AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Code To Create User Parameter?

Jul 29, 2011

I want to use iLogic to create User Parameters with Multi-Value lists filled with info from an excel spreadsheet. What is the code to create a new User Parameter?

i7-2720QM Dell Precision M6600, Win 7 Pro 64-bit, 8GB RAM
Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2013
Autodesk Vault Professional 2013

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create User Parameter Values With ILogic

Oct 29, 2012

Macro for writing the sheetmetal Extents width and length to the custom properties.  I need to get these values into the part parameters so that they can be used in the BOM.

I can get this to work if I manually create the "SM_Length" user parameter, but how do I make the iLogic CREATE the parameters if they do not already exist?  I think it would be something added below the "Catch..." just cant seem to figure out what it needs to be.

'look for custom iproperty and try to set it
iProperties.Value("Custom", sExtLength)=Round(SheetMetal.FlatExtentsLength, iRoundValue)

' assume error means not found and create it
customPropertySet.Add(Round(SheetMetal.FlatExtentsLength,iRoundValue), sExtLength)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Update User Parameter With Ilogic

Dec 28, 2013

Is it possible to update an existing User Parameter. While I can only  delete-create a new. In this case the connection is lost with BOMQuantity.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Code To Set Parameter In Bunch Of Parts?

Jun 25, 2013

Is it possible with iLogic code to set a parameter in a bunch of parts equal to another paramter?

I want some iLogic code that will go into my pipe parts and make the PL param = D2.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Not Displaying Parameter Code Properly

Dec 20, 2012

I was working with ilogic, Adding a new rule and all of a sudden I got an error and when I double click on a parameter to add it to the code, the format changed.

It used to look like this when I added a parameter: Parameter("vertical seperation:1", "partitionthickness") 
but now when I double click on a parameter I get this: vertical seperation.ipt.partitionthickness 

Also when I right click on a parameter and select display current state, It does the same thing, for some reason the code does not display like it used to.

I got an error when this first happened and I tried reproduce the error again but it did not appear again. This affected all my parts and even in different projects.

I re installed inventor because I thought there might be a file link broken but it did not fix it.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Cannot Change Parameter Value For ILogic Unless User Is A Local Admin On PC

Aug 23, 2012

I have a users who cannot change parameter values for iLogic unless user is a local admin on the workstation. This machine has just been upgrade to Inventor 2013.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic Rule To Read Out User Parameter Of IPart

Nov 1, 2012

I've created a main assembly containing several ipart components. With the following rule I can read the model parameters, but not the user parameters of the iparts:

A = Parameter("Part1:1", "d0")
If I create a component, insert it in the main assembly and make it an ipart afterwards, the user parameters can be read out with ilogic. But if I insert the same ipart again, the user parameters can not be read out anymore. Model parameters are no problem. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: ILogic - Modify User Form Parameter Read Only Status

Jan 9, 2013

Any way to modify a user form parameter's read only status using a rule?

I have a parameter that I want people to be able to edit when another parameter is set to true and to be locked if it's set to false. The only thing that comes to mind is have a rule that will just switch the value back automatically if the user changes it but it would be good if i could control the read only status.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create A Temple For ILogic Code?

Feb 2, 2012

I am trying to use a code window plugin on my website, and would like to create a temple for iLogic code.  Is there any way to output  iLogic code in a format that would work?

I cannot modify any of the existing templates because iLogic requires information as to whether to make some text brown or blue, and it would need some form of output to do that.


The instruction page is here: [URL]

I have been manually highlighting or using images, but both have their problems. (cut & paste will lead to a pile of errors with the manual highlighting). I can create the css file, but need some form of output beyond cut & paste to work with.

If something is worked out, it will be added to the program and be available to everyone free (this is a Wordpress plugin).


Self built computer with;

Quad core processor
16 gigs ram
Raptor Raid main drives
2 x 1TB Caviar Black storage drives local
2 x 1TB Caviar Black storage drives network backup

Main Software;
Product Design Suite Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Multi-value Parameter With ILogic?

May 1, 2012

Is there a way to create a multi-value parameter with ilogic?

Inventor Pro 2013 (PDS Ultimate)
Vault Pro 2013
Windows 7 64
Xeon 2.4 Ghz 12GB

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AutoCAD .NET :: Create A User Parameter For A Dynamic Block

Feb 13, 2012

We have some dnyamic block share set of parameters, if we change a parameter's value, all block that reference this parameter should be change.we can do it by program.

but create user parameters for a dynamic block must be by hand, can we create a user parameter by code? another way is user global parameter. does AutoCAD Parametric function's user value can be share with dynamic block?

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AutoCAD .NET :: Create New (user) Parameter For Dynamic Block?

