Photoshop Elements :: Will 11 Work With Windows 8 Pro Operating System

Aug 3, 2013

I've got a Surface Pro and would like to load PhotoShop Elements 11 on this machine.  It's a tablet that uses Windows 8 Pro.  No mention of this OS in the required specs.

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Photoshop :: Installation On Windows 2003 Server Operating System?

Aug 28, 2008

Although Adobe only supports PS installation on Windows XP or Vista, is there a way to get it installed on a Windows 2003 Server operating system?

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Photoshop :: Reinstalling Operating System

Sep 26, 2013

Do I have to deactivate my copy of CS6 before I do a reinstall of the operating system or, will it recognize the reinstall of the program (CS6) as legitimate and just install it with out any problems? I have never done this before with Adobe products.

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Photoshop :: Reinstalled Operating System On Mac

Feb 24, 2013

Recently reinstalled the operating system on my mac. Installed photoshop, but it hangs at boot.

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Photoshop :: 13.0.4 / Mac OS10.7.5 Save For Web Fails Due To (unknown Operating System Error)?

Jan 22, 2013

Now no save for web operation completes due to an error "Could not complete this operation. An unknown operating system error has occured."NOTHING has changed on the system.
I've trashed Photoshop pref... all of them.I've reinstalled the Mac OS 10.7.5 combo update.I've rebooted to a different drive and repaired disk and permissions (no issues found).I've Safe Booted.I've disabled ALL plug ins.
Uninstalling and will reinstall/update to see if that works.
Photoshop Extended 13.0.4, Mac OS 10.7.5, 8-Core 2012 MacPro 32GB RAM, SSD boot drive, separate internal dedicated scratch drive, nVida 5870 driving 3 monitors, Wacom Intuos 5

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Photoshop :: Spacebar Will Not Work As A Move Tool For Windows 64bit System

May 29, 2012

The spacebar will not work as a move tool on my computer.I tried closing my browser. Got a fix but it is only for 32bit. Any fix for a 64bit system?

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InDesign :: Change Operating System From MS-DOS To Apple OX

Feb 7, 2014

She works with a version of creative suite on operating system MS.DOS
Now she has got an apple computer. Can she install the program and open with the current Product Key?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Connection To Access On X64 Operating System

May 23, 2013

I try to connect to Access on x64 operating system from Architecture 2014 (insert Field---DatabaseField). But i get an error:

"[ADODB.Recordset]Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another".

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Lightroom :: Won't Work Properly After Windows System Repair

Mar 18, 2013

I can start LR : but it gives immedidately the screen : unexpected error opening catalog, when I choose 'choose a different catalog' : he aks me to select a recent catalog to open, but this doesn't work en I neither can check the integrity of the catalog.  Is there any possibility to do a repair of the program without losing my material from before ?   When I search .ircat I can' t find any files.  

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Illustrator :: Open And Save Dialogues To Be Current With Operating System

Jan 31, 2013

A thread exists from 2011 that is now closed with a reply from "adobe" saying they are working on providing updated dialogue boxes. [URL] ...

The reply from Adobe stated that they have to support legacy operating systems, which I'm pretty sure is handled by the installer, so it's a sad excuse.One could simply say "if XP" load this dialogue hook, if win 7 use this hook.
What is the status of this lack of effort?
We waste more time trying to save a file with this old school dialogue than is required.

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Photoshop Elements :: System Doesn't Respond And Windows 7 Shuts It Down

Jan 7, 2013

PSE 10 becomes unstable shortly after start up, per Win 7 system does not respond and win 7 shuts it down. I have removed and reloaded problem occurs more rapidly.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Extended / Windows 7 64bit System Compare To 32bit System?

Jan 2, 2013

I have had Window 7 64 bit operating system put on my computer.Will I get the benefits of additional Ram on Photoshop CS6 Extended?

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Photoshop Elements :: Will 9 Work With Windows 8 Pro

Dec 4, 2012

Will PSE 9 work with Windows 8 pro?

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Photoshop Elements :: 6.0 Does Not Work With Windows 8?

Nov 7, 2012

I recently updated my Notebook from Vista to Windows 8. Now I do have to install al programms again, but concerning PSE 6, there is a catastrophically failure with the licencing subsystem AMT. How I can use this programme again under Windows 8?

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Photoshop Elements :: Will 5.0 Work With Windows 8

Feb 24, 2013

Since upgrading to Windows 8 I seem to have lost the Organizer facility on Elements 5.

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Photoshop Elements :: Program Doesn't Work In Windows 7

Mar 14, 2014

The photo sharing feature in PSE 10 does not work in Windows 7. Nor can an image be attached to an email, PSE 10 appears to be seriously flawed and not fit for purpose.

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Photoshop Elements :: Organizer 10 Tags Don't Work With Windows 7 Explorer

Jan 27, 2014

PSE Organiser 10 tags do not work with Win 7 Explorer; has this been fixed yet?

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Photoshop Elements :: Windows 7 Doesn't Work With Epson 4870 Scanner

Oct 15, 2012

I converted my operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 and I cannot get my Epson Perfection 4870 photo scanner to work with it. I downloaded the driver and it took, but my scanner does not appear in Elements 11 as an import. I used Elements 3 and 7 before and these worked fine with the scanner.

