AutoCAD .NET :: Selecting Closed Polylines With Linetype Generation Enabled?

Sep 5, 2013

I have a piece of code that needs closed polylines.

I use the following selectionfilter to filter the selection so I can only select closed polylines:

Dim sf As New SelectionFilter(New TypedValue() {New TypedValue(0, "LWPOLYLINE"), New TypedValue(70, 1)})
Today I noticed that in some drawings this filter won't select all the closed polylines for me.

After some experimenting I found the 'linetype generation' property of the polylines to be the problem. If this is enabled the above filter will not let me select a closed polyline. If I disable it, there is no problem.

How can I make my code for selecting closed polylines more robust? Is there a 'TypedValue' for closed polylines with the linetype generation enabled?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Line Type Generation With 2D Polylines?

Apr 17, 2013

I'm woring with 2D polylines as exported from another piece of software. The problem I have is that the LTGeneration resets to disabled evertime a polyline is edited, ie broken or trimmed. Plinegen is set to 1 as the system variable, but as far as I can tell every time a line is broken etc it creates a new entity that doesn't inherit the ltgen properties of the previous line or the system variables. I know i can convert to polylines, but is there a better way?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Surface Profile Linetype Generation

Dec 9, 2013

I have a drawing with surface profiles and the linetype generation is working on some and not the others. They're all dynamic and they're not dref'd in and like I said, a few with the same style look correct and a few are incorrect.

C3D 2012

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Sheet Profile View - Linetype Generation

May 26, 2009

In the sheet profile view the sampled(existing ground) profile for all 3 profiles does not generate the correct linetype(sample 1). The design drawing that I created the individual sheet from displays it correctly (sample 2). The preferences show it is generating(sample 3), it’s just not displaying correctly in the sheet itself.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Survey Figure (linetype Generation) TOGGLE On And Off?

May 23, 2013

I am happy that survey figures now have the long awaited "linetype generation" on in 2013 but sometimes I need it off. Is there a toggle or am I now STUCK with it on all the time?

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AutoCad :: Convert Polylines To Closed Polygon

Feb 4, 2011

How do i convert a series of polylines to one closed polygon (so i can calculate an area, hatch it, etc)?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Getting Closed Loops From Polylines In DWG Files

Feb 26, 2012

I am trying to import a complex curve from autocad lt (in my case an airfoil), to create parts.  I have drawn the curve in autocad lt as a polyline.  Autocad lt treats the curve as a single object, and seems to understand it as a closed loop. 

When I import the curve into Inventor lt, Inventor treats the curve as a series of unconnected line segments.  What can I do in either Autocad lt or Inventor lt to get Inventor to treat the curve as a single object, so that I can then extrude it?

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AutoCad :: Hatch Multiple Closed Polylines In The Same Layer?

Apr 9, 2013

Basicaly I have a plan of a part of a city and I want to fill the houses with a solid hatch, I was wondering if I could do them all at once instead of picking an internal point one by one (there are a lot of them!).

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Creating Two Closed Polylines From One Shape

Jan 4, 2012

I have a series of boxes or polygones that I would like the program to find the 1/2 distance and create two seperate polylines from the one object. 


I have a square with pt1,pt2, pt3 and pt4 respectively.  After I have ran the program it would create a diagonal from pt1 to pt3 and join the rest of the lines now to create the one polyline. Also it would do the same to create another exact polygonal shape for the other half. Thus creating two shapes of equal value from one.

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AutoCad 2D :: Draw Multiple Closed Polylines From One List Of Coordinates In Excel

Sep 22, 2011

I'm trying to create about 150 cross-sections, each consisting of 9 closed polylines of which I have created the coordinates. My issue is making the list of coordinates create separate polylines instead of one enormous polyline. Any way to setup the columns, perhaps with blank rows, some way of applying ASCII code, etc. to automatically break up these polylines? (even if they aren't closed that's fine, I just need to make the polylines separate.)

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Create Stage-storage Table With Six Closed 2D Polylines?

Nov 1, 2012

I'm trying to create a stage-storage table with six closed 2D polylines. They highlight when I select them, but nothing is loading in the Table?

