Photoshop :: CS4 - Saving Photo With JPG Extension After Editing

Mar 4, 2013

My wife and I use CS4. Lately after she edits a photo and saves it as a jpeg, something happens. It's like it doesn't save with the .jpg extention. When she goes to her pictures folder to open the file, there is a blank thumbnail and it won't open until she manually adds a .jpg to the end or sometimes it won't even save.

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Corel Photo Editing :: How To Export Batch Images Form CDR And Saving In Serial

Jan 23, 2010

I have a around 500 cdr(corel draw ) files, and each pages have around 20 images in it.

so what i do. select every single image on the pages then using convert bitmap option to save them on my computer. That consume my whole time in saving them to my computer.

Is there any fast option available to select all images at once and convert to bitmap 20 images and save in a number say 1,2 ...20

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Photoshop :: Hide File Name Extension When Saving

Mar 11, 2013

This might be a simple preference setting but I can't seem to make it work. In CS5 and I go to "save for web" like I would when I was on CS4. A lot of times I will click on an existing file so that file name will auto fill the new save name and then I'll add to it.

But now when I click on a file I get the file name and ext, how can I get just the file name to show in the input box and not add the file ext to the name? 

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Photoshop :: How To Save Photo With Specific Extension

Feb 12, 2013

When I try to save a photo to JPEG, i get iff.  When i try to save it as a TIFF file, i get PDF. where did i go wrong, and how can I get my PS CS6 (mac) back?

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Illustrator :: Setting Up Action To Save Files In CS4 - File Saving Without Extension

Sep 4, 2012

I'm trying to set up an action to save a batch of files I creating using the variables tool (as detailed in this video: [URL]), I'll go into the Actions window, and record myself  saving the current file in .Ai format, and then stop recording. Seems pretty simple, but when I set that action to run a batch on my dataset it saves all the files without an extension. Am I missing another step where I set the file format that the action is supposed to save with? I'm confused. I've tried this using a few different file formats and they all come up the same.
this is what my Output looks like:

and my simple action:

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Photoshop Elements :: Resizing Canvas For A Photo (TIFF) - Extension Color Grayed Out

Nov 26, 2012

When resizing the canvas for a photo in some but not all saved images the canvas extension color is greyed out. The particular photo is saved as a Tiff. Why is this and how can I solve the problem.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: Shell Extension

Aug 11, 2013

1. I did a clean reinstall of Windows 7 and then installed X6. Photo Paint works fine.
2. However, I don't see any CPT images in Windows Explorer. Just a Corel icon.
3. Uninstalled the Shell Extension. Then reinstalled first the 64 bit and then the 32 bit msi Shell Extensions from the DVD.
4. Windows still does not show CPT images.

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Lightroom :: How To Put File Name / Extension Number Right On Photo

Oct 8, 2012

how do I put the file extension number or name right on my photo for clients to order?

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Corel Photo Editing :: How To Remove Pixelated Edges From Low Quality Photo

Jun 25, 2012

Im using Corel Photo-Paint X5 and was wondering how to decrease or remove pixelation from the edges of a low quality photo? Iva attached a sample below

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Xara :: Photo Editing - Adding Star Field To Photo

Dec 17, 2012

Putting aside the fact that you really can't see stars at sunset, and that if Polaris ever shows up near a setting sun, it's the End Of The World -- it's equally easy to add the stars to a nighttime photo..Next. Am trying to build a collection of photo-editing tips on the Xara-Users forum -- [removed link -link broken and or requires membership to view]

Xara's a LOT easier to use than Photoshop. But it is different. I know Xara's really for vector artwork, but when you end up using it more and more for photo editing, it's useful to have a bunch of techniques in one place.

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Lightroom :: After Editing In Perfect Photo Cannot Unstack Edited Photo In 4?

Apr 21, 2013

After editing in perfect photo I cannot unstack the edited photo in LR4. The thumbnail shows the number of photos in the stack, but right click/expand stack has no effect. The edited photo is not showing.

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Corel Photo Editing :: Convert Photo Into Silhouette In CD?

