VideoStudio :: Upload Video To Facebook Using X5?

Dec 5, 2012

I have used VSX5 to upload video files to the my facebook using share->facebook upload fuction.

After I upgraded to windows 8 and fresh reinstalled VSX5, I can't upload the file to facebook anymore using "share" and "web posting" fuction.

When I tried to upload video, it said "can't access the facebook" even my FB's ID and PS are correct.I already patched with SP1 pack.

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VideoStudio :: Upload AVI Video Files To YouTube

Apr 19, 2011

I've got some AVIs to upload to YouTube. Thing is doesn't X2 have a function to allow you to upload video files from there? It's got the YouTube icon but for the life of me I can't get it to recognize my files.

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VideoStudio :: Video Track With Audio Upload?

May 23, 2012

Upon uploading a video clip that already has video sound attached, why am I not able to hear that video sound when I try to edit my video?

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Photoshop :: CS6 Save For Web Not Upload To Facebook?

Jun 13, 2012

I have edited a series of photographs that I want to upload to Facebook, and it seems that any file I save from Photoshop CS6 will not upload.  Facebook reports the following error:
Security Check Required A security check is required to proceed.Below is a snap shot from my Save for Web dialog box, and I don't see anything there that would prevent me from uploading the said image to Facebook

Adobe Photoshop CS6 V13.00 64bit Extended
Mac OSX 10.7.4    

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Lightroom :: How To Upload Pictures From LR4 To Facebook

May 16, 2013

While trying to upload pictures from LR4 to FB, I got the message " 7.0 attempt to index a nil value " this referred to an error while uploading LR's plug in portion for export!

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Photoshop :: Unable To Upload Photos Onto Facebook With CS6?

Oct 5, 2013

I installed Photoshop CS6 last night and I am unable to upload any of the photos onto facebook. Is there a special trick to getting this done.

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GIMP :: Blurry Image When Upload To Facebook (2.8)

Dec 11, 2012

I created an image using the new Gimp 2.8 update, but when I try to upload the image to Facebook it gets all blurry. Any other photos I upload are fine, and I made another image in Gimp 2.6 of the same size (2400 pixels x 1800 pixels) which uploads normally, but for some reason no matter what I do the new picture made in 2.8 always uploads blurry.

I exported the image to jpeg format (although I also tried png) without messing with the export settings at all. Do I need to change them to make it upload to Facebook normally?

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Photoshop Elements :: Facebook Pictures Won't Upload?

May 24, 2013

I recently tried to upload some pictures to facebook, i created a new album and started the upload which ran no problem. But when visiting facebook the album is there but it is empty.I have tried several times all to no avail.
I am running elements 11.

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Photoshop Elements :: Can't Upload Images To Facebook

Jun 19, 2013

Can't upload images to facebook?

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Lightroom :: How To Upload To Facebook Business Page From 4.2

Dec 12, 2012

I am an administrator on a Facebook business page and want to create albums and upload photos on this business page. I access the business page through my personal Facebook page. Lightroom authorizes with my personal page and I can upload photos to it no problem but I can't see how to give Lightroom access to the business page

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Lightroom :: Unable To Upload Pictures On Facebook?

Jun 11, 2013

With the new LR5 I've problems in uploading pictures to facebook. The folder is created on Facebook, but I can't upload any pictures (I've the German version)

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Photoshop Elements :: Unable To Upload Photos To Facebook

Jan 4, 2013

i cannot upload photos from Elements Organiser to facebook .. the upload gets as far as 1% and sometimes 12% but stops .. message pops up saying " There was a problem with your internet connection .Please check that the firewall is not blocking Elements Organiser from accessing the internet and that you have a internet connection
1 - Firewall is not blocking EO as i turned of my firewall but still get same message.
2- Have internet access as how come i am typing this on the Adobe site.
have also tried - Edit - Preferences- Adobe Partner and refresh but still same message.

