Photoshop :: "Filter" Menu

Mar 4, 2004

I'm using Photoshop CS.

When I click on the "Filter" menu,
the following sub-menus are disabled:

Brush Strokes

All I have are Blur, Noise, Sharpen, and stylize!


Photoshop :: CS5 / Lighting Effects Filter Not Showing In Filter Menu

Nov 27, 2012

Photoshop CS5 already in 32-bit mode; Lighting Effects filter not showing in the FIlter Menu.

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Photoshop :: All Selections Under Filter Menu And Adjustments Under Image Menu Grayed Out

Jul 19, 2013

A co-worker scanned a photo and emailed it to me to edit it and try to improve it, but everything I want to do is grayed out so I can't select it and I can't figure out why. Maybe it has to do with how she scanned it?
It's CMYK, 300 dpi, and 8 bit.
I'd like to sharpen it and adjust the hue/saturation, but they're grayed out.
why this is happening and how I can work around this so I can make the changes I need to make?

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Photoshop :: Filter Gallery (fade Out) In Filter Menu

Aug 14, 2013

why not appear filter gallery (fade out) in filter menu

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Photoshop :: Missing Camera Raw Filter From Filter Menu?

Oct 8, 2013

I do not have the Camera Raw filter in my filters menu, and I've just updated Photoshop this AM.

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Photoshop :: Filter Menu Not The Same On A Mac As A PC?

Oct 13, 2005

I was doing a project at school on a PC and I came home and went to continue on my Mac and most of the options on the filter menu aren't there, specifically the artistic submenu, I searched through all the other menus and can't find it anywhere, am I just blind or is there something wrong with my copy of PS?

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw As A Filter In Menu

Jun 21, 2013

Camera raw as a filter is not showing in the filter menu. Im on Photoshop version 13.1.2 .

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Photoshop :: Shortcut On MAC For Filter Menu

Jul 2, 2013

In windows I always use ALT+T shortcut to open Filter menu in Photoshop. That make my work faster.
How can I do the same thing on MAC? I can not understand.

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Photoshop :: Filter Menu Options Grayed Out

Apr 24, 2008

I would like to Smart Sharpen the white type in a green 8-bit .GIF image.

I have Saved it AS a .PSD file but all the Filter menu options stay grayed out.

Photoshop CS2. Windows XP Pro SP2

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Photoshop :: 7 "Filter" Menu On MAC 10.4.6

May 8, 2006

I have PS 7.0 intalled on my IMAC, G5, OS10.4.6. The program works fine except for the Filters. The dialog boxes opens OK, but the image does not display in them, even with Preview checked. I tried it also, in Classic, and again, everything but the Filter menu worked.

These are plug ins (I think from a 3rd party.) If I knew who the 3rd parties are I thought I might get a patch. How can I find out about those 3rd parties?

I downloaded a trial version of PS CS2. The filters work fine on a file I CREATE in CS2, but if I click on an image created in PS7 it switches out of CS2 and into PS7 (where the filters don't work.)

Bottom line:can I copy my PS7 images into CS2 and get the filters to work there?

Adobe said I should buy CS2 for $169 and purchase a phone support contract for $159 for a year so that I could discuss it on the phone!!!

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Photoshop :: Lens Flare Filter - Artifacts Ruin Effect - Useless Filter?

Aug 25, 2013

I tried to use the lens flare filter in Photoshop CS6.While the lighting effect is interesting, it introduces ugly artifacts like blue or orange blobs (which are supposed to be the reflection of the diaphragm, but do not look anywhere close to that, but instead are just cheesy looking blobs of color).
In the "movie prime" setting blue lines are added which have nothing to do with lens flar.On top of it, the preview is about the size of a stamp. Any way to use the filter without getting these artifacts, or is it - what I assume - just a useless toy filter, that has probably been dragged on for years and years because it's always been there? What do you use to create a lens flare effect? Are you just building it from scratch with brush work?

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Filter Does Not Show Up On Filter Drop List On CC

May 11, 2013

camera raw filter does not show up on the filter drop list on CC. I am trying to determine why this is the case.  So far everything else seems to work.

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Photoshop :: Extract Filter Missing From Filter

Jul 18, 2009

I have Photoshop CS4 running on a 8 gig Vista 64 bit system. When I click on Filters, there is no Extract Filter. I did a search prior to posting and saw some threads talking about not moving files, icons etc from their original folder. I am un sure if anything has been moved. However, when I click on Filters, they all seem to be there (at least not greyed out), EXCEPT for the Extract filter. Any help would be apprecited and if you let me know where the filters should reside I can make sure they are in the correct location.

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AutoCAD .NET :: Add Menu In The Main Menu Bar Like File Edit?

Sep 12, 2013

I want to add the menu in the main menubar where the File Edit etc. are there.  

how to do this using .NET ?

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Photoshop :: 3D Filter In CS5

Aug 15, 2012

I cannot find the 3d filter in Photoshop cs5. How come? Should it be installed separately?

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Photoshop :: Least Used Filter

Oct 19, 2005

I've just been working on a file with a bunch of blending modes and it occurs to me that I almost never use the difference or exclusion modes.

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