Nov 18, 2011

is it possible to convert a photo into a silhouette in cd. I have been playing around with a few pictures but not getting great results, although they are improving each time. What I want to do is convert a picture of my neice  into a silhouette and maybe cut it in vinyl.

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Corel Photo Editing :: Sunlit Photo

Dec 11, 2013

DSCF3720-On top of South Mountain.jpg

This is the top of South Mountain. South "Mountain" is about 1,000 feet high. We like to think that we are living in the mountains so a good many hills and towns have the word mountain in their name.

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Photoshop :: CC - Smart Objects Do Not Update After Editing And Saving?

Jul 28, 2013

A file with smart objects. Whe I double click on the icon of the smart object a new filke opens with te content of the smat object.
After editing I choose to close and CC asks if I want to save the file.This is exactly like CS6 does but now in CC I am aked for a place on disk to save and the content of the original file is not updated.Is this normal behaviour or am I missing something?

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Photoshop Elements :: Photos Crops Itself After Editing / Saving

Aug 31, 2012

After i edit photo in elements 8 then close it,save it, it then crops itself... When i open it again about a fourth of it is gone from the bottom. What has gone wrong? It is all the photos i did (5)

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Photoshop Elements :: Editing Raw Video And Saving Individual Clips

Sep 4, 2012

New to Premier Elements 10.  Is there a way to save individual video clips after chopping up my raw video.  Or should I be using another program?  I simply want to convert a long video into shorter segments for my files and ease of future use. 

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Illustrator SDK :: How To Create Extension (flex - Extension Builder)

Feb 9, 2012

I'm learning how to create extension (flex - extension builder) for Illustrator and how to make it communicate with a plugin.

The samples provided in the SDK detailed how to load /unload extension from a menu item from Illustrator, and how to add / remove EventListeners to make the magic happen.
to sum up, this is something like that:
1- click on the menu item
2- load extension
3- add listeners
4- do your stuff......
5- remove listeners
6- unload extension
Basically my plugin is a module/service which is in charge of dealing with / modifying artwork tree. It has no User Interface.

My extension will have a user of this service.  
What I would like to do is to load my extension as soon as my plugin is loaded, and unload the extension when the plugin will be unloaded.

Or notify when extension is loaded or unloaded.

Is that possible and hw could I achieve that?

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Photoshop :: Best Way To Use SSD For Photo Editing?

Mar 26, 2013

Computer hardware newbie here: I do a significant amount of photo editing work and for a very long time I've experienced Photoshop, Bridge and Photomatix crashing constantly (usually due to insufficient RAM) or just generally taking forever (Bridge took forever to load the thumbnail/preview extractions in a folder full of images, Photoshop took forever to save images and Photomatix took ages to load/merge a set of bracketed photos).  Here are the typical error messages I'd get: [URL] ........
As a professional photographer, constantly running into that sort of thing is quite aggravating, so to hopefully avoid ever having to deal with that again I invested in a new custom built computer.  It's Windows 7 Professional 64 bit with 32GB of RAM and a 240GB SSD; I'm using the 240GB SSD as my boot drive/OS, all of my programs are installed there, and the page file.  My photos and data are stored on several HDDs.  I have yet to install any of my photo editing software (Photoshop CS6 Extended, Lightroom, Photomatix etc) to the new computer yet.
My basic question is this: what is the best way to take advantage of the SSD (and the computer in general) when it comes to my photo editing software?
1. If I have a folder of photos I'm working on, should I move it to the SSD and then work on them from there in order to take advantage of the speed of the SSD?  Would this make any difference in terms of speed if the photos are located on the SSD vs. an internal/external HDD? 
2. Most of what I've read online seems to recommend two separate SSDs, one for installing/booting the apps and one for cache/scratch.  Does it matter if I use my 240GB SSD for both?  
3. This is a fairly new computer and the SSD is already almost half full (102GB used, 120GB free) *WITHOUT* any of my photo editing software installed yet.  I'm concerned about how fast that remaining 120 GB may fill up.  As it fills up will I lose the speed advantage of the SSD vs. a regular HDD? 
4. Sort of similar to #3, but should I bother moving any of my other non-photo editing programs/caches off of the SSD to a HDD and would there be any major difference in the speed/lifespan of the SSD if I did so?  It's mostly Firefox and Chrome and their caches that I'm concerned may be a problem if they remain on the SSD.

