Photoshop :: Curving And Bending Objects

Aug 10, 2004

I have a flower which I would like to bend or curve it. The flower is straight I'm trying to make it curve like a sideways U.


Photoshop :: Bending Objects

Jan 2, 2004

I have a stright gunbarrel I wanna bend like a "L" -

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CorelDRAW X4 :: Batch Curving Of Text Objects?

Jul 22, 2011

I've been curving my documents' text objects manually page by page, one by one. Is there a quick way to convert all the text present in documents to curves in one go? There must be a macro.

Windows 7 [64-bit], Core i3 - 3.02 GHz, 4GB DDR 3 RAM

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Photoshop :: Curving A Photo

Jun 24, 2003

I need to curve a panoramic so it fits into a curved sign. Any thoughts?

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Photoshop :: Path Curving?

Aug 14, 2009

have a problem with the path tool. When I do one curve and want to do another curve the same direction as the first. The second curve goes the opposite direction and if I try to twist the anchors so it goes the same direction the path goes all twisty and weird.

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Photoshop :: Curving Pictures

Aug 14, 2003

how I could curve images. I would like to have some images curve in without cropping it. I just want to make some picture curve in a circular motion.

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Photoshop :: Curving Text...

Aug 7, 2004

I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 and I'm having trouble figuring out how to make my text curved. I've looked for tutorials and the ones I find are all for Paint Shop (which I do not have).

how to curve text on this program?

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Photoshop :: Curving Blends Of Colours

Jun 12, 2008

look at the area that contains the globe. Behind it there is a blurred swirl of colours.

how this colour-blur/blend effect is achieved? I've tried blurring but it looks really poor.

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Photoshop :: CS2 - Curving Brushed Straight Line?

Jul 26, 2012

I am still using CS2, and I am having to break up my desired curved lines by repeatedly using the SHIFT key while clicking the next point along my desired curved line. I would like to know if there is a plug-in that would let me pick the starting point as normal, hold down the shift key while I move the mouse to the ending point, and then,after I click and get the straight line with the brush of my choice, I need a way to BEND that line in the pristine shape of a circular or elliptical arc. I need some way to indicate how much arc angle is needed (from a teeny bit to a semicircle), and also how much to skew it towards either of the end points.

The way I am doing this now is

a) create a new layer and draw the straight line, then, delete everything else on this layer but the line, then show the main layer and edit the 2nd layer with warp, and then, finally, use warp to bend and skew the straight line - after all that, I flatten the image back to one layer. The problem with this method is that warp doesn't hold the edges of my formerly straight line (with crisp edges) true, but introduces indentations and juttings which I then have to go and "fix up" by hand.

b) copy the image to MSPaint, and use the bezier cure to draw the curved line I want, and then, copy it back into CS2.

If there is a way to bend my straight lines drawn with my selected brush, and it would keep the edges crisp and smooth, then I sure would like to learn how. The problem with using "paths" and stroking the path is that I cannot see how it will look while drawing the path and, even after I stroke it, that ugly path line with its anchor and control points muddles the picture and I wind up having to delete it and go back. I need to be able to see the FINAL result of bending my curved line while I am adjusting it with no artifacts to interfere with my close examination of the result.

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Photoshop :: Curving Text Up A Curved Wall...

Jan 7, 2005

am struggling to curve some text (TEMPO TANTRUM) up a curved tunnel wall in this flyer I am working on.

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Photoshop :: Curving Graphics (similar To Text Along Path)

Sep 29, 2003

I am trying to make a CD cover graphic in photoshop.

I have a logo that has been flattened, and it is a standard rectangular shape. It would flow with the shape of the CD much better if I were able to apply a curve to it, similar to using the text tool along a curved path.

I have used the Transform tool which only allows changes in angles. I have also tried multiple filters...

Filter --> Distort --> Pinch

Filter --> Distort --> Polar Coord

Filter --> Distort --> Spherize

and none of these give me the desired FX. They only massacre the image.

Without redrawing the logo from scratch, is there any way to bend the graphic along this curve?

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Photoshop :: Text Bending

May 4, 2003

im trying to make a logo for my name and want to make it an iron cross with my name inside (EXAMPLE) but my problem is i cant get my text to go with the shape of my cross. i guess my question is is there an easy way to do this or do i just have to play with the warp text untill i get it right.

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Photoshop :: Bending Text?

Sep 14, 2006

i need to know how to bend text around something. i know i can use liquify but that is really aquard and it looks messed up.

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Photoshop :: Bending Effect

Jul 26, 2006

i'm designing a shirt with a bandana around the collar of the shirt so it looks like you're wearing one but i don't know how or what to use to make it look like it's actually on the t shirt!

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Photoshop :: Bending Rectangles?

Jun 11, 2004

how to bend a rectangle around a circle?

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Photoshop :: Bending Image

Nov 26, 2003

How do i bend an image?

I've got the layer with a bitmap and now want to bend it like that " \_/" . The transform options in "edit ransform" do not seem to be able to handel this kind of manipultaion.

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Photoshop :: Bending Lines

Mar 24, 2004

if there is a technique in Photoshop that will allow you bend a straight line, but have the curves is the line be smooth.

I tried Filter --> Distort --> Wave and Filter --> Distort --> Shear and it did bend the line, but the curves were jagged. Looking for smooth lines.

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Photoshop :: Bending A Pictre

Mar 28, 2007

way to bend a picture so it follows a path. Kinda in the way you can make text follow a patch, except with a picture. I'm designing something that will fit in a perfect circle, and I have a logo at the top, but I would like it to follow the curve in the upper part of the circle.

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Photoshop :: Bending Bars

Dec 14, 2004

Ok, what I have done is created two bars, and I want to bend them so they wrap around eachother, kind of like a strand of DNA, but have absolutly no idea hot to do it. Can anyone please explain how to do this?

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Curving Perspectives

May 21, 2013

I want to know if there is a way of making an item's perspective go around a curve, for example: I am busy with corporate branding and want to be able to create the logo and edit it to go around the mug, so the perspective cant just be linear.

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