Lightroom :: Library Filter Returns Images Of The Wrong Date?

Mar 1, 2013

I have just moved from v3.6 to v4.3. When using the library window, grid view, I use the filter bu selecting a specific date but images are being returned incorrectly. For example: When I select a date i.e. 25/05/2011, I have images being shown for that date but also others with a capture date of 06/02/2012. How can this issue be corrected?  I have over 60,000 images to review.

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Lightroom :: Smart Collection Returns Different Result To Library Filter?

Oct 18, 2012

I have smart collections simply gathering together all images with a specific star rating, very very simple! I have one for 1 star, one for 2 star and one for 3 star and above. So far so good, have been using these for ages - but - I have just noticed if I go to Catalog/All Photographs and place an identical Library Filter (that is the filter at the top of the library grid view) I get different results. In fact if I place an attribute filter that says "= 2 star" images only I can look at the strip that runs across the bottom of the screen and it says "All Photographs / 1056 of 1647 photos". If I then clear that filter and scroll down to my smart collection that applies the very same filter to the entire catalog (and I have triple checked this, no difference at all, I haven't said less than or greater to in here its the self same "=" only!) and it says "1066"! So the smart collection finds 10 more images than the other, identical filters working on the entire catalog If it wasn't for the number of images involved I would go though them and try and find the extra files by hand!

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Lightroom :: 4.1 - Get Library Filter To Show Images With Keyword Of Wildflowers And Empty Title?

Jun 5, 2012

I would like to use the Library Filter to show images that have a keyword of "Wildflowers" and an empty title.  I can do one or the other, but I can't figure out how to have two text filters ANDed together.
LR 4.1 on Windows 7 65-bit.

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Lightroom :: Original Date Showing Is Wrong

Feb 1, 2014

I seem to have a big (and very weird) problem with dates in Lightroom. This relates - for the moment at least - to images dating back ten years, to when I had my first digital camera, a Nikon D100.
My belief is that the photo in question, one of many, was taken at around 2pm on the afternoon of 17th April 2004. Note the following from the image (EXIF data):
- The "date/time original" shows 17/04/2002 13:58:48
- The "date/time digitized" shows 17/04/2004 23:15:29
- The "date/time" shows 17/04/2004 23:24:17
The same image in Windows explorer (see second image) shows:
> Date 17/04/2004 23:15
> Date Taken 17/04/2004 23:15
> Date Imported 17/04/2004 22:24
Given the subject matter of the image, it is 100% certain this image was in fact taken in April 2004.
How can it be, then, that the "original" shows a date two years earlier? Why would Lightroom use this field (the ONLY one showing 2002 when every other shows 2004)? And why does Explorer correctly show the date but Lightroom does not - surely if anything one might expect the opposite?
This is urgently needed to be resolved as I am making a photo book for my wife's 40th and, as it turns out, I am putting all the photos in all the wrong years!

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Lightroom :: 4.2 - When Importing / Folder Created With Wrong Date

Nov 29, 2012

I found a curious bug in Lightroom 4.2.
If I have pictures taken after 23:00, Lightroom creates an import folder in the next day, but the dates in the files are correct.
Example: The file's date is: 29/11/2012 23:19.
However if I hover my mouse over the image in the import dialog:

The date that appears is 30/11/2012 00:19. Here's the detail:

 After you import, you get the image in the wrong import folder, but the meta on the image is correct:
I've started to notice this before, but always thought of a wrong date on my camera. Just noticed that this happens with my camera, iPhone, and any other photo that has a time after 23:00.

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Lightroom :: Import Is Reading Date / Time Wrong?

Aug 3, 2013

I'm using Lightroom 5.2RC. My camera is Sony RX100M2.
Everything was working fine until a few hours ago. Then I noticed that a few shots I took late this evening were being imported into yesterday's folder. So I carefully checked what was going on, and noticed that LR import was seeing an incorrect date and time for the file! For example, below you see the date/time it sees for the first image -- that date/time is wrong.
: LR sees the wrong date/time whether I try to import from camera, from SD card in card slot, or WiFi.
Windows Explorer reads the correct date/time of the files, as does the camera, Playmemories etc. Only Lightroom is seeing a wrong date/time. I even uninstalled LR and reinstalled it, and it's still seeing the wrong date/time in import. I have also formatted my card and took new photos, but same behavior.

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Lightroom :: Wrong Date On Created Folder When Import Photo?

Jun 6, 2013

Sometimes (atleast 2 times) when I take photos late, butween about 10-11 PM they are created in a folder with the date for the following day.
Last time this happend was yesterday (2013-06-05). Almost all photos was automaticlly in folder for 2013-06-05 for the import but 10 photos shot between 10.07pm - 10.43pm was put in the folder 2013-06-06.
Im using Lightroom 4.4 Swedish version.
Is it at date/time-proporties in Lightroom which is wrong (not Swedish-time) or what can it be?

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Lightroom :: Wrong Date And Time Of Imported Video Files?

May 20, 2013

LR 4.6 shows wrong Date (1988-02-07) and time after importing. Explorer shows the exact date and time of craeting the file. File type is MOV, camera Leica M (240).

