Photoshop :: How Do You Make An Image's Corners Curved?

Jun 30, 2006

how to make an image's corners curved.


Photoshop :: My Curved Corners Are Always Showing Up Jagged In Browsers

May 3, 2006

I am using Photoshop 7.0

I am trying to create two simple rounded corner gif banners for a web page, but can't seem to get the corners "un-jagged". I am by no means an experienced PS user but here is how I go about it:

I create a new image 830X40 pixels to fit my web page, fill it with a gradient fill to match the web page colors and then create another image at 50X50 pixels with 72 ppi resolution. On the latter image I draw an circle on the canvas with the elliptical marquee tool with anti-aliasing checked off and feathering set to 0 and fill it with the foreground color, then I draw a square on 1/4 of the circle with the rectangle marquee tool, copy that and paste it into the 830X40 image as a new layer and move it to its corresponding end. Then I erase just enough of the first layer to get my rounded corner. The process is repeated for the other end switching to background color to match the other end. I then choose "save for web" with all layers visible, and save it as a gif file called "topbanner.gif" with the transparency button checked and no transparancy dither. I then flip the whole canvas and save it again as "bottombanner.gif" with the same settings.

The problem is it looks ok in PS, but when I view the page there is still somewhat jagged edges. (My monitor is set at 1280X960 32 bit color) I have played with the dithering options when saving as a gif, but to no avail. I have also used higher resolutions (eg. 100 ppi) for the circle image but that doesnt seem to help either.

Should I be using image ready to do this? (which I know even less about)

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Photoshop :: How To Make Beautifull Corners?

Nov 29, 2008

I'm creating an emblem for one of my classes and I have a problem... The edges with drop shadow and other presets look awfull, you have any idea how can I fix them? Or should I just save the image and then use the lasso and smudge tool...?

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Photoshop :: How To Make Sharp Inner Beveled Corners

Aug 24, 2012

when using the bevel and emboss tool in the layer style menu, to make a sharp inner corner? I was working on creating a frame using hard chisel bevel - it makes the outside of the frame have a sharp corner, but the inside is rounded. See sample image at: URL....

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Photoshop :: Make A Rectangle Selection With Rounded Corners?

Nov 10, 2005

how can i make a rectangle selection with rounded corners? the rectangle marquee tool doesnt seem to hav this feature,

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Photoshop :: How To Create A Curved Border Around Images?

Nov 11, 2004

I want to create a border around my images with rounded corners.

How can I do this in PS?

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Photoshop :: How Can I Make A Curved Line

Aug 14, 2007

Ho can I make a curved line like on the image but in a shape of an egg? What I mean is, line going from thick to thin.

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Photoshop :: How To Make A Curved Line?

Mar 24, 2004

Im trying to re-create this logo and cant figure out how to make that swoosh line thing.

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Photoshop :: To Make Curved Lines

Nov 29, 2005

what tool would be the best to make curved lines on photoshop cs ?

rather than having to use illustraotor all the itm e for this action.

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Photoshop :: How To Make A Square With Curved Sides?

Nov 28, 2005

way to make a perfect symetrical square shape with rounded corners and curvy sides. I know it can be done with the pen tool, but my sides are never really symetrical.

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CorelDRAW X4 :: CDR To Plt / Make A Curve Instead Of One Smooth Curved Line

Mar 1, 2013

When I have a cdr file and need to save it as a plt file for my plotter the saved file has several little straight lines to make a curve instead of one smooth curved line. This didn't start happening until I upgraded to Corel Draw x4.

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