do this?


Photoshop :: No Pixels Are More Than 50% Selected

Nov 12, 2005

I'm having problems with the magic wand tool. I try selecting an area which works fine but when I try to subtract an area from it I get this message: "Warning: No pixels are more than 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible." I googled this and came up with a few solutions but none worked. The most common solution was to reduce feathering to zero. When I tried to do that I got the message: "A number between 0.2 and 250.0 is required. Closest value inserted." Any idea what I'm doing wrong and how to get rid of these annoying error messages?

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Photoshop :: No Pixels Selected?

Sep 18, 2005

I am trying to work throught the photo restoration book. I am putting together a photo that has been torn into pieces. I have to select each piece using the lasso tool, use the option key with magic wand to select it in more detail, then make a new layer to store each piece in.

The first torn piece worked out fine, when I tried to select the second piece, I used the lasso successfully, then tried to hold down the option and click the magic want, it said that there were no pixels selected. I have run into this problem before.... I started over and over reselecting this piece and every time, it said that there were no pixels selected.

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Photoshop :: Creating A Vector From Selected Pixels

Aug 2, 2008

I have drawn a vector shape and want to apply 4 colours to it. I have drawn 4 squares with the colours I want and then merged the layers so it becomes 1. I then "selected the pixels" on my shape and cut out that shape from the 4 squares of colour i created. However, when I resize my shape, it blurs as it is not vector anymore.

Is there a way to do acheive the above but keep the shape a vector?

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Photoshop :: Lasso :: Warning: No Pixels Are More Than 50% Selected. The Selection Edges Will Not Be Visible

Feb 8, 2009

Everytime I try to cut something it says

"Warning: No pixels are more than 50% selected. The selection edges will not be visible."

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Photoshop :: Square Pixels Or Rectangular Pixels For Video

Sep 12, 2005

If I am constantly making frames in photoshop for use in the video world (ie. They will be on TV) the pixels need to be rectangular (or 4x3) in aspect and not square.

I know in programs like After Effects and Combustion you can set when saving an image whether or not it is square or rectangular pixels.

How do I do this in Photoshop if it can be done?

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Photoshop :: Why Would Font Size Differ Between Selected And Non-selected Text

Mar 29, 2013

I've encountered a strange issue in PSDs I've inherited from another designer.
When I have a text layer selected with the type tool active, the font size reads correctly (say, 40px). When I actually select the text with the type tool, the font size gives a strange number (say, 38.74px).
See the screenshots below:
This is on OSX 10.8.3, Photoshop CS6.

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Photoshop :: Pinch Pixels

Aug 20, 2006

when i have a picture open and i click on paint brush tool or anything else and click on the picture to use it, that part goes blurry until i realise it?

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Photoshop :: Measuring Pixels

Apr 7, 2007

I've done a lot of web design with photoshop. Often times it's best to make a large picture and then cut it up into smaller pieces to fit the spreadsheet layout of an html page, but I've always found it very time consuming. I basically have to make rectangle marquees until I get the correct dimensions, usually making a conservative estimate, then zooming in to slowly count the pixels needed. Is there a way to type in a pixel number to automatically select to that point?

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Photoshop :: Blocky Pixels

Mar 6, 2007

I work for a small magazine and were running a feature on old school games, my question is this. The foreground is going to have a screen shot of lets say Super Mario Brothers. How can I enlarge the foreground image so that the pixels stay blocky and nothing gets smoothed out. The only work around I have for the mean time is using transform and screen capturing the transform before it smooths out the pixels again.

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Photoshop :: Cloning And Pixels

Jan 28, 2009

Pixel/Cloning question: I have 2 images- one imports as 16.7%, 4000/3000 pixel dimension, 180 res, the other at 33.3%, 2400/1800 pixels and 72 res. When choosing the pixel size for the cloning brush, how does the number of pixels I choose relate to the image size that photoshop has imported your image as? If I decide to work on an image at a different %- zooming in or out, how does that affect the pixel size that I have chosen? Since the actual dimension of the pixel is variable, what criteria is photoshop using to determine the actual size of the pixel, and how does that change at different percents of zoom?

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Photoshop :: CS5 - Brushes Have Unwanted Pixels They Never Had Before

May 1, 2012

Since a few days, most of my brushes have ugly pixels they never had before.
The pixels show up outside the contours of the brushes.
I'll give you some examples here:
On the screenshot you'll see that some of the thumbnails already show the extra squares I mean. How can I solve this?

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Photoshop :: Can't Zoom To Actual Pixels

Dec 11, 2012

I've just lost my ability to "Actual Pixels", by shortcut or button during the zoom tab. I just noticed this after updating to 13.0.2(Mac). Is there some option somewhere I have enabled by mistake that is doing this?

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Photoshop :: Delete All Transparent Pixels

May 7, 2013

I would like to delete all transparent pixels surrounding my irregularly (non-square) image.  The TRIM function only trims to a square surrounding my image and not to the edge of the image itself.  Is there a work around for this?  I have looked around and haven't found one. 

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Photoshop :: Removing Percentage Of Pixels

Apr 20, 2013

I am trying to create "degraded" stimuli for an experiment - specifically, I'd like to remove a consistent percentage (70%) of pixels from an image and replace them with solid black. It is important that the pixels are removed in a random fashion - that is, if I modify a series of images in this way, I don't want the black areas to always appear in the same portions of the images.

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