Photoshop :: Won't Cut Or Copy Making Selections

Feb 14, 2008

If I open a jpeg image in photoshop, I can't copy or cut it or anything from it. The "cut" and "copy" options under "Edit" are greyed out.

How can I cut and copy from an imported jpeg image?


Photoshop :: CS4 Wont Let Me Copy

Jan 15, 2009

I have CS4 and everything has been working great! I love it! The only problem is that for some reason now I can't COPY images out of my layers. I can paste anything but now when I select images from my layers, there is no option like COPY available in the EDIT tab. Some others seem to be missing to, such as FADE. My PC is definetly capable of running the program as it was for already a week perfectly.

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Photoshop :: Making Selections Around Hair

Jul 31, 2006

I'm having problems with sillouetting around people's hair. i want to put a different background behind this little girl and I can't get it work around her hair.

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Photoshop :: Making Smooth Curved Selections

Jun 27, 2005

I'm trying to make a site that has some nice curved lines in it with some transparent sections showing through.

I'm refering to the cool transparent sections in the image section that fade from completly transparent to opaque.

how to make curved lines like these?

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Photoshop :: Filling Selections With Selections

Oct 26, 2007

I am trying to fill a selection in one picture with a selection from another picture. I am having problems scaling the selection to fit exactly. i still have an outline from the other (previous) selection.

I opened both images up side by side, Adjusted the view on both to 33%, made my first selection, hit control + c, made my selection on the other picture (Exact same shape), hit control + v + shift, then edit>transform>scale, then shift+drag.

Can't get it to line up. I also tried layering the two images then reducing the opacity of just the selection, but photoshop reduces the opacity of the entire layer instead of just the selection,

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Photoshop :: Way Of Making A Merged Copy Of A Number Of Layers?

Feb 7, 2005

way of making a merged copy of a number of layers?

I know the Alt/Ctrl/Shft/E shortcut, but this requires turning evertything off except the layers to be merged. In a large doc with some layers already turned off, turning everything on and off quickly is not always straight forward.

Is there a way of merging linked layers perhaps?

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Xara :: Making Bitmap Copy Of Object

Jun 13, 2011

I'm using DPro7 and am having trouble making a bitmap copy of an object, with a 3 colour linear fill, each time I get a serious error message box.It works OK with a 2 colour fill,

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Photoshop :: Text Wont Appear In Box?

Feb 16, 2013

I just got photoshop recently on my new computer, on which I have never installed photoshop before. When I decided to use it for the first time, I started with the text tool, but found when I dragged the box area I wanted, I could not type inside it.

So I went troubleshooting, and no matter what I did the text stubbornly would not show itself. I have deleted and reinstalled fonts. Redownloaded photoshop. Reset preferences.

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Photoshop :: PS7 Wont Load?

Mar 6, 2006

I have tried every way possible. The short cut, photos, and psd. files and nothing. So I thought, maybe I should uninstall it and reinstall it. Nope! And I even ran Ccleaner, disk clean up and a rgistry cleaner/fixer uper and restarted before reinstalling. It will start to load and then it just drops off with no error message. Not sure what else to try. I have 91% empty space on a 250MB hard drive and more than enough memory so I dont think this is an issue. I havnt made any changes or installed anything that may have caused an issue.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Wont Install

Aug 17, 2009

have just purchased photoshop cs4 and can not get it to install,the autoplay pops up with :file access denied which tells me that there is something on my pc blocking it ,I have antivirus ,firewall ,antispam all turned of but still no go,so then went to root directory and clicked on :setup exe' and the install initializes and starts checking system profile and it gets to 90% then stops then nothing,

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Photoshop :: CS3 Wont Install

Oct 6, 2008

i had to reinstall my OS. yet agian and now my CS3 upgrade wont install , it dosent give an error message it just says on the crappy little window that there were errors installing and errors in the shared components.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Wont Start After First...

Jun 29, 2009

I have installed photoshop cs4 and when i start it, the terms of service comes up. I accept and it then goes and photoshop wont start up. I have had it installed on my pc before, I did a clean install but when i installed photoshop it just wouldn't get past the tos.  

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Photoshop :: Background Wont Go!

Nov 27, 2007

Used magic want to outline and then ERASE BACKGROUND tool.

the grey and white squares showed as usual

But when placing the image in a new layer the white background is still showing

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Photoshop :: Extras Wont Go Off

Jun 5, 2007

The first of probably many CS3 issue:

Extras: can't get them off. (lines -- guides)

I turn off, quit Ps, but they return on relaunch.

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Photoshop :: Trial Setup Wont Run

Mar 31, 2009

i don't know if this is the right place to post this but im having a problem installing the trial of photoshop cs4 extended. i have vista so when i click setup i right click and chose run as administrator. the window flashes then nothing happens but when i get to task manager it is running as a process.

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Photoshop :: Interface Wont Appear On Website

Jul 17, 2004

i have a interface i want to use on my website, it has 4 rollovers on it, i created the rollovers/interface with ps 7/image ready, when i try to upload it to my website it only shows my slices and no images, i have tried it by typing the html code image ready made into the webpage but still same effect, slices with no images or rollovers.

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Photoshop :: 3D Grid Wont Go Antialiased

Feb 17, 2004

upon the last step of moving the grid around, I got it to have a 3D look but the lines where horribly jagged. Very jagged. Yet the top photo shows a very nice anti-aliased grid.

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Photoshop :: Brushes Wont Work

Sep 9, 2003

They work when I use them as a pencil but wont work when I use the spereatley.

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Photoshop :: Action Wont Work

Sep 2, 2006

I'm trying to make an action where you could open a lot of photos and they would all be up in full screen mode at 100%.

But when I click record nothing happens. I select full screen mode, 100% -- wont record to the action.

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Photoshop :: Some Filters Wont Work

Mar 11, 2006

I create new file, add 1st layer, pick colors on color pallette, and try to do difference clouds or halftone pattern and i get an error message saying that nothing is selected. I click on the layer in the layers pallette to be sure that the layer is selected, and it still won't work. Is there something special i need to do? i know in older versions, you could just use the filter...

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Photoshop :: Wont Open PNG Or GIF Files

Aug 26, 2008

when i tried to opened the PNG or GIF files that i save earlier, photoshop CS3 just wont open it. It keeps giving me a messages saying "Could not complete your request because the file-format module cannot parse the file". I even reinstall the photoshop, but still receiving the same problem.

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Photoshop :: Hue And Saturation Wont Work

Jun 27, 2006

i cant change the hue and saturation for the last step, its just disabled.

Im using CS2 by the way.

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