Photoshop :: License Activation/Deactivation

Jul 19, 2009

I have Windows XP with Production premium installed. I also have a laptop with Windows 7 RC, with parts of Production Premium (programs i use the most) installed on it too. I've done this to test production premium on Windows 7 as my secondary computer usage of the license (Single User).†However, Windows 7 will eventually be deactivated on my laptop early next year by Microsoft, so my question is, if i tell production premium to deactivate on my laptop, will it affect my primary instalation on my XP PC? I do plan to get 7 for my PC as a full-use OS to fully replace XP when it comes out, but deactivating the product then and reactivation after instalation of 7 should work fine,


Photoshop :: CS Activation License Missing

Feb 13, 2008

I have been running Photoshop CS - Windows for years. However, now, while in the middle of work, I get a window that says;"the configuration for the activation license is missing. Please uninstall and reinstall this application". I have done this but still get this window.

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Photoshop :: Deactivation Denied!

Jun 28, 2009

I'm not talking about the "deactivate" menu being greyed out or anything. I can select it and then tick the checkbox to erase my serial-number, but when clicking on "Deactivate" and answering with "Yes", it takes about 2-3 seconds before I get a "Deactivation denied" message.†I tried to call Adobe Support, but the woman I got on the phone was completely useless. She didn't understand what I wanted to do, and wanted to provide me with new activation details. I explained to her three times why that wouldn't work and she simply skipped ahead to the next useless response in her database.†Here is what I'm trying to do:†1) Deactivate the entire CS4 Master Suite.2) Make a backup of the my HD3) Clean-install Windows 7 RC (can't upgrade from Vista Business)4) Install and activate CS4 Master Suite on Windows 7.†If that works (including my other important software) then I would continue using that machine until Windows 7 final is released in October and then I would need to repeat steps 1-4 again (you can't upgrade the RC to the full version).†If that doesn't work (or one of my important programs doesn't work) then I would use the back-up and re-activate CS4.†Why is there a limit for deactivations? I've activated/deactivated this serial number perhaps 2-3 times. Since I always deactivate before activating a new computer,

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Photoshop :: Deactivation Option Missing From CS3

Apr 28, 2009

I'm trying to move an installation from one PC to another.†It's a single-user licence (I think), it has a serial number and has been activated over the net.†So I need (again I think) to Deactivate it on PC #1 before I can activate it on PC #2.†The online help says that under the Help menu I should see a Deactivate option. But I don't.†The options under Help are Photoshop Help, About Photoshop, About Plugin... , Patent and Legal notices, System Info, Photoshop Online, and a whole load of How-to's about using the product.†Can anyone advise how I can deactivate and move this installation?†The product version is 10.0.1 and the OS is WinXP SP2.

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Photoshop :: Harddisk Crashed Before Deactivation;...

May 4, 2008

We have 3 Photoshop CS3 licenses at my workplace, and we didn't record which machine have which license. Then a week ago one of the machines broke down and it was too late to deactivate. So now we are having a trouble reinstalling the program.

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Photoshop :: Deactivation Denied. Error Code: 194:1

Jul 27, 2009

Upgraded my BIOS to the latest version and my mirrored raid freaked out.¬† So, I have to resetup my raid, reformat my drives, and reinstall windows.¬† During my "closing up" of my current windows install (backup any other data, deactivate software, etc), Photoshop's deactivation software is giving me:†Deactivation denied.Click this link for help troubleshooting deactivation problem.†Error code: 194:1†For the record I've only previously deactivated this particular piece of software once in the past, and this is the only machine that it's installed on.¬† I can't do anything with my machine until I get this deactivated and after being on hold with adobe customer service for near a half an hour, I feel like I'm getting no where.†

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Photoshop :: CS4 License

Jun 4, 2009

I downloaded the trial for it and when I tried to open it, I got the License is expired messages so after looking online for a while, I found a License Recovery program. So I ran that and I did everything it said twice and it still won't work.Is there a solution to this?I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling numerous times already.

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Photoshop :: Mac / PC Activation?

Aug 11, 2012

Will Adobe allow me to activate my software (PS6) on a MacbookPro laptop *and* my Windows desktop?

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Photoshop :: Activation Not Available For CS

Dec 31, 2012

I am still running PS CS on Windows 7 - it does all that I need.  I just cloned my system disk to a SSD and had to make some changes to the virtual memory settings as a result.  PS CS now says that the machine configuration has changed and it needs to be re-activated (yawn). 

However when I try to activate online it says 'the activation system is not available at this time.'  Is this because it's not possible to activate PS CS any longer, or is it genuinely just broken today?  I have retired over a period of a couple of hours.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Activation

May 18, 2009

how to disable a registered copy of Master Suite? I currently have it installed on both my laptop and my desktop. One day my desktop's hard drive corrupted itself and would not allow my pc to boot no matter what I tried. So I ended up doing a low level format to my drive and reinstalling the operating system along with master suite. I was not able to deactivate my desktop's CS4 install because the computer was not able to boot into windows. Formating did not disable my copy of master suite, so when I restalled master suite it claims that I have it running on three computers yet, I have it only running on two computers. I installed it on to same pc, with the same operating system. My big question is, how do I disable the defunct copy of CS4 that is not working so I can use my fresh install of CS4 and my current install of CS4 on my laptop?†Please help.†PC specs: Intel Q9450 @ 3.6GHz (8 x 450FSB) / Abit IX38 Quad GT / 8Gb G.Skill @ 5-5-5-15 1000MHz / 2X 8600GT's (Core 700Mhz - Mem 760Mhz) / 2X Seagate 500GB (RAID 0) + 2X Seagate 1.5TB / Creative Labs X-Fi / PCP&C Silencer 750W / Lian Li V2000B Plus II / Vista Ultimate X64 SP1

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Photoshop :: PS CS2 Activation

May 23, 2008

I'm trying to install Photoshop CS2 for a client, but when I launch the application I get the error: "An error has been detected and activation cannot continue. Please restart your computer and reinstall the application"

I've already done the obvious thing to reboot and re-install the application with the same error. I tried deleting temporary files to no avail. Is there any other solution I should try before I re-image the machine?

