GIMP :: Two Layers - Cut Overlapping Parts

Aug 2, 2011

I'm using gimp and I've just started working on a new project. i have 2 layers, and they are overlapping. Is there any way to cut the overlapping parts without doing manually?

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Illustrator :: Overlapping Parts Of Two Words?

Nov 20, 2012

How I can overlap the words "Highland" and "Park".

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After Effects :: How To Paste Layers Into A Composition Without It Overlapping

Oct 18, 2013

I'm currently using a free typography template.
The template has 8 compositions and I'm trying to arrange the compositions to play in the order I'd like them to play.
I tried copying/pasting the layers into a pre-existing composition but the text overlaps with the other text layers.
I also tried to pre compose the layers and then copy/paste that into a composition but it also overlaps. Then I tried to drag it to the bottom and/or move the bar on the sequence but it won't appear when i play.

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Photoshop :: How To Select Locked Layer When Too Many Layers Overlapping

Sep 6, 2013

How to select a locked layer when you have too many layers overlapping?
I know I can select all the layers, lock them and unlock them. But I can't lock/unlock all layers when some layers are hidden. I'll have to dig in to unhide those layers. But then I don't want to unhide all layers, because it will make changes to my design that I wouldn't know.
Is there a smart way to find/select the lock layer?

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Illustrator :: Paths From Bottom Layer Overlapping Layers Above?

Nov 7, 2013

I have just finished designing my characters. Now I have to create my background. I figured to do this, I would simply have to create my background and hide the layers above so I can see what I'm doing. However the few lines that I've created in my background are overlaping the characters, how can I resolve this?
Also after doing a brush or creating a path in general, how do i I deselect it (instead of having to bring out the selection tool and clicking anywhere on the screen)
I jut remembered something else, if i want to select an object but the selection rectangle covers the perimeter of another object, how do I avoid selecting the other object aswell?

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Illustrator :: Image Is Overlapping Artboard Borders - Cut / Trim All Overlapping Objects?

Feb 8, 2013

My image is overlapping artboard borders,is there any easy way to cut/trim all overlapping objects??

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GIMP :: Convert Panorama Photos To Multiple Overlapping Images For Animation

May 25, 2013

I have a long and complicated road trip timelapse photo set I'm converting to an animation. That i've managed to sort out. However I also have some panoramas that i took here and there. I'm trying to take these panoramas (about 11 of them) into their component images,but with an overlap so that they will be in the animation appearing as a pan.

So I have about a dozen of these fairly wide images (2096 x 544 for one of them), and each of these i want to split into about ten images with a reasonable "overlap".

Given the amount of potential images, and my desire to have a smooth pan, making composite images manually wouldn't really work.

I've been using ifranview to bulk crop and resize images but i couldn't work out a way to do this so I switched to GIMP, which I'm not great with.

I've grabbed the guidelines every x pixels script and guillotine into layers plugin, hoping I could guillotine across multiple guideline "units" but all it's given me is dozens of vertical slices of the image.

I could merge and duplicate them but that would take ages.

At the moment I'm thinking my best option is to put the guidelines on and use selections to snap to guidelines and paste as seperate layers, then save all the layers as seperate files. However that still seems very slow and clunky and i'm wondering if there's a better way.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Layers In Parts List

Aug 1, 2013

In an idw, if I select Parts List, the BOM setting of layers can be switched between First Level and All Levels.  Once I select my view, the option grays out and selects First Level. I need my BOM to show All Levels.

What do I do to select All Layers for my drawing?

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Photoshop Elements :: Layers And Other Parts Are Not Highlighted

Dec 19, 2013

I can't access most of my Photoshop element 11 tools it only lets me open the guided. layers and other parts are not highlighted

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Change Parts To Unique Layers In IDW

Nov 26, 2012

Any macro to do it automatically....

i still have the change occurrence layer based on material macro but cant seem to find the change layer based on part... 

yes we are still using autocad in conjunction with inventor, and on a side note have been quite enjoying the new parameters, dynamic blocks, easy scripts and customization features in autocad.

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Illustrator :: Copy Parts Of Layers From One AI Doc Into New One With Same Layer Names?

Sep 30, 2013

How do I copy PARTS of layers containing many objects from one CS5 AI (v.15.0.2) doc into a new CS5 AI doc and keep/create the same layer names?
To start with, I have one fairly complex AI document with 100 layers,  with several hundred items in each layer. For example, one layer named "Stars" contains  400 separate stars (not grouped), another layer named "Crosses" contains 300 separate crosses, and a 3rd layer named "Text" contains 200 separate words (not outlined).
If I select, by marqueeing a section of the image/artboard, some (but not all) of the individual items contained in the several layers, then  paste that selection into a new CS5 AI doc, I cannot get them to  create new layers of the same name. Instead they go into one general layer (e.g. "Layer 101") as a jumble of discrete, but unorganized objects (no layers or sublayers). In other words, I have lost the 3 main layers from which I selected a bunch of objects.
Checking "Paste Remembers Layers" has no effect on this result. In fact "Paste Remembers Layers" does not remember layers at all. Only if I select ALL the items in the several layers will it paste those layers by those names into the new doc (or create new layers of the same names).
Of course it is a COLOSSAL waste of time copying the ENTIRE document, then pasting the WHOLE thing into the new doc (with layers retained), then deleting the parts I DON'T need.

