Photoshop :: Camera Raw 8.1 Not Working?

Jul 12, 2013

it seems i have a problem with photoshop cc when opening my canon 5d mkIII in camera raw 8.1 (using all lenses i have). Same problem in lightroom 5.The files are good in DPP. how to fix it?[URL]...

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Photoshop :: PS6 Camera Raw Not Working Properly?

Sep 10, 2012

I have a Canon 7D and some of my Raw files work flawless but sometimes when trying to open a select amount of them in CS6 I get the following error:
Could not complete the command because the file appears to be from a camera model which is not supported by the installed version of Camera Raw.

I'm not very familiar with Photoshop Camera Raw's installation My Photoshop CS6 is up to date and I installed the Adobe DNG Converter for my Mac along with Camera Raw 7.

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Photoshop :: CS4 - Camera Raw Plugin Not Working?

Apr 10, 2013

Unable to open my RAW files in Photoshop CS4 on my Mac from a new Nikon D600 camera, I went about trying to find a plugin to update my 5.7 version. I downloaded the new 7.4 update, went through the setup then went to open the plugin in Photoshop but when I tried to do so Photoshop told me that it did not support that kind of file.
I may be going about this completely the wrong way, but I've tried my best to find a solution on line but no luck. When I try to do update through Photoshop it tells me that there are no updates available.

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Not Working / Errors?

Sep 29, 2012

I can't install camera raw. I've seen the same problems on the forum already, but unanswered. I get errors: "This is not the right kind of document" "Camera Raw editing is not enabled" I have creative design suite CS4, also bridge cs6. Ive tried uninstalling reinstalling photoshop. When i try both the camera raw 6_4 and 6_5 camera raw update they say "Update failed". When i try to install the Camera Raw 5.2, it gives me an error  "Error opening file for  writing:

C:ProgramDataAdobeCameraRawCameraProfilesAdobeStandard(all camera types).dcp Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, Ignore to skip this file

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Photoshop :: Camera RAW Not Working With Canon T4i?

Aug 19, 2012

I have many, many cameras and have used Photoshop and Bridge for years.  Even though the latest updates for Camera RAW says it can handle the T4i, I tried opening these files on two separate computers, both running Win 7 64 bit, and my having Photoshop Extended 5+ 64 bit on both computers.
I tried reformatting the camera card, wanting to eliminate that as a possible problem, and the same problem exists.Camera RAW will recognize all of my other cameras, the D Mark III, T3i, Nikon D2x, D3, D3X, so on and so forth, but not the T4i.
I stopped short of doing an image restore on that machine, thinking my installation of Photoshop must have been corrupted when I removed Elements and Preimere Elements, but no...I'm now on an IBM W701 with the same software and I have the same probem.

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Photoshop :: CS3 - Camera Raw 6.7 Not Working After Upgrading To OS 10.8?

Sep 11, 2013

I've been using Photoshop CS 5 with Camera Raw 6.7 on my MacBook Pro with no issues until I recently upgraded to OS 10.8. Now my Canon CR2 files (shot with a Canon G15) won't open. of a solution or work-around for this problem? 

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Photoshop :: Camera RAW 4.6 Plugin For CS3 On Mac - Download Not Working?

Jul 9, 2013

When I download and try to install Camera RAW 4.6 on my Mac (OSX 10.7.5, Safari browser) I get the following message"Could not complete your request because photoshop does not recognize this type of file." 

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Photoshop :: CC Up And Running But Upright Is Not Working In Camera Raw?

Jun 18, 2013

I have Photoshop CC up and running, but upright is not working in Camera Raw. 

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Filter Not Working Correctly In CC When Applied To Video Layer?

Jul 25, 2013

With Photoshop CC, when editing a video and adding a "Camera Raw Filter" to some video layer, the effect will be applied only to one frame and not to the whole video layer.
Should it not add that filter to the whole layer (e.g. all frames in that clip)?

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Photoshop :: Adobe CS6  Extended 3D Camera Rotation Timeline - Not Working?

Apr 10, 2013

I'm trying to create a timeline wherein the camera rotates in a circle around a 3d Object that is located at the origin of the Ground Plane. I click 3d Camera in the Timeline to create my beginning keyframe, I drag the time slider to the end of the timeline, and I Rotate the camera view around the Z (vertical central)  axis of the ground plane. I have the caps lock on so that the ground plane stays perfectly level as I rotate.) 

As I am rotating the 3d Camera, the entire scene appears to rotate around the Z axis at the origin of the ground plane, which is what I want the animation to look like, but this is not the scene that plays back. When I play back the scene by clicking the play button or dragging the time slider, it rotates off-axis around some other center of rotation, with my 3d object often rotating out of the scene.

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3ds Max :: Visible To Camera Option Not Working With Iray?

