AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Grip Edit Copied Design Profile?

Apr 12, 2012

It seems like I used to be able to do this in 2012.

I created a design profile and used the copy profile command.  I close the layout toolbar of the original design profile.

When i select the copied design profile to grip edit a pvi, the existing ground profile and copied profile disappears and i cannot grip edit.

I have also tested this with an OOTB template.

Question: How to be able to grip edit a copied design profile in 2012.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Grip Edit Profile Station / Elevation

Jul 26, 2013

I was editing a profile yesterday and when I chose the grips, it offered me the station or elevation which I could edit. C3d crashed and now after 3 restarts, I cannot get the SE grips. I only get polar tracking when using grip edits.

Civil 3D 2012 SP4.0 Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit
C3D 2014 SP1
Dell M6600, Core i7 @ 2.3GHz, 16 GB ram
Dell T3500 workstation, too much ram to post

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Grip Edit Corridor Regions

May 29, 2013

My road corridor regions can't be stretched using the region grips when 'geometry locking' is on, grip stretch works when i change the locking option to 'station locking', but it used to work fine also with geometry locking on.. It has happened somehow to all my files, so it seems to be caused by some application setting, the corridor regions can be stretched from grips fine on other pc's. (C3d 2013)

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Grip Edit Horizontal Alignment?

Apr 25, 2012

i thought we can grip edit a horizontal alignment? - when does it not work or not applicable because when I tried to change part of my alignment it did not work?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Data Shortcuts With Profile Copied And Raised

Apr 9, 2012

1. Create or use a surface.

2. Create or use an alignment within that surface boundary.

3. Create or use a Surface Profile along that alignment from that surface.

4. Make that surface profile Static instead of Dynamic.

5. Copy that Surface Profile to a Layout Profile.

6. Copy that Layout profile and Raise all VPIs in that profile by 0.25 ft (3 inches).

7. Create data shortcuts for that surface, alignment, profiles.

8. In a new drawing, reference those Data Shortcuts: surface, alignment, all 3 profiles.

Problem:  The Reference to the profile that I raised by 3 inches doesn't reference in Raised.  I had to re-create all the profiles in my new drawing to get the raised profile. 

I can attach my drawing in which my surface, alignments, profiles reside - where data shortcuts were created, my _Shortcuts folder, and the 2nd drawing.

I am trying to share the surface, multiple alignments, all the profiles with my CAD designer and other team members via Data Shortcuts and need for them to reference in correctly.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Grip Edit Alignment Changes Reference Point Location

Aug 26, 2013

I know this.  I am aware.  This is why I avoid changing the reference point as much as possible if I have profile views or anything else dependent on my alignment.  I also have no problem with this dialog giving me a useful reminder.

My problem is this: if I want to make my alignment longer, and I grab the grip at the end of it and drag it to a new location, the reference point moves too!  Who in their right mind would want the reference point to move when adjusting the end? Personally  I wouldn't want C3D to ever move my reference point automatically.  I can have some sympathy with moving it if I am grip-editing the start of the alignment, or the tangent on which the reference point resides.  But I'm editing at the end of the alignment, on a different tangent.  Why would you move my reference point and make me have to go back and reset it to where it was?  How dare you throw your warning message at me for moving the reference point back to where it should be when you secretly moved it to a wrong location with no warning whatsoever?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Pipe Network / Sumps Will Not Adjust Via Grip Edit Or Manual Changes

Jan 10, 2013

We're currently experiencing some strange behaviour with our pipe networks. Certain structures will not swap parts, but even more strangely, manhole height seems to be locked. Sumps will not adjust via grip edit or manual changes (see image: pipe connects to stucture, but sump will not update). Changing reference surfaces does not seem to work either. This occurs with all structures, even new ones, including ones created in brand new dwg files. I think the issue is related to the pipe catalogue (saved on a network path).

If you look at the attached images, the part appears to be modeled fine in part builder, but when that part is used in a style, I have a really random shape show up instead (although it still looks okay through object viewer for some reason). There have been some updates to some of the structures using part builder recently, is it possible that the pipe catalogue became corrupted somehow? or is there a way to refresh/regen the catalogue so that my drawings will update with the changes?

How the object is modelled is really not that important for our uses, we just need it to look okay in the profile views. It would also be nice if the sumps could be adjusted.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Edit Profile Without Having It On Profile View?

Jul 31, 2013

A tabular data sheet for profiles could be very interesting.

Civil 3D (2013)

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Copied By Design Assistant Assembly Cannot Be Altered In Design Assistant

Apr 10, 2012

I  just made a copy of assembly in Design Assistant.I opened the copied assembly in Design Assistant to make some changes.Parts are accessible but I have only "Clear" option possible. URL....