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Photoshop :: Will CS3 Work With A 64 Bit System

Apr 27, 2009

I have WEB standard and Design Standard and cannot get the programs to open.Is it because they are installed on a 64 bit system?Are there some patches or downloads that could help?

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Illustrator :: How To Load 8.0 On Windows 7 64 Bit System

Dec 1, 2012

I just bought a new Dell Desktop that has Windows 7  64 bit operating system.
My old version of Illustrator 8.0 at Set Up will not load ?
Is there a work around for 64 bit ?

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Revit :: 2014 System Doesn't Work

Nov 6, 2013

When I click on search, my computer opens the notepad application and the error message says "the filename, directory name, or volume lable syntax is incorrect."  I cant go to the videos or the wiki directly from revit either. None of the resources on the right side of the screen are accessible.  I do have the educator version of the software.   I have tried to reinstall from the application, but have not uninstalled and reinstalled completely. 

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AutoCAD 2010 :: VBA Code Won't Work On 2013 X64 System

Jul 19, 2013

I am upgrading the AutoCAD 2009 X 32 systems to the 2013 X64, and I have this vab code that won't work on the new system. I try to move the search path that contain the file up to the top and also got all the missing libraries, but the code still won't work.When I run the code it will give me error message like: compile error:

Function or interface marked as restricted, or the function uses an Automation type not supported in Visual Basic. The code work perfectly without any error on the old system so I sure the code is causing this error.

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Maya Animation :: Custom Rig To Work With HumanIK System

Oct 13, 2012

Custom rig to work with the HumanIK system in Maya 2013. Im currently trying to map my custom skeleton and get the mocap data to retarget but the skeleton freaks out when I try to change the source.

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Lightroom :: Using NAS Hard Drive System To Store Finished Work?

Jan 12, 2014

I've just purchased a NAS hard drive system to basically transfer and store my 'finished' work from Lightroom and Photoshop. In reading the manual for Lightroom, am I correct in thinking that the NAS server cannot be a 'catalog' ?? I basically just want to correctly transfer across my finished files for storage there rather than on my main computer hard drive - and hence free up space on main computer. I'm just not sure of the process in how to go about this correctly? I still want to be able to access these finished files in case I need to revist something - but happy for them to be off the main computer?

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Missing System Printers 2007 On Windows 7?

Nov 28, 2012

Coworker is setting up a new Win7 (64bit) machine but we don't have the ability to upgrade CAD at this time. So running AutoCAD Mechanical 2007. (Yes we know they don't always play nice) Two other workstations here are running the same  OS & CAD and print without issues. This new machine AutoCAD does not see any system printers. Have made sure the "Hide System Printers" is not checked under options. I can add a plotter file for each system printer and that workaround  is OK, but why this one machine can't see the system printers. They are Xerox workstations on the network - not local. We have already restarted AutoCAD and restarted the PC.

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Photoshop :: Does 6 (or Whole CS6) Work On Windows Xp

Jan 22, 2013

Does Photoshop 6 (or whole CS6) work on Windows xp?

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Photoshop :: Does CS5 GPU Work Better Under Windows 7 Than Xp

Mar 5, 2012

i noticed that photoshop cs5 video card gpu works better under windows 7 32bit then xp 32bit (gpu come off but i enabled and restart photoshop cs5) i did notice a better performance of xp sp3 then xp sp2, maybe i'm wrong
i used the same ati drivers by the way are there ati drivers that works better for photoshop cs5 then others?

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Photoshop :: Does PS Work On Windows 8

Nov 8, 2012

how Photoshop works in Windows 8?

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Photoshop :: Will Adobe CS6 Work On Windows 8

Aug 16, 2013

I have lost my old computer will it crashed, which caused me to lose my CS5 software I had on windows 7. I need to buy the CS6 software for my laptop again but I'm not sure if I do if it will work on my new laptop which I had no choice, had to buy windows 8.

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Photoshop :: Way To Get Jurassic To Work On Windows 8?

Nov 25, 2012

Way back in the Windows ME and XP days I had purchased PS 5 and then a PS 7 upgrade. This worked well on the various computers I used but now I have a new Win8 laptop and can't get it to recognize the PS 5 application (and thus cannot install the PS 7 either).
Is there a way to get my jurassic Photoshop to work on Win8? I can't afford to buy a CS and have become quite familiar with the PS7 so I'd hate to lose that too.

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Photoshop :: Smart Filters (not) Operating In Stack

Sep 6, 2012

Photoshop lets add multiple Smart Filters (SF) to the same Smart Object (SO), and define the blending mode of each SF separately.

Let's say I've a SO with two SF (Gaussian Blur and Median): it looks like they operate in stack, that is: the first filter (Gaussian Blur) is applied to the original SO, while the second (Median) is applied to the result of the first filter (i.e. the blurred SO). As a consequence, if you switch the order of the SF, the result changes. That's the way it is.
My question is as follows: is there a preference / setting hidden somewhere that would make the multiple Smart Filters of a single SO operate *not* in stack, but on the very same SO, letting the blending modes to do the blend? I doubt, but it's fair to ask.

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