Photoshop :: Text Is Pixelated When Printed

Jan 18, 2006

I'm having trouble printing out a Photoshop picture with some text. The text comes out noticeably pixelated. I know there is a way to print it in a non-pixelated way (the font is much more smooth) since I can print out another Photoshop picture with text of the same font, color, size, and everything else and there is no pixelation. Both pictures are exactly the same size (863 by 1125), and neither text layer has been rasterized. Why would one print out pixelated and the other not?

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Photoshop :: Text Is Really Pixelated?

Apr 18, 2013

I have a CS5 PhotoShop document, and it is 150px by 150px. The problem is that any text i put on it is slightly pixelated. I have tried anti-aliasing but its not working.I am planning to put the image on a website but the text on the image is clearly more pixelated than text on the page even when it is saved in the highest quality jpeg.

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Photoshop :: Text Becoming Pixelated

Jan 5, 2006

I'm on a laptop, I work a lot on keyboard shortcuts and sometimes press something,and have no idea what I press. Unfortunately this time I have no idea what I did, and my text has gone funny.

I've exited the program and gone back in to no avail, it still looks pixelated and less quality than it should be. Here is an example of Times New Roman:

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Photoshop :: All My Text Is Pixelated?

Oct 12, 2005

i've played with settings and preferences and resolution...and the problem remains:
when viewed at anything other than 100%, all text is pixelated, no matter if it's smooth, crisp...whatever. it prints fuzzy as well. i have run into this problem with photoshop (CS) before, but it was on a school computer and someone else fixed it. now i have my own (CS2)

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Photoshop :: Blurred Text When Printed

Oct 12, 2012

I have created a document using an image and text and the text is blurred when printed - ?

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Photoshop :: Text Is Fuzzy When Printed?

Jul 1, 2009

I have tried for the life of me to figure this one out...why is my text ALWAYS fuzzy when I print it out, no matter what I do? I am not manipulating it at all, just typing it on my page, then printing. I have tried checking and unchecking "scale to fit media", I have tried printing straight from the psd file, I have tried printing from a saved jpg image. It doesn't look fuzzy/blurry at ALL on my computer screen.

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Photoshop :: PDF Export Causes Text To Be Pixelated

May 4, 2012

Alright, what is going on with Adobe's accounts?
Apparently Adobe doesn't recognize my username and password for this second account, and when I ask to send a password to my email, I never get the email, so I had to create a third account just to post a thread and update it. [URL]....
I can't find a Reply button anywhere to update my question. I just saw it there a few days ago. What happened to that? How do I export a vector drawing with text in Photoshop to a PDF, such that the text isn't pixelated when I view the PDF?

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Photoshop :: Text Always Comes Out Pixelated And Jagged

Jun 23, 2008

everything was fine until I downloaded and opened an animated .gif in Photoshop 7.0 for manipulation. I'm not sure how .gifs work, so I just used the one frame of the animation that came up when I opened it.
I did the job an everything turned out fine.

when I use the text function in Photoshop, the text always comes out pixelated and jagged.

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Photoshop :: Text Blurry / Low Resolution When Printed

Nov 28, 2012

In photoshop I created a document that is 8.5x11, the size of standard printing paper, with a letter in a handwritten font. When I print my letter the print quality is not so great. I have resolution for the image set to 100. There is a little bit of a blur around the edges of the font and overall it is not very crisp.
If I take that same font when printed through microsoft word, it is very crisp, sharp and high quality.
What might be the disconnect between the two? Why is the same document much more crisp and clean when printed through word than through photoshop?

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Photoshop :: Ugly Text In Printed Photos

Jan 7, 2012

I notice that whenever I add text to a photo, and get it back from the lab that the text is ugly! It looks nothing like it does on my monitor. These are hi-res photos taken with my Canon 5D MkII. I save them as .jpg's at the highest resolution.

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Photoshop :: Anti-Alias On Text To Be Printed

Apr 24, 2004

working with printed material and the CMYK enviroment.

I'm designing some full color business cards entirely in photoshop 7 and I have a couple questions:

1) Is it true that one should turn off Anti-Alias when creating text for printing? I know it looks jaggy on the screen but I heard it is suppose to be better for printing.

2) Should I set the text layer to "Multiply" not "normal"?

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Photoshop :: Text Looking Pixelated For Product Labels

Mar 21, 2005

I am trying to produce nutritional facts and text for product labels and it is looking somewhat pixelated. Some printer told me to use illustrator or quark and import that text to photoshop. Any better ideas?

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Photoshop :: How To Make A Stamped/printed Text Effect ?

Feb 28, 2003

I would like to make a stamped/printed type effect but don't know how to do such a thing
To be more clear I've placed some examples of this text effect :

how to achieve such an effect?

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Photoshop :: Avoid Making Text - Letters Appear Pixelated?

Jan 25, 2012

Is it true that we should avoid making text in Ps cause the letters appear pixelated?What do you think about the about view?

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GIMP :: Fuzzy Pixelated Text

Dec 14, 2012

Whenever I have text, its always fuzzy or pixelated, its really annoying.I have antialiasing selected, I have changed the dpi, made sure it was at 100% and whatever else I could think of.Also, I think the background is also a bit fuzzy, so that's why I think it is the dpi or something like that.But it is always not 100% sharp.I have attached a copy of the back cover. Its the same for all though.

