Photoshop :: Text Always Comes Out Pixelated And Jagged

Jun 23, 2008

everything was fine until I downloaded and opened an animated .gif in Photoshop 7.0 for manipulation. I'm not sure how .gifs work, so I just used the one frame of the animation that came up when I opened it.
I did the job an everything turned out fine.

when I use the text function in Photoshop, the text always comes out pixelated and jagged.


Photoshop :: PDF Text Jagged

May 27, 2009

when viewing pdfs exported from photoshop cs4 using acrobat pro 9. If I open single pdf, it's ok, but whenever I open another pdf, all text is jagged. Then if I close all pdfs and try opening the second one, it's ok again. It looks like acrobat is not able to render texts correctly in newly opened pdf when another pdf is already opened.This happens only with pdfs exported from photoshop (file->save as->pdf). It does not really matter if the first opened pdf is from photoshop or not, all other opened pdfs from photoshop are crapy.I tried different settings when saving pdf but the results are always the same - jagged type (it does not even look like aliased, it's completely screwed and unreadable) in second pdf. It is funny because text present as smart object from illustrator renders fine all the time. Therefor I think the problem is between photoshop export and acrobat, vectors are rendered with no problems.I tried opening on different pc (also with acrobat 9 pro) with the same result. Systems are vista on exporting pc, the second pc is running windows7 beta. However on the third pc with windows XP and adobe reader 9 everything works fine.

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Photoshop :: Jagged Text

Jun 13, 2004

I created a new image 500x500 pixels at 72 pixels per inch resolution. However when I added some text to this image it came out all jagged and of poor quality.

I then created a new image with a resolution of 300 pixels and the text in this came out perfect, however where in the first image the text was about 18pt in the second image I had to drop the text down to about 9 point to be the same size. What resolution hould I be using for web page design and how do I get around the poor quality of lower resolution? I expect some drop in quality but the text at 72 pixels was no where near usable.

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Photoshop :: Jagged Text Gifs

Sep 8, 2004

i've got some text in a sans-serif font that i'm trying to save as transparent gif. i'm using PS7's 'save for web' option. when i save it with a transparent background, it looks like crap when posted to a web page. when i save the exact same text, but with a background color, it looks great.

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Photoshop :: Jagged Edges On Text, Why?

May 7, 2004

i need help on text that i just cant seem to get smoth edges. i tried saving it as gif, jpg,tiff. the thing is that i need transparency, not for the web but for a restaurant menu, when i save as gif, i get extremely bad edges, now as jpg the image is ok but i have the white background. im doing the layout in publisher, where i could click the with BG as transparent but i still get jagged edges.

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Photoshop :: Jagged Text In Website Design

Aug 7, 2004

I seem to be having a problem with jagged text when trying to design a webpage in PS. I have the resolution set to 72dpi because it is only for the web. However I have noticed that any text I add seems very jagged. I have tried applying smooth, criss etc which seems to fix it a little bit but not as good as it should. One strange thing I did notice was that I had added a text banner to my page which was jagged. Then later on I added another one and it seemed perfect. Im not sure what I did to the second one to make it better than the first lot of text I added.

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Photoshop :: Text Becoming Pixelated

Jan 5, 2006

I'm on a laptop, I work a lot on keyboard shortcuts and sometimes press something,and have no idea what I press. Unfortunately this time I have no idea what I did, and my text has gone funny.

I've exited the program and gone back in to no avail, it still looks pixelated and less quality than it should be. Here is an example of Times New Roman:

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Photoshop :: All My Text Is Pixelated?

Oct 12, 2005

i've played with settings and preferences and resolution...and the problem remains:
when viewed at anything other than 100%, all text is pixelated, no matter if it's smooth, crisp...whatever. it prints fuzzy as well. i have run into this problem with photoshop (CS) before, but it was on a school computer and someone else fixed it. now i have my own (CS2)

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Photoshop :: PDF Export Causes Text To Be Pixelated

May 4, 2012

Alright, what is going on with Adobe's accounts?
Apparently Adobe doesn't recognize my username and password for this second account, and when I ask to send a password to my email, I never get the email, so I had to create a third account just to post a thread and update it. [URL]....
I can't find a Reply button anywhere to update my question. I just saw it there a few days ago. What happened to that? How do I export a vector drawing with text in Photoshop to a PDF, such that the text isn't pixelated when I view the PDF?

