Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Text On X5?

Mar 22, 2013

Trying to follow tutorials to create text. They all say to choose type (vector, floating, or selection) from the box on the text toolbar. I have been over it with a microscope and can't find it. I have expanded all arrow flyouts - nothing.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Tryptich With X5?

Nov 30, 2013

I have some photos that might look good as a tryptich or "broken-up" into even more components of equal size and then framed separately. Is there a relatively easy way to do this with PSP X5? I saw a youtube tutorial on doing this in Photoshop that included overlaying some guide lines over the image and then repeatedly cropping and saving the resulting image.

I haven't found the right tool to do this in X5, though I assume such a thing exists. And I'm not sure how to describe the thing to file search. I've tried freehand cropping, but it is pretty inexact. Is there a way to get a more accurate sizing?

Also to those who have done this before. How important is accurate sizing of the component images? Is "close - enough" good enough? I keep wishing there was a wizard available where I could specify the number of rows and columns a photo could be broken up into and then have the wizard do the cropping and auto saving of the resulting image.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating CDs / DVDs

Aug 17, 2011

I have an HP Pavilion dv7 laptop with preinstalled PS Photo Pro X3, so no CD/DVD. I need to reformat my hard drive to make it dual boot Win/Mac but I would then like to reinstall PSP X3. Is it possible to create installable CDs/DVDs from the preinstalled (or downloaded?) version? If it's not possible, am I entitled to CDs/DVDs from Corel, or can I download and use my current serial number/registration info to activate the product?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Video From Still Images

Jun 30, 2013

I seem to have a ( ongoing) or a series of problems trying to create a video from still Photos or a video that I take with my little Sony cyber shot camera. I believe that the entire problem is the file extensions. I get UDF,MOFF,MP4 to name a few.

MY Camera produces MP-4 photos I download them as such do I have to change or convert them? I tried to convert some to wmv but that did not work . I get a message that windows photo viewer may not be working and could need an update if that is needed where would I get that? I need to know what has to be done . I use corel video studio x5 and also corel paintshop pro x4.on windows 7.0.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Preset Shapes

Oct 2, 2012

Is it me, or is creating a Preset Shape weird in X5. Haven't made any for years, then attempted to make one in X5. It doesn't work (might be a severe senior moment), the is no sub-layer to name.

This is what the Layers Palette looks like when using a shape made in X2:

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Textures From Images

Jun 29, 2012

Is it possible to create textures or patterns from images in PSP v7?

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 - Creating A Smooth Line

Dec 6, 2013

Up to now, I have been unable to find a tool within PSPX3 to do the following:

Suppose I have loaded a .JPG file into PSPX3. Now I want to draw a smooth curve on this picture by picking a suitable set of points in the picture that will be connected smoothly with a nice curve. All I am able to perform is drawing a somehow ragged curve by (approximately) moving the cursor along the envisioned curve, but this ends up just looking awful. From my math studies, I remember something that is called a (B-)spline curve. Is there any version of PSPX... that allows (B-)spline curves? Similar/easier: simple polygons?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Watermarks To Put On Pics

Jan 1, 2013

I am trying to create a watermark to put on my pics i know how to put them on the pics but do not know how to create one.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating DVD Cover From Scratch?

Mar 21, 2013

All i want to do is create a dvd cover.

(A) Put in dimentions of dvd cover. FILE>NEW..etc It asks me then; RESOLUTION PIXAL/CM ( what does this mean???? obviously i want the best output possible..but i have a range of photos taken from various cameras for my dvd cover to include...i dont know what resolution they are all sitting at? What do i do? Max it the highest..or the lowest?

And what the choice of RASTER/ VECTOR background?? I just want a plain background to then place into a range of different sized photos.

(B) I can cut out a photo etc...but how do i place some photos onto the blank dvd cover? Everytime i click on an covers the previous? and i cant seem to resize to whittle it work with it...can find my original dvd cover? Is this layer? If i put the blank dvd cover on layer 0?? or layer 1? Then what? I bring in a photo onto ...layer 0 or 1?

(C) Finally, Rulers...despite opting for dimensions in cm or indeed millimeter for my dvd cover...i just want to mark out exactly the front and back and side of it. How do I drag / get a rular to mark this out.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Custom Edges / Frames?