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Photoshop Elements :: Sharing Photos On Facebook - Cannot Upload

Jan 6, 2013

I have a problem with elements 11. I am trying to share my photos on facebook but it will not let me upload them I have activated my account and selected the photos them just comes up to a blank screen and that is a far as I can go.

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Lightroom :: Upload Photos To Business Facebook Page?

Jan 1, 2013

How do I upload photos to my business Facebook page?

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Photoshop :: Photos Saved As JPEG - Unable To Upload To Facebook

Mar 5, 2013

I'm using Photoshop CS5 on a mac. The photos saved in jpeg is only recognised by photo editing software. E.g. photos are unable to upload to facebook, nor view on a PC unless using paint.

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Lightroom :: 5 - How To Upload Edited Photo On Facebook Without Loosing Quality

Aug 19, 2013

I've been trying so hard to upload high quality photos on facebook but the compression used by facebook is just so bad that all the hours used to edit the photos is left in vain. There seem to be an action uploadable on Photoshop to keep the quaity of the photo before uploading it to facebook. Is there a similar action/present for lightroom 5 as well?

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Lightroom :: 4.4 - Upload Failed And No Returning String Received From Facebook

Apr 8, 2013

After upgrading to LR 4.4 the publish service to Facebook semms to not work anymore.
I'm publishing from the new LR 4.4 to Facebook. I create a new Collection in LR 4.4, enters a Album name and presses the Create button. I see that the Album is created Ok on my Facebook account Then I add some pictures, and executes 'Publish now' After a minute, I gets the message the the 'Upload failed and no returning string was received from Facebook'.

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Lightroom :: Resize Or Enlarge Image Size when Upload To Facebook

Aug 12, 2013

what is the exact thing to put  to resize or enlarge the image size  to make the photo larger or bigger when uploading in Facebook?

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Photoshop Elements :: 10 - Upload To Facebook / Get HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Nov 17, 2012

I have tried numerous times to be able to upload directly from PSE 10 to Facebook, but continue to get an error after I sign in to Facebook that says HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. 

Windows XP SP 3
Pentium CPU 80 GHz

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Photoshop Elements :: High Quality Upload To Facebook - Photos Don't Show

Jul 16, 2013

In Elements 11 on a Windows 8 64 bit machine.  I can upload photos to Facebook using the standard quality without any problems.
However if I select the High quality option, the upload appears to work, I get the progress bar, and the done message, and if I select a new album the album is created on Facebook, but the album is empty and the photos do not appear anywhere in etiher the newly created album, or an existing album if that has been selected.
The orignal files are JPGs around 7.5MB in size.

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Lightroom :: Using 5.2 Cannot Upload MP4 Video Files To Flickr

Sep 8, 2013

When i used the older Lightroom 3 I was able to upload video files (.mov) to Flickr. Now, with LR5.2 Flickr shows those files as grayed out .mp4 files and do not upload.Same camera, Canon 7D.

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After Effects :: When Upload Video To YouTube - Color Is Off (White Turns To Light Grey)

Mar 21, 2014

i do not know much about color spaces.  But I do know that different forms of media require using different colors (RGB, CMYK, all that stuff).
wrong color space or exporting formats.
What do I need to do to get the final video that I exported to look exactly the same (in terms of color) when it's uploaded on YouTube? Strictly just the color, because I understand quality goes down when uploaded to YouTube.

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VideoStudio :: X3 - Can't Upload To YouTube

Dec 23, 2010

Right at the end of it being uploaded I get this message

<?xml version= ‘1.0’

The video is only 3:45, so it doesn't exceed 10 minutes, I uploaded videos successfully when I had the trial version and whenever I try to upload it to youtube on the purchased version, it gives me the error above, and does not put the video on youtube, what is the problem?

