Photoshop :: How To Use The "Create A New Set" Option At The Layers Palette

Jun 26, 2007

how to use the "Create a new set" option at the Layers Palette and what is it for?

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Photoshop :: Use The Create A New Set Option At The Layers Palette And What Is It For?

Jul 5, 2007

I've been working with photoshop for a couple of years now but I'm not a pro.
Does anyone know how to use the "Create a new set" option at the Layers Palette and what is it for?

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Photoshop :: Layer Blending Option Mess With Other Layers Option

Oct 2, 2011

As you might see in layer panel. there is a blending option applying on text. and when i try to applying new blending option i-e drop shadow or inner shadow to layer shape 5. it will mess with also to text layer.

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Photoshop :: Copy Linked Layers In Layers Palette Without Maintaining Links To Originals

Sep 30, 2013

I often will copy a layer in the layers palette via option drag. If the original layer is linked to another, the new layer is also linked to the orginal layer I copied as well as any other layers that original was linked to.
Is there anyway to option drag to copy a layer in the layers palette without the new layer being linked?

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Photoshop Elements :: How To See All Layers In Layers Palette

Feb 15, 2013

why don't I see all the layers in the Layers palette

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Illustrator :: How To Keep Layers From Auto-expanding In Layers Palette

Jun 21, 2013

I'm working on a rather complex piece of artwork in Illustrator CC with the latest Mac OS, with several objects on each layer.
Whenever I click an object, its layer in the Layers palette auto-expands, pushing all of the main layers off of the edge of the palette. I then have to click the little arrow to collapse the layer so I can see all of the other layers and (quickly?) get to the one I need.
I am using a Magic Trackpad (don't ask) so this task is particularly arduous, as the cursor is often somewhat difficult to maneuver when attempting to target small UI elements. My display height is only 1050 px, so naturally I would rather not make the layer thumbnails any smaller (25 px.)
Is it possible to disable or defeat the auto-expanding behavior? Placed in bold

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Illustrator :: Cannot Connect To Image Via Link Palette Via Update Option

Apr 17, 2013

Illustrator CS5 every time import an image it automatically embeds the image and I loose all link information. I cannot connect to the image via the link palette via the update option or edit the original image. I have to relink the image every time I make an edit

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Photoshop :: Looks Of The Layers Palette

Jan 28, 2006

with the layers palette and I just can't figure out how to make my preferred state default.

This first image shows how the layers are at default:

Then, after duplicating all layers to a new file, they're shown as this (which is how I prefer it):

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Photoshop :: Layers Palette Greyed Out

Jun 18, 2012

I just upgraded from MacOSX 10.5.8 to 10.6 and using Photoshop CS4.Not sure if this is related to what happened today, but...
"About Photoshop" is greyed out. Can't tell what version I have. I need to duplicate a layer in a high res RGB image. The LAYER, CHANNELS, PATH palettes have all options greyed out, except "convert to smart object", which I don't know yet what that is. The image is in 8 bits/channel.

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Photoshop :: Layers Palette Not Working?

Jul 12, 2012

when i select paths in pen tool. the layers palette is not working only paths palette is working layers palette gets locked.i m using photoshop cs 6.

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Photoshop :: Why's Layers Palette Minimized

May 3, 2012

Lately whenever I first start CS5 my Layers palette is minimized. It just started doing this yesterday. It never used to do that and I can't think of anything I did that would have caused that. I tried Reset Essentials. That fixes it while I have PS open, but next time I start it up the Layers palette is minimized again.

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Photoshop :: CS6 - Making PDF Plus Layers Palette

May 29, 2013

in CS6 13.0.4 x 64, the PDF process is iffy for me. Sometimes it's fine. But other times, an incomplete image results. Is this related to the overall type bugginess that Adobe recommends we fix (which I've not yet done)...?

I'm lazy, but also, I don't have a lot of confidence I'll do it correctly, and I have a myriad of deadlines every week.
While I've your eye, here's another question relating to the layers palette:
Layers sometimes stick to my curser and I can't unstick them until I go back to the palette and try to place them back where they orignally were. (I'll be really embarrassed if this is a new feature of CS6 that I've not figured out yet...)

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Photoshop :: How Do I Find The Layers Palette

Mar 25, 2008

I accidentally closed my layers palette and I have no idea where to find it!

how to get it to show up again?

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Photoshop :: CS4 Layers Palette Too Wide

Oct 19, 2008

The Photoshop CS4 layers palette is too wide and distorts the layout of the default color swatches palette when docked on the same column. And I don't want to have to put the color swatches palette anywhere else but the same column. Can the layers palette be fixed so that it can be as narrow as the other palettes, so it won't cause a conflict with the swatches layout?

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Photoshop Elements :: Where Is The Layers Palette

Sep 24, 2012

I'm using Photoshop Elem. 10 with windows 7. I'm trying to use the full edit, but cannot find the layers pallet. How do I retrieve it?

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Photoshop :: Get Two Different Photos Into Layers Palette Without Having To Go Through Bridge?

Sep 2, 2012

get two different photos into layers palette without having to go through Bridge?I don't want them merged.

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Photoshop :: Jerky Pointer Over Layers Palette

Nov 27, 2012

My pointer gets very jerky whenever I'm using the Layers palette in Photoshop CS6. This is never happened in previous versions (although I skipped CS5).

