Photoshop :: Cleaning Up A Bad Photocopy

Jun 7, 2006

I recently received this poor-quality Xeroxed scan (below) as a PDF, and was asked if I could enhance it to show the names written on the pages. Does anybody know of a way to improve the quality of this image so the names are more legible (original image size is 8x11)? The image is of a logbook of prisoners interned at Buchenwald concentration camp in 1944; my friend's father's name is on the left page, about halfway down. The quality is actually much better in PS than what is displayed here. If need be, I can email you the original PDF, if that'll help.


Photoshop :: Was This Made Using Photocopy Filter?

Jul 30, 2004

when i use the photocopy filter it doesnt come out like this image - it comes out with too much detail -

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Photoshop :: My Filter Photocopy Is Not Working

Feb 16, 2008

how to make coloring pages from own photos for my son to color. It has worked fine. First I import my picture and create a duplicate layer. Then I go to Filter>Sketch>Photocopy to ajust detail and darkness...and all I have is a white screen...nothing to ajust. WHY is it not working...I have the same problem with some other filters too but not all of them.

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Up With Upgrade To CS6

Jun 14, 2013

Have some questions regarding follow up on my installation of  PS CS6. First thing to say is that I hardly ever use PS. I use LR4.4 99.9% of the time, but occasionally have gone to CS3 for small adjustments even though I don't really know how to use it. Planning to learn now that I have 6. I'm running 10.6.8. (Disappointed that I can't upgrade to LR5 so will, at least, need to learn content aware, which was my main reason to go to PS6 anyway.)

So, the questions:

1. I have CS6 standard upgraded from CS3 extended. Any reason to keep CS3 around for low-level, general photography editing to take advantage of its "extended" qualities?
2. Other Adobe software that seems to have tagged along with other Adobe programs:
a} Adobe Stock Photos CS3? Nothing even opens when I click on it - can it go?
b) Device central CS3 - assuming it can go if CS3 goes but I don't see a "Device central" for CS6. Don't really know what it is, anyway.
c) Extension Manager CS4, CS5.5, and CS6. Can't imagine where the CS4 came from. CS5.5 probably came along with In Design 5.5, which is still in use, so probably keep that? Assume keep CS6.
d) Bridge 5.1 and 6. Looks like they are both picking up the same things. I don't use it since I'm using LR. Figuring get rid of 5.1 and keep 6 just because.
e} Interestingly, no ACR came tagging along with PS CS6. Since anything I would send to PS is going to go through LR4 I don't see a real reason to have it. I think the new fun stuff on LR5 isn't going into the new ACR anyway and, I figure I wouldn't be able to run it on 10.6, it doesn't seem like I really need it.

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Up Before CS4 Installation

Oct 15, 2008

Can I safely remove my Documents and SettingsmyuserLocal SettingsTemp files and directory? I have 18 GB of stuff in there and I have no idea what any of it is.

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Up Images

Sep 8, 2005

need some insight on cleaning up images after adjusting the brightness...

They are very blochy like...

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Up A Photo

Jan 19, 2004

I have a picture here which is a small jpeg from a rather bad scan, and I'm trying to practice cleaning up with it.

I cropped it , ran auto colors and auto levels, and then desaturated the lips a bit,

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Photoshop :: Cleaning A Photo

May 25, 2004

I have an old photo of my brother and his surfboard that is very grainy and dark. It was taken with a very old camera and has been abused and cracked through the years. I have scanned this photo and would like to remove the grain. I don't really care about the background, but I would like my brother and his surfboard to look sharp and clean. I tried burring the image to lose some of the grain, but I then lose alot of the contrasting lines and obviously the sharpness of the image.

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Up Pics

Jan 9, 2007

I have some jpegs (72 dpi) of family that I wanted to print out and put in a collage for a family reunion. I would like to enlarge them, but of course this makes the pictures pixelated and bad quality. Is there a way to get around this and make them look better? I could swear I have seen a plug-in that does this (or simulates) and helps make pictures look better with more detail. If there is any special tips or tricks or even recommendations of plug-ins on how I can achieve this,

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Up Logos?

Jan 27, 2009

I'm new to the design game and am receiving logos from clients with the white box around them. Besides using the magic wand or pen tool, (which makes the type/logo pixelated), are there any other ways to fix this problem?

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Scanned Images

Jun 30, 2006

I often scan b/w documents with my scanner to Photoshop. The scan always has spots (noise) which are time consuming to remove. I'm basically zooming in and erasing each one.

Does anyone know of any easy time saving steps/procedures I could use to remove these spots?

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Up Scanned Line Drawings

Jul 15, 2005

how to get them clean and crisp? black ink drawings is what im scannin in, ive figured this much out; scan it in at a high resolution (i scaned in at 600dpi), scan it in grayscale, mess with the levels. the overall goal is to scan in a line drawing and color it.

im trying to get the lines to be a uniform solid black. ionno if this is something i should try to get when im actually drawing it or something that is best left to PS. it looks pretty good on paper but when i got it in PS the lines are not as solid as i thought.

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Photoshop :: Cleaning Dirt Discoloration From Old Photo

Mar 2, 2006

Does anyone know how to clean dirt from a photo without losing the texture or the original integrity of the pic? The photo attached has a layer of brownish dirt discolration evident around the collar and clothing. I imagine this would take hours to correct using the stamp tool. I'm sure there's a way to combine layers or something to clean this up without over-softening the photo.

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Photoshop :: Tips For Cleaning Up A Newspaper Image?

Jan 24, 2009

I scanned a color image from a newspaper, so of course it's pretty grainy. I've done things like despeckle, which helped a bit, and some other filters to get rid of noise and such but I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips for improving newspaper images? (i.e., get rid of the grainy look from the high dot content, just make it look cleaner)

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CorelDRAW X5 :: Cleaning Up A Circle?

Jul 30, 2012

I have a vector image that includes a red circle as part of the image, but the circle is not 100 % even and round. Is there an easy way to clean up the circle to make it even all the way around?

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GIMP :: Cleaning Text Pictures

Mar 26, 2012

Oftentimes I face the need to restore a picture of a text document -mainly forms to fill- to something approaching the original document. This requires to remove all the grey parts and to have a result in black on white i.e. no other colors. It may also require some understanding of how characters are formed -regardless the language- to prevent white dots in the middle of a character

With the document restored, one can then fill the form with an editor so as to have it clearly (printed characters) and easily (because filled with a editor) filled

My question is how do you do that with Gimp.

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