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Photoshop :: Text Is Pixelated When Printed

Jan 18, 2006

I'm having trouble printing out a Photoshop picture with some text. The text comes out noticeably pixelated. I know there is a way to print it in a non-pixelated way (the font is much more smooth) since I can print out another Photoshop picture with text of the same font, color, size, and everything else and there is no pixelation. Both pictures are exactly the same size (863 by 1125), and neither text layer has been rasterized. Why would one print out pixelated and the other not?

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Photoshop :: Text Looking Pixelated For Product Labels

Mar 21, 2005

I am trying to produce nutritional facts and text for product labels and it is looking somewhat pixelated. Some printer told me to use illustrator or quark and import that text to photoshop. Any better ideas?

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Photoshop :: Avoid Making Text - Letters Appear Pixelated?

Jan 25, 2012

Is it true that we should avoid making text in Ps cause the letters appear pixelated?What do you think about the about view?

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Photoshop :: Jagged Edges?

Aug 3, 2006

When I want to delete the background and just have the object or person in the picture, I use the magic wand tool to delete the background then clean up with the eraser. BUT the outline of the object always looks jaggedy. This doesn't happen when I use photographs with the white background.

Is there some sort of trick I'm missing? Or do I just need more practice with the eraser tool?

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Photoshop :: Jagged Fonts

Jan 28, 2004

i have a a problem i'm hoping someone can help me with. i've been using photoshop for awhile now and have had it installed on my computer for at least 3 years without problems. however, just the other day i've started having a problem with my fonts. whenever i use text, the edges of the text have a jagged appearance. they have a very pixilated look to them instead of smooth lines. i havent been doing anything differently nor have i changed any settings. this is happening with all of the fonts. anyone have any idea what's going on and what i can do?

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Photoshop :: EPS/AI Files Look Jagged When...

May 6, 2009

When importing an EPS or AI file and then rasterizing it (doesnât matter what resolution) the image looks very jagged/pixilated⦠even and 600res - a lot mort than it should â or should I say used to when I imported. Did I accidentally mess with the settings? Anyone experience this?btw this website always seems so SLOW acting (for the past 5 years)

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Photoshop :: Jagged Edge

May 16, 2005

I want to create a ICO file from a GIF format image. It becomes ugly when I convert it from PSD to GIF, with a transparent background (fig 001.jpg). I want the edge of the circle smoother as it is in PSD file (fig. 002.jpg).

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Photoshop :: Jagged Edges

Jul 20, 2004

I'm sure this is easy, I just haven't done much in photoshop. I made an easy button usining the polygonal laso tool so the sides could be angled. Can anybody tell me how to get rid of the jagged edges on the sides of my button caused by the tool?

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Photoshop :: Get Rid Of Jagged Edges

Mar 5, 2005

what i want to do is get rid of the pixalated looking edges that are formed from making shapes and usinng the pen tool to make shapes. i want nice smooth edges.....

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Photoshop :: Jagged Channels

Oct 9, 2004

I was playing around with lighting images today by first creating an alpha channel, blurring it and then applying the lighting effects filter to it. For some reason after applying the filter I get jagged edges everywhere. When working with the channel, i did invert the selection and then clear it...

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Photoshop :: The Jagged Edges

Jun 16, 2006

Yesterday I needed to design a quick business card for the band that i work for. It's super basic, just the band's logo on the front of the card and their web address on the back. The problem I had was that the curves in the logo were jagged and not smooth; I was only able to smooth the edges by adding a stroke to the logo.

My question is, how do you make curves not look all jagged? This is the version of the card that is being printed so you can see the logo.

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