Revit :: Rendering In Cloud Returns - The File Could Not Be Translated

Nov 4, 2013

When attempting to launch the Render in Cloud feature in Revit 2014, the following error message is displayed:

Render in Cloud

A Problem occurred.

The file could not be translated.-1

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Revit :: Cannot Render In Cloud - Files Could Not Be Uploaded / Translated

Feb 24, 2013

Using Revit Architecture 2013 with Update 1 on a Windows 7 32 bit system. I've rendered successfully in the past ( a month ago, as I recall) and then, as I continued working on hte model, the ability was gone.
I receive either the files could not be uploaded or the files could not be translated errors each time. It's quite frustrating. I love this product, but I am in grief becuase of this.
I've tried all the suggested remedies in the book: Logged in and out from Revit, cleared the firefox cookies and cache (used ccleaner) logged in and out of the 360 account on the web and said my prayers. Several times. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Revit on a different computer, to no avail.
Since other models render perfectly, I suspect a problem with the model.

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Revit :: Materials Not Rendering On Cloud

Mar 26, 2012

None of my custom materials are rendering on the cloud. If I render it on REVIT, they come out just fine. Is there something that I need to do to get my materials to show up?

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Revit :: 2014 - Rendering In Cloud

Jun 21, 2013

I have just loaded Revit 2014, and then loaded a project file created in Revit 2013. When I try to render a view in the cloud I get an error message that says "The file could not be translated.-1" I have tried this with several projects and get the same error for all.
However if i create a new project in 2014 the render works fine, it only seams to be a problem when I upgrade a project from revit 2012 or 2013.

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Revit :: Rendering In Cloud And Initial Settings?

Dec 5, 2012

I am using Revit 2013 and I am rendering in the Cloud and my renderings are not turning out as well as I want them to. I was wondering what the intial settings under the graphics should be? like what shadows I should use? how high the exposure should be? Even when I turn the sun completely off the sun still shows through the windows. My renderings are also showing up grainy.

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Revit :: Cloud Rendering - Panorama Download

May 15, 2012

A colleague of mine has rendered a panoramic image at Autodesk 360, but when he downloads the panorama, it is just a series of still images. Any program that will stitch these images back together so the panorama functionality can be maintained locally?

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Revit :: Linked Walls Misplaced In Cloud Rendering

May 30, 2013

I have been trying to render my linked files in Cloud. For some reasons the linked files walls are misplaced in the drawing. Please take a look at the attached file.

What I have tried to do to resolve the problem and have not worked:

1.Reloded the links.
2.Created new camera views. 
3.Tried to use RVT Link Display Settings and rendered with both 'by host view' and by 'linked view'
4.In proprties; tried to use the different Dicipline Settings.
5.Tried to use the different settings in Manage Links to either attachment/overlay under Reference Type or absolute/relative under Path Type. 

I'm using Revit 2014.

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Revit :: 360 Cloud Rendering Errors - Couldn't Complete Request

May 22, 2013

I started rendering using 360 cloud a few weeks ago. I've done lots of renders, all working fine until a few days ago.Now when i submit a render to the cloud in Revit 2014, it takes forever to process and then says either"could not complete your request, failed to authenticate" or something similar but with "could not upload file" as well.
I have tried logging out and clearing my browser cache etc but it still wont work.

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Revit :: Cloud Rendering - White Background / Alpha Channel

Jul 17, 2012

I'm attempting to render a series of images in the cloud and my plan is to take these images into Photoshop so that I can apply a background from an image I possess.
To do this I need the background to be a plain white background, export as a TIFF or PNG, then add an alpha channel in Photoshop. The problem is that whatever settings I apply in Revit, the cloud rendering always gives me the standard grey / blue horizon background. I have changed the render settings using the render setup, through the view properties, through the graphic display, still no joy....

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Revit :: Get DWG File Of Point Cloud

Apr 9, 2012

how can I get a .dwg file of point cloud, to work on the Revit?

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Revit :: Fatal Error For Point Cloud File

Jun 6, 2012

When we use Point Cloud Feature Extraction for Autodesk® Revit® 2012 in our machine in a central file with the pcg file then there is a Run time error shown in revit. But if we work in a single file then the problem does not occur. How we ovecome this situation?

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Revit :: Unable To Import Point Cloud (FLS) File?

May 18, 2011

We are trying to import Point Cloud files having extension .fls into Revit 2012 but are unable to do so. We have attached the screen shots of the messages that we are getting while importing. We have the trial version of Revit Architecture 2012 and need to import the files so that we can convert them to rvt files...

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3ds Max :: Rendering Point Cloud (RCP) Productions

Oct 17, 2013

I am new to 3DS Max Design 2014.
I am using a dual Xeon machine with 32 GB Ram and a Nvidia Quadro 4000.
I have a 100 point RCP (point cloud) file loaded into my scene.  I have successfully set up a camera and a target path (spline) for it to follow through the scene, but when I go to render the production it takes FOREVER to process.  For example, it took it 1 hour to process 2 of 700 frames.  That's way too long.
I am trying to save $5000 by using Max instead of buying Pointools (which I have used and it does render these cloud animations much faster).  I am just not too sure about the gazillion settings, what thye mean, and if they are applicable to point cloud production rendering.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Rendering Files In Cloud?

Sep 17, 2012

Is it possible to render Inventor files in the cloud?

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Moving Images From Cloud Rendering To 360 For Sharing?

Sep 18, 2012

How do I move a 360 Panorama Image over to 360 so I can share the panorama? When I download the panorama it downloads as an image strip not a panorama and on the 360 Rendering page I cannot find a way to share the image.

