AutoCAD Inventor :: Assembly / Subassembly Files In Parts List

Feb 4, 2013

We have an issue regarding Parts Lists. We currently produce a 'master parts list drawing' for the jobs we produce. This drawing has 2 rolled up parts list on it -

1 - purchased parts - so buying can order all the required parts in one go.

2 - manufactured parts - so production know which and how many parts to make.

Both of these can be setup in Inventor (using filters) so they display only the correct parts from the BOM. However, neither of these show assembly / subassembly files (and consequently drawings). Is there any way of creating a parts list that can show assembly files only?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Simulate Movement Of Parts Of Subassembly In Assembly?

Jun 27, 2012

how to create a simulation of a part in a sub-assembly of the assembled design?

I manage to move only the parts in the assembly. However, I can't move the parts in a sub-assembly of the assembled design. 

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create A Subassembly Of Separate Parts In A Major Assembly

Apr 29, 2013

I have 5 separate .ipt's that were created within a major assembly. Is it possible to generate a subassembly of those 5 separate .ipt's within the major assembly keeping all the constraints?


Do I have to start a separate .iam file and import each .ipt and regenerate the complicated constraints all over again?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Parts List In Assembly Models

Nov 7, 2013

I am just having a flashback to another software, but is it possible to insert a parts list into an assembly model?  For those of us that want and need to manipulate it within the assembly model without having to create a drawing?

Inventor Suite 2012
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AutoCAD Inventor :: Parts List And Total Assembly Weight

Apr 24, 2003

How I can get my parts list to show a total weight? Obviously, getting the weight of each part into the parts list is easy. However, I have not been able to find a way to automatically get a total weight for the entire assembly.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Bolt Assembly Descriptions In Parts List

Jul 25, 2012

At my workplace it has been standard practice in Autocad to call out bolt assemblies in a parts list as: 1/2-13 unc hex hd. bolt w/flat washer & nut.  How to do this in Inventor?  I know I can enter this info on the assembly iProps for the bolt assembly, I was hoping someone came up with an automated format, maybe pulling info from the bolt itself to populate the assembly iProps?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Export Assembly Parts List (BOM) To Text File?

Apr 3, 2012

how I can export an assembly parts list to a text file that can be opened by notepad?

I want to do this from the IAM file, rather than from an IDW file.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Update Quantities In Parts List Based On Parameter In Assembly?

Apr 12, 2012

Inventor would I input the total quantity of doors in the .iam in order to update the Parts List quantity column?  I have a lot of user inputs in the .iam file set up to change width, height, etc that are based off of Parameters in the .iam, but I don't know how the user can enter assembly quantities in order to get the Parts List to update the Quantity column correctly?

I have attempted using custom iProperties but how to get it to display based off a user input Parameter.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Printing Drawing Sheet Sets From Assembly BOM Parts List

Nov 27, 2012

I have created an assembly that has a parts list, and in this parts list I have up to 100 mono detail drawings. I would like to know if there is a way to print all of these drawing from that list in a massive plot.

At my previous company we had something like this in AutoCAD where a script was created to look at the drawings and print all drawings mentioned in the assembly BOM and subsequent sub-assemblies, it worked beautifully.

I find that I have to print all drawings to paper or PDF individually.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Get Parts List In Assembly Drawing To Fill Part Number Column?

Nov 19, 2011

I'm using Autodesk Inventor 2012 SP1 64 Bit on a Windows 7 machine without vault.

I seem to be missing something. I cannot get the parts list in assembly drawing to fill the part number column. See the image below.

The BOM has the part number field filled out as shown below. Is there someway that I need to map the iProperty to the part number column in parts list?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Updating Parts (IPT Files) After Modifying It On Assembly Drawing?

Nov 25, 2011

I don't understand why my parts aren't updating when I put a hole through them on the assembly drawing? I would expect the part (.ipt file) to get updated with a hole through it when I save the assembly drawing, however it doesn't. Do I have to change a default setting or does inventor no do this?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Showing Two Instances Of Parts List And Adding Custom Parts

Mar 30, 2012

On the main sheet of my drawing I have the overall Parts List.  Shows almost all parts except for the few that we don't want to list.  On the second sheet I inserted a Parts List to show only parts that are shown in a detail on that page, made the rest non-visible.

On the main sheet there is an item (#13) that has a QTY of 3.  Two of those Three are optional parts.  What I'm trying to do is insert a custom part into the Parts List, give it an item number of 13A and put in the description "OPTIONAL", then do an Override in the balloon to show 13A.

I get it in the Parts List, Apply it, close it, save the drawing.  Looking at the Parts List, item #13A is there, but item #14 is gone.  I go back into the Parts List and 13A is there and there's a blue box around the item # and the description.  I uncheck Static Value and number 14 shows up (item # and the description).