Nov 19, 2012

Any good workaround for Visible to camera option not working with iray? I need to hide one object from my render but still keep its effect on lighting. Even only just making the object not visible in the alpha channel would be enough (if the workaround doesnt mean rendering the image 2 times).

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Lightroom :: 5.3 And Camera Raw 8.3 - (Edit In) CC Not Working For RAW Or DNG Files

Jan 12, 2014

I just applied the Lightroom 5.3 and Camera Raw 8.3 updates and now am no longer able to open RAW or DNG files into Photoshop CC. When I select a file and choose "Edit In" Photoshop, photoshop will launch, then nothing will happen. After 2 to 5 minutes, an error will popup in Lightroom saying "The file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CC could not be launched." An error I've never seen before. When I click "Ok", Lightroom will show that it's "preparing a file for editing" in the upper left, it will create and save a psd to disk and in the catalog (another new behavior), then it will open in photoshop. All other file types (jpgs, tiff, psd) seem to work/open fine between applications. No difference if I open photoshop prior to selecting "Edit In". Selecting "Edit In" other applications, like Viveza, work fine.
I tried first deleting preference files in both applications. No luck. Ditto for plugins. Notta. Eventually I completely uninstalled and fresh installed Photoshop, Lightroom, and Bridge from the cloud. Same deal...can't open raw/dng files into Photoshop.
I'm on a PC running Windows 7 64bit.

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Lightroom :: Set Camera Defaults Not Working Properly?

May 15, 2013

I have set the camera default to a single image in Develop tab all zeroed out then save the profile. Restart Lightroom but the the images are always auto exposed with extreme Exposure ect...
I tried to revert back to defaults but this also does not work and all my images end up Auto exposed.
How do I clear this from Lightroom 4.4?

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3ds Max :: Camera Tracker Not Working - Disappear From Video Player

Apr 12, 2011

max 2012 camera tracker not work (i.e) the stepper dose nothing and trackers diapear from video player.

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After Effects :: Working With 3D Layers And Camera Only In Miniature Scales?

Feb 10, 2013

I'm matching 3D layers in AE to footage shot with camera. When I try to work with this I seem to work with sizes that AE can't cope with. In real life a layer should be 20 meters away from the camera. When I try to set these settings it jumps back to about 12 meters. ALso the camera can't be offset more than about -12000 mm (12 meters). That's no good. After Effects seems to work with tiny sizes. (you can't use meters or even cm as units, just mm). When I look in top view in my windows everything is out of reach. can't find the camera, can't find the layers. So...of course it's me doing something wrong and AE should be set differently, but how?

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After Effects :: Shadow Catcher Not Working With 3D Text And Camera Tracker?

Sep 3, 2013

I have a 3D Camera Tracker and 3D Text that I would like to have a shadow for in AE CC (CS6)

I created a light and a white solid.  I oriented the white solid to the plane of the footage and positioned the light such that I see the shadow cast on the white solid layer. However, I can still see the white solid (obviously, I only want to see the shadow) If I change the white solid layer settings to "Accept Shadows" from "On" to "Only" the shadow disappears along with the opacity of the solid.
I'm using the Ray-traced 3D renderer.

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Premiere Pro :: Creating Multi Camera Sequence Not Working - Not Making Sequence?

Feb 17, 2014

After selecting 2 (or more) files and right clicking and choosing Multi camera sequence from source,  I drag the newly created sequence on to the time line but all I get is the two files on the time line stacked over one another.  the sequence never gets created. 

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Photoshop :: Can't Open File From Nikon D7100 / Camera Profile / In Camera RAW Plugin

Sep 15, 2013

Can't open file from Nikon D7100 in Camera RAW Plug-In,i have Photoshop CS5 and plugin is upgraded.Format NEF from Nikon D 7100 is not in this plug-in photoshop.

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Photoshop Elements :: Camera Model Not Supported By Installed Version Of Camera Raw

Dec 22, 2013

I am using Photoshop Elements 11, using WIndows 7 Operating System. I have a new camera Canon Rebel T5i, and having problem viewing images in raw format (cr2).Message in PE11, states, "Camera model not supported by installed version of Camera raw."
Canon software views images. Suspect my minimum camera raw plug in version does not support this new camera..I am unable to locate in the software any menu item that allows me to view the camera raw plug  in version.

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Photoshop :: Choices In Camera Calibration Tab Inside Camera Raw Plugin

Nov 13, 2012

Have no choices in the camera calibration tab inside camera raw plugin. Use CS3 and Raw 4.6. Are choices only available in later version or PS? Also in Raw preferences choice for camera serial number and also setting as defaults. Where to enter serial  number etc.

