Photoshop :: Green Tint In Photos

Aug 18, 2009

I did a screen calibration earlier today.   And it went great and everything is perfect.  After the calibration I decided to work in Photoshop for some retouching.  Everything was great.  I closed out and then restarted the program a little later, but now the photos are coming up with a green tint.  But if I preview them in the Microsoft image viewer or paint or anything else they look fine. 


Photoshop :: Photos Get The Bottom Half In Green Or Yellow

Oct 24, 2004

Photos filed in My Pictures sometimes get the bottom half degraded. They get an over all green or yellow cast which I cannot get rid of. The pics start off OK but later for no apparent reason this cast appears.

Could it be connected with images that are scanned in? The camera downloads do not seem to be affected but I might be wrong about that.

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Photoshop :: Photos Opening In Blue / Green And Purple Colors As If Filter Applied

Oct 29, 2013

When I go to open photos - they are opening in blue-green-purple colors as if a filter is being applied.  The color pallette is also appearing with the same blue-purple colors.  In the layers pallette - the icon of the image appears in the normal colors and no filters, etc. have been applied.  It's all starting from when selecting the photo to be opened in photoshop. 

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Photoshop :: Coloured Tint

Jan 12, 2007

I have an image that I'd like to give a coloured tint to, let's say pink. Similar to desaturating the colour of an image, but with a coloured tint.

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Photoshop :: Tint An Image

Jun 24, 2003

how to make watermark images that goes at the bottom right corner of Special Folders such as "My Images", or "My Music". They talk about image tinting :

"The large watermark in the bottom right of the folder is 150x150 pixels. It's designed to be anchored to the bottom of the page. Tint the image blue (R71G94B148) and screen back to about 12% opacity with an alpha channel."

I don't know how to perform this blue tinting on my image in Photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Pink Tint

Mar 18, 2008

i dont believe its been like this the whole time i've had photoshop. but anyways. ANYTHING in photoshop has a bit of a pink tint to it. tho i can save whatever im working on, look at it with another app. and it will be fine. i have an example here.

right is the saved file. looks normal. left is the file viewed in photoshop, and has a pink tint to it.

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Photoshop :: Magenta Tint

Aug 21, 2009

I'm a Photoshop CS4 convert and until recently have been printing beautiful photos using my Canon Pixma MP800. Recently I got a new computer, a HP Z400 Workstation. Runs perfectly, except now I find that my photos are printing out with this disguting magenta tint. I've recalibrated the screen and made sure the proper printer drivers were selected, uuninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers from Canon's website, unset and reset my printer as the default printer, checked all my print settings and color settings in Photoshop, made sure I had the correct paper settings selected and tried both Printer manages color and Photoshop manages color, all to no avail.I've spoken to Canon Tech Support and verified that the printer is printing correctly. I've printed out pictures that I've downloaded from the internet and that are in my Sample Photos folder in My documents and the color is perfect. But as soon as I go to print anything that has been through Photoshop, the magenta returns.

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Photoshop :: Pink Tint

Aug 21, 2003

The version they have is 5.5, every picture I load has a pink and black tint to it. The pictures will load fine in the windows explorer browser. I looked in the manual but had to idea where to start.

why my pictures won't appear correctly on the screen after loading them.

I went to Image -> Mode -> RGB but it didn't change. I am opening .jpg files.

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Photoshop :: Redish Tint That Happens Only In PS CS2/3

Sep 17, 2007

I have recently installed CS3 and it seems every picture i throw in there will get a reddish tint to the skin of the person in the photo. Makes everyone look like they have a sunburn. I'm not sure if its some filter that is being applied or what. In the windows preview for this images I do not have this problem. Paint and Adobe Bridge CS3 also do not have this issue.

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Photoshop :: Greys Have Red Tint

Jul 29, 2003

I try to change my color settings but no luck. I changed my RGB settings to my monitor's default, and that corrected them, but my grayscale images have a redish tint to them. where I can download a new color management file?

Here is what I mean...

Greyscale in Photoshop

Greyscale in Paint Shop Pro

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Photoshop :: Remove Red Tint From Picture

Jul 18, 2008

I have taken several photos with an infared camera but for some reason when i have opened the photos they all seem to be very 'red'. These photos are important so i just wanted to see if anyone could offer me some advise on how to filter out the redness in photoshop to get the picture back to its original state.

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Photoshop :: How To Change Color/tint

Jul 14, 2009

I'm trying to change the color scheme on a model/figure I photographed, but I don't know how. I've done a search in the help field, but it pulls up a ton of unrelated articles.Example of what I'd like to do: I have a photo of a model jet that is red, black, and white. I want to change the red to blue without changing the overall look of the color. I'm not sure how to articulate this, but I want to maintain the hue, saturation and variation in the color. If I select and delete the red, then fill the area using the paint bucket the new color is flat and uninspiring.

