Photoshop :: Separating Bright Red Ornament From White Background

Oct 7, 2013

I have created a path around a bright red ornament and it's white background. How can I clip it out?  I just need the ornament.  Nothing is working.

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GIMP :: Take Product Pic And Put It Onto Bright White Background?

Jan 7, 2012

I run an online store and each product has a pic.

I have taken a picture of my new product which shows basically the floor as a background- put the product on the floor then took a pic.

I need to take the product pic and put it onto a bright white background-that's it.


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Photoshop :: Separating Text From Background

Mar 8, 2012

I am trying to recreate my company's logo. The text I want to use in in the form of an eps file. I want to pick just the text off the white background and paste it into another Photoshop document. I was trying the magnetic lasso tool but it wasn't seeming to cooperate.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Change Bright White Areas To Color

Dec 5, 2013

In Elements 6, every time we try to change bright white areas to another color, it doesn't work.
No matter what color is picked, the result is always an area of dark, charcoal gray.
Evidently, the program does not recognize Bright White as a color.
Is there a way to make these changes using this program?

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Photoshop :: Darkening Background (sky) As It Is Too Bright?

Nov 30, 2013

I want to darken the background (sky) as it is too bright?

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GIMP :: Separating Image From Background

Jun 15, 2011

Tried using this tutorial: [URL].......

trying to separate non-contiguous letters from a background so as to make the background transparent. I've used various methods including the gimp tutorial referenced above, and am having problems both selecting everything I need and with the transparency.

When I use the foreground select tool as in the tutorial, I can select the first line, 1812, but not the next two. Color values off some? Anyway, after successfully selecting at least the 1812 part, I do the next steps: invert the selection, add alpha channel, del background; and end up with a transparent background and a 'kind of' transparent 1812. If I try to save it as a png and open it in any other program it's just empty or black.

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Photoshop :: How To Change Bright Blue Background To Neutral Grey

Nov 12, 2013

I pressed some command key in error and got a bright blue background in the application frame around the image I've got open in Photoshop cs6. How do I get it back to the neutral gray?

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Photoshop Elements :: Change Background Screen Color In Full Edit - Gone From Grey To Bright Pink

Sep 13, 2013

How do I change my background screen colour in full edit, as it has gone from grey to bright pink!

I can't see where I need to go to change it back to grey!!

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Photoshop :: Remove Text And White Background And Fill It With Its Respective Background?

Sep 22, 2013

Remove the text and the white background and fill it with its respective background ?

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Photoshop :: How To Cut Image From White Background And Place On Black Background

Aug 24, 2011

I seem to be having problems when I lasso round a specific part of a photo taken with a white background and then try to add that part of the image to a plain #000000 black background.

I always seem to get a white outline around the image when I place it on the black background, even when its on ZERO feathered. I don't like using feathered as it adds a smudge round the outside of the image.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Accurately Place Ornament In Four Corners?

Aug 22, 2011

When creating a tile to make a seamless pattern, how I can accurately place an ornament in the four corners so that when the pattern is applied as a fill everything matches together  perfectly.

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Photoshop :: How To Change Transparent PDF Background Into White Background

Oct 23, 2012

I have some text documents in PDF format and would like to edit it in photoshop CS5, but each time I open them up in photoshop, the background seems to be transparent (tiny grey and white tiles), which is very eye tiring when editing/annotating with a wacom pen, how to fill the background total white?

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AutoCad :: Create 3D Drawing With White Background - White Surfaces And Black Lines Only

Sep 23, 2012

I would like to draw parts in 3d view which look very basic, i.e. out of a book.


white block with black lines so you can see it is 3d.background should also be white.

How do i set autocad (2012/2013) to do this. I would like the model space to be the same and not just for printing.

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AutoCAD 2013 :: White Crosshair / Pickbox On White Background?

Sep 28, 2012

I am using a pdf underlay to trace over and whenever the crosshair or pickbox enters a white area it does not shift color to black to remain visible. This leaves me picking randomly trying to guess where the crosshair or pickbox is. If I change the 3dconfig to disable hardware acceleration, the color shifts, but the pdf is whited out. Not to mention the fact that by disabling hardware acceleration, I'm wasting the expensive video card on the machine. Is there a workaround? updated driver? service pack?

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GIMP :: How To Take White Background Off Of Picture Using Select Color On White

Feb 4, 2013

Okay so I'm trying to take the white background off of a picture using the select a color on white, but it takes out a lot or the fur and eyes(it's a picture of a cartoon cat) How can I remove the areas of can from the selection without removing the pieces of cat too.

It's creative commons, so I guess I can post screen shots...

The cat is from [URL]...

A general idea of the selected area

What happens when I take out the selected area

So how can I take the pieces of the cat out of the selected area so when I try to delete the background I don't get an invisible cat?