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Photoshop :: CS6 English - Arabic Enabled Freezes When Selecting Text Tool

Aug 30, 2012

I have Adobe Photoshop CS6 (part of Master Collection English-Arabic Enabled) installed on MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Mountain LionI went to Preferences -> Type -> chose Middle East , to enable arabic typing but whenever I choose the Text tool, photoshop freezes, and cpu use reaches 130% ( on Activity Monitor it showed that photoshop using 60% of cpu while "fontd" is up to 70%)I don't know why font daemon is consuming that much of cpu, probably facing problems with building fonts models, I left it for half an hour, but no use.
the corresponding windows version, did not freeze, instead just went alittle quirky heavy for half a minute then back to normal and i was able to use text tool and type in arabic normally

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Perpendicular Osnap Not Working Correctly With Closed Polylines Grips

Dec 30, 2012

Just found the issue with my AC2013.

A bit of difference is that the polylines do not have to be even closed. Any polyline gives me exactly the described behaviour, which is definitely not intended. Appears still not resolved. 

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Option Or Lisp Routine To Create 3d Boundary From Closed 3D Polylines?

Jun 18, 2013

is there an option or a lisp routine to create a 3d boundary from closed 3d polylines?

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Segregate Closed Polylines In Drawing By Area Range?

Mar 21, 2013

I need to segregate closed polylines in my drawing by area range. Ideally, I would input the number of ranges I need.

Then somehow find the smallest and largest pline area to determine the range values (rounding up to a sensble number)

Then with the ranges determined the polylines would be segregated and moved to new layers.

I've been trying to hobble together pieces but with no joy.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Converting Polylines With Width And Text Into Close Polylines

Jan 2, 2014

As the above mentioned, I have a drawing drawn using polylines with width from someone. The width of the line are suppose to represent area,

To put things into prospective, here is an example:

The polyline is 10 unit long and with a width of 2 unit wide. If i explode that polyline, it will become a single polyline without width. The line are suppose to represent 10 unit long and 2 unit wide; representing an area.

My question is is there a way to change the line above directly from polyline with width to a close polyline (4 x polylines) of 10 unit long and 2 unit wide.

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AutoCad :: How To Draw 3D Polylines Or Convert Single Lines To Polylines

Oct 9, 2013

How to draw 3D polylines, or convert single lines to polylines?


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AutoCAD 2010 :: Closed Polyline Not Showing As Closed Section

Apr 10, 2012

I have used PEDIT to join multiple polylines, which now appear as polylines. But when I use QSELECT to show all open (non-closed) section, one polyline still shows up as open.

I've attached the file I'm working on. The polyline in question is the green outline on the object on the right.

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AutoCad :: Converting 3D Polylines To Polylines With Elevation?

Jan 20, 2006

Is there a way of converting 3d polylines to polylines with an elevation?

I have a dwg of contour information, the contours are 3d polylines, because they are contours the z value is constant all along the line, so there no question what the elevation of the polyline would need to be.

I need to do this as I then need to import the dwg into a GIS programme called MapInfo whch doesn't read 3d polylines.

I have access to AutoCAD 2004 or 2005LT.

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AutoCAD VB :: Multiple Dimension DXF Generation?

Jun 5, 2013

i have created a simle part file which has a User parameter (L). The part should be cut with a laser cutting machine.

My problem is, that there is 76 different dimensions for L parameter. So I have to generate 76 different dxf drawing.

is there a way to crearte a VBA code for modifying the L parameter, regenerate the part file, and export the surface of the part file as a DXF file?

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Illustrator :: Multiple Offset Outlines On Closed Or Non-closed Path

Sep 27, 2013

i want to have multiple offsetoutlines on a closed or non-closed path. with "offset path" i can make only one additional outline but i need multiple?
i searched all over the net for answers with no success.

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AutoCAD LT :: Generation Of L Section From Excel File?

Aug 23, 2013

We face the problems of generate of L section in AutoCAD 2014 LT when we appload data from notepad the same command is not working (Appload Command is not working) in the same command is working in AutoCad 2010.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Bill Of Material Generation

Nov 28, 2012

I have an assembly  which includes another one assembly also. So the issue is when i am generating the bill of material, the assembly which i have attached to the main assembly showing as single item with the assembly name.