Dec 28, 2011

Using X4 on Windows 7. I'm trying to create a series of custom edges to supplement those already supplied in X4. I've created the edge ok and exported it as a frame and it works ok. The problem is selecting it in the dropdown menu under Image/picture frames. Whereas the thumbnails of the supplied edges have grey shading to represent the transparent section of the edge, mine don't, they are just plain white and that makes it difficult to know what edge to select. What have I done wrong? I've opened a couple of the supplied edges and they look similar to mine ie no shading.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating A Selection In Floating Object

Sep 10, 2013

This is something that I could do very easy with PS, just CTRL + click in the layer and the object get a selection around it. How I can create a selection for an "floating" object? Sometimes I need to remove some pixels around the object I cant find a way to select the contour of the object again.

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Paint Shop Pro :: PNG Files - Creating Portion Of Model

Oct 1, 2012

New to Corel and am interested in whats called png? I am a Sketch up user (3d cad program) and would like to create portion of my model that I can see through. is there a youtube video that would show me how this is done or explain in elementary term how to do this? I included a gimp video so you can see what I'm trying to do .


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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating A Black (or Any Solid Colour) Background

Jun 22, 2011

I have seen photos where the background is black. Is it possible to do this with Photo Pro X3 Ultimate? If so, how? I'm retired (read as "older" and not as sharp as a younger person) and new at digital photography.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Space Added To End Of Text / Text Off-center?

May 8, 2011

I do a lot of CD designs, and often I have my text centered on the front covers. When I put the text centered, however, PSP is added an extra space to the end of text, so when I center it on the canvas the text is actually off-center to the left. When I go into edit the text, there is no space on the right of the words to delete.

With the text selected this is how it looks: The right edge of the frame should be flush with the right edge of the last 'T'.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Make X3 Text Tool Remember Text?

Mar 22, 2012

Way back when I originally bought PSP X3, I used it for a short while then went back to X2. Mostly because the X3 text tool would not remember text I had used. Now I've recovered from a hard-drive death and want to move forward and use my X3.

How can I make the X3 text tool remember text?

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Paint Shop Pro :: When Use Text Tool / Text Cannot Be Moved

Sep 9, 2011

I have a .jpg file with an image, which I copied from the Clipboard. I now want to add text NEXT to the image. That is I now want to type text and position the text after is typed.

When I use the Text Tool, the text cannot be moved.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Text To Curves Rotating Text

Nov 15, 2013

I would like to create a number wheel with the numbers at 90deg to the circle but I cannot find any way to achieve this and it seems like something that should be doable within the text to curves feature.

Here is an example of what i would like to achieve.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Watermark In Text

May 7, 2013

I am trying to find a way to watermark my photos using text for uploading to the net to try and prevent image theft. Canon Zoom Browser adds text but only 1 pic at a time.

I have searched this forum without success and searched the internet without success except for Alamoon which does one pic at a time ok but to do in batches requires you upgrade at a cost of about half the price of upgrading to PSP x5.

I read a comment by a subscriber here dated 2010 referring to PSP x3 but it said that after going to Image->Watermarking->Visible Watermark, you have to load a "pre-made image ..." Where do you get this pre-made image from ? Remember, I only want to add a couple of words of text. Surely this is not beyond the capabilities of Corel? Alamoon does it very easily. It doesn't take numerous windows and dozens of clicks with multiple layers to negotiate etc.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Can't Get Text To Work

Jun 3, 2011

I just got psp x3 and i can't get my text to work all it dose is put the 1st letter in and the rest is blank or it put the 1st letter and the 2nd is blank then the 3rd one come up and the 1st letter is gone. I up new up dates in and it doing the same thing

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 And X4 Cannot Use ANY Text Other Than Vector?

Dec 11, 2011

have used Paint Shop Pro X3 for as long as it has been around and could always change text(select the text tool)from Vector to floating before actually typing the text. Now after not making any changes to psp pro x3 I it sticks on vector all the time. PSP PRO X4 Does the exact same as well. It defaults to vector and will not let me change to floating.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Adding Text In X3

Jul 13, 2011

When I was using PSP X I was able to add text to a template document simply by pressing the 'A' text tool, positioning the cursor, left clicking to open the text entry box and then typing (usually just the date), this I can't do in PSP X3 as the ' highlighted input box' hovers over a saved documents' previous input - (usually a month) and won't open or move without dragging the month with it. The cursor offers spurious flashes before leaving me with a flashing horizontal bar unable to proceed. The problem still occurs regardless of which previously saved and archived document I try to make adjustments to.

I had this problem too 12 months ago with a trial version which I had expected was a download fault but I think not. The routine still works fine on PSP X

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Paint Shop Pro :: Text Upside Down X4?