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GIMP :: Layers Turn Into Text Layers?

Jul 2, 2013

my gimp 2.8.6 makes majority normal layers turn into text layers..

Even if i "discard text information" from layer..and then save it as .xcf it doesnt work! Same layers appear as text layers when i open that .xcf Its not a big deal but it really slows me down when im working with layers..

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GIMP :: Revert Layers Back To Layers?

Jun 20, 2013

I merged my layers down to scale to proportion and I thought I was done with the project, so I saved it and exported. I then learned that I did something incorrectly, so I went back to the project only to remember I merged the layers and I don't know how to undo that. How do you revert the layers back to layers?

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GIMP :: Combining Parts Of Two Images?

Jun 4, 2013

I have uploaded two images to gimp and have made minor changes to parts of each image (erased). Now I want to combine those changed parts in one image. How do I do that?

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GIMP :: Removing Parts Of Picture?

Jun 8, 2012

I want to remove the background stuff so i can use the picture of smoking guy in a signature.

[URL] (Picture shows the parts i want to remove).

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GIMP :: Anchoring Parts Of A Selection?

Apr 15, 2011

I was wondering if it is possible to anchor just part of a selection, say just a middle point when you are using the perspective transform tool so that you could stretch a image layer to fit a opening of another layer

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GIMP :: Rearranging Parts Of Existing Design?

Mar 2, 2013

I want to deconstruct a design and rearrange the parts.I have a horizontal banner-style logo with an image on the left and text stretching out to the right. I want to make a square badge by moving the text to be above the image.

Using logic I copied and pasted the EPS original to make three layers. Then I tried cropping to create the various elements (one is the image, two others are words). It's not working. Each time I crop one layer, all the layers crop.

Obviously I'm missing a step or two in isolating the layers or something. I have been using the EPS version of the logo file but I also have it in PNG and JPG.

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GIMP :: Colorizing Multiple Parts Of One Photo

Oct 26, 2012

attached is a picture with blue flowers. In PS, i would select a portion of the flower at a time and create a new adjustment colorize layer to color the selection. So in the end i had roughly 6 or 7 layers and each one was a differnt color. ill upload the final result as well.

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GIMP :: How To Change Parts Of Images Colour

May 22, 2013

This video [URL] explains what I need best.

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GIMP :: Brighter Parts Of Image Converted To Transparent

Aug 10, 2013

when I make an image transparent the brighter parts of the image are also made transparent which I obviously don't want.

I'm sure this probably involves fuzzy select maybe but I've spent ages trying to sort this out but can't make any sense at all of the tutorials.

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GIMP :: Darken Areas Without Affecting Any Other Parts Of Image

Dec 12, 2012

I've got a few pictures taken at night of buildings and the street lights and lights on the buildings have come out extremely bright and 'bleed' out of their point of origin (not sure how else to explain it).

All I want to do is to darken these areas without affecting any of the other parts of the image. Is this possible at all?

What would be ideal would be if there was a tool, plug-in or method where I could select a certain colour range or brightness threshold that I could then lower however much I want without affecting the already dark areas.

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GIMP :: Unable To Paint On Transparent Parts Of Image?

Oct 10, 2012

I created a layer by duplicating an existing layer and found that I couldn't paint on the transparent parts of the new layer, regardless of the state of the layer's Lock alpha channel button. After much gnashing of teeth I finally got it to work by exiting Gimp and starting it again. Once I had done that the Lock alpha channel button had the expected effect.

My question: Is this a known bug, or am I doing something accidentally to put it in a mode where it ignores the state of the Lock alpha channel button?

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GIMP :: How To Remove Selection Area Around Parts That Don't Selected

Nov 6, 2012

When I use the Fuzzy select tool or the select by colour tool, how can I remove the selection area around the parts that I don't want selected. For example. I have red car on a white background which I want to cut and paste to a black background. I select the white background, but although it selects all the white, it also selects other small areas on the car which are a similar colour. If the threshold is lowered too much when I use these select tools then I get a very small white border around the object when I paste it on to a dark surface. So instead of selecting using the default (15) or even less, I have to ramp it up so as the selection is closer to object and does not show the white jagged line. I thought that I could use the other selection tools with the "remove from selected" option selected, but each time I place a rectangle around the selected area that I want ot deselect, it does away with the entire selection area. I just cannot get it sussed.