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Photoshop :: CS2 & Activation

Aug 19, 2009

Does the CS2 version of Photoshop actually do anything when you click the 'activate' option in the Help menu? Mine does not. I attempted to activate it via the phone system as well, and it asks for an activation number that should have been provided during installation, but does not appear anywhere on the registration page or anywhere else in the software.†I've tried to contact Adobe, but from what I've seen on the Support boards, I may never hear from them. Allegedly (according to the support site) I should get an initial response via email within 4 hours of submitting the ticket (never got that) and some sort of informed reply within 3 days.†So far, not a thing. Trying to contact them by phone results in literally hours listening to bad muzak and an automated system, but no human contact.†Does anyone have any info on this? I realize it's an older version, just trying to determine if this is normal behavior for that version, or if perhaps the vendor needs to be visited by the Men in Blue.†

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Photoshop :: CS Activation

Mar 31, 2005

I have a Photoshop CS installed in my computer but the 30-day grace period is gone. I tried to re-install it to continue practicing with the software but still it won't allow me to use it.

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Photoshop :: CS3 Activation

Aug 21, 2009

I've got CS3 installed on a computer and a few days ago I installed Fedora and accidently erased the copy of Windows. Now I want to install CS3 on another machine but I can't activate it. It tells me that first I have to deactivate CS3 from the other machine.My problem is that I can't boot on windows anymore in order to do that. The windows partition was deleted.†

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Photoshop :: Activation

Jul 30, 2009

whenever i go to activate my copy of photoshop, an error message pops up. "An error has occured while trying to begin activation. Please make sure you have administrator priveleges and try again. If you continue to experience this problem, try reinstalling the application."I tried reinstalling; didn't work.

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Photoshop :: Moving License

Apr 11, 2008

I just uninstalled Photoshop from an old computer since I am moving everything to a new system. I noticed it gave an option to save the license. So, now I need to know how to move that to my new computer.

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Photoshop :: License Sales?

Sep 21, 2008

I was looking for a copy of Photoshop 6.0, and found this [link deleted] website selling the license only without the actual CD. I've never heard of such practices, and recently got burned on eBay, so I'm wanting to make sure this is legitimate.

Does Adobe sell serial numbers without media?

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Photoshop :: License For Personal Use

Jan 15, 2009

i'd like to know wether it was forbidden to use Photoshop without paying that much, for a personal use (or in extension until where is it considered illegal, for example for an association poster, for just the family)

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Photoshop :: License For 2 Machines

Apr 2, 2008

I live most of the year in one place and have CS3 installed on the desktop and the laptop for travel. BUT we spend a month or two at another location where I also have a desktop and good monitor. Do I have to suspend or uninstall CS3 on the desktop at the original location in order to be able to use it on the desktop at the other location? I would hate to have to reset all preferences, etc when I come back to the original location.

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Photoshop :: Academic License

Jan 4, 2006

Are academic licensed copies of photoshop upgrade eligable?

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Photoshop :: Transfer Of Activation

Aug 17, 2008

So I just purchased a new computer, and with the work I do, sometimes it's easier to have two iterations of Photoshop running on two different computers. In other cases, someone in my family is using my computer, for something other than Photoshop, so I just want to sit at the other computer.

So I installed CS2 Suite on the new computer, which went fine, then activated it, which it said went fine, then when I went to use the software it says I didn't have a properly registered software, or something to that effect.

So I looked over the license agreement and it basically says you can have a copy on another machine, but you can only use one at a time...which after reading further, leads me to believe I have to de-activate the software on one computer before I can activate it on the other.... so in effect, I don't believe I can run on two machines at the same time...

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Photoshop :: Activation Limit

Jul 2, 2008

Recently I became aware that PhotoShop CS3 has a limit of activation / deactivation. I have always supported companies in fighting unauthorized use of software and in fact lost my job and was out of work for a year after refusing to pirate software for clients. This stand has cost me greatly in personal finance due to being out of work and it angers me to know of companies using software without a license. Even when I reported the issues it seems no action gets taken which I guess is due to the small sizes. Thankfully I now have a new job at a place that follows my belief of requiring licensed usage of software.

Being a network engineer I am always tinkering with my home computer and testing out new software. This means that I run betas, release candidates and even demos as a part of my profession. Consequently this has me needing to wipe out the hard drive from time to time. I always thought of the Adobe activation method as the best as it allowed one to deactivate the product prior to having a reload as the best way to go as it allowed the person to not have the hassles with reactivation. Also to keep within the license I have PhotoShop install on my office computer so that I may do work with web images from time to time. To ensure that nobody at the office uses my PhotoShop I have been deactivation it and removing the key.

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