Sep 25, 2012

I would like to add a new (user) parameter to a dynamic block within my code. I have noticed that this is possible manually. But couldn't find how to do this in .Net. When this parameter has been created it would be necessary to fill in a value. So the parameter can either be a general parameter, that can be adjusted later or a (user/dynamic) parameter specific for the block.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Open Parameter Dialog Box With Code?

Jul 10, 2011

I'm using VBA in Inventor 2010.  I want to create a macro that adds 3 fields to a part for LRNGTH, WIDTH and THICKNESS, as well as comments and setting the export to be export out.  My program is below and works well.  However i would like to end the macro with the parameter dialog box open.  What code do i need to do this?

Sub AddBomFields()
'adds LENGTH, WIDTH and THICKNESS user parameters to part
Dim oPartDoc As PartDocument


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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Boolean User Parameter?

Aug 24, 2012

Looking for sample VBA code to get all referenced documents from an assembly and add a boolean user parameter to each (parts and sub assemblies).  I have been trying to modify peices of code I have found on this forum and Mod the Machine, but have had no luck so far. 

There may also be standard content center parts in the assembly as well that I would like to somehow identify so I can skip over them.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Delete User Parameter

Apr 22, 2013

Most of the time, I delete an user parameter without problem. But, in a part, I got an error for two of them and I don't understand why.  I create a new parameter and redirect all dependencies from the old one to the new. (oldParam.Dependencies.Count = 0).

But when I try to delete it, I've got an error. Also, when I try to delete it by the interface, I don't see the Delete option.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Add User Parameter (Text Value)

Jun 10, 2011

Parameters with a text value, How do I add userParameter? In iLogic 
Examples. DoubleValue)

Sub Main()    

Dim oCompDef As PartComponentDefinition
oComDef = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.ComponentDefinition
Dim oParams As Parameters
oParams = oComDef.Parameters
Dim uParams As UserParameters
uParams = oParams.UserParameters
strVal= uParams.AddByExpression!("strVal", 0.15, "mm")
iLogicVb.UpdateWhenDone = True
End Sub

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Passing A Value From The Action Parameter To A User Parameter

Dec 1, 2013

I need to use the dimension created by an action-parameter as a variable in a user defined function but AutoCAD will not allow me (see attached).

How may I access the action-parameter's dimension ?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Sort User Parameters By Code

Apr 10, 2013

I work with Inventor 2011.

It is possible to sort Parameters (user parameters) by code (simulating a click on column header) ?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Don't Have A User Parameter Linked To A Dimension

Aug 6, 2013

I'm having problems with the parameter menu. When I don't have a user parameter linked to a dimension in the model the parameter disappears out of the parameter menu.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Changing User Parameter In Assembly

Apr 1, 2003

I have a part file ("part1.ipt") that has a user parameter called "Height". When I open this file as a part document, I can modify the "Height" parameter to change the height of the part. This functionality works great:

Set oPartDoc = oApp.Documents.Open(sPartFileName, True)
Set oParameters = oPartDoc.ComponentDefinition.Parameters
'change part height to 30 cm
oParameters.Item("Height").Expression = 30

Now, I am wanting to add this part to an ASSEMBLY document, then change the parameter to 30, but have been unable to do it.
I have this so far:

Dim oAsmCompDef As AssemblyComponentDefinition
Set oAsmCompDef = oApp.ActiveDocument.ComponentDefinition
Dim oOcc As ComponentOccurrence
Set oOcc = oAsmCompDef.Occurrences.Add(sPartFileName, oMatrix)

After I add all the parts, I highlight a part in the assembly pane, I click on FxParameters but I don't see the User Parameters for the part. Are the User Parameters not available when a part is placed into an assembly?

This assembly will have multiple parts added from the same file name, but the "Height" parameter needs to be modified for each occurrence.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: How To Export Text User Parameter

May 2, 2013

Is there a way to export a text user parameter?

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AutoCad :: Use User Defined Parameter To Drive Action Parameter?

Feb 7, 2012

it is possible to use a user defined parameter to drive a action parameter.

I have several polar and linear stretch actions i would like to drive from one parameter.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: User Defined Text Parameter In IPart

Aug 17, 2011

I am trying to make an iPart of a fitting where I can change the "Body type" and it will change all the parameters associated with that body type through iLogic.  Really I am just playing around in iLogic to see if this is something worth learning.  Back to the point, I would like to change a  multi-value user text parameter through the iPart table but I cannot find the paramter in the parameters tab. 

Since it is a user parameter I thought it would be in the "Other" folder but it isn't.  I do however have the other multi-value user number parameter in that folder, which makes me think that maybe I can't use the paramter in the iParts table? 