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GIMP :: Label Parts Of Engine Photo With Text Feature

Feb 23, 2013

I'm trying to label parts of an engine photo with the text feature in GIMP. However, after I have typed my text and press enter or escape, it always leaves a yellow and black hyphenated rectangular frame around the text. How do I get rid of this frame so that only the text will be left?

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GIMP :: How To Keep Layers As Layers

May 17, 2013

I'll add a layer It will have ants around

I'll move it around and position to where I want it

Question 1: how do I get rid of the ants? I've googled on how to deselect, but can't can't find an answer

Question 2: I don't know what I do... but by selecting other tools or just clicking around like mad - the ants go away. Yippeee! Except... damn! The layer has now gone into the background and I can't move it around any more

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GIMP :: How To Put Layers Into Groups

Jun 27, 2013

how I can put my layers into groups now, but there are a few problems I've seen pop up.

First are foremost, when I disable the visibility on a group, if I use the move tool it will select layers from that group that were visible before the group was made invisible. Seriously, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that I would ever want to move an individual layer that I can't see. This clearly is a glitch and needs to be fixed.

Second of all there is an issue with a layer's mode when it is in a group. For example, if a layer is set to multiply, if it is set in a group it will only multiply on layers within that group. Now this I can see a good use for, but honestly, it is not how I usually want to use layers. I'm not usually trying to separate the actual graphics in my image, I'm just trying to organize my massively long layer dialogue into something more useful. It's great to collect different aspects of my image and keep them all together. But basically every time I need a multiply layer or other effect, I need it to effect the whole image. To keep it effecting an entire image I have to make two separate groups, each above and below the layer, in order to organize my image.

Now, since there is certainly an advantage that could be given by not having such layers have any effect outside of their group, I can't argue that the feature should be removed. However, I do think it would be fantastic if a property could be added to a layer group that would allow for such layers to effect the image outside of the group or not.

The third thing I have to say about groups is linking. First of all, as it stands, when I activate linking on a layer group it has absolutely no effect, making the option redundant. However, what would be useful is if I could link an entire group to itself and then move every layer within a group in tandem.

Often times I want to move several groups of layers around so I can arrange a composition. For a simple example, maybe I have several images of characters, each built with a layer for flats, lighting, textures, etc. And to arrange the composition I want to move the whole character with all its layers to one spot, then grab another character with all of its layers to another spot.Conventionally, there are only two ways I can do this. Either I flatten each of those groups and move them as single layers, destroying my ability to alter them with any level of convenience, or I have to manually link every layer for that character, move it, un-link every layer, link all the layers in another character, and repeat.But it would be so much nicer if I could link all the layers within several groups, and move each group as a whole without moving any other layers.

Since the link option on a layer group doesn't do anything anyway, it seems reasonable to me that enabling it should have that exact effect. Using the same example, if I have each character in its own group, I activate the link option on all of those groups all at once, and then I can grab a layer on any group and that whole group will move, but not any other layers.Even if it automatically linked all the layers in that group to all other linked layers, it would still be much easier to activate and deactivate the link on just one group each time I move that one group, rather than each individual layer.

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GIMP :: Layers Will Not Toggle

Dec 25, 2012

GIMP example.docx (Size: 141.1 KB / Downloads: 31) I just found about GIMP several days ago. I really like the features that are offered and cant wait to dive in and play around with it. However, I am getting a bit discouraged because it is not working on my computer the way it does when I visited some u-tube videos. So far I have a problem with the layers. I selected, new, added two layers, therefore I had three layers to work with. When I would toggle between the layers the picture didn't change at all, the screen only allowed me to view the last picture I imported. So, I thought I would hide the third picture and work with the second to see what would happen. I scaled the second picture and it scaled them all (note: the pictures where not linked). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and it still did the same thing. I am working with Windows 7 if that makes any difference?

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GIMP :: How To Scale Several Layers Together

Sep 17, 2011

How can I scale several layers (objects) together?

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GIMP :: Can't Select Other Layers

Jul 28, 2011

I was rotating a layer in GIMP but now I can't get off this layer/select other layers.

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GIMP :: Can't Seem To Rearrange Layers

Jun 30, 2011

I've tried multiple images and file extensions, but it seems as though I can't rearrange my layer order anymore. Is there a reason this would happen, or is there a keyboard shortcut I can try?

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GIMP :: Separate Layers To PNG?

Oct 6, 2012

How to separate layers in gimp and save them in png format, theres a function for this in photoshop, so how do you do this in gimp? Basically i designed a template and i want to be able to click any layer and save it in png format but its not letting me, or how to save all layers automatically?

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