The sub assembly i have attached to the main assembly by place and constaint option.does that making the problem ?

Inventor Professional Suite 2010
Windows 7

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Copy Linetype Definition From Drawing To Linetype Definition File?

Nov 14, 2012

How can I copy a linetype definition from a drawing to the linetype definition file?

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AutoCAD Map 3D :: Surface Generation - Large Image File

Apr 20, 2011

I have created a point cloud and surface from LiDAR data.  The point cloud data was relatively large from what I am familiar with (approximately 30 GB all told), and ESRI ASC surface file (approximately 8 GB) was generated after a laborious wait.  However, when I attempt to add the ASC file as a raster to view the surface, MAP 3D crashes and loses connection with my PC (i.e. window freezes, and I have to force MAP 3D to shutdown).  My computer is fairly updated with quad core processor, 3 GB RAM, etc.  Is this not enough power to process such a large image file, or have I error ?

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AutoCad :: Delay In Selecting Object And Selecting Command?

Sep 25, 2008

I am having a problem with a delay in selecting an object and selecting a command.

When I select an object the pointer has at least a 3 second delay before it starts moving around normally again. It is the same with selecting a command. This has started to get tedious. It has worked fine in the past so I don't think it is a RAM/graphics card problem.

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Photoshop :: Web Page Generation

Jan 2, 2009

I used photoshop to generate a webpage(800*600 resolution) which contains a header and footer, the middle part contains the left column(with blue background) and right column. In the right column(after slice, it's generated as white image), it shows the main content. I removed that image and replaced by text. However, when there are more rows than the cell height(right column), the whole web structure will be distorted.

I would like to know how to make the left column to have the same height as the right column when the height of right column is growing.

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Illustrator SDK :: Thumbnail Generation In CS6

Oct 2, 2012

I'm in the process of porting my plugin to CS6 (was on CS3 SDK) on Windows and I have encountered an issue with thumbnail generation. The plugin will pick the selected art content and generate a thumbnail with AIArtSet, AIRasterize and AIRasterSuite. This code had been working on CS3, CS4 and CS5, both Mac and Windows.
Now on CS6, when calling sAIRasterize->Rasterize(), I get an error that says "The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error. [CANT]". AI pops the error directly to the user while the return value from the method call is zero (no error). While investigating, I found the error message isn't poping up if the color space is not RGB related, although the image is often a black rectangle.
I've played with the AIDrawImageSuite to try to design an alternate method to generate thumbnail but I was only successful with the Draw Color Swatch method call (copying the sample code)
I've only tested on Window so far. I'm getting this same CANT message when choosing the web profile for a new document. I'm not seeing the message on Mac but I haven't tested the code on CS6 MAc yet. How do you generate thumbnails on CS6?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Autosave Won't Stay Enabled?

Oct 3, 2013

I've been using Autocad 2014 for several months now, and I've noticed that every couple days or so it turns off my autosave. I can check the box to enable it, and set it to 10 minutes, and a couple days later it will be unchecked and say 0 minutes in the box. I don't know how often it happens, I know it takes more than one day, but it's really annoying and one of those things I usually only find AFTER I have a drawing crash on me.

Is this some kind of software or profile issue?

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Not Enabled In Drawing

Oct 15, 2013

I have a very simple dynamic block that works when I test it in the editor but refuses to work when inserted into a drawing. I am not a newbie to dynamic block creation/editing, but it has been a long time since I have had to create one and this has got me stumped.

Is it possible that my employer has somehow blocked the use of dynamic blocks in drawings?

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3ds Max :: Backburner And Final Gather Generation

Sep 1, 2011

I am working with a network and it works for standard rendering.

I want to use it to pre-generate the FG maps. I have tried the "generate now" button, but that makes the FG calculate locally on the current machine... even with Net render checked.

When I try doing a render using the frames just as junk, it renders out, but does not save the FG map.

Working with max 2012 and Backburner.

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