May 10, 2012

I'm having a problem in one project. When I enter the text mode there is a cross-hair with a t on an arc. When I type text it's upside down. I've tried adjusting the direction, changing fonts still doesn't work. It doesn't happen on any other projects.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Editing Text In Pro X3

Mar 11, 2012

I am running Windows7 64 bit and although I am fairly OK with most things in X3, there is one very simple thing that is baffling me! How do I edit existing text?

For example:

I create a plain white background.
Click on the "Text" button and add some text.
Click the green "Apply changes" and then do something else e.g add some graphics etc.

How can I then edit the text that was created (Correct a spelling mistake, change font size colour etc).

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Paint Shop Pro :: Vector Text In Script?

Feb 6, 2012

(PaintShop Pro v8.10)

I have a single vector text instance in my (PSP file) image. It says "cat". I want to make multiple copies of the image but with the word "cat" localized into different languages. Rather than editing the vector text via the "Text Entry" dialog box I was hoping to be able to do this with a script. The the idea is that I would have a copy of the script for each language, change the relevant text as required and run the script. E.g. For French, I would edit the script changing "cat" to "chat" and then run the script against the French image.

So first I wanted to identify the part of the script that I would need to edit. To do this I created a script as follows: I started the script recorder, change the text "cat" to "dog" in the Text Entry dialog box, saved the script, opened it in a text editor and searched for the text "dog". However, the word "dog" does not appear anywhere in the script. I don't understand this. Where is the vector text "dog" being stored? If I run the script against a different image that also has a single instance of vector text, it changes the text to "dog", so the script is working correctly.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Text On Vector Layer

Jun 27, 2012

I've been marking-up images with vector text (on vector layer) and have some issues. After clicking to position the text box, typing in text and then clicking the CHECK tool button to 'set', how does one go about deselecting that text object? It's not working smoothly here!!

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Paint Shop Pro :: Text Position And Matrix?

May 7, 2012

This part is logical. Add text to a vector layer and write a script to show the text and the position. From what I can tell, the Characters key is the text and the Start key is the (X,Y) position.

So far no problem, click the text 1 pixel right and the Start[0] increases by 1. Same with 1 pixel down and Start[1] increases by 1.

Now for the crunch... Rotate the text and Start does not change (no matter how much you move the text).

By trail and error, I find that the Matrix key changes.

Now, Matrix has 9 values and from what I can tell Matrix[0], Matrix[1], Matrix[3] and Matrix[4] somehow relate to angle. Probably sin and cos of the angle from the x- and y- axis respectively.

Matrix [2] and Matrix[5] do increase linearly with shifts in x and y. How does this relate to the actual position of the text

You can see a more detailed description of the problem and my sample script here. [URL]

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Paint Shop Pro :: Text On A Path On Image In X5?

May 26, 2013

On an image of the sea and sky- I want to Place a wavy line where the sea meets the sky Have the sea beneath the line and the sky above it Place text on the wavy line to follow its path

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Paint Shop Pro :: X3 Line Style Over Text?

Nov 1, 2012

Using text tool to add text on photos (jpg): Any way to disable Line style that overlays text, or make a custom transparent line?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Put Text Inside Balloon?

Sep 14, 2011

I am using Paint Shop Pro X - the last decent version that Corel made.

I haven't done anything artistic in Paint Shop Pro in a couple of years.

I am trying to put text in a balloon, on a photograph, to show what someone is saying.

Every single thing I try arranges the text along the outside of the balloon.

All three of my books on Paint Shop Pro X and Paint Shop Pro 9 (which is very similar), the help files, and everything I can find online, specifically discuss only how to put text along the outside of a shape, or along a curved line -even though the discussion topic and associated photos often clearly show cartoon text inside balloons in the normal manner.

One discussion does show specifically how to do it; unfortunately they are written for Paint Shop Pro 5 or something, and I don't get any such dialogue box to open when I click on either A thingy on either tool bar.

Specifically how DO I put text inside a balloon in the normal manner? By normal manner, I mean, like in this post.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Finding Text Options In X6

Oct 20, 2013

Using tutorial to create a transparent watermark, I cannot find "Create As" or "Stroke Width" options in my text tool menu. From the tutorial:

"On the Tool Options palette, choose one of the following text types from the Create As drop-list:"

"on the Tool Options palette, set the Stroke width control to 1.0 or greater."

I'm using Paint Shop Pro X6 64bit

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Paint Shop Pro :: Reverse Path Text

May 2, 2012

I am able to put text in a vector however, I'm having problems having text and then adding reverse path text.

What I would like to do is add additional text at the bottom of the circle but concave instead of convex. I hope that makes sense. I want to have the text at the bottom wrap around the circle but like a smile so the text isn't upside down.

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