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Photoshop :: CS6 Info Palette And Adjustment Layers

Jan 15, 2013

When I am using adjustment layers in PS 13.0.3 (mountain lion), I notice that the info palette is not giving me a before and after readout of the adjustment.e.g. I add a curves adjustment layer and remove some cyan from the highlight end, I can see on screen that cyan is removed but the info palette gives me 2 readings, both the same. This can make it difficult if I want to remove an exact amount of colour. I have the info palette is set up the same as every previous version of photoshop I have used, 1st reading actual colour, 2nd reading cmyk. I know this is a bit difficult to explain so I have included an image showing the palette, CS6 on the left and CS5 on the right, same image, same coordinates. CS5 is showing that 4% cyan has been removed, was 18% now 14%, CS6 is showing what it is now.
I work in prepress and do a lot of colour correction for books and magazines so I need to know the before & after readings. Is this a bug/feature??

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Photoshop :: Layers Palette Wont Show

Jan 26, 2006

Layers palette won't show up..

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Photoshop Elements :: Put Photos In Layers Palette So Can Put One Over Other?

Mar 17, 2013

How can I take 3 photos that are in the project bin and place them in levels so that I can use portions of each photo, and layer them?

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Photoshop :: Contents Of Group Not Showing In Layers Palette Sometimes?

Aug 21, 2013

I have a group called "grey button" with a text layer ("ok, got it") and a shape layer ("large grey") within in it. Sometimes the two elements within the group show up in the layers palette, sometimes they don't. Sometimes when I click the drop down for the group folder, it looks to be open but nothing shows beneath it. Sometimes when I can get the items within the group folder to show beneath the folder, then close the dropdown, the folder looks closed but the elements are still showing beneath it. 

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Photoshop :: Program Error When Trying To Use Effect Within Layers Palette

Jan 24, 2013

When I am trying to use the effect options with in the layers palette I get the annoying message:
' Could not complete your request because of a program error. '
It was working fine then it went funny. I have restarted photoshop, my machine and re-installed the software but stiill not fix.

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Photoshop :: How To Change Color Of Selected Layer In Layers Palette

Dec 11, 2012

how to change the colour of the selected layer in the layers pallete? It's quite annoying the way it is (Dull grey/blue) and sometimes hard to see what layer's selected?
I prefer the brighter blue on my other computer!

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Photoshop :: Selecting Multiple Type Layers Causes Character Palette

Aug 15, 2012

Select one type layer, as you can see below, the character panel reflects the setting correctly:
Select TWO type layers, with the exact same character attributes.. what happens?

It should say in the image above 36px/52px, not 12.16px (.16 px? Really?) and 17.56.I haven't the foggiest idea where that even comes from.
But the result for all photoshop users is that they have to individually change all the layers individually..I was hoping character styles would work, i have yet to figure out how it even works, i've tried multiple times, it just doesn't do anything to the selected type.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Create Layers In Adjustment Layer And Transfer Those Layers

Nov 11, 2012

How do I create layers in an adjustment layer and transfer  or duplicate those layers in another image ?
I need to transfer the same colour readjustment from one image to several other images ... I have been told to do this in the adjustment layer platform how ever I cannot drag or copy those layers over to the other images I have open and in need of adjustment to the same layers ...
Images shows my layout and what i've done this far

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Photoshop :: How To Display Alpha Channel Of Layer Mask In Layers Palette

Jan 18, 2013

when I added a layer mask to a layer, it would display in the palette as the alpha channel, which was very handy. Now, when I add a layer mask, it only appears as the mask icon; i.e., gray square with white circle in the middle. I have no clue what I did to change from the one to the other, but I would certainly like to get the alpha representation back!

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Photoshop :: Layers And Layer Comps Disappear In Palette But Can Bring Them Back

May 1, 2012

A lot of times I'll be working on multiple .psd files and as I'm moving between files I'll notice that all the layers & layer comps will disappear from their palette

I can bring them back by doing something like clicking on the text tool and then clicking on a text item on the stage. It's annoying because it takes a couple of clicks for the palette(s) to redisplay.
Is this a bug or is there a setting in preferences that can control this?

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Photoshop :: (Layers Palette) When Selected Layer Is Highlighted In Grey Not Blue

Jul 10, 2012

When I select a layer, it is highlighted in grey (in the layers palette) and I am unable to edit it. My current process for making a layer editable is as follows: Select layer (highlighted in grey)Double click layer (opens "Layer Styles" dialogue box)Close "Layer Styles" dialogue boxLayer is now highlighted in blue and can be edited. I am currently running Photoshop CS5.1 on a windows machine which is using Windows 7.

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Photoshop :: Move And Drag From Its Layers Palette Onto Blank Background Canvas

May 31, 2012

Every once in a while I print that has two side-by-side images on one piece of paper. My usual routine is to create a new document that is larger than the two images--say, 10x8 (horizontal) with a transparent background and the same resolution as the two images that I'll be placing on the canvas (say, two 4x3's). Then I simply click on the image I want to move and drag it from its layers palette onto the blank background canvas, and move/edit/size as needed.

when I drag an image over to the blank canvas, it assumes the size of the entire canvas. so I just have the image... enlarged. With no background canvas. when I click on the new image (the one dragged to the canvas), all of the editing commands are grayed out. So I cannot resize or move it.I'm on CS5 (mac)

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Click On Layers Palette To Select Item To Move

Jul 15, 2013

I use PSE9 for digital scrapbooking.  Lately, when I have several pictures and elements on the page, I have to click on the Layers Pallette to select an item to move.  If I don't click on another item, the item I have just selected will move when I move my mouse.  I used to be able to click on an element or picture on the page and move it.

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Photoshop :: How To Move From Multiple Aligned Layers Using One Of Six Alignment Option

Jan 15, 2013

I've been aligning layers in Photoshop since the first day I aligned layers in Photoshop but I still can't figure out what logic is used to determine which layer(s) moves when multiple selected layers are aligned using one of the six alignment options.

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