Then I go over to sheet two, open that Parts List and it lists 13A at the bottom with all the info I added in sheet one and it's non-visible.  Go back to sheet one, open the Parts List and there is no 13A to be found.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Parts List Update When Modifying Model Parts In Idw

Aug 21, 2012

My parts list on my idw do not update when I make changes to the model. Specifically, I have deleted a bolted connection on my design and replaced with a different components but the parts list table does not update - all I see is a lightning bolt in the browser next to the parts list but I cannot update it here.

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013 SP2 64-Bit Edition
Windows 7 HP Z400, Intel Xeon W3550 3.07GHz
12.0GB RAM, ATI FirePro V4800 (FireGL)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Virtual Parts Weight Total BOM And Parts List

Aug 7, 2013

I was using virtual parts to add nuts and bolts to a drawing in 2013

I can make a VP bolt in the assembly, no problem, set it's size, weight, etc.

In the VP itself, there is no option for number of bolts I want it to emulate. For arguement's sake the weight was 1 pound per bolt (they are big bolts).

I can go into the BOM and say quantity 60, hit done and save the assembly.

If i open the drawing, the parts lists shows 60lbs for the 60 bolts total - which it should when summing the weight.

The problem is the BOM/assembly. If the weight of my assembly (without bolts) is 10,000lbs, the assembly sees the VP weighing 1lb and says the total weight is 10,001 lbs. Am i going to have to pattern a fake part to get this to work right? Shouldn't the total weight take into account the quantity set in the Bom??

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Display Density Of Materials Assigned To Various Parts In Parts List On Drawing?

Dec 9, 2013

Is there a way to display the density of materials that are assigned to varius parts in the parts list on a drawing?  I don't need the mass of the parts I just need the material density to show up next to their respective parts.

For example, if I have a part with [steel mild] material assinged to it (no matter the size) I need a column in the BOM on the drawing to show: 490.684 lbs/ft^3.  "Worry when there's something to worry about."

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Move FG Subassembly To Another Assembly?

Nov 15, 2013

I have a frame generator assembly that I created to take advantage of the frame analysis tools. This assembly was later broken down into the main fabricated assemblies (for drawing purposes) using the "demote frame generator component" tools. The basic question is this: can I take one of the "demoted" sub-assemblies and move it to another assembly file all-together?

best way to move the four legs from the platform assembly to the tank assembly after the fact? I was thinking I would just place the leg sub-assembly into the tank assembly and then delete it out of the platform one but I'm not sure of the ramifications.

Inventor Professional 2013 (SP-2.3), Product Design Suite Ultimate
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Laptop: Intel Core i7 3.9GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, Windows 7 Pro SP-1, 64-bit OS, GeForce GTX 780 (331.81), SpaceNavigator (3.17.7)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Gear Subassembly In Assembly?

Oct 4, 2011

I am working on a project which uses two gear reducers. I have built the gear reducer and saved it as an assembly file so to import it to the assembly of the project. When i import the reducer assembly into the project assembly, the reducer is shown as a single piece, not as a mechanism which i can interact with. But if i select, by doubleclicking, the reducer, it becomes active again. The problem is that i want to connect the reducer to another gear assembly and watch it interact.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Assemblies Showing In Parts Only Parts List

Jul 10, 2012

I have an assembly with a lot of purchased parts. I need to create a buy out list for purchasing. I've done this many times in the past and have a template set up for this purpose.

So now the problem, In this assembly, I have subassemblies showing up on my parts only parts list.

One of the subassemblies cinsists of two purchased parts. Both parts are set to purchased in the Bill of materials. If I do a parts only list on this assembly, it works as expected, showing two purchased parts. However, if I put that assembly into a higher level assembly, A parts only parts list shows the assembly instead of the individual parts.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: IDW View / Parts List Changes From Structured To Parts Only

May 3, 2013

IV 2010 Suite

Been working over an idw MANY times due to project lag.Today I opened it up and tried adding balloons to an already ballooned assembly.

The parts list has not changed, and is "structured".But, if I try adding balloons, they tag each part, not the entire assembly.

Also, I verified this by trying to add another parts list, which defaults to "parts only".

I can't show my data set, b/c it's HUGE, plus it's proprietary.

IV 2010 Suite
Digital Storm PC:
EVGA & Intel components
Win 7 Pro 64 bit

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Create Subassembly From General Assembly?

Jan 3, 2014

I created a general assembly (GA) and placed several parts and assemblies. After I realized there are too many parts and assemblies in the GA to reasonably place on a drawing. Now I want to remove some parts and create sub-assemblies. Is there an easy proceedure to select some parts in the GA and insert them into a new sub-assembly and (hopefully) keep the constraints intact?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Subassembly Not Moving In Main Assembly

Jan 6, 2012

I have a sub assembly with a sliding part in the main assembly but the sliding part is locked, the "flexible" option is greyed out?My head is not in gear this year yet!  Am I able to move unconstrained parts in sub assemblies  via the main assembly by pulling them with a mouse?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Show Main Assembly As Ref In Subassembly

Feb 14, 2013

I have a sub assembly that I am making a drawing of. The assembly drawing needs to also display the main assembly as a reference part (in phantom lines). The sub assembly is made up of flexible hoses that need their connection points referenced.

