Photoshop Elements :: Improve Picture Separation Using Divide Scanned Photos In PSE9?

Dec 25, 2013

I have tried this feature with mixed results.  Scaning 2,3 or 4 pictures of different sizes, changing angles using an HP8600 Multifunction device.  I have tried both scannig using HP software and directly with Elements at 200, 300 and 600 dpi.  Elemets will sometime split off one of the pics but is not reliably sepatating them all.  What ca I do to improve my results?  I have a lot of pics to scan and really don't want to do them one at a time.

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Photoshop Elements :: 11 Divide Scanned Photos Is Not Active?

Feb 25, 2013

I scanned a number of photos and when I went into editor>image and the divide scanned photos was not an active choice.  It was on the menu but I couldn't select it.  I scanned a number of times to include setting the pictures at an angle just to be sure it could be detected.  It used to work in PSE 9
I am using an HP office jet Pro 8600 premium. OS is windows 7

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Photoshop Elements :: Divide Scanned Photos - Possible To Salvage When Background Is White?

Mar 13, 2013

I think Divide Scanned Photos feature is amazing! [URL] ....
For those scans I put black construction paper in the rear, it works like a charm.
However, my mom scanned multiple photos prior to us finding Elements and did not use a dark background.
Is there any way to salvage this or is it too late?
When we attempt to Divide Scanned Photos on a set of B&W photos with a white background, no luck.
PSE11 just spits out a copy of the same photo.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Make PSE9 Default To Open Picture Files

Oct 28, 2013

After using Elements 12 for a months trial and then uninstalling it, I can no longer find Elements 9 listed when I right click on a picture file and select "open with".  How can I restore it to my list of programs with which I can open the file.  I'm using Windows 8 which list aps and some other programs but not Elements 9.

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Photoshop :: Divide Scanned Images Function

Sep 1, 2013

I have scanned three pictures, using a green background, Epson WF-2540, saved to my pictures.  I see the jpeg in organized, load in to editor, I can crop, rotate fix, but the divide scanned images function is not highlighted and thus does not work.  ?

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Photoshop Elements :: Highest Resolution That Can Be Used From Scanned Picture

Dec 26, 2012

what is the highest resolution I can use in photoshop from a scanned picture

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Improve Quality Of Scanned Images?

Jan 27, 2012

4705.sample2.tifOur customers have given us some black and white .tif Monochrome Bitmap images at 400 ppi (see attached sample) and 600 ppi of some scanned black and white engineering drawings. Some of the small text on the drawings is not very legible because open areas are filled in with black. Some of the vertical and horizontal lines are ragged (digitized) on the edges. Is there any way that I can improve the visual quality of these Monochrome Bitmap images in Corel Draw (which I use) or Corel Paint (of which I'm not very knowledgeable, or adept)?

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GIMP :: Divide Scanned Images

Jan 31, 2014

I am in the process of scanning about 50 photo albums almost all B&W prints so I decided to try out the divide scanned images plugin however I am having trouble getting it to divide some of the images it wants to cut some of them in half and I am at a loss of how to adjust to get it to behave.

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Photoshop Elements :: Cropping Scanned Photos For Slideshow

Apr 25, 2013

I am putting together a slideshow for my son's high school graduation and I've scanned lots of old photos (as JPEGs) into my computer.  They are, of course, all different sizes and my question is what size or ratio do I use when I crop/resize  them in Photoshop so that they will be uniform and the right size for a slide show?

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Photoshop Elements :: Dividing Scanned Photos On One Scan?

Feb 8, 2014

I was using PSE6 and just installed PSE12.  I work alot with pictures and the option in editor/image to divide multiple photos in one scan does not work.  It is pale in print and does not have an arrow like the other choices.
I have a HP PC using Windows 7 and a scanner that worked just fine, Canon LIDE.