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile And Corridor Design

Jan 8, 2014

I need to design a project but ı cant..ı have two profiles in use for one alignment..ı want to use left profile for left side, use right profile for right side.and ı want to draw cross section only can ı design like this project..

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Design Profile Beginning And End Label

Jul 11, 2012

I'm trying to label the beginning and end points of a design profile (yellow line in the attached image) using the Horizontal Geometry Station Label tool. For some reason they will not show up.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Design Profile PVIs Disappearing?

Dec 15, 2013

Working in Civil 3D 2014 SP1 I have a Design Profile that I have created by setting the Existing Profile to 'Static' and Creating a Copy of the Existing Profile... This leaves me with a Design Profile that follows the Existing Surface. The problem begins when I delete a section of PVI's and introduce new 'Design PVI's'... I have found that at apparently random times my Design PVI's have been lost and replaced with the original copied PVI's that follow the Existing Surface. This has occurred more than once and I can't find any reason as to why this may be occurring...?

Currently using Civil 3D 2013 & 2014 SP1

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Super Elevation Corridor With ETW Design Profile

Aug 15, 2012

I've got a highway project for which I'm modeling the corridor but the design profiles given to me are for the right lane top edge (ETW) and not the centerline (crown).  This is an undivided planer roadway with a typical 2% cross-slope.  How can I use that profile for the right edge to run my corridor?  I can't seem to get the corridor to use the super table that is attached to the centerline when I use an offset assembly.  Is an offset assembly the right way to go with this design?  

What I've done just to get going is to take that right edge design profile and draw it in my centerline profile view, then lower it 0.24' (which is my 2% normal cross-slope for a 12' lane) and then use that as a centerline profile and let my normal super assembly and table data control the corridor through the supers.  So far that is working--but is there a better way to do this?  

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Label Style - Design Road CL Profile

Apr 9, 2010

how to create a label style for design center of road (simple tangent) in profile that will work between multiple profile views. I've used the 'Create Multiple Views' profile view wizard. I use a horizontal dimension style label for CL road (looks just like an autocad linear dimension). I'd like the label work across separate views i.e. stop at view end, pick back up at view start.

The label I currently use is simply a line component from tangent start dimension to tangent end dimension and the text component is anchored to the line midpoint. Label looks as intended for normal use. For some reason the line drops as if looking for the actual pvi at the right side when i use multiple views.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Dynamically Linked Vertically Offset Design Profile

Dec 6, 2012

I have a design profile and now I want to create one that's linked to it but have it 0.5m lower than the profile I just laid out. Is there a way to do this? I'd like to keep them dynamically linked so when i manipulate the 1st profile it will drop the 0.5m lower profile. In theory this would be a great feature to have in CIvil 3D.

At this point I will likely need to copy the profile and drop it 0.5m in elevation with edit geometry. Not ideal considering when I adjust the main profile I'll need to redo that process to show the profile 0.5m lower than my main design profile. (used as a side slope target).

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Existing Ground And Design Profile - Label Slopes

Dec 15, 2008

I have an existing ground profile, and a design profile. All I want to do is label the slopes of the design. When I click my line label style and turn on the text it labels the existing ground and the design ground. I cannot find the setting in my two profile styles to turn the slopes off in the existing ground.

Oh, how can I get a tick on the V.C. dimension line?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Design Profile Actively Selected With Grips Showing

Oct 24, 2013

We have recently installed Civil 3D 2014 Service Pack 1, and while for the most part it works great, we are noticing one significant issue with profiles.  In particular, when we have a design profile actively selected with grips showing, and then select one of the grips, the PVI you are editing becomes offset from the cursor.  When you select a point with the cursor, the profile syncs back up as you would expect.

Just thinking out loud, but it seems like it would be some sort of graphic card issue, but we are seeing it across multiple machines.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Data Bands - Multiple Surfaces Sampling From One Design Profile?

Jun 26, 2013

I have 2 different surfaces (Existing Ground & Proposed Pipe Invert) that I want to have the elevations shown for in a profile data band, but I want them to show at the design profile's PVIs (Proposed Road).  Is it possible to set up a data band style that samples at one profile's geometry points but displays the elevations from these points from a different profile?  My workaround is to set the data bands to all sample from the design profile first and label over the design profile's data band but I'm hoping for a cleaner solution.  Attached is an image showing the profile view in question.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Quick Way To Show All Lines On Profile For Design And Drafting Purposes?

Sep 28, 2012

i have a long alignment going through a lot of creeks. right now the creeks are in xref just polylines but it intersect with alignments at areas.

is there a quick way to show all these lines on profile for design and drafting purposes? ideally want to just show a line at each intersection would be fine.

tried using pipes takes too long to set up. this is one important feature to have in the software.

i can program it again but i have not enough time to finish this project by mid october if i keep programming things.