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Lightroom :: 4.3 Importing Photos From Camera Into Folder With Wrong Date?

Mar 4, 2013

I import photos direct from camera (5DII) into Lightroom 4.3 the folder automatically created in Lightroom is one day out from the date photo created. Camera, computer and metadata info of file all have correct date. Windows 8 OS.

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Lightroom :: Filter By Portion Of Date?

Jan 30, 2012

I'm searching for a way to see only photos that were shot at a specific date but any year. More specifically I'm thinking of a "today in history" kind of filter that would let me see photos that were shot on current date throughout all the years. Is there any filter option/plugin or anything else available that would let me achieve that? Doesn' matter if I have to type in a date or if it is automatic. I have tried text search but it seems I can't find partial dates that way.
Using Lightroom 3 (latest version).

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Lightroom :: Title And Time / Date Appearing Over Photo In Develop Or Library Screens?

Jan 7, 2013

I must have done this when I was trying to do some other keyboard shortcut and got the wrong one - and now I can't figure out how to get rid of it. But a few weeks ago, I did something and now the file name, date/time and image size appear in white text over the top-left of any photo I have in the Develop or Library screens:

So you can see "_MG_0955.CR2" and the other details in the clouds there. How to get rid of that? I can't find anything in any of the menus. I'm on Lightroom 4.3 for Mac OSX Mountain Lion.

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Lightroom :: Library Filter In LR5

Dec 3, 2013

I am using the library filter in Lightroom 5. I have flagged some photos and want to use the filter to find these photos.The filter is including both the flags and the star rating. I only want to search the flags and don't know how to stop the filter from using the star rating at the same time.

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Lightroom :: Library Filter Not Turning Off?

Apr 23, 2012

Converted to LR4 last week.  This morning, I started it, and went into the library.  The open catalog has 31000 images.
The Library Filter is OFF.  (the thing at the top of the thumbnails).  The filters arse OFF  (the filter thing below the thumbnails)
I select "All Photographs" in the catalog, and I get 0 of 31002 photos.
Pull down "View" and uncheck "Show Filter Bar" so now there's NO filter bar at the top of the thumnails.
STILL have 0 of 31000 photos
If I select a folder, I get those images.  If I select a keyword, I get those images.  BUT, if I select "All Photographs" I get 0 photos.
I presume there's been a switch or something changed in LR4 that's causing this.

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Lightroom :: How To Add Options To Library Filter - Metadata

Dec 8, 2012

I would like to add some fields to filter on in the Library Filter section of Metadata.  I do not see an option or a way to do this natively in LR. I am running Windows 7 64 bit with LR 4.2.

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Lightroom :: Where Is Photo Count In Library Filter

Nov 2, 2013

This is from an online tutorial and is a typical view of the Library Filter. Notice that there are photo counts to the right of each of the search criteria. For example, All (2 Cameras) - 487 photos. Canon EOS 5D - 404 photos, etc.
Now notice a screen shot from my iMac with Lightroom 5.2 on OX 10.9 Mavericks.Notice that there are no photo counts after the search criteria. WHERE DID THEY GO? Or for that matter, were they ever there in this iteration of LR?Incidentally, I am aware the count will appear in the filmstrip (see the next photo) but that is not nearly as useful.

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Lightroom :: Filter Search In The Library Module

Nov 26, 2013

When I do a filter search in the library module, the quantities are no longer appearing at the right side of the columns.  They used to, but not in the past few days. I can not find where to fix this...

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Lightroom :: Searching For Collection Name Using Library Filter?

May 8, 2012

How do I search for a collection name using the library filter? Or through a different search tool? I am hoping that I can just type in the collection name to have it be brought up or highlighted for easy access.

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Lightroom :: Library Filter Text Entry Is Non-standard?

Aug 2, 2012

See the below text box, which I frequently use to retrieve lists of requested photos.  This box does not comport to industry standards.  When you click on it, the last whole word erroneously becomes highlighted --I expect the cursor to be positioned at the pointer so that I can add or insert text. Instead my first keystroke erases the last entry!  Additionally, the undo/redo keys (ctrl Z/Y) are non-functional. Applies to at least the last few versions.

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Lightroom :: How To Sort Or Filter Only The RAW Files In A Library Folder

Feb 16, 2014

Is there a way to Sort or Filter only the RAW files in a Library folder that have had adjustments made to them in the Develop Module?   Not by date, key words or flags etc.  Only develop adjustments.

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Lightroom :: Library Filter (Metadata) Defaults - Change

Aug 15, 2013

I have been using LR each and every day I have never once utilized any of the four default terms cooked-into the 'Metadata' Library Filter  ('Date', 'Camera', 'Lens', 'Label').
Is there a way for me to set up new metadata search terms as defaults so I don't have to putz w/changing the same-old-same-old each and every time I open this filter?

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Lightroom :: 5 - How To Remove Date On Images

Jul 25, 2013

How can I remove the date from my photos in Lightroom 5?

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Lightroom :: Library Filter - Photo Count Missing On OS X Mavericks

Nov 23, 2013

When using the library filter on metadata no numbers are shown anymore, even not after clicking restore default presets?

