Lightroom :: How To Highlight Several Images In Library Grid Mode

Dec 3, 2011

I used to be able to highlight several images in the Library Grid mode, type in a Metadata Label, and that label would be applied to all of the images. Doesn't work any longer. What am I missing? Doesn't work for Keywords either.

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Lightroom :: 5.2RC Screen Flicker In Library Grid Mode

Aug 3, 2013

Having a screen flicker problem since 5.cRC came out, but only in Library/Grid mode when scrolling or selecting from the grid. But only when there are more images than can fit on one page in the grid.Seems to use an unusually low amount of memory with nothing else running on the system.

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Lightroom :: How To View Images In Library Mode

Nov 16, 2012

I have Just upgraded my LR3 catalogs to LR4.  I am able to view my images in Library mode but when I switch to Develop it says no photo selected and there are no images in my film strip. What is going on ?

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Lightroom :: 4.2 Printing - Images Won't Display In Library Mode?

Mar 8, 2012

I Just istalled Lightroom 4.2 and imges will not display in Library mode. this LR 4.2 was an upgrade for LR4.1 which worked perfectly before the upgrade.  Now all I get in Libary mode is image data and a grey spot where the images should be.

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Lightroom :: Images Not Showing In Library Mode After Import

Mar 17, 2014

Our problem with Lightroom is this: After inporting images, they do not show in the library mode. The tree view shows first image of the folder, but the library preview does not open.- Probllem is persistant and any new images after 3 weeks are not showing up.- problem is resistant, we upgraded from 5.0 to 5.3, but problem is consistant.
System specs: Generic computer, 8gb memory, windows 7 ultimate 64bits.c: (SSD) houses lightroom, windows & catalogue files.d: houses inport with Picasa files.p: Container of accepted and to be edited image f
General process of images: Import with picasa of images, verification of image quality and rejecting failures.After all images are done, use of syncredibles program to copy new files not yet on the picasa library folder. This basicly checks and moves pictures that are currently on drive D: but are not yet on drive P. After new files are transferred, then picasa will re-import with add function on import from its own folders.
Directory structure: c:program files adobelightroom 5.3  (main proigram)c:uusi kansiolightroom caltalogued:kuvat (picasa image store)
p:kuvat (lightroom image store)
The divasion of d: and P: driwe is so that picasa will not see images that arte on Lightroom and vice versa.are on D: & P started to get "read obn
We have tried to study this problem, and first we notised that folders that houses images on both driwes, started to receve "read only" atrribute. Even tho we cleared this with user restrictions (folder security) the imported images still refuse to load the previews.Catalogue contains over 30 000 raw images.
We are starting to shoot blanks here. In short, the tree view shows first image of the folder, images are present in the system, but when you click the tree view to open up the folder, no images will refresh to center view of the screen. If pressed couple of times screen will go white, and crash LR.We have tried to "find missing files" and "folder synchronication.

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Lightroom :: 4 - Can Only See Photos In Library Mode Not Develop Mode

Mar 17, 2012

This may be related to other imported catalog bugs, but does not seem to be quite the same. In Lightroom 4, with an upgraded Lightroom 3 catalog:
1. Select a photo in Library mode.

2. Click on Develop to go to Develop mode
Screen shows "No photo selected". I cannot edit photos in Develop mode.
I can see and edit photos that are found in smart collections, but not photos that are simply in my collections from 2012, 2011, etc. folders

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Lightroom :: Grid And Loupe Mode - Gone

Feb 5, 2013

The panel in library mode where i could chose between loupe, grid, compare en survy and the thumbnailslider is gone. It was undeneath the import and export tab and over the filmstrip. Where can i find it and put it back?

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Lightroom :: Tag Only 6 Various Placed Photos In Library Grid With Graphic Watermark?

Dec 15, 2012

I am a photographer shooting photo sets of cars and need to keep them in order of shooting upon uploading. I am trying to attach a graphic logo watermark to the first shot of each set while keeping them all in the same export order. But...I understand in order to attach the logo, I must be in export mode. Upon completion of the first photo watermark attachment.....I need to complete the export before going on to the next first shot of the series in the same library grid.

Maybe I am missing something here but need to figure this out other than in the export mode. If I take the pic to edit in photoshop to apply and flatten I back into Lightroom it puts the watermarked photo at the end of the library grid of photos.Do I need to apply to original instead of a copy to keep in right order?

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Lightroom :: Library Loupe And Grid Icons Disappeared

Mar 28, 2013

In Library, my icons for loupe and grid modes disappeared. How to get them back?

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Lightroom :: Darkening Filename Info In Grid Mode?

Jan 6, 2013

is there a way to do this.  darkening filename info in grid mode?

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Lightroom :: Sorting Folders In Library Mode?

Nov 25, 2012

How do I sort my folders in the Library mode -- on the left "folders panel" -- by default it sorts alphabetically -- how do I change that default?

