Photoshop :: Tile Printing With High Resolution Printing?

Oct 2, 2006

i have an image that is 28' wide by 60' high. i have to tile print it, but i have to print it out on film (see thru acetate). it has to be able to print at 1400 dpi. i know how to print at 1400 dpi on adobe photoshop, but i dont know how to tile print on that program. i have the image now in illusrtator, because it lets me tile, but i cant get it to print out for film (1400 dpi). im using a epson 1280 printer.

i really need to be able to tile print this in high resolution on film. anyone know what i can do??

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Change A Photo To High Resolution For Printing

Mar 11, 2014

How do I change a photo to high resolution for printing it on a metal sign?

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AutoCAD Inventor :: Printing Drawings At High Resolution?

Apr 16, 2013

We have created a complex Inventor drawing (Inventor 2013) of a very large plant item which we need to print at about 2AO to put up on a wall for training use. We want to create a high resolution PDF file of the drawing first and then print the PDF having checked the quality and resolution in Acrobat Reader.

We have tried exporting to PDF but we found that the colour shaded fills, behind the lines, are too compressed and the resolution very poor. We tried increasing the paper size but this did not work.We have tried creating a plot file by printing to file using the driver of a large roll feed plotter and then creating a PDF from the resulting file. This was a little more successful but still a long way short of the resolution or line quality we require. When you zoom in the curved lines are very jagged and the colour fill still not good.

We tried printing to a generic Postscript driver but this was even worse as we didn't have enough control over paper size or resolution.

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AutoCAD LT :: How To Plot Tile 24 X 36 Into 8 Pages Of 8 1/2 X 11 For Printing

Aug 27, 2000

I am test driving LT2000i and currently use AutoSketch.

I do not own a plotter and would like to know if It is possible to "plot tile" a 24 x 36 into 8 pages of 8 1/2 x 11 for printing from a Cannon C3500. If not, do you have any suggestions on how to manipulate paper space to print 8 areas of model space to obtail the same result as "tiling" in AutoSketch?

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Photoshop :: Printing High Quality

Jun 6, 2007

I'm trying to prepare an advertising piece and I'm trying to print out a mockup from my HP color laser jet. My question is, how can I get the printout to appear as it does on the computer screen, whenever I print it out now the resolution is really low and fuzzy. I want it (it least the text and other computer generated material like boxes, e.g. anything but pictures) to appear very sharp.

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Photoshop :: Resolution For Printing

May 11, 2006

I noticed that my resolution is set to 72.

Is there a way that all pictures can be set to 300 dpi for printing?

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Photoshop :: What Resolution For Printing?

Dec 4, 2005

resolution (pixels/inch) of images in photoshop intended for print with an inkjet printer. Obviously, the higher the resolution the better, but there has to be a cut-off at some point (since infinity is not an option). So, what do you think the cut-off is to where there isn't a noticeable difference?

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Photoshop :: Canvas, Resolution And Printing

Sep 26, 2008

If I make the resolution of a photoshop document canvas 300 PPI (pixels per inch), will it still print out at the original dimensions I set the canvas to? I am asking because I tried a target canvas size of 594mm width by 841mm height on two separate photoshop documents, one at 300 PPI and the other at 72 PPI and it resulted in a huge size difference between the two documents targeted at the same image size. I want to know if they will print at 594mm x 841mm regardless of resolution.

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Photoshop :: Printing At Higher Resolution?

Oct 21, 2004

Im printing this on an Epson Stylus CX4600. It supports 1440DPI Printing. Ive tried setting the resolution in photoshop to 1440 on the printer section (edit/preferences/units & rulers). Ive tried printing on photopaper, glossy photopaper, matte paper, and regular paper. Ive set the printer for best quality, normal quality and everything in between. But still everytime I print, it does not look as it does on the screen. It prints out fairly blurry, you cant read any text thats on it, except the top part, and thats even blurry.

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Photoshop :: Resolution And Printing With Out Interpolation

Jul 27, 2004

If I want to to print an image at a certain size in photoshop but do not want to have the image resampled up or down I can basically do this

1. go to image, resize and uncheck the resample image box and type in the resolution at which I want to print = lets use 300ppi just for kicks.

2. Now that will depending on the resolution of the image this will resize the photo the the max size that can be printed at that print resoultion- period. Then is the image is say 5x8 and I want to crop to 4x6 I can set the crop tool to 4x6 and leave the resolution fields blank, to crop with no resampling. Is this correct so far?

Now want I need to know is how do you do the math to figure out max print size from a given resolution- if I have an image that is 800x640 say- how do I convert that to inches to see the max size that can be printed without resampling- am I just dividing both fields by ppi?