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Photoshop :: Editing A Photo

Feb 8, 2007

I am trying to take this photo which has some nicks in it and touch it up.

Specifically the areas in the bottom left where the floorboard, moldings join. As you can see it's pretty out of line. I don't have to get it perfect, but am trying to ensure it's not a noticeable glitch. I have about 5 of these I need to do, so any help as to if it's possible and how I can go about it would be great.

So far I've tried using the smudge tool, copying parts of the real and pasting it over it, however with the angle it's beyond my skill to do this.

Also the other glitch in the window trim on the right side...

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Photoshop :: Editing Photo Layers In CS6

Sep 30, 2013

I used to have a photo editing procedure in CS5 - VERY easy - make layer on top and it was editable. Somehow I'm missing a step on CS6.

applying smart filter. There isn't adjustment layer option for this so I'm left with doing it on the background layer which isn't what I want to do. How do you open up the layer?

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Photoshop :: Editing Grayish Day Photo

Jun 22, 2011

what can be done to a photo that was taken in a partly cloudy day with the sun covered or against the sun so it looks more lively?

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Photoshop :: CS2 Crashes When Editing Photo On Mac OS 10.6.8

Jun 1, 2013

Photoshop CS2 crashes when editing photo on Mac OS 10.6.8. What is the problem? I worked fine before.

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Photoshop :: Editing Boarders In A Photo?

Aug 4, 2013

This is a picture made with the Instacollage app. I wanted to add two additional pictures. How can I make the boarders of the 2 additional photos (the 2 which are down) fit perfectly or almost perfectly with the rest.Untitled-1.psd

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Photoshop :: Editing Size Of A Photo

Dec 27, 2011

I have a photo where the orientation is landscape and I would like to make it a 5x7 portrait size orientation. Is there a way to do this without screwing up the entire photo?

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Photoshop :: [Detecting] Photo Editing ...

Feb 17, 2008

Is there any way to tell for sure if an image has been altered?

I got some pics and when I zoom in on some areas of it it looks like the pixels arent right would one suggest that the pics have been doctored?

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Photoshop :: Editing Family Photo

Nov 12, 2008

I recently had a friend take many photos of my family. Not one of the photos came out with all of us smiling and looking at the camera at the same time. Any suggestions of how to incorporate some photos together to make one good one? I have Photosho Elements 6 and I am pretty new to photoshop.

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Paint.NET :: Editing / Saving Multiple Images

May 20, 2013

If there is a way you can open up for e.g. 100 images then make changes to the image like Hue and saturation  then apply it to all the images and save them all? I do stop motion and have a lot of images that i need altered in exactly the same way but i need a more simple way than 1 at a time.

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Photoshop :: Best Graphics Card For Photo Editing?

Aug 6, 2012

I currently use Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4.1. I am in the process of having a new computer built just for editing my photography. The board will be an ASUS P9X79 with an intel Core i7-3820 and 16 GB memory. The technician would like a recommendation of the best graphics card for editing still images.
All of my work is done in RAW from a 5D MII. 21 megapixel.

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Photoshop :: Use Camera Raw 5.0 For JPEG Photo Editing?

Nov 20, 2012

I have Camera Raw 5.0 through Bridge CS4 and I shoot photos on my Nikon D40X in JPEG.  Should I NOT be using Camera Raw to edit my non-RAW photos?  Is it degrading my images?  I noticed when I did some editing and saved the photo, the new photo size was about 25% of the original JPEG size. 

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Photoshop :: Removing Editing From Shopped Photo

Jan 13, 2013

If I upload a shopped image (basic editing, such as curves and selective colors for instance) on a site which anyone could see (naturally) and download if they like, can a person remove all the edit work to the point where the image returns to its first form?

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Photoshop :: Photo Editing - Get (Blitzy Eyes)?

Jan 10, 2013

Is there anyway these "eyes" can be saved some how? Or atleast just so that they aren't so ****ing shiny.It completely ruins the pictures. Obviously they can't be saved, but just make it look "not so bad"

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