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Lightroom :: 5.2 - Thumbnails Frozen In Library Mode

Sep 24, 2013

One is as follows: I start in library mode/grid. I have a publish service that exports to hard drive, with some folders configured. I click on any folder, I see the correct pictures. Clicking on any folder inside the service lets me see the right pictures. Now I click on any other folder outside of the publish service (say, a collection, a smart collection, a folder... whatever) and... neither the thumbnails in the grid nor the filmstrip at the bottom are updated; the only part of the screen which is updated is the filmstrip description (i.e. I read Collection: blahblah, 123 photos).

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Lightroom :: Can't Get Image To Display In Library Mode

Oct 10, 2012

I Just istalled Lightroom 4.2 and imges will not display in Library mode. this LR 4.2 was an upgrade for LR4.1 which worked perfectly before the upgrade.  Now all I get in Libary mode is image data and a grey spot where the images should be.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sketch Mode Snaps To Grid But Snap And Grid Are Both Switched Off?

Jul 23, 2012

I have a user and when he's in sketch mode he trys to draw a line but it keeps on snapping to a grid.  Both snap and grid setting are switched off.  I can't find any settings he has different from my own set-up so I'm finding it hard to fox this problem.  FYI, this user is a bit of a problem and tends to change settings without even realising he's doing it.

He's using Inventor 2012.

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Lightroom :: Import Only Shows Gray Boxes In Library Grid View

Oct 30, 2012

I run a HP DV6 Laptop with Core I7 and Windows 7. While editing my photos my computer appeared to over heat (which is a recurring issue that I'm working to resolve) during mid-post production.  Upon restarting my computer, and when I accessed the same photos, I got a very lengthy loading icon when I clicked on a photo under the "Develop" tab.  This problem recurred and in attempt to resolve the problem I decided to delete the library and re-import the files.  Upon re-import, I cannot view all the photos in the library grid view. I'm not sure if my files are now corrupt from the sudden crash or is it just a data issue with LR?

I've attached a screen shot of what the problem library looks like...

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Lightroom :: Touchscreen Monitor Windows 7 Doesn't Scroll Library Grid?

Jun 12, 2012

A big bummer that in the library grid mode (or any other scrollable part of lightroom) I can't scroll with my touchscreen monitor like I can in IE or Chrome or Word etc.??  What is touchscreen compatible in lightroom? I would love for lightroom to be touchscreen friendly.

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Lightroom :: Cannot Move Photos Via Drag And Drop (library Grid View)

Aug 12, 2013

I've seen several adobe tutorials and youtube videos that show moving photos or folders by drag and drop in the library grid view.  I cannot get it to work.
1. Mousedown on a photo (not the frame) in the grid
2. Drag the mouse to a folder in the "Folder" pane (left of the grid)
3. Mouseup on the destination folder
Nothing happens.  The mouse cursor doesn't change from the arrow.  There is no indication I can drag and drop.  The photos are not moved.
The photos are stored on a NAS.  Of course I can move them around via Windows Explorer, but I want to do this from inside LR4 for obvious reasons.  From LR4, I can create new folders, but I still cannot move photos into those folders.  I also tried creating a new folder on a local drive.  Again, I was able to create the folders, but was not able to move any photos into the folder.

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Lightroom :: Sorting Feature In Library Mode So Limited?

Jan 5, 2013

I truly love to work with lighroom. However, I hope that in the next adbobe update , that a more advanced but fundamental search/sort feature is added to the library mode.

Specifically - in Library mode --under folders -- there is no way to sort the folders other than alphabetically. Why not -- like most, even primitive photo editing software, can one not sort by date, time taken, place etcetc ... at least by date!!

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Lightroom :: 5 - Library Mode Slow To Show Adjustments?

Oct 11, 2013

I'm having a serious problem with the thumbnails in Library/Grid mode taking anywhere from 5-10 seconds to "pop in" the adjustments I've made in develop and/or via the quick develop tab. I need to quickly see if large batches of images are similar in color/exposure, and I've always used the Grid to compare them in bulk. Now it seems the previews refuse to update unless I hover over that image for an extended period of time. I've even tried jumping back and forth between Develop (in order to update the preview) and Library, but 8 times out of 10 it reverts to the old preview. I have tried:
1) Clearing my cache
2) Expanding the cache size from 3 GB to 10 GB to 40 GB with no avail
3) Optimizing the catalog
4) Updating Lightroom & Camera Raw
5) Removing Luminance/Sharpen adjustments from all the images
6) Reducing Preview size/quality
7) Using Smart Previews
Because of the sheer numbe of images I work with, I have to store them on an external drive, not my Mac (3.06 GHz Intel Core i3 and 16 GB DDR3 memory). Even when I edit images locally on the machine, I have this problem. All of my software and drives are up to date, and I've got around 90 GB free on my system. making my adjustments on faith and then "re-updating" the previews...but deleting the Smart Previews/Previews and recreating them doesn't seem to fix the problem.

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Lightroom :: 4.0 / Library Grid Compact Cells View Shows Just Numbers Instead Of Filename?

