Photoshop :: Cant Use The Type Tool Function Of Photoshop

Sep 8, 2008

Im using Photoshop CS3, every time when i try to use the Type Tool, it takes very long to load the mouse cursor to change into the big 'I', and then when i try to use it, as in i click on the page after the cursor changed into 'I', so i can type. Photoshop just freezes, and i have to terminate the program.

I don't know what is wrong with this program. It wasn't like this when i first used it. But now its like a annoying child that does the opposite of what i want.


Photoshop :: Type Tool Won't Type Anything...

Aug 16, 2009

the type tool won't let me insert any type whatsoever in JPG or PSD files. I click the type tool and then click somewhere on the image and all it gives me is a dot but no flashing cursor.As I said, resetting my prefs/settings while starting up Photoshop did not help.Another weird thing it does is that when I go to Canvas Size for a medium sized image, it says that the width is 588 inches and the height is 288 inches.

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Photoshop :: [Lost Tool Function]

Mar 22, 2008

It's been a while since I have been here. And have even slacked off
on working with Photoshop and Photography a bit, but I starting to get
back into it again. And finding out I forgot alot that I have learned.

I went out today and bought the Wacom Bamboo and it was/is working fine
other then me needing to get used to it an learn it. Mentioning this because
I'm not sure if it is related to my problem or not.

My problem is: Lost function to some tools like, clone stamp, paint brush, dodge/burn etc. I can click on them but when I try to use them nothing happens. But my history pallet shows it was used.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Line Tool - Modifier Function Seems To Be Missing

May 16, 2012

In previous versions of Photoshop, using the line tool had the advantage of being able to freely reposition the segment by pressing the SpaceBar key. This modifier function seems to be missing in CS6.
This really cripples the versatility of the tool for me. Is there a pref I've overlooked somewhere that restores this? Is this by design or is it a bug?

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Photoshop :: Pen Tool Stroke / Fill Function Not Working

Sep 8, 2012

I draw a line with the pen tool, right click and then 'stroke' the pen line with a brush (for example). I imagine I've done this successfully thousands of times but for some reason it just isn't working today (or yesterday actually!). When I right click then go down to 'stroke' nothing happens at all.
However it does work if I go into the 'paths' palette, right click on 'work path' and stroke the pen line with the brush.

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Photoshop :: Type Tool

Oct 13, 2005

i used the word tool to type.. and then i saved my design in .psd format. Sometimes when i open that .psd file, i couldn't edit the word that i typed. y is that so? anywhere i go wrong?

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Photoshop :: Type Tool

Aug 6, 2004

I am working on a project which need a 200 points Type tool but when I hoppen the rol down arrow the maximum I have is 72pt. Is there a way to add points in this roll down arrow?

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Photoshop :: Type Tool?

Apr 10, 2002

I hit 'F' twice to go 'Fullscreen'... then I hit 'Tab' to clear the palettes. From this point I decide to edit some text and hit the 'T' key to bring up the type tool..... with me so far?

I edit the text.... and then what??... how do I 'release' the type tool and allow others to be chosen?

there's no palettes to click because I've cleared them all.... All I have is the keyboard to tap on.

Currently I'm 'releasing' the type tool, by hitting 'Escape' ..... but then I lose all the new text I've produced....

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Photoshop :: Using Type Tool In CS3

Nov 13, 2008

I'm trying to type text and all I get is underlines with a blinking cursor...

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Photoshop :: Type Tool

Aug 21, 2007

I am having a very weird thing going on in Photoshop CS. Every time I turn on the type tool (horizontal) and try to use it, it won't type any letters, and instead when I strike the letter keys on my keyboard, it activates other tools based on their keyboard shortcut letters (such as L for lasso). I have tried resetting system defaults and still have this problem.

Another weird thing that happens is that when I try to type letters, the canvas turns pink, and the letters turn white (this might be connected to the keyboard shortcut for flood fill)

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Photoshop :: Using Type Tool

Feb 20, 2009

I am trying to make a watermark:

date and my name on the next line. I manage to do the 1st line ok, but pressing 'return' to do the second line - does nothing - or rather my cursor vanishes and the text box boundary is enormous.

I have CS3 and am on a Mac.

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Photoshop :: Cannot Use Type Tool In CC It Goes Black

Jun 22, 2013

I cannot use the type tool in Photoshop CC it goes black. Why?

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Photoshop :: CS5 - TYPE TOOL - Not Typing?

Feb 16, 2013

When I click on the "type tool" it won't type because the little square icon at the top will not maintain a color.  It keeps turning into a little question mark even after I choose the color type I want.  What is the matter with it?  The problem is with Photoshop CS5.

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Photoshop :: How To Enable Type Tool In CS5

Oct 12, 2013

This is ridiculous but I can't type.

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Photoshop :: Can't Get Type Tool To Work

Oct 25, 2011

Photoshop (CS3) I can't get the type tool to work like it usually did. I just get a straight line.

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Photoshop :: Initializing Type Tool

Nov 28, 2013

Every time I try to do something in Photoshop it starts to "Initializing Type Tool".

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Photoshop :: When I Use Type Tool PS Stopped

Nov 2, 2008

when i try to use type tool,photoshop stopped working. its photoshop cs3 ex

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Photoshop :: Type Tool Won't Go To Next Line -...

Mar 8, 2009

when i use type tool, i can generate letters, but when i press the enter button to start a new line, then it starts printing backwards. and i cannot place cursor on next line.
what are the leading, baseline, tracking and kerning supposed to be set at for normal display.

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Photoshop :: Type Tool...using A Notebook Pc.

Nov 2, 2002

Normally hitting the enter key (not the one on the number pad) while using the type tool would cause a line break. On my notebook it this doesn't happen. It basically does what it would do if you were to hit the enter key on the number pad on a regular desktop pc.

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