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Paint.NET :: Improve Small Area From Grotty Scanned Copy Of Newspaper Cutting

Oct 17, 2012

This is a small area from a grotty scanned copy of a newspaper cutting I am trying to 'improve'. I do not have the original paper copy. Best approach to remove the imperfections? I have a few like this to address

Attached Thumbnails

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Photoshop Elements :: Overlay Two Scanned Photos Of Real Painting?

Jan 26, 2014

I'm a professional artist so I need really good photos of my work for promo and gallery applications.  My Brother gave me a really good Canon Scanner.  He told me I should try and scan my paintings, laying them on the scanner one way then the other (from top bottom and then side to side).  Once in the computer he said I should overlay them in photoshop (Elements 7) to minimize the glare from the brushstokes (It's oil paint).  [URL].  It worked but it's really blurry. 

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Photoshop :: How To Improve Mountain In The Background Of Picture

Aug 24, 2012

I have made some adjustment to the picture.  How can I improve the mountain in the background.

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Photoshop :: Improve Image Quality Of Cell Phone Picture

Nov 13, 2006

I've got this image that i've taken with my cell phone.

I know it's difficult to improve, however i've noticed that there is a patten to the noise.

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Photoshop :: Improve Resolution And Color Picture In Gold (Black And White)

May 18, 2012

How to enhance the picture resolution and color the picture in Gold.


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Lightroom :: When Moving From LR4 To PSE9 Editor Photos Look Very Different

Jul 6, 2012

I've recently bought lightroom 4 which I'm using with elements 9 and I know that lightroom 4 will slightly alter the look of photos previously edited in elements which hasn't been a problem so far.  My problem is that photos edited in lightroom/develop look completely different - unusably diiferent in fact - when I move them to elements/editor from lightroom.  What am I doing wrong?  The photos were moved using 'Ctrl +E' or 'Photo/Edit In/Edit in Adobe Photoshop Elements'.
I decided to check the photos that had been edited in lightroom by going into elements/editor via via elements/organiser and they were fine - only slightly different - but then when I opened the lightroom/library again I got a warning exclamation mark 'Error writing metadata' (not the warning exclamation mark 'Update to current Process (2012)' that you get in lightroom develop).
Am I missing something in the 'Edit Photo With Adobe Photoshop Elements' dialog box?

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Photoshop :: How To Divide Picture Into 9 Equal Squares/rectangles?

Jul 23, 2007

simple way to do this with Photoshop (I have CS)? I need the nine separate jpeg images for the flash version, I understand this example is just one jpeg and is used in the standard html version of a template I have....

Curious is there is way that is automated to do this. I can rotate each section (image) as needed for the spot, but want to take a picture and cut it into equal squares.

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Lightroom :: Imported Photos (JPGs) From PSE9 Too Bright

Dec 31, 2012

When I go to import and look at my photos (previously edited in PSE9 and saved as a jpg on an external hard drive) they look great. But when I import them some of the photos look weird - too bright usually or the colour has gone all funny. I've deleted them out of LR and then tried importing them but it happens again. Only on a certain few. They are jpgs.
What is happening? In finder on the mac they look normal too. under Import on LR4 they look normal. It's just once they are imported.

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Photoshop Elements :: Color Separation For Silk Screening?

Oct 24, 2012

I am trying to learn about color separation for silk screening.

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Photoshop Elements :: Why Can't Print With HP And Mac Using PSE9

Jun 6, 2013

Why can't I print using an HP printer and a mac with Mountain Lion and PSE9

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Photoshop Elements :: Editing Text In PSE9

Nov 19, 2012

I scanned a photo and it has text already on the photo, but it is blurry.  How can I fix just the text portion of the photo?

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Photoshop Elements :: Can Install Camera Raw 7.1 To PSE9

Nov 21, 2012

can I install camera raw 7.1 to elements 9

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Photoshop Elements :: Cannot Load A Raw File In PSE9

Jun 15, 2013

Photoshop elements will not open a raw file.