INV 2012 SP1
Windows 7 64 Bit
ATI FirePro V5800
14.0 GB RAM

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Export Multi Value Text User Parameter

Aug 26, 2010

I created a sketch that I would like to use in an iFeature.  The sketch dimensions are controlled with an ilogic rule referencing a multi value text user parameter, eg the text parameter pull down menu controls the size of the part.

Is there an easy way to get this parameter into an ifeature or derived part?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: User Parameter Driven Text Height - 2012?

May 15, 2012

We are having issues with text height and variations depending on how the text is added.

I am currently adding etching to sheet metal parts by using the user parameters (which are driven by 3rd party source, excel file) and using a cut extrusion -1mm.

We have developed a marco which detects the shape of each letter and adds etching to our sheet metal program manually. We do this to get rid of the double lines when you cut text into a part. Our process is design in Inventor, unfold then convert to DXF 2004, where we import to our SM programming package (Radan).

I have noticed that when using 10mm simplex if the text is driven by parameters and 10 point text is selected the charecter height is 9.9928mm, however if the text is added manually it measures 10mm exactly. Why is this happening? It is probably of no concern to most, but we would need to add extra charecters to our macro to account for the descrepency, and in turn would take the macro longer to run.

When the text is added by user parameters, you can briefly see the 10mm text height flash to 9.99mm when finishing the edit sketch. Changing this to 10mm again has no effect.

what is causing this, or have any alternative ways of adding 10mm simplex single line etching to a dxf from an Inventor 2012 SM part?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Cleaning Up Models By Deleting Obsolete User Parameter

Jul 4, 2012

I have created a large complex assembly that is parametrically driven by a skeletal sketch ipt by means of an embedded excel spreadsheet.

I am cleaning up the models  by deleting obsolete user parameters. But there is one that will just not give me the option to delete it.

I have interrogated the model inside and out but can not find anywhere that this parameter is still being used.

I go into the Parameter Dialogue Box (ƒx) and hover the cursor over the parameter and there is nothing that apears that indicates theis parameter is used anywhere in the model.

Is there an iLogic routine or some other method that will allow me to run a check or a search through the model that will point me to where the parameter might still be lingering.

I have attached a JPG if it will make things clearer.

RHRT_1 is the Parameter I am trying to get rid of.

BTW. The Models and Assemblies I create are guarded by Proprietry Laws so I am unable to send a copy to anyone.

Inventor 2012 Professional

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AutoCAD Inventor :: User Parameter Expression List - Allow Custom Values?

Mar 21, 2013

Where do I find the "Allow custom values" option for a multi list parameter expression?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Item To Multi-Value-List Of User Parameter (2012 API)

Jan 3, 2014

IV2012 API with VB:

How can i add an item to a Multi-Value-List of an existing User Parameter in Inventor2012 (Accessing API with Visual Basic) ?

My idea is for example:

uParams.Item(i).ExpressionList.AddItem(As String)

The problem is, that such a function "AddItem" doesn't exist.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Circular Pattern With User Parameter Controlling Angle Of Notch

Oct 13, 2013

I am setting up a family of parts that consist of a round disc with a fixed OD and a circular pattern of notches cut into the OD. The notches must go to a certain depth from the center, so those parameters are set. My problem is that I need to control the amount of material left between the notches, along the OD, after the pattern is done. Given the fixed parameters of the major OD, minor OD (3.5" in this case) and number of notches, the only way to control the amount of material between notches is to change the angle. When I set up the sketch to do the notches, I can only get a fully constrained sketch if I assign a specific angle  to the notch. I need to be able to set it up so that the angle of the notch varies so the end result is a specifc amount of material left after the circular patter is completed.

In the attached PDF, I show what I have done so far. In this case the OD of the part is 4" and the diameter of the notch at it's closest to the center is 3.5". So basically, I end up with a driven parameter of 0.443. If I assign this value the parameter of d14, I need to make it equal to a ratio of another parameter (let's call it d15) so that d14 = d15*2.. This can only be accomplished by changing the angle.

In my family, the major OD and minor OD remain the same, but the angle must change to retain a specific amount of material between the notches  when the number of notches is increased or decreased.

Is there an iLogic rule I can write to control this?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Collapsible ILogic Code

Mar 16, 2012

Trying to make some of code collapsible.According to what i know this is achieved like this

"code to be colapsed here"

However it does not work, I am assuming that this is because I am running INV 2009 +ilogic.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Round Parameter Using ILogic?

Sep 20, 2011

how to round a parameter using ilogic.

For example. I have Roperev=Roperev_1. Roperev_1 is determined by an excel equation. I need Roperev to produce a nominal number because this parameter dries a coil revolution and I need the revolution to be a whole number.

I can not just round the excel result because the excel result needs to be multiplied by 2.53 to get the resultant for Roperev_1

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