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VideoStudio :: X5 - YouTube Upload Limit

Mar 26, 2012

I'm now running X5, I must say it is much faster. However, when I try to upload to youtube there is a 15 minute limit and the only option I have is to let it clip the video to 15 minutes or cancel (i.e. I can't render the video and then cancel the upload and do it manually because it CLIPPED the output to 15 minutes)

So, I try to create a template to use for Create Video File so it will match my other uploads. I can't set the frame width and height. Without a template the Create Video File, mp4 etc... the default is 1920x... In the Make Movie Template the highest I can set it is 720x... the custom size is greyed out. I don't understand (and maybe I don't know) why I can't set the video parameters to anything I want them to be. Why is 720x the highest available...

In X5... Is there a way to turn off the 15 minute limit? Is there a way to HACK and turn off the limit? Is there a way to create the videos and set the settings where I want them so they match my previous uploads?

Note, the "cancel the upload after file created" trick no longer works. If you think I can create a template, why I can't set the parameters.

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VideoStudio :: PRO X4 And Extended Upload To YouTube?

Sep 15, 2011

My YouTube-account is upgradet for files ut to 20gb, and naturally longer than 15min. But my Corel VideoStudio PRO x4 does not want me to automaticly upload longer files than 15 minutes.

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VideoStudio :: Upload To Vimeo Directly From Pro X6

Apr 6, 2013

I'm a new video creator, under a time crunch trying to get a channel started on vimeo. I'm very happy with VideoStudio so far, but I'm baffled by what appear to be limited rendering options.

Basically when I upload to vimeo directly from VideoStudio Pro X6, it doesn't work. It uploads but then just hangs. If I take the rendered file, and upload it directly to Vimeo, the files are corrupted / invalid every time. If I use the MPEG-4 AVC 1280x720 preset to render my video, it uploads perfectly to YouTube but Vimeo says it's a bad file every time.

Here's what is frustrating me: I'm used to the full rendering options in Sony Movie Studio or MPEG Streamclip. With those programs I can easily match the vimeo compression guidelines. But in VideoStudio I can't figure out how to get full access to the rendering criteria? I can go to Create Video File > Custom > Options, but the options there seem very limited. I don't see any way to adjust the vimeo upload preset.

Vimeo's tech support suggested that I compress with MPEG Streamclip - but how should I render my edited video from VideoStudio before I compress it with Streamclip?

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VideoStudio :: Pro X5 Can't Upload Or Read Photos

Aug 15, 2012

The installed Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 does not work properly, it can't upload or read photos-- .jpeg format. Also from the sample of the editor there are photos when I try to use it and drag it to timeline, it says unreadable.

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VideoStudio :: Pro X3 Fails On Upload To YouTube?

Nov 21, 2010

I am getting an application error when I try to upload to Youtube. It fails at the end of the upload process. I cant copy the error, see attachment for message.

Windows 7 x64
Asus Mb-P7P55D-E
4gb ram
1TB hd
Nvidia 9600

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VideoStudio :: YouTube Upload Limit?

Aug 3, 2011

How to override the 15 min limit while export to youtube ? My account does not have 15 min limit so why the corel application forces me that limit


i cannot find other settings to make so good video "1280 * 720" 25 frames etc that are used when clicking youtube button.

Want semi-HD (not full-hd) but it would nice to be able to adjust the bit rate so that the size is under 2gb

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VideoStudio :: Upload PowerPoint Presentation To Movie

Jan 22, 2012

It is always a pleasure as well as informative experience. My question is simple I would like to incorporate a Powerpoint presentation to my video project. Is this possible? If so how would I go about uploading the PP files to Video Studio Pro x4? Or even better Is there any way for me to create Power point like video screens with Video Studio Pro x4 editing or templates?

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VideoStudio :: Upload Audio / Transitions And Animation Files

May 23, 2011

I have just loaded X4 (previously used VS 11.5 Plus); however, I can not seem to get the sound working properly inside the X4 program. My sound card is fine and when I play/select the individual files using windows explorer they all play fine. Is there a global mute setting that I have to turn off/on?

Also, I have a lot of audio, transitions(burger, etc) and animation files from VS 11.5+ that I would like to make available in X4. How you upload these file into X4? How to load the Bonus Audio content that came with X4 (animal, cartoon, etc)...

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