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InDesign :: Lines Of Text Missing From Printed PDF

Feb 12, 2014

inDesign CC
OSX Mavericks
Acrobat X1
Kyocera FS 10-20D
After exporting a pdf from indesign (high quality settings), pdf looks fine on screen and in print preview but printout misses 2 lines of text for no apparent reason.
Document also prints fine direct from indesign.
Have tried various fonts (including standard ones) with no change.
Searched for  a new driver for my printer but the last update was for OS 10.5.

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AutoCad :: When Layouts Are Printed Text Showing Up Rotated

Feb 1, 2011

I'm having an issue on my full scale detail sections for a set of entry doors. I used layoutwizard to create my layout and I'm adding text (dtext) and leaders and it all looks good on my screen. When I print it out the text is rotated 90 degrees. I imagine it's any easy fix but I sure can't find it.

I thought I should add- when I look at 'print preview' the text is rotated. When I go back to the layout the text looks correct. I tried unchecking the "match text orientation to layout" and checking it again and it didn't work. Seems like this might be a glitch of some sort?

update: If the text is in model space it prints properly. Only the text in paper space shows up rotated.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Add Text To Printed (paper) Documents Without Modifying Digital Copy?

Feb 22, 2012

I'm looking to add the name of the person printing the document as well as the date to any paper copies printed.  However, since everythign is stored in Vault, this needs to be done without making any changes to the document that require saving the document.

Ideally this would be automatic(requiring no user input).

I've used both iLogic and built Inventor Addins before.

Win7 x64 - 16gb ram
i7 3610qm
FirePro M4000
Inventor 2013
ETO 6.1

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AutoCAD Print / Plot :: Text Objects Not Printed In Conceptual Paper Space Viewports?

Jul 3, 2012

When printing a paper space viewport in Conceptual Visual Style mode, text objects are visible in the print preview but not in the printout on paper. Why are they not hidden in the preview if they are not going to be printed?

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Look

Mar 26, 2005

how to make achieve a pixelated, tiled, grid-ish look?

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Photoshop :: Lineart Looks Pixelated

Aug 29, 2013

I've been using Photoshop CS5 for years now and never had any trouble with my lineart. I use an Intuos 4 tablet. This is what my lines used to look like last time I used Photoshop. Always on a 1 px round brush with the following settings:

Now, all of a sudden, my lineart looks pixelated. I am using the exact same settings and even tried updating my drivers, it has not been fixed. It's causing me insane amounts of stress since this is what I do for a living and the decrease in lineart quality is really taking a hit on my work.This is what they look like now..

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Logo

Aug 28, 2008

how to achieve this effect?

I like the idea of the pixelation floating away from the object, Is there a name for this kind of effect? I assumed it was just some kind of pixelation reference.

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Photoshop :: 3D Models Are .. Pixelated?

Apr 27, 2009

I was experimenting with 3d model texturing in CS4.  However whenever I zoom into the model I was trying to texture, it becomes very pixelated to the point of where I couldnt tell what it is supposed to look like.  The only way I can tell what it is anymore is while using the camera rotate, the model once again comes back into focus with the sharp edges that I desire.

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Brush?

Jun 20, 2009

i was making a wallpaper for my desktop and i'm using this tribal looking brush, but it looks really pixelated...

Dimensions : 1600 x 1200

My screen resolution 1680 x 1050

heres what it looks like

as you can see the one in the top left corner looks fine, but the one in the bottom right corner looks all pixelated. Why?

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Brushes In CS4 But Not CS3

Jun 25, 2009

If i use CS4 my brushes are all pixelated. not in CS3 though. and its on the brush tool not the pen tool i double checked. this problem has been bugging me for a few months now. any suggestions?

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Photoshop :: Second Zoom Pixelated.

Apr 24, 2006

I have a problem to do with zooming. Every second zoom I do the picture is pixelated. It doesn't happen in Illustrator, so why does it do this in photoshop?

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Photoshop :: Non-pixelated Lines

Feb 11, 2003

Do you know of a way to get absolute non-pixelated 45 degree lines in photoshop? I'm a little tired of having to go back and forth from illustrator just to get clean lines.

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Images

Apr 4, 2007

I am currently working on wedding invitations with a copied image from google. However, when we go to print the image it comes out grainy and pixelated. I am so new to photoshop I just stare at it blankly. Can you offer some help on how to make the image not so choppy when I have to scale it down and print it. It looks great from far away, but when you actually go to read the thing , I am sure everyone will be " oh, obviously from the computer"

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Photoshop :: Fonts Are Pixelated

Jun 3, 2009

something must have changed because it didn't do this before. Now when I create a new blank file and I add text it is pixelated.

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Images

Jul 22, 2008

I recently encountered a problem that I am sure could be corrected if I were more experienced.

I am building a website using Dreamweaver. I adjust my photos for size In Photoshop Cs3 of course. I then save them for the web on a transparent background as a gif. When I view my image in Dreamweaver the edge of the image appear pixelated (sort of a white aoutline)
I would like to feather some of my images but when I save them and then include them in my webpage the feathered edge is visible as a white outline shadow. The images are fine otherwise.

This also happens if I add a layer style to text such as bevel. The bevel area appears as a large white outline.

I am sure there is a setting I am not aware of. Should I have a specific setting when I save the images for the web?

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Photoshop :: Pixelated Heart

Sep 8, 2006

I'm trying to figure out how they created this logo.

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