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Photoshop :: Enlarged Resolution Printing

Dec 6, 2007

i have copied several pictures from the Internet sites which are around 72 dpi . Now i wants to get these pictures printed. So please advice me what should i do to enhance its Resolution as these pictures needed to be enlarged (some of them). B coz if i enlarge these lower respolution pictures,

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Mudbox :: Using Extremely High-res Mesh For 3D Printing?

Mar 8, 2013

I'm trying to find a way to export my mesh to any programs that can convert my mesh to STL, preferably optimized like ZBrush is able to do.

However, in order for me to reach the desired detail amount in Mudbox I have to subdivide the mesh quite a lot and if I export the file as OBJ it is bigger than 2 GB.

If I try to import that model to ZBrush for instance it won't load because it doesn't support my amount of RAM. Is there any way at all to convert that big file to something more optimized or simply to STL without giving up on the amount of detail?

In other words, is there a proper way to use an extremely high-res Mudbox mesh for 3D printing?

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Photoshop :: Changing Resolution Of Images For Printing

Mar 15, 2008

I have just started producing photo books, and I am very pleased with the results. But then I realised that I should have changed the resolution of the images I sent to the printing company from 72 dpi to 300 dpi. I have just sent another book with all the images changed to 300dpi which should be good. But ..... I didn't do anything with the "resampling" tick box - I just left it ticked (mainly cos I didn't understand it). Should I have unchecked the "resampling" tick box?

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Photoshop :: Printing / Resolution / Document Size

Nov 9, 2008

I was designing a membership card for a company and set a resolution of 300 and I can't remember what document size I set originally.

Anyway, my sizes now are as follows:

Pixel Dimensions: W 700, H 410
Document Size: 5.93cm X 3.47cm
Resolution: 300 pixels/inch

When I save my psd as any image type, my image is MUCH bigger than 5.93 x 3.47. How can I save it so that it is the size I want, but still the good image quality (resolution) and so I get the same size when I print it.

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Photoshop :: Printing / Resolution / Document Size

Nov 10, 2008

I was designing a membership card for a company and set a resolution of 300 and I can't remember what document size I set originally.

my sizes now are as follows:

Pixel Dimensions: W 700, H 410

Document Size: 5.93cm X 3.47cm

Resolution: 300 pixels/inch

When I save my psd as any image type, my image is MUCH bigger than 5.93 x 3.47. How can I save it so that it is the size I want, but still the good image quality (resolution) and so I get the same size when I print it.

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Photoshop :: Printing Wrong Dimensions / Resolution

Mar 9, 2008

I need some help printing in photoshop cs2. I create a 5x7 image at 400 resolution and when i go to print, it does not print as a 5x7 image. When I go to print, i select 5x8 paper so i am not sure what i am doing wrong.

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InDesign :: Low Resolution Printing From CC?

Feb 13, 2014

A print job with complex shaded / patterned backgrounds is no longer printing correctly. It works fine when the job is sent to Acrobat where the backgrounds print correctly to the same printer. Is there a setting I should be changing?

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GIMP :: Printing Is Low Resolution And Not To Size

Dec 11, 2011

I drew up a logo design a while ago and when I finally printed it, I realized I know nothing about scaling my drawing to an actual real printed size. Is there a way to know the size in inches and/or a way to see it on the page (i.e. a print preview). Also, when I do print, it's majorly fuzzy for some reason.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 :: Exporting Files As High Quality JPG For Large Scale Printing?

Apr 17, 2012

exporting my CorelDrawX6 files as a high quality jpg for large scale printing purposes.  In X4 it was very easy - just export as usual to the highest quality cmyk jpg and open in Photo Paint... now when I export this way it takes forever to bring up the preview page and most of the time it ends up being blank.  Sometimes even crashes.  I have played with all options in the filter dialog menu that I can find but nothing works.  Thought it might be a file size problem but never had that problem in X4 and anything under 200dpi will not be high enough quality.

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Xara :: Change PNG Export Resolution To Something More Suited For Printing

Apr 1, 2011

I export pngs almost exclusively from Xara. I have always opened them in PSP and changed the resolution to 118.50 (about 301dpi) so they are print ready.

I have to make over 21,000 arrows (sob) and having to open each and every one of them in PSP is not something I am looking forward to. There is a way to change the png export resolution to something more suited for printing.

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GIMP :: Business Cards - Printing Low Resolution Poor Quality

Oct 28, 2012

I'm designing business cards and made my image to scale but when I try to print it says there are resolution problems. I'm not sure what to do. I set the print size to 3.5 inches wides by 2 inches tall but every time I upload it to the print company it say low resolution poor quality.

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Photoshop :: Convert Low Resolution Image To High Resolution

Aug 25, 2007

I am a Photoshop newbie and I have a series of graphics (all 72dpi from a website) that I would like to print in 300dpi. Is it possible to take a 72dpi .jpeg or .gif file and easily convert it to a higher resolution printable graphic? If Photoshop can't do it, is there any type of program that can?

