Paint.NET :: Resizing Pictures To Make A Collage?

Oct 24, 2011

I want to take three pictures and put them together on a particular background. I can't figure out how to change the sizes of the pictures. ( not the file size the literal size).

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Paint.NET :: Collage Style Column - How To Put Pictures On Top Of Another

Dec 24, 2012

I am trying to make a collage style column that has 5 different pictures on top of each other and kind of flattened.
My idea was to have each picture be about 4 inches width and 1.5 inches in height, and then stack them right after another making the one picture.
How would I accomplish this?
Everytime I try adding them as a layer it makes the previous layer smaller, and I don't know how to move them, etc.

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Paint.NET :: Making Collage Of Small Pictures / Transparent Background

Feb 4, 2013

I want to create a collage of small pictures. I would like some of the pictures to be rotated, but not at 90 deg or 180 - at smaller angles off normal. I do not see how to rotate an image by a preselected angle, or rotate on the fly.
As a second question, for the pictures I want to make the background [usually a solid color, white] transparent so I can overlay one object with another.

How do I make just the background fully transparent, without affecting an object?

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Paint.NET :: Resizing High Quality Pictures?

Sep 16, 2012

Im getting married and took some pictures with my fiance so we can create a save the date to send out. Her brother was the photographer who has a very expensive and high quality camera. Took those pictures and opened them in these pictures open up to be about 75 by 45. I might be trying to do the impossible but im trying to get it down to be able to fit on a 4x6 picture but everytime and way i try it always seem to pixelate it.

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Photoshop :: Resizing An Image In A Collage

Dec 16, 2003

I have placed a few images onto a background, I cannot seem to resize each individual image to my pre-determined sizes (for a business portfolio sheet) without also resizing the 'page' on which I'm trying to place them. I've tried image size, canvas size, transform, etc. but when I am in the specific layer trying to resize it, it still seems to resize the whole document (even though I didn't select canvas size).

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Paint.NET :: How Make Pixel Bigger Without Stretching Or Resizing

Jul 22, 2011

OK im working on Zelda a link to the past images and those things are like 24 pixels an object is there a way i can make the pixel bigger without stretching or re sizing cause that make it all blurry

Look okif you cant see them here



THE LITTLE ONE IS THE NORMAL SIZE then i re size it and it looks blurry you might not see it but in the game it looks too real

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Paint.NET :: Make 10 Pictures From One Picture?

Jun 28, 2011

I have one drawing and now I will make an animated gif. How I can make 10 pictures from one picture (every one a little displaced) and than to make an animated gif with Paint.Net?

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Illustrator :: Making A Collage - How To Trim Away Remainders Of Pictures That Go Past Outline

Mar 19, 2013

I am making a collage for a friend. I have all the pictures I want that I edited from photoshop and brought into illustator. I made an outline of a buffalo (he is from buffalo) using the pen tool. I filled it in with pictures but i need to know how to trim away the remainders of the pictures that go past the buffalo outline. Basically i need to delete everything that is outside the vector buffalo, but i am having a terrible time figuring this out. Im not sure if i need the trim away tool, draw inside or something else.

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GIMP :: Blending Two Pictures Together - How To Make Paint On Door More Realistic

Aug 11, 2013

How can I do to better blend this two picture together as the orange paint is overlapping the metal grill on the door how to make the paint looks more realistic...

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Paint.NET :: Make A Sector Or Triangle Selection And Copy It From Pictures?

Mar 11, 2011

I need to make a “sector” or “triangle” selection and copy it from pictures. Is there any way to do it in I can not find such an option.

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Photoshop :: How Can CS6 Be Used To Make A Collage Of Photos

Nov 8, 2013

How can Photoshop CS5 or CS5 be used to make calles of photos, say 6 per page?   Are there templates avaiable for drap and drop?   Can text be added? 

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GIMP :: How To Edit Collage Created In Shape Collage Program

Apr 15, 2013

I have a small business doing canvas stretch pictures. A client of mine has asked me to do a collage of 27 photos and I used Shape Collage to do so. She wanted a collage with all the photos in a regulated format. That is Avg.Angle zero degrees, Max. Angle zero degrees, Offset X zero and Offset Y zero. After creating the collage I saved it as a PSd file. So Far So good. I then opened Gimp 2.8.4 and was quite confused as the latest program appearance is nothing like the tutorials and images on the net. However I was able to open the image of the collage by importing the psd file. I was also able to edit the photos and reposition them according to her wishes. I then saved the file as a psd. She wanted to see a jpeg copy of the collage as she does not have photoshop on her pc. In order to show her I had to flatten the psd and then save it in photoshop to a jpeg format. She now wants me to add one more photo to the existing collage.

How can I do that from the flattened psd?

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GIMP :: How To Make Simple Collage Of Three Or Four Photos

Oct 16, 2011

I am wondering how I can make a simple collage of three or four photo's. Something like a progression of movement, or a film strip kind of look. I am able to do this in Picasa but I am not happy with the resolution of the final product. I assume it is to do with layers. Here is what I would like to be able to do [URL] ..........

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Make Photo Collage 0.85cm By 2.15m

Aug 27, 2013

Trying to enlarge a photo collage but it won't let me. Is it even possible to do this or have I got to use something else. I am quite new to this software.

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Photoshop :: Resizing Pictures...

Jul 24, 2004

What I'm trying to do is take larger pictures and make them into icons (100x100 in size). I'm having a lot of difficulty with the canvas sizing so that I can make it a perfect square so that I'm able to resize the image to 100x100. What keeps happening is that I get the picture, but often times there is white either on the sides of the picture or on the top and bottom. I know it'll still be 100x100 but what I need to know is, can I resize the image so that I do not have the white on the sides, top, and or bottom,

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GIMP :: Attach Together GIFs In Order To Make Animated GIF Collage?