May 29, 2012

RAW files (Red) no longer show their filenames in the Library Grid Compact Cells view (now just shows numbers)!
JPGs (Green & Blue) show nothing at all, including ratings and Pick status, and the Develops are gone.
This was after having imported a LR3.6 catalog and intermittently using it for a month.

- Catalog is over 1GB in size, over 50,000 images in the Library

- Windows 7 x64 with SP1

- LR4.0 x64
I have not yet tried:

- Re-importing the LR3 Catalog backup to see what happens.

- Creating a new LR4 Catalog and see if it displays the data in the Grid Compact Cells view
I have tried:

- Optimizing/Integrity Testing the Catalog

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Lightroom :: Maximize / Restore Window Size Does Not Update Library Grid View

Dec 15, 2011

Windows 7 SP 1 64bit German, LR 3.6 64bit German
Change to the grid view and resize the LR window by double-clicking the frame title - the window will be resized but the grid view is not updated -
maximing the windows --> blank area to the right of the thumbnails (the images in the grid view)press tab two times to if fix the problemrestore the window--> some thumbnails are only half visible or not visisble at all because there is no horizontal scrollbar and the thumbnails have not been wrappedpress tab two times to if fix the problem 

I think I did not have this issue with LR 3.5 - or same problem with LR 3.6?

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Lightroom :: Sharpening Tool Is Not Working In Library Mode Or Export 4.4

Jan 27, 2014

I was editing phots when I suddenly realized that sharpening tool, neither the adjustment brush for sharpening or ordinary sharpening, would be shown in Library mode or when photos were exported. When I see the picture in Develop mode, they seem fine and I can adjust the sharpness as usual. So something goes wrong between Develop and Library mode.
I have Lightroom 4.4. The ISO level in the pictures are not high at all, so that is not the problem, as I have read some explanaitions of. When I see the picture in 1:1 in both modes, they look the same after sharpening. But if I zoom more, I can definately see big differences.

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Lightroom :: Change Size Of Thumbnails When Working In Library Mode?

Oct 11, 2012

How do I change the size of my thumbnails when working in Library mode?

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Lightroom :: Fill Mode Preview In Library Module Is Not Sharp?

Aug 21, 2013

I just discovered, that when in Library module, and viewing my photos in Fill mode, it is not sharp. It is in fact so blurry, that it is unusable. Not sure I remember it correctly, but it happened also during the tethered shooting and viewing image on secondary monitor.
Interesting thing is, that once in a Develop module, Fill mode preview is sharp. I tried different settings re preview in Catalog Settings and Preferences, but no success.

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Lightroom :: Change In Aspect Ratio In Library And Develop Mode?

Apr 13, 2013

why is there a change in aspect ratio in library and develop mode ? this happens only for this picture ...

library view : 

 develop view -
How do I reset it to get back to the original aspect ratio so that I can see it better and work on it.

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Lightroom :: 4 - Can't Select Keywords In Keyword List From Library Mode

Mar 7, 2012

I have been using LR 4 for a couple days now and when I went to the "Keyword List" I could access some of the keywords.  When I got to "S's" I could not access them.  One other thing I did, was to use the "Filter Keywords" and when I put the "S's" in, then I could. Seems maybe there is a limit to how many keywords can be listed?

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Lightroom :: Upgrade 1.7 To 4.2 - Library Photos Can't Be Opened In Developer Mode?

Oct 14, 2012

I'm running Snow Loepard 10.6.8.  I upgraded from LR 1.7 to LR 4.2 today, and chose to upgrade the catalog as part of that. This all went fine - no errors.
I can see all my old photos in Library mode, and when I click on any of them - I can do Quick Edits (or anything else allowed) in Library mode;  however, LR 4.2 isn't leting me open the selected pic in Developer mode

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Lightroom :: 5 - Video Clips Downloaded From NikonD7100 In Library Mode Will Not Play

Sep 16, 2013

When I double click on the video downloaded from NikonD7100 in Library mode in lightroom 5 it will not play. I have windows 8..

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Lightroom :: Folders With Subfolders And More Than 3000 Pictures Cannot Be Displayed In Library Mode

Mar 12, 2012

I use a file structure in lightroom with subfolders within folders to organize photos; some of these top level folders contain many thousands of pictures; I have found that any top level folder with greater than 3000 photos will no open, and therefore all photos within that top level folder are not searchable. When I try opening such a large folder, the phrase "no photos in selected folder" is displayed. This has never been happened in LR3, but is happening in LR4.  Folders less than abour 2500 photos can be opened and searched easily.

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Lightroom :: Selecting Images In Library Module When Multiple Images Are In View

Dec 3, 2012

I've been having problems selecting images in the library module when multiple images are in view (not down in the timeline, but in the main window). It seems sporadic with which ones it won't let me select, it somehow manages to be the ones that I need to click....!! I just literally can't click it as if it were an image I already imported or something, but it's not grayed out like that. I've been having to select a nearby image then use my arrow keys to navigate to and click the image I need.

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Lightroom :: Slideshow Start Button In Library Mode Not Play Selected Music?

Nov 19, 2013

Why doesn't the slideshow start button in Library mode play the selected music? 

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