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Photoshop :: Blue Tint When Print A Certain Paper

Nov 17, 2013

Recently I noticed that when I print on a certain paper (Epson Premium Ultra Luster Photo Paper) that a blue tint is being printed on the paper along with the image. This seems to be occurring whether I use a standard .icc file or a customized .icc file for this paper. Am using Adobe CS5 to manage colors, rendering intent relative colorometric. Am using an iMac with 10.6.8. and Epson 3880 printer. The only thing I can think that changed is I upgraded from 10.5 to 10.6 a few months back. If you look along the sides of the image below you can see what I'm getting.

Just for the heck of it, I just printed the same image with Photoshop Elements 9, and I am not getting this blue cast.

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Photoshop :: Bluish Tint On Screen When CS6 Running?

Aug 4, 2012

I just bought a MacBook Pro three weeks ago. I'm running Mountain Lion. Also, I have my copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6.
Something very unusual is happening. I'm a Graphic Designer and currently doing an Interior Design major. I calibrated my monitor perfectly. But now, ever since I installed CS6, every time I open Photoshop, a bluish tint sets on the screen, affecting every program running (browsers, for example) and it's very annoying (not to mention it disrupts any color calibration I made to my monitor). The only solution to this problem is closing Photoshop (the problem persists even if I minimize Photoshop to use another program).
I tried opening Illustrator and it works fine. Only with Photoshop this is happening.
I searched on Apple discussion boards for similar cases and found nothing.
What's interesting, I took screenshots to send them to a friend and the screenshots don't seem to be affected by this phenomenon.

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Photoshop :: Save As .jpg Give Greenish Tint

Feb 6, 2008

I shot a photo yesterday which has a reddish tint to it. This warm glow is very important to the image and I put a lot of work into getting it right. The image was shot as a DNG and manipulate in Photoshop, I saved it as a .psd for further manipulation or correction.

Now that I got it right I lowered the bits from 16 to 8 and saved the .psd as a .jpg and it looks great in photoshop, cant see the difference on my humble monitor. But when I open the same jpg file in another viewer like irfanview, that warm reddish glow is gone and there is slightly green cast over the picture which is totally wrong.

I tried it including the ICC and without, with save for web and save as jpg, always the same greenish tint which I don't see in photoshop.

How do I get a jpg with the same colors? I want to offer it as a print on, so I need a high quality JPEG with the right colors.

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Photoshop :: Blue Tint Added From PS CS3 To Acrobat...

Jun 27, 2008

Since I've upgraded to CS3, I've had this problem. Every document I design in Photoshop will look perfect but will add a blue tint to the canvas when converted into a PDF. It will do this whether the file is a PSD or JPG. It doesn't matter if it's text only or text and a photo. It only puts the blue tint on the actual PS canvas area, so if the canvas size is 5x7 and the document size I choose for the PDF is 8.5x11 then the blue tint is only on the 5x7, not the outer edges of the PDF - it is white.

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Photoshop :: Slight Tint When Saving Image...

Apr 15, 2005

I'm trying to save the image in Photoshop under Save for Web. However, the optimised images always have a slightly yellowish tint.

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Photoshop :: Color In The Tint Sliders In Camera Raw

Nov 6, 2008

I've seen color gradations in the tint sliders (which makes selecting exactly what color hue you're shooting for easier). Is this a feature only in CS3 and above (just like the histogram display in the curves palette)?

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Photoshop :: Images Have Purple Tint In CS But Not In ImageReady

Nov 5, 2004

Title about says it... last night I noticed that images in CS, especially ones with blues, have a pronounced purple tint.

I've Googled the subject pretty exhaustively and came up with nothing except setting the color settings back to the default (which they were at), making sure the color profile is RGB (it is), and taking Adobe Gamma out of my startup group (I did).

Blues show up fine in ImageReady, just look purple in PS. Very weird.

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Photoshop :: Tint / White Balance On The Old PS Elements 2

Jun 12, 2006

I am still baffled with matching the color - tint .

If I copy paste something on another image . I get crude red -green-blue + - world adjustments . I sample the color numbers to match still no luck . The saturation / Hue adjustments are semi helpful .

I end up with a flat gray bluish skin tone , Is their a color temp lighting corrector , talking from my kodak paper-photo printing 70s flashback years.

click path to fine tint / color correction for skin tones?

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Photoshop :: Type Text In Box, Entire Box Turns Red Tint?

Nov 27, 2006

When I try to type into a new box, the entire box has a red tent to it. How can I stop this?

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