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AutoCAD Visual LISP / AutoLISP :: Executing Command If Find File Returns NIL

Dec 17, 2012

Im having a little trouble of late understanding how to undertake an action/ command if nil

what i do know id the following:
(setq TESTvar(findfile "acad.lsp"))(alert TESTvar)

this gives me the path of the acad.lsp, that is provided it actually exists, however because the acad.lsp is not compulsory  it may indeed not exist meaning that the command prompt would return the NIL value instead of the pathname.

based upon that I would like to create a new acad.lsp file if not found by autocad.

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Lightroom :: What Are Translated Strings Files

May 11, 2012

What are translated strings files?  Do I have to keep them? There seem to be lots!  As far as I see they are in foreign (to me) lanquages.  Can I get rid of them safely?

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Revit :: How To Send A Render In Cloud

Sep 4, 2013

I have been trying to send a render in cloud but the following message keep on appearing:

Si è verificato un problema (a problem occurred). Il servizio rendering non è stato in grado di completare la richiesta (the rendering service has not been able to complete the request).
which could be the problem and to get it solved?

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Revit :: DWG Files To Cloud - Open In LT?

Sep 23, 2013

Downloaded the on-line trial version of Revit LT 2014. I want to open/convert old .dwg files I have on my PC to play around with, but since it's an on-line version, I don't know how to get those files into the cloud.

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Revit :: Point Cloud Scale

Jul 26, 2011

When i import a pointcloud into revit the scale is not right. Is there a way to fix this

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Photoshop :: System Error - Wrong Parameter (translated)

Nov 2, 2013

Whenever i try to start Adobe Photoshop Album 2,0 i recieve this error and the program shuts down instantly. I dont get this error with any other program.
I run Windows XP Professional.

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Revit :: Add Revision Line Without Adding Rev Cloud?

Dec 15, 2011

Yes, I am new to Revit, and I can add a revision cloud and see the line added to the rev block but I'm trying to add  revision and have it show up on the rev block without adding a rev cloud.  I did it once and can't figure out how to do it again.  On the Sheet Issues/Revisions dialog box I check on the Issued box and on show I've selected Cloud and Tag, Tag, and None.

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Revit :: Fatal Error When Trying To Render To Cloud?

Jul 21, 2013

20 times now when i've tried to render to cloud i get the same fatal error message and tried this on  different computer as well. it was fine and then tried one render and keep getting same message - see attachment.

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Revit :: Editing The Revision Cloud Shape?

Feb 18, 2010

Is it possible, short of doing some programming through the Revit API, to change the shape of the arcs created with the Revit "Revision Cloud" tool? For example, with AutoCAD you can enter the size of the arcs that you want to use when you use the revision cloud command. Is there anything similar in Revit?

I have done some searching and am surprised at how little mention there is about both the strange look of the clouds produced by the Revit tool and their lack of flexibility. Everyone focuses mainly on being able to associate clouds with deltas and a Revision Schedule, which I admit is important also.

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Revit :: Revision Cloud / Change Tag Numbering?

Jun 27, 2012

Im having to cloud Revisions to my drawings. Heres what my Revision Schedule needs to be like
Revision 2         (Tag # 4)
Revision 1         (Tag # 2)
Bid Issue           (No Tag)
Is there any way to change the Tag number? Because right now this is what im getting
Revision 2         (Tag # 2)
Revision 1         (Tag # 1)
Bid Issue           (No Tag)

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Revit :: Changing Point Cloud Color?

Mar 8, 2013

Is this possible?  I don't want RBG color values or intensities I just want to change the default pointcloud color from black to something else.
I want to invert my background color and save my eyes but when I do I lose the visibility of the point clouds which are also black...

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Revit :: Point Cloud Disappears Partially

Jul 14, 2013

In revit 2013 I have used the point cloud (exported from Faro Scene and imported in revit 2013) without any problems. This time (another project) I have deleted some points with Recap of the cloud after edit with faro scene. Now I have imported the *.rcs files into revit 2014 and I have some serious problems..With diffenernt zoom levels some areas of the point cloud disappear. On the picture is only one pointcloud visible. If I click on it, it dont look like one, but it is really only one. And the disappearing areas are rectangles. The same problem is on floor plans. URL...

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Revit :: Rectangular And Circular Revision Cloud

Jul 19, 2012

Is it possible in revit to draw a revision cloud having rectangular and circular shape as we do it in the case of autocad.

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Revit :: Unable To Snap To Point Cloud Work

Mar 19, 2012

I'm trying to use a point cloud in Revit, and I can't make Snap to Point Cloud work.
The "Snap to Point Cloud" box in Manage/Snaps is checked, but there is no snap available when I eg. try to insert a wall in plan view.
I use Revit Architecture 2012, Build 20110916_2132(x64) Update Release 2 with Point Cloud Hotfix installed. The point cloud is indexed in Revit from a .pts file.

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Revit :: Revision Cloud Calligraphy Line Style

Sep 30, 2011

Is there a way to achieve the calligraphy line style found in AutoCAD for revision clouds in Revit?

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Revit :: Insert Point Cloud At Correct Coordinates?

Sep 27, 2012

I have spent the last couple of hours researching posts back to 2008 regarding inserting inserting a point cloud into Revit at the correct coordinates.  I have two files (DXF and PCG) that are in the same coordinate system.  They overlay exactly in AutoCAD.  Why I see posts back to 2008 with no resolutions on this same topic?  Also explain to me why a file indexed in AutoCAD 2013 is not compatable with Revit 2013. 

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