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Lightroom :: Selecting Images In Library Module When Multiple Images Are In View

Dec 3, 2012

I've been having problems selecting images in the library module when multiple images are in view (not down in the timeline, but in the main window). It seems sporadic with which ones it won't let me select, it somehow manages to be the ones that I need to click....!! I just literally can't click it as if it were an image I already imported or something, but it's not grayed out like that. I've been having to select a nearby image then use my arrow keys to navigate to and click the image I need.

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Revit :: Export To Cad Has The Wrong Date

Oct 16, 2013

Currently when I "export to Cad format" "dwg" the resulting file is created with the wrong date and time.

I am exporting a view of a floor plan with the naming convension "Automatic - Short" and the "Export views on sheets and links as external references" turned off. When i proceed the resulting file has a date of June 25th 2013 at is October 16th , 2013 at 9:08am...according to my computer.

I've tried multiple times over the last couple weeks and have had the same result.The weird part is if I switch to the "Automatic - Long (Specify prefix)" or "Manual (Specify name)"  naming convension the date ends up being correct.

The fact that the naming convension doing this and not any of the other settings makes me think it is a Revit issue and not my computer.

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Lightroom :: 3.6 Sublocation / Location Metadata No Longer Lists Entries In Library Filter

Jan 22, 2012

In Lightroom 2, I entered data into the Location field. When I transitioned to 3, the Location field then changed to Sublocation in the Default metadata panel, but it had my data in there. Recently now the Location column in Library Filter does not list the entries in this field, it just shows everything as Unknown Country. How do I fix this, or have the data show in the Filters?

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Lightroom :: 5.2 - Sort (ascending / Descending) Keywords In Library Filter Default Columns?

Sep 26, 2013

How do you sort (ascending/descending) keywords in Library Filter Default columns?  Lightroom 5.2.  Mine begin with Z; I have seen others that begin with A.

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Lightroom :: 4 Exports Images To Wrong Folder

May 11, 2012

My rig includes Windows 7, Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen 3 with i7 2600K, 16GB DDR3 mem, SSD drives, fast Radeon video card.
I'm using Lightroom 4, just upgraded, have this problem:  when I export to Folder1> Subfolder 1, it puts the export images in the next up hierarchical folder, i.e. Folder1.  I select the folder I want in the Export dialog, and I don't have any subfolders selected or created, but it always sticks the shots in the next folder up the tree, it's happened every time I've exported.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: Wrong Date On DWG To PDF Files

Apr 18, 2013

I've recently begun using the "DWG to PDF.pc3" plotter/printer for making PDF files of my AutoCAD 2013 drawings because it's quite a lot faster than using the "Adobe PDF" plotter/printer that I have been using up to now.

But today I noticed something very odd: After I create a PDF file using the "DWG to PDF.pc3" plotter/printer, when I go into Windows Explorer (the file manager) and click on a file to select it, the file shows the "Date Created" and "Date Modified" as being "11/27/2007 9:11 AM" even though the file was actually created today, 4/18/2013 at 3:01 PM. If I right-click the file and select Properties, the General tab shows this incorrect date and time for the Created and Modified data, as well as the Accessed data, which you can see in screen capture 1 attached.

Before you ask the obvious: yes, my computer's date and time ARE set correctly. This is as if AutoCAD has some sort of "internal" clock that's set to the wrong time, the wrong dthe wrong year, and is assigning that wrong information to the finished PDF file... very weird. 

And then opening the file in Acrobat itself, when I click on the File menu and then on Properties, the Document Properties window appears and shows the data contained within the file: and it is the CORRECT Created and Modified date & time! You can see this in screen capture 2, also attached.

So it seems as if the "DWG to PDF.pc3" printer/plotter is creating the file correctly, and placing the correct Date and Time data inside the file for Acrobat's use, but is coming up with this bizarre time on a date over 5 years in the past as the data that Windows "sees" in the file's Properties.

I'm simply baffled by this. It wouldn't bother me so much except for the fact that we make many corrections and updates to files without changing or "dating" the file name, and my boss frequently asks me to sort the files within a folder by the Date Modified, so we can find the latest revision.

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Lightroom :: Why Does Date Created Metadata Change When Images Exported

Mar 18, 2013

why does the Date Created metadata change when images are exported?  How do I stop it from changing? I must have a preference set up wrong.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Wrong Date Sections In Organizer?

Jul 31, 2011

While working with some photos taken this summer, I noticed a strange issue where Organizer is sorting pictures by Date (using Date Created/Oldest) and showing a few pictures at the top under the correct date section (for example July 19th 2011), but then breaks to a new date section indicating July 28th 2011, in which the rest of the pictures in the folder are displaying - even though these pictures are still all from July 19th.

I've attached a link to a screenshot to make it clearer to understand: [URL]

I'm running X3 on Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

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Photoshop :: Wrong Date Inserted In File Properties When Using Save As

Dec 18, 2012

Photoshop CS6, running on 2006 iMac, OS X 10.7.5. Opened a .tif file (which did not have a Date File Created in its file properties. Saved it as a .psd file using "save as". In Bridge, Date File Created shows 12/31/03 7:00:00 PM.

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