Civil 3D 2012
Work: Xeon W3503, 12GB, Quadro 2000, Dell P2211H x 2
Home: 3930k, 12GB, GTX 590, U3011, QX2710

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Edit Profile Geometry Greyed Out?

Jan 14, 2009

I have a strange thing that all of a sudden started happening. If I Rt-Clk on a surface on a profile and select Edit Profile geometry, the dialog box comes up, but almost every option in there is greyed out!

This is not drawing-specific, not is it machine specific.

See attached pic.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Edit Profile Structure Block

Jun 7, 2012

See attached .pdf file.

I would like to delete the horizontal line (white line) from our sanitary profile structure. I have outlined it with a yellow cloud. I want to permanently delete it from our style. I can access the style in the Prospector but cannot figure out how to edit the block to delete the line in question.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Edit Multiple Profile View Properties?

Jun 26, 2012

I have a large number of profile views in Model space that I need to edit the Elevation values for all of them in the Profile View properties.  Any way to select them all and edit the Profile View Properties?  Maybe creating a group or something?

Civil 3D 2012
Win 7 Ultimate x64
Intel Core 2 3.2Ghz - 12MB RAM
Nvidia 8500GT Dual DVI

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: How To Edit Feature Line Elevations In Profile View

Sep 26, 2013

I have a finished grade surface and I have a feature line that is my waterline. I created an alignment and then recreated my feature line so they would be linked. I can then create a profile using my alignment and that shows my surface at that alignment. I can even add the waterline by using project objects to profile view. 

I need to be able to edit the feature line elevations in the profile view by creating and erasing PVIs so this will tie back to my geometry.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 SP4
Windows 7 (64)

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Profile Entities Vista Items Shaded (unable To Edit)?

Mar 19, 2013

Civil 3D 2013, trying to edit a FG profile through the Profile Entities vista and Profile Layout Parameters dialog box. All entities in the vista are shaded (locked) and will not allow me to edit. Is there something that I am missing here? I should be able to edit the PVIs (or entities) correct? I couldn't find anything in documentation as to why these are shaded and not allowing me to edit them.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Dimension Text Grip Edit Reduces Line Spacing?

Jun 27, 2011

If I place a dimension and have text above and below the dimension line (using X), and then grip edit the dimension text to move it for space/clarity on plans, the text above and below the line will mysteriously move closer to the line.  If I have backgrounds applied to the text, which I normally do, the backgrounds will cover the line. Even without the background, it looks odd next to other dimensions that were not grip edited.

Civil 3D 2011
Windows 7 x64

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Photoshop :: Edit Copied Layers Simultaneously?

Apr 10, 2008

I'm working on a PNG that's supposed to be tiled for use as a web background. It's an image of clouds, and since it's an organic form, I want to avoid it looking tiled, I'm editing the edges to make them blend together.

I've got 9 identical layers over a white background, and what I'm LIKE to do is have any change I make in one layer be reflected in all 9. Can that be done? It would come in pretty handy about now...

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Photoshop :: Unable To Edit Copied Layers In CS

Aug 4, 2004

I'm having an issue with editing layers copied from one file to another in Photoshop CS. It seems to be essentially locking the layers and I can't figure out how to unlock them. I've tried duplicating them, renaming them, and resetting my tool preferences (I'm desparate and frustrated). They are in the same mode. This also tends to be an issue with opening a .jpg or .gif file and trying to edit it.

it seems the issue was my computer had the user permissions set for read/write only. Once I changed it so that all users had all permissions I was able to edit it.

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AutoCAD .NET :: Add New Grip Point With Grip Overrule

Oct 18, 2012

Before I will explore Grip Overrule world I have one question. Is it possible to add new grip points into Entity?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: 2013 Points And Grip Editing

May 24, 2012

In previous versions, grip editing a point from one place to another maintained the point elevation regardless of how the point was moved. For instance, drag it from it's current location and snap to the end of a line. In 2013 the point elevation now changes to match the elevation of the point snapped to. 

Is there a new setting to control how points react to Osnaps? Or are we now expected to use the .XY filter (without ever being notified of this change in workflow)?

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: Get Parcel Centroid / Label Grip Point

Aug 21, 2012

If you can get the co-ordinates of the centroid / label grip point of a parcel.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D :: 2013 Point Marker Rotate Grip?

Jan 15, 2013

In previous versions of Civil 3D there was a grip on the point marker that allowed me to rotate the block used as a point marker, where did this grip go in 2013? How can I rotate an individual point marker without having to create a separate point style?

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