Photoshop :: The Color Dynamics For My Brush Presets Is Locked

Mar 15, 2008

the Color Dynamics for my Brush Presets is Locked, how do I unlock it so I can use COLOR for my paintbrush, right now it is only painting in white!


Photoshop :: Brush Dynamics.

Jun 22, 2004

I want to disable Brush Dynamics for all brush sizes. I tried going to the Brushes window found on the top right of Photoshop and disabling it. However, if I change the size of the Brush, all changes become undone. What do I do to make the changes permanent?

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Photoshop :: Brush Dynamics

May 3, 2009

I just received the wacom intuos 4 and find that the pressure sensitivity with CS4 no longer works I have gone into brush presets shape dynamics and set the first option to pen pressure but the shape of the brush does not show any change (eg tapering at the ends) Is there a special setting that must be used to activate the pen pressure effect with CS4. I never had to do tis previously.

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Photoshop :: CS3 Brush Dynamics

Jul 9, 2007

cant find the brush dynamics.

I need to put in these settings:

Spacing: 25%
Fade: 25
Hue jitter:0%
Hardness: 0 %
Scatter:0 %

where the brush dynamics is or where I put these settings in?

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Photoshop :: Brush Shape Dynamics

Nov 25, 2008

Have CS3 on XP.

I am trying to get a pen stroke that starts out thin...gets normal size in the middle...and then shrinks back down to a thin line at the end.

In brush dynamics... I am able to get a thin ending on a stroke but not a thin beginning. Im using the size jitter control set to fade at 300 to get a line that fades to thin OK at the end...but I cant make the beginning thin!

I am trying to stroke a curved path for Christmas designs...scroll kind of looks...thin beginning...fat middle...thin end.

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Photoshop :: Brush Shape Dynamics Not Working - CS6

Jun 2, 2013

I simply cannot get the brush to taper with the preset or custom settings.


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Photoshop :: Transfer And Brush Dynamics Broken

Apr 26, 2013

I use modified versions of the standard round brush for my art. And just a few days ago when I started up photoshop, my transfer and shape dynamics tools were not working. I can tick them on and off, edit the sliders and such but it doesn't effect the brush like it should.
I tried re-booting the brushes and resetting the painting workspace but it didn't make a difference. I then uninstalled photoshop under the impression that if I re-installed it, it would load up photoshop with factory settings. But it just re-loaded the broken version I thought I had deleted and it has no icon now.

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GIMP :: Brush Dynamics Matrix Is All Greyed Out?

May 7, 2012

The brush dynamics matrix is all greyed out and there is no way to activate it. Maybe Im doing something wrong. I understand that you can either set the brush dynamics preset or set the matrix. Also the curve editor doesnt seem to be working either.

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Photoshop :: Brush Presets

Nov 29, 2003

sketching with pshop but I seem to have a problem with my brushes. I am using my tablet and set the brush to use the pen pressure. Works great until I switch to another brush size. Then when I go back to the original brush the preset is back to the original. Is this normal in 7? I seem to remember 6 kept the presets. Maybe I just didn't notice this little lack in the feature?

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Photoshop :: How To Define Brush Presets

Jan 12, 2004

i've got a little problem with defining custom brushes. i know how to do it, but i'm not getting quite what i want.

anyone know / have an idea how to solve this? (i'm using photoshop CS)

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Photoshop :: Printing Brush Presets

Mar 14, 2009

how to print my entire library of brushes. Or how to make them larger in CS3. Not when I go to use them, but just to view them. They are so tiny and I would just love to make a sort of catalog of them without having to open each one, paint with it, etc.

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Photoshop :: CS6 / Color Dynamics - Grayed Out

Aug 14, 2012

i have a cloud license for photoshop cs6 on the pc with windows 7. for my brush presets, color dynamics and dual brush (and some others) are grayed out. i cannot turn them on or off or lock or unlock them. I have one of the wet media brushes selected as i should but these items remain grayed out.

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Photoshop :: Recovering Custom Brush Presets

Sep 26, 2008

I read on Photoshop Help that custom brush presets are stored in a preferences file within the Documents and Settings folder. I had a few custom brush presets that I'd built up over a few years in CS2 on a computer (with 2 harddrives) that died 2 weeks ago. The data on the two harddrives were succesfully transferred to a new computer (in a folder called "Old Drive" which still contains all the CS2 settings). To recover those custom brush presets can I just copy the "Brushes.psp" file from the old Settings folder to the new CS2 Settings folder (which does not currently have a Brushes.psp file because I haven't made any new brushes yet)?

For that matter can I copy and paste all the individual old settings (Actions Palette, Contours, Favorites,Patterns, Color Settings, Custom Shapes,New Doc Sizes, PluginCache, and Styles) into the new to recover what I had before? What am I likely to mess up by doing that? Could I just copy and paste the old folder "Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings" into the new folder?

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Photoshop :: Brush Panel Versus Brush Presets Panel

Oct 24, 2012

From the Brush Presets Panel, I choose Basic Brushes from the drop down menu. Then Replace. The new choice of brushes appear in the Brush Panel and in the Brush Presets Panel.
But in the Brush Panel, additional brushes appear.
There are always more brushes in the Brush Panel than the Brush Presets Panel whenever I Replace. The Brushes Preset Manager is populated with identical brushes as the Brush Presets Panel. What determines the additional brushes that appear in the Brush Panel?

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Photoshop :: Proper Location To Store Brushes Or Brush Presets?

Jul 7, 2013

Illustrator has a user section. Photoshop CS5 will display your custom brushes in the preset manager.
I use a Mac OSX 10.8. When I download brushes and install them in the User/Application Support/PS/Presets/Brushes they will appear in the preset manager without having to 'load' brushes each time. Yet, when you make a new preset and save the .abr file you can not save them to the proper location since Lion has the library folder hidden by default.
For instance, when downloading brushes, it's easier to combined multiple sets into one presets. I don't want 20 different smoke abr files. Yet, I can't save them to Application Support.
No one has a clear understanding of how this works (at least not on the internet.) The best thread (from Adobe forums) I found from 2011 stated I should do the above steps, but then a few other users reported thats out of fashion.

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Photoshop :: What Color Space Are Color Lookup Presets

May 15, 2012

I've noticed that if I convert the same image to multiple color spaces and apply a 3D LUT with the new Color Lookup adjustment, the result is noticeably different.  From experimenting, it seems that the lookup tables operate on whatever RGB value is given to them no matter what color space. 

Is there a certain color space these were optimized for?  For instance, would a certain color space give me a more authentic 2-strip look than another because of the space they were sampled in?  And if I create my own 3D LUTs, would I have to create a separate one for each color space in order to get a consistent look in all spaces?

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CorelDRAW X6 :: Changing Color Management Presets Easily?

Sep 10, 2013

I run three different printing and engraving systems at the same time with my business. Each system needs to have a different color management preset selected or the prints are screwed up. Each time I open a file I have to go to tools..color management ... default settings. and check or change the preset. It seems like half of my day is spent doing this and from time to time I forget and screw up a print. Is there a macro or docker or something that will display what preset is in use on my screen some where and maybe even give me an option to click on it and change the preset? Each file is normally only for one particular system so if there is a way to save the file so that the preset that was used when saving it comes back up when it is opened would be useful too.

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Photoshop :: I Locked My Color, Pallete And Styles...

Jan 27, 2006

I think I right clicked on the tab and did not realize what I was doing until I saw them in the upper right of the screen.

How can I get them back in the toolbar that I had before... the standard one.

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