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GIMP :: Change Background Of Logo From Off-white To White?

Nov 7, 2011

I created a logo and then opened it as a layer so that I can make a website header image. It is shown here [URL] and as you can see the background is an off-white colour. It is probably unnoticeable to many, but I would prefer to get it right. How can I make the background a pure white so that it blends in with the white of the wordpress theme?

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Illustrator :: White Text With Shadow On White Background?

Feb 19, 2013

I have a mac with Adobe Illustrator and I am just learning how to use this stuff. How to accomplish what you see below - white text that has shading/shadow and is on a white background?

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Photoshop :: Remove Blue / White Rectangle Leaving Blue Swirl On White Background

May 16, 2012

Ok so i have this image (Attached) im trying to remove the blue rectangle and the white rectangle leaving the blue swirl on the white back ground, iv tried using content aware but it comes out really bad, maybe im doing it wrong will some one be able to look at this for me, maybe it came out wrong because i have the blue swirl and content aware doesn't work correctly with it .

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Photoshop :: Getting Rid Of White Background

Aug 11, 2013

I need to use a image from the web for a art project. I cropped out the face in photoshop and tryed to paste it into illustrator to use on my work but I can not get rid of the white background. How do I crop it so that I have only the image and no background so that I can use it in illustrator as a new layer?

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Photoshop :: Background Not White

Feb 17, 2013

I am using Photoshop CS4 on a new ultrabook running Windows 8.   My video card is up to date.  However, on this computer I cannot get the background to show up white.  It shows up off-white or creamy.    I thought it might be the screen, but the images print with the creamy color.   I reset the color picker to 255-255-255, and also reset my preferences.

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Photoshop :: Why Do I Get A White Background When

Jun 2, 2009

When I open my company's logo (an EPS file) in Photoshop, it has a transparent background (the "checkered" one), which I DO want.  But then when I Select All/Copy/Paste Special into my Word documents, it comes over with a white background.  I do not want this, especially because the Word document has a gray background. So what happens is, the logo looks like it has a white box around it.  HOW do I copy and paste this EPS file into Word so that the background stays transparent?? 

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Photoshop :: How To Make The Background White

Nov 13, 2012

How do I make this background white (I think that's what needs to be done).  When I post on a webiste the background is black or dark and you can't see the image.

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Photoshop :: Smoothing Out A White Background

Mar 9, 2012

I was wondering how to adjust a background. Enclosed is a photo that I'm trying to manipulate to a perfect white background.

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Photoshop :: How To Remove White Background

Jun 28, 2013

I am trying to incorporate some business logos into a brochure I am creating. The problem is, most of these logos have a white background. How can I remove this and make a transparent background?

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Photoshop :: Can't Get Rid Of White Background Layer

Jun 7, 2011

A friend had an image created, of a star, and cannot get hold of the person who created it. She's asked me but i have a problem, how to remove the background so you just have the star so that you can layer it on another background? I tried this a few weeks ago, changed it onto a transparent layer. Weird thing is when you put it onto another background, the transparent layer suddenly changes to a white background!

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Photoshop :: Tattoo On Background Of White

Oct 30, 2011

I've been wanting this tattoo on a background of white for some time now and since I am incapable of doing it myself I have came with the request of one of you making this. Here is the base picture on the far right there should be a perfect view.

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Photoshop :: White Letters In Red Background

Jan 28, 2007

I am fairly new to Photoshop and am using CS2. When I use a web header with white letters on a red background, it appears that the red has bled into the white letters. It doesn't make any difference in I save the file as a gif or jpeg. This takes place even when the file is saved at 100% quality.

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Photoshop :: White PSP Background Needs To Be Transparent

Jan 11, 2005

I've got three layers that all seem to be set against a transparent background, which is what i want. Only, when i flatten them, the layers appear on a white background, not transparent. No where on any of the layers is it white, so i can't figure out why this is happening. the outside edge is jagged, thus i can't just crop the picture. How in the world can i keep the transparent background when i flatten?

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Photoshop :: Get Rid Of White Background Pixels

Jun 23, 2004

whenever i copy and paste something into a new layer i have all these while pixels that where copied along because of the rectangular marking. is there any way to get rid of these pixels ending up with only the pixels that make the object i wanted to copy?

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Photoshop :: White Background In Tga Files ?

Nov 1, 2006

I was using ps7 , I installed photoshop 8 cs and now when I open a recent (transparent bg) .tga file it comes as background layer with white background ? instead of transparent bg. This wasn't a problem in photoshop 7.

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Photoshop :: Removing White Background

Jul 1, 2009

Philadelphia Color on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

All i want to do is remove the white so that I can put in a blue sky. I have selected the white (with quick selection) and deleted it. I even unlocked the layers, so once I delete I see the checkerboard. I try to place the image in Illustrator. The white comes back!

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