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Photoshop Elements :: 11 Camera Raw Update Not Compatible With Camera

May 11, 2013

my PSE11 was working fine until i bought a new camera and tried to upload photos from my RAW files. It gave me this message
"Could not complete your request because the file appears to be from a camera model which is not supported by the installed version of Camera Raw.Please visit the Camera Raw documentation for additional information."
so i tried to install the update.... installed it fine, kept getting the same message when i would try to open the photo. after researching online i found the suggestion of uninstalling and reinstalling photoshop elements. i did that once, tried the update again...same results. uninstalled again. tried the update again and still getting the same message. ive checked the adobe website and everywhere i look says the version of the camera raw DOES support my camera (nikon D7100).

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Photoshop Elements :: Camera Profiles Are Gone After Update Of Camera Raw

Dec 16, 2012

After an, automatic, update to camera raw 7.3 in Photoshop Elements 11 all Camera Profiles are gone. All that is left is "Matrix". I use Elements 11, windows Vista on a 64-bit machine, my camera is a Nikon D7000.

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Photoshop :: Camera Profile In Camera RAW Plugin

Sep 14, 2013

I own a GoPro Hero 3 Black camera.  I saw the Russell Brown demonstration of Camera RAW to correct lens distortion (


  In this instruction, he takes images into Camera RAW and selects a tab called Profile, and it automatically detected the camera from metadata and made corrections.
I was sold, subscribed to Adobe Cloud, downloaded Photoshop and started following his tutorial.  When I got to the lens correction part, my Camera RAW has no Profiles tab.   Brown does say that you need the latest version, but I have assumed that since I just subscribed and downloaded, that I have that.

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Photoshop :: How To Create Camera Profile With Camera Raw

Jun 2, 2013

how can i create a camera profile with camera raw without x-rite or other third software?
i have a Colour Checker ,with different shade of gray and different colors
i remember about a script or something like that
i google a lot , but without luck
can i create my camera raw profile using a color checker with photoshop acr ?
i'm not sure but this should be the script [URL]....right? but i don't know how use it
is there a tutorial ? maybe a video to create a profile with camera raw.

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Studio Camera Animation - Camera Rolling On Selected Path

Jun 2, 2010

For some reason when using the path option in inventor studio for camera animation the camera rolls for no reason?? I have created two helical curve sketches around my product, the outer curve is the path for the camera and the inner curve is the path for the target. Both curves are the same height and have 1 revolution. When i play the camera it works out fine untill it hits 1/4 of the way through and suddenly flips 180 degrees so now the camera is upside down, once it hits 3/4 of the way it flips back again to the correct rotation. If i dont create an inner curve for the target and place the target directly in the centre of my product with no path to follow the camera spins all over the place when it follows the curve.

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After Effects :: 3d Camera Tracker Applying Key Frames To Camera And Not Null Object?

May 31, 2013

I don't know how to phrase it correctly but the 3d camera tracker inside of After Effects will only apply key frames to the null object. This causes the footage to rotate around itself.

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Photoshop :: Camera Raw Camera Profiles Does Not See...

Nov 25, 2008

I shoot photos with a Nikon D2X and my wife uses a Nikon D70. If I open a D70 raw file, and then go to camera calibration, the profiles available are for various standard profiles and D2X profiles. The D70 profiles do not show in the drop down list. All of the profiles have been downloaded, from Adobe, and installed.

If I open a D2X raw file, the standard and D2X profiles are shown in the dropdown box.

Have I missed something in the installation? Do the profiles have to be loaded somehow?

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Lightroom :: Camera Calibration - Specific Camera Models Not Listed

Dec 28, 2011

I'm an amateur moving up to LR 3 and have been trying to learn this program by reading the LR3 book by Scott Kelby. He shows that the Camera Calibration feature has some settings for specific cameras yet the drop down menu has none listed. I've upgraded to 3.6 and the images were copied from raw to DNG.

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Lightroom :: Missing Camera Calibration Profile For Supported Camera

Apr 7, 2014

I am relatively new to Lightroom.  I have imported Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 raw (.RW2) files into Lightroom 5.3.   When I go into the Develop module under the Camera Calibration the only profile that shows up is Adobe Standard.  My camera is supported according to the Adobe web site. 

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After Effects :: 3D Camera Tracker - Get Text To Only Move When Camera Moves?

Nov 23, 2013

I am working on a project where I am incorporating 3d text into a shot with an onscreen talent speaking to the camera.  I am trying to get the text to only move when the camera moves such as a pan or a hand held shake, making it look like it's part of the environment.  It will track with the camera and looks great until my talent /subject moves, then the text moves with the subject.  What am I doing wrong in my tracking?  I have looked up tutorials and articles searching for others who have had this problem and cannot find anything that replicates my issue.  Every tutorial I've seen does the same thing with fantastic results but I can never get the text to not move with my subject.

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Lightroom :: Get Camera Profiles Into LR4 And Camera Raw?

Sep 30, 2013

How to I get camera profiles into LR 4 and Camera Raw?

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