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Photoshop Elements :: Editor Won't Open In PSE9

Nov 21, 2012

I just recently installed photoshop from a disk, and I opened a new image the first time easily through the organizer, and everything went fine. But now when I click the editor from the home screen the whole application shuts down, and when I click it from the organizer, nothing happens.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Sync Revel With PSE9

Jul 17, 2013

How do I sync PSE9 with the new Revel Account (which is working just fine on my ipad and iphone)?  I can't even open my PSE9 "catalog" anymore. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Resample Photos Without Loosing Picture Quality?

Apr 29, 2013

I was told that if you resample by using exact multiples of the original file percentage size such as 100% to 50%, or 100% to 200% that image quality isn't compromised as much.

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Photoshop Elements :: Can't Open PSE9 Files In Windows 7

Dec 28, 2012

I can't open pse 9  files in windows 7...

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Photoshop Elements :: Error - 6 When Non-admin User Tries To Run PSE9

Mar 7, 2013

Loaded Photoshop Elements 9 on a computer that is not on the internet and works fine as long as the user logging into the computer has admin privileges but a user who does not have admin priviledges gets an Error:6 that says to uninstall and reinstall the product.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the product has no effect.  I believe this to be that the normal user doesn't have permissions to a file somewhere that it needs to write to but can't seem to locate that file as I have given write permissions to Adobe under Programs & Common Files but no success.  

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Photoshop Elements :: Using Edit In LR3 Won't Open Images In PSE9

Mar 2, 2014

I'm traveling right now and so not in my natural environment, dont have full resources.  I'm using my Mac Book Pro and doing some light editing.  I can not, however, get Lr3 and PSE9 to play nice together though.  If in Lr3 I request <Edit in PSE9> it only tries to launch PSE even if it is already open but will not open the imaged.  If I drag the images from Lr3 to PSE it will be locked and I can not even create a duplicat layer. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Re-installation Of PSE9 Fails After 8.1 Rollback

Nov 4, 2013

I had PSE9 & PRE9 installed on my Windows 8 machine. Upgraded to Windows 8.1, disliked it, reinstalled 8.0 and am trying to put my computer back to where it was. No problem with CS4 re-installation but PSE9 & PRE9 reach almost the end of the installation process, then roll back the installation.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Port Slideshow From PSE9 To PRE11

Sep 4, 2013

I currently have installed and successfully used PSE9 for a number of years. I recently purchased and installed PRE11 in order to do some video editing however I first created a slideshow in PSE9 with the intent to burn it to a DVD. The completed slideshow includes 140 still photos (all resized to 1000X750 maximum), transitions, text and music but no video) and when I tried to port it to my PRE11 using the "Edit with Premiere Elements" command, I received the following message "The feature you selected requires Adobe Premiere Elements" and then an option to download a 30-day trial. I did some research online and have read that different versions of PSE and PRE are not compatible and therefore I have the following four related questions.
1. is it correct that my PSE9 will be unable to port to my PRE11? And, if that is not correct, then how do I get past the above error message in order to burn my completed PSE9 slideshow to a DVD via my PRE11? I do not want to convert the slideshow to a WMV to created a CD due to the lower quality.
2. If it is correct that I cannot port between different versions of PSE and PRE then does any program I can use to take my completed PSE9 slideshow out of PSE9 and burn a high quality DVD of the slideshow?
3. If I have to upgrade my PSE9 to PSE11 in order to port my slideshow to PRE11 and thus burn a DVD of my slideshow, is there any way to move/copy/cut&paste my existing PSE9 slideshow to the new PSE11 or will I need to totally recreate it in the new PSE11?
4. If I must purchase and install PSE11 in order to do the above, is there any guarentee that the new PSE11 will allow me to port the slideshow to my existing PRE11?
Seems like an awful lot of work just to produce a slideshow DVD but I'm willing to do whatever it takes since I've already spent quite a few hours getting the PSE9 slideshow exactly the way I want it.
My system is Windows 7 Home Premium, DualCore CPU, 64 bit operating system and 4 GB RAM.

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