Photoshop :: Grey Transparent Overlay On Canvas

Jun 5, 2009

I'm using MacPro bootcamp with Vista. Dual screen with Graphic Card ATI X1900.Everytime I use the Full screen mode I get an overlaying grey transparent color covering the canvas. I have to restart the program to reset the display. Open GL on/off doesn't fix it either.I have tried updating card drivers and CS4. As far as I know it only happens in Photoshop and not the complete master collection.


VideoStudio :: Overlay Logo On Top Of Titles - Transparent PNG Isn't Transparent?

Jul 11, 2013

I am trying to overlay a logo on top of my titles. The logo is a circle and is in PNG format. When I use this logo in documents it is totally transparent with only the circle showing. However, when I try to use it in my video the circle has a white square around it, the white being the transparent area.

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Photoshop :: Transparent Shadow Overlay Gradient

Apr 7, 2009

I have a webpage that has a gradient background that extends down the page at least 800 px and is set to repeat-x. I have an auto centerd column which has a background applied to it. The background is set to repeat-y. The center column has a dropshadow applied all the way around it. The problem is that I am not able to get the drop shadow to blend in  with the gradient as the page grows. Initially at the top of the gradient where it, the gradient, is the darkest, the drop shadow blends in. But as the gradient moves down, i.e., becomes lighter, the drop shadow ceases to blend in any more. is it possible to solve this problem? If so then how?

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VideoStudio :: Adding A Transparent Circle Overlay

Apr 6, 2012

I am trying to do a highlight film for my son's football game. On TV you see hi-lite film with a particular player spotlighted with a yellow circle - or even just a hand drawn circle around the figure which follows the player. Can this be done in Corel VideoStudio Pro X4?

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VideoStudio :: Creating Transparent Backgrounds For Overlay Track?

Jul 27, 2011

I am making a montage of previous logos for a piece of software. As one can guess there will be a lot of pieces I want transparent. The montage will be a moving animation-like video, making it look at though you are moving towards the most recent logo.

I have created .png files of each logo (exporting from CorelDraw 11) making their backgrounds transparent. I then drag and drop the clip on to an overlay track. (I used an instant project and it came with overlay tracks which have an option checked called "Apply filter to Alpha channel," With the "Apply filter to Alpha channel," option checked I set the overlay track to fit the screen and then click the maintain aspect ratio. At this point all the places where the original picture isn't is transparent, but not the background of the picture. I'm making the overlay track size the size of the screen so I can have the logo move across the screen within the picture-in-picture filter which I then add to the overlay track. When I customize the PIP filter I have the logo fade in for the first half second or so in the middle of the screen, then move and tilt to the right or left (I alternate every other logo). At this point I think that the "Apply filter to Alpha channel," is still on, I then create a chroma key with the adjust colour similarity at 100 to make the background of my image transparent (I'm not sure why that part isn't automatic; I'm using two Corel products and I have created an alpha channel in the .png file so that as soon as I put on the timeline it should be transparent, but that doesn't happen, it goes back to the colour I originally made transparent in CorelDraw). Once I have created this chroma key, the space that was originally transparent due to the "Apply filter to Alpha channel" option, goes black. (this area is the spaced enclosed by the extents of the overlay track size and the edge of the .png file). When I right click on the logo in the timeline, there is no option to "Apply filter to Alpha channel" which I guess means you can't have a chroma key and this Alpha filter on at the same time. To remedy the black space I go to the transparency slider and set the value to "1" which gets rid of the black immediately and doesn't seem to make the rest of the image transparent at all (I'm sure technically speaking it does but 1% transparency isn't enough to notice in the .png file).

And now, the problem:There is a white-ish boarder at the edge of the .png picture. and try as i might, I cannot get rid of it. It really ruins the transparent effect. Is there a way to remedy this? or a better way of getting the effect I want which doesn't need to use both the transparency and the chroma key? I've just thought of making a really large .png file with the logo at its center and zooming in quite far in, so there is a white back ground wherever i move the logo and then using a single chroma key to get ride of the background.

[UPDATE]It is the NewBlue PIP that is creating this boarder even when you turn off all boader, shadow and reflection there it is with the boarder of the transparent portions. I also tried rendering this portion to see if it still showed up and its still there even after rendering. Also my idea of making a large picture didn't work, you can't go bigger than 100% when in the PIP editor so the border is still there, closer tot he edges of the screen, but still there none the less.

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GIMP :: Extract Semi-transparent Overlay From Image?

Sep 18, 2012

I am attempting to create screenshots from an old video game and one part of the game includes a semi-transparent overlay layer that I would like to extract into its own image. I am able to render each layer separately in the emulator I'm using, but the screenshot tool is only able to export the final rendered image, so the transparent layer, when rendered alone, still results in a screenshot where it has been merged with the game palette's background color. I have managed to get 2 different copies of the overlay image using 2 different background colors, but I don't know the transparency percentage on the overlay. Is it possible to extract the original semi-transparent overlay with its original colors and transparency levels knowing the original background color? I can get more screenshots with different background colors if that would work. Also, the overlay only has a 5-color palette, so it's not a terribly complex image. I'm attaching the images I have with the background colors included as separate layers in each.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Overlay Transparent Background PNG Image On Solid / Mesh

Apr 3, 2012

Is there a way to overlay a transparent background png image on a solid or mesh that already has a material assigned?  i.e. a chrome object with a decal applied.  I have tried creating a new material using my png file as the image but have not been able to overlay it on an object where I want to see the material underneath.

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Xara :: Whole Canvas Except For Shapes To Be Transparent?

Dec 14, 2011

I have a group of shapes that I need to place on a larger "canvas" of a specific size. When I export as a GIF, I want the whole "canvas" except for the shapes to be transparent.

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Make Transparent Canvas And Letters - Takes Gray Color Of Fabric?

Jun 30, 2013

CS6. I have this logo, red circle w/white letters and superscript 2. It's going to be printed on light gray fabric. I assume that I need to make transparent canvas and transparent letters (lu) so that it takes the gray color of the fabric and not the white background and letters of my file but when I rasterize type, save and open it again I cannot edit.

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Photoshop :: Why Won't Quick Select Tool Select Transparent Canvas

Jul 15, 2013

I remember being able to select anything on the canvas with my Quick Select tool in CS5.5 Photoshop Extended. Recently, making the switch to CC, the Quick Select tool will show my slection as I drag along the canvas, but once I release the mouse, the selection seems to be reduced to the visible pixels. I was intentionally trying to fill the transparent sections with my effects as well.
Mind you, the magic wand will select transparent pixels just fine, but it also adds unintentional sections which is irritating. I should probably also pint out that I already looked into the "lock transparence" option in the layers, but I did not activate anything of the sort.

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Photoshop :: Color Grey Is Always Redish Grey

Feb 10, 2004

I try to use the color grey its always redish grey and never grey.

I tried changing my color settings from photoshop but it still wont work.

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Photoshop :: Converting To NTSC Canvas Or Changing Current Canvas Size?

Sep 13, 2012

I'm working on a flyer on a 8x11 canvas, but I want all of the elements I'm working to be transferred to a NTSC video film format. I understand how to  a open a NTSC (Video Film Canvas), but I do not understand how to convert a canvas that I'm working to that.

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