Inserting the main assembly into the drawing, so that I can see both the main assembly and the sub assembly together, messes up the parts list and balloons.

There must be a way to dislay the sub assembly in the main assembly and still have the part list and ballons reference the sub assembly?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Run Subassembly Rule From Parent Assembly

Oct 3, 2012

Is there a way to run a rule which is part of a sub assembly from the parent assembly?

I have a parent skeleton assembly containing many icopy assemblies. These subassemblies are based of one master assembly which in turn has a common part. (hence why I am using the icopy feature)

This standard part has an ilogic rule which varries the number of creases in a wall panel. eg. when the panel is 1200 wide there are 2 creases, when the panel is under 800 wide there is one crease and when the panel is less than 600 wide then there are no creases.

When I insert the icopy assembly into the master skeleton assembly and click select the widths of the panels they stretch and change to suit my skeleton. However I am having to visit each copied panel to run the crease rule.

Is there an operation or some sort of trigger I can implement to make this rule run as soon as the sub assembly is inserted?

Inventor 2010 Pro SP4, Vault Collaboration 2010
HP Z820 Xeon E5-2643 0 @ 3.3Ghz 16.0GB RAM
Nvidia Quadro 5000

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Parts Not Selecting For Parts List

Sep 22, 2011

I have a .idw that I'm trying to make a parts list on.  I select parts list and highlight everything.  There are two screws that are not showing up on the parts list.  I cannot select them manually either.  It's acting like they are not there.  Even if I do a complete parts list (adding the assemblies parts into one big list), they still don't show up.

How can I select these parts?  What is wrong with them that they do not show up in the parts list?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Creating Separate Assembly Out Of Various Component Parts In Existing Assembly

Jul 10, 2012

I'm looking for the best way to create a separate assembly out of various component parts in an existing assembly so that the whole thing can be placed in an assembly as you would a part, I know it's possible to demote components within an assembly but are there any other methods similar / better ?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Place Assembly Constraints With Parameters From Parts In Assembly?

Oct 30, 2012

it is possible to make a constraint that utilized a parameter of a part within the assembly.

For example, if I wanted to use the thickness of a plate, which I defined in the part, could I call that parameter in a constraint?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Make Sub Assembly From Parts From Main Larger Assembly?

Oct 31, 2011

My assembly has grown (about 50 parts) to where I need to consolodate some parts into subassemblies for reuse and alternate iterations of the basic design.

When I import the original parts into a new assembly, all of the constrains I created are not there of course.

I've tried creating a new empty part and then deriving a new part from the assembly, but I can't add, delete or edit any parts.

I looked at using Shrinkwrap, Substitutes, iParts, Multi-body Parts, and Multiple Solids but I remain confused.

In retrospect, maybe I should have created the subassemblies between the part and assembly stage but I didn't.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Assembly Promotion Of Multiple Instances Of Same Subassembly

Jan 4, 2012

I have an assembly with multiple instances of a subassembly.  I'd like to remove the subassembly and place the subassembly components (i.e. multiple instances) in the main assembly.  When complete, the top assembly would have multiple instances of all the subassembly components.

Component promote seems like the right way to do this.  So, I selected an instance of one of the subassemblies components and promoted it.  That component was promoted, removing it from the subassembly as placing it in my top level assembly.

However, all the other instances of that component disappear (which makes sense since that component is no longer in the subassembly).  Unfortunately, this means I have to assemble and constrain all the other instances that disappeared.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Replace Assembly With Its Subassembly Without Losing Constraint?

Nov 24, 2011

I have an Assembly2 in Assembly1. I'd like to insert Assembly2 to Assembly 3 without losing any constraints or adaptive feature to Assembly1, while Assembly2 replaced with Assembly3.


 - Assembly2.iam

   + Part1

   + Part2

This is what I want:


 - Assembly3.iam

   - Assembly2.iam

     + Part1

     + Part2

But Assembly2 shouldn't lose any constraints to Assembly1.

Software: Inventor Series 2011 SP1 x64
OS: Vista Business x64
CPU: E6400
RAM: 2*2Gb GeIL
VGA: Quadro FX 550

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Constraint In Subassembly Driven From Main Assembly

Jul 22, 2013

I have 4 different sub assemblies , each with a common part , I need to line up all these common parts in my main assembly.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Use Level Of Detail From Subassembly In Main Assembly?

Nov 19, 2012

How can i use a level of detail from sub assembly in the main assembly?

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