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Lightroom :: Convert Colour Profile Of Custom Printing Package From Pro Photo To SRGB Before Printing

Oct 30, 2012

How do I convert the colour profile of a Lightroom custom printing package from Adobe Prophoto to sRGB before printing? For that matter, how do I save the thing? I have no interest in saving the template, or the collection separately, since neither has any use without the other. And without saving them as one finished item, I have no way to convert the colour profile of that item. I can see clearly from the appearance of the print preview that the above mentioned colour profile conversion is required.

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Photoshop :: Big Low Resolution To Small High Resolution

Oct 23, 2004

i have some big .jpgs with low resolution say 10x10 inch at 72dpi.

is it possible for me to convert it to 2x2 inch at 300dpi?

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GIMP :: Create High Resolution Version Of Low Resolution Texture Used In A Game

Nov 17, 2012

I'm trying to create a high resolution version of a low resolution texture used in a game. I've found a pattern that I think is acceptable, from a real image.Now the question is this: how can I colorize the large image to that it is as resemblant as possible to the original one? I've tryed a simple colorize, but the result is not so good...

Original texture:


The image to be colorized:


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Mudbox :: Multi-tile UV And High Poly Count

Jul 26, 2012

I've been trying out making an alien character in mudbox.

When I have textured a multi tile uv layout for the character and saved, I come back the next day to work on the file and the UV's look like the attached file - the image for uv 0,2 is the same as for 0,1 and 0,3, the tiling worked fine while I was painting though. Is this a bug or is it something I'm doing/incorrect setup/etc. I'm using the standard install with its default settings.

I would like to have a model with a high poly count to work on, my model is 2mil polys at the moment, if I try to divide to 8 mil the app really slows down, Is there a way to get mudbox to handle more polys smoothly, I'm running 64bit Mudbox 2013 with 6gig of RAM and a 1Gig video card (ATI Radeon HD 5700). In an ideal world I'd like to go to 32 mil polys to take advantage of the 4k maps I'll be outputting - am I aiming too high with this spec? I'd like to get some nice close ups of this char and render out at 1080p if possible

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Photoshop :: From Low To High Resolution

Nov 26, 2007

I created a graphic to use on the web (72 dpi), client called and now they want to print it postcard size so they can mail it out. The Original image is 480 x 611.

Most of it is just text and a few rectangle marquee boxes to give color. There are three pictures used. What's the quickest way to replicate this? can I just create a new document at 300dpi and drag all my layers(except the pictures) into it from the low res one or do I have to recreate everything?

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Photoshop :: Saving High Resolution PNG In CS6?

Sep 13, 2012

I just installed CS6 and am trying to save a high resolution PNG in Photoshop. When I go to File > Save As there is no longer a PNG option available. How do I save a high resolution png?

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Photoshop :: High Resolution Image In CS5

Dec 5, 2012

This may seem a simple issue , but i want to make a picture that is 140mm by 170mm using an existing hi res image , i've put the sizes into a new document in ps.
I then dragged the high res photo i need into Photoshop, the photo is 6144pxl by 4113pxl so is very large, but when i drag it to PS it goes really small about a quarter of the size of the new document template, i then drag the image to to my new correct sized document template but i have to enlarge it , which in turn makes it go blurred.

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Photoshop :: High Resolution PDF Gets Striped

Mar 17, 2005

Well, now to my Q. My wife works in a print shop and she has been working with PS for a few months. And now she stumbled upon a problem. As the heroic husband I am I promised to help her out. Now, gathering the forces of good I hope for a happy end...(yes I just saw the Incredibles)

She creates a gradient from 0% black to 100% black. The area is an A4 (210x297 mm). When she save this image as a high-resolution PDF the gradient gets striped. Both when viewed and when sent to the rip. Are there any secrets yet to be revealed about the PDF export?

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Photoshop :: CS4 With A High Resolution Screen

Jan 10, 2009

I am running CS4 on an 8 processor, 3 GHz machine with an nvidia fx3700 and a screen that offers 2600 x 1900 resolution. With all this power, the package is much slower than CS3 on a lap top. One can actually see the action of one's paintbrush trailing centimetres behind the cursor.

Well, we can perhaps live with this, with the leaping menu bar and the many other oddities until Adobe fix the thing. However, what isa truly hard to accept is that it is impossible to resize the tool icons, symbols on the tool bars, silly menu stud-type things of floating menu items so as to allow work at high resolution. Drop down menus follow what we have told Windows to apply, and are thus legible. Anything in the application GUI is, however, invisibly small at 2600 x 1900, Even MS Office 2000 - ten years old - allows you to resize the icons and tools, for heavens sake, but it appears that a modern package that is aimed explicitly at people who work with images cannot do so. It all seems deeply retrograde, an instance where 'new' equals 'worse'.

Perhaps I have missed something: so does anyone know how to resize the various menus and tools so that they can be read without a magnifying glass?

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