Aug 12, 2011

how to attach together animated gifs in order to make animated gif collage

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Make A Collage Page But In Landscape Form

Nov 26, 2013

I want to make a collage page but in landscape form.

Example 9 x 11 so that I can use it to be printed by Costco or someone else

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Photoshop :: Jagged Pictures After Resizing Down?

Mar 25, 2013

I resized down my HD pictures (2k pixels) to 500px and this is the result. It looks like raw looks like a big picture resized down in browser without actually rasterizing it(??)

I want to achieve this result (below pic 2nd pic, smooth looking. I resized using another program and it's smooth looking, when i resize the same picture down in PS, it doesn't look smooth.)

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Photoshop :: Resizing All The Pictures In A Folder

Jun 7, 2005

I looked into the photoshop Automated tasks, in the batch section. It has a list of different actions but resizing wasn't among them? Can you specify your own action to be executed?
Basically I want to reduce the size of many JPEG pictures in a folder automatically.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Separate Images In A Collage

Nov 26, 2012

I have stared to create a collage, after inserting some of the images, I saved the project and closed the program (x3). When I opened again the callage, all the inserted images was merged together and I can move only all of them together.

How can I separate the images so I will be able to move each of them separately in order to insert more images and change the order of them in the collage.

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Xara :: Resizing Pictures Photographic Designer 9

Oct 9, 2013

I need to make a banner with animation. I'm trying to put a dog picture into it. I have downloaded a few but when I tried to resize them they are not retain their shape, example when I try to shrink the top downwards or vice versa the picture itself has been distorted.

Is there anyway that can be maintained for the original picture shape.

I was using an earlier version of that a graphic designer and have upgraded to version 9, I never had any problem resizing image in the previous version.

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Paint.NET :: Combine 3 Different Images To Create Collage JPEG?

Sep 12, 2012

Is it possible to use to combine 3 different jpeg image to create a collage jpeg?

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Paint.NET :: 3 Pictures To Put Side By Side Or Overlap Bit To Make One

Feb 24, 2011

I have 3 pictures that I would like to put sid by side or maybe overlap a bit to make one. How do I do this

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Paint.NET :: Edit Pictures In Low Light (night Time Pictures)

Oct 30, 2013

I recently have been taking night shots  and having hard time to edit them: Black spots / red spots / street lighting ect - 


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Paint.NET :: Resizing By Percentage

Mar 19, 2011

I have some hand drawn patterns that need resizing by percentage and printed. However, when I resize, it shows exactly the same and prints exactly the same.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X5 Program Does Not Allow Resizing

Oct 7, 2012

Problems with the resize facility? The program does not allow resizing on some photographs but it does on others, even those taken on similar settings (same ISO) within minutes of each other. Pressing the resize option or the new button on some photos brings up the resize widow at top left of the screen with no data and only the word 'Static' where the original data should be shown and nothing in any of the other various boxes. Inputting data in any of the boxes does not work and the OK button does not work either. On other photos the usual resize window comes up in the middle of the screen with original photo data shown and all the usual options displayed for the required resize.

The same photographs which will not resize in X5 resize normally in my X3 version and I get the message "Requested parameter not found in the repository" when attempting to resize the photos on my laptop copy of X5.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 Cropping And Resizing

Oct 12, 2011

I recently upgraded from X3 to X4 and just noticed a Cropping and Re-sizing issue with X4. When I crop or re-size an image and then save it as a JPG, the size of the image prior to saving and the size displayed after saving and reopening are different. When I open the PRINT LAYOUT screen for the JPG, it confirms that the image was NOT re sized or cropped. It almost appears like there is an issue with the way X4 saves a JPG. When I perform the exact same cropping or re-sizing but save the image as a TIF, the problem does not happen. I also duplicated the cropping and re-sizing under X3, saved the image as a JPG and the problem did NOT happen.

By the way, when I worked with tech support, they could not duplicate the problem on their system but when they remotely accessed my computer, they saw the problem. The only difference seems to be that I have a PC with a 3.33 gigahertz Intel Core i7 X 980 processor.

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Paint.NET :: Resizing At High Resolution?

Oct 6, 2013

How can I resize an object bigger and still keep it at high quality. The resize tool makes the image look blurry.

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Paint.NET :: Images Not Resizing Correctly?

Oct 9, 2012

I have been using Paint.NET on my laptop for a really long time, I just installed it on my desktop and I am having a problem with resizing. Every image I resize the image gets all distorted around the edges, high and low resolution images! If I take the same image and resize it on my laptop it looks prefect but if I resize it on my desktop it looks horrible!

For example on the image I attached, I shrunk the Pinterest P I use often, as you can see one looks great (laptop version), the other not so much (desktop)!

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Paint.NET :: Resizing Images To Same Dimensions?

Apr 20, 2011

referred to this software, tried it out but can't get my desired results? I have about 16 images of website screenshots, meaning I took full page screenshots of different sites to use in my Portfolio page so I need the dimensions of all 16 site's screenshots to be the exact same size which is 192x115, problem is I am not allowed to type in those exact dimensions before resizing. Is there any I can get my desired results?

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Paint.NET :: Losing Quality When Resizing

Feb 20, 2013

I'm losing a lot of quality when resizing images (I'm using CTRL + R and Best quality resampling).

The images I usually resize have approximately 900 x 900 pixels and they are basically text print screens. I resize them to 80%.
Is there anything that I can do to get images with better quality?

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