Photoshop :: Getting (could Not Export Clipboard Because Of Program Error)?

Oct 6, 2012

The above error just started recently when I do cntl A to select all  the cntrl C to copy. I am trying to add photos to the background photo as additional layers.

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Photoshop :: Error / Can't Export To Clipboard

Sep 1, 2012

When I finish editing a photo I get a message about "can't export to clipboard". Also, did the Mask panel disappear in CS6? Can't find it under Window menu.

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Photoshop :: Error :: Clipboard Failed Because It Is Too Big To Export

Oct 22, 2005

I keep on getting this message when I'm copying and pasting it says "Clipboard failed because it is too big to export"

I am using Adobe CS2 on a Mac G4 running 10.4 Tiger with 2 Gigs of ram.

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Photoshop :: Could Not Complete The Export Command Because Of A Program Error

Oct 9, 2008

few days ago, when I clicked on "Save for Web" I received this error.

"Could not complete the Export command because of a program error."

This used to work fine before a few days ago. I haven't made any changes to my computer. I've deleted the Save for Web prefrences file as well as the Photoshop preference file. None of these have helped. I am still unable to Save for Web.

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Photoshop :: PSD Could Not Export Clipboard

Jun 16, 2012

I have been getting the error "Could not export the clipboard because it is too big to export" since upgrading to CS6. The same files at the same bit depth on the same computer  do not cause this error in CS5.
In fact, I can open a file in CS5, copy it, and paste it into CS6 with no trouble. If I then copy again within CS6 and leave the program, I am given the error.
This error appears regardless of whether Photoshop CS6 is running alone, or with several apps.The Raw files are from a Canon 5D mark ii and tend to be 20-25MB in size,
I am running a Mac Pro 2.8GHz Quad Core Intel with 24GB of RAM. I have set the preferences to allocate 70% of this RAM, which should be sufficient. Changing the allocation to 90% or 100% has no effect, nor does adjusting the tiles configuration. My scratch disks have 130GB and 500GB free.

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Photoshop :: Cannot Export Clipboard Because It Is Too Big

May 12, 2013

Sometimes when I quit CS6 on my Mac by hitting Command-Q I get the message "Cannot export Clipboard because it is to big". 

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Photoshop :: Disable Clipboard Export

Oct 14, 2013

I'm currently trying the Adobe CC (still in trial, 25 days to go) and one thing I really do A LOT is Cmd+Shift+C-ing a file in Photoshop and paste in illustrator to keep working on my layout.
in my old iMac (2duo 2.66ghz with 4gb ddr2 ram) I can do it no problem, even with big files. Usually around 5000px and 150 to 300dpi. It takes a few seconds, but it works.Now I got a little retina 13", with an i5 2.6ghz and 8gb ddr3 ram, and it can't handle a 3000px-1500px copy and paste from Photoshop to illustrator without popping up that "Clipboard is too big to export" window.
Both are running OSX Mountain Lion updated. iMac on the Adobe CS6 and Retina with Adobe CC.Both have 70% of ram for Photoshop alone, plenty of space in hard disk (no idea if this interferes) and only Illustrator and Photoshop open at the time. Both Cmd+Shift+C-ing, flattening and copying, cutting, etc. doesn't work.
I don't want to disable clipboard export, I want to be able to do what I use to do in my iMac.

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Photoshop :: Error :: Could Not Import The Clipboard Because An Unexpected End-of-file Was Encountered

Mar 8, 2008

I receive the following window:"could not import the clipboard because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered".

I delete the message and continue without any problems [that I'm aware of] but the message reoccurs.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Program Stops - Appears Box That Says Run Time Error And Close Program

Jul 31, 2011

When I'm gonna write my program stops and appears a box that says Run time error and close my program. What is that, what I coul do?

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Photoshop :: Error Selection Tool :: Could Not Complete Your Request Because Of A Program Error

Feb 25, 2009

When I use the quick selection tool (or when I use content-aware scaling) I get an error message saying "could not complete your request because of a program error." I am working with NEF files, 4 GB of RAM, fast machine with plenty of scratch space, Radeon X1950 crossfire graphics card. With small .jpg files, the problem doesn't occur.

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Photoshop Elements :: 9 Error Message - Cannot Use Clone Stamp Due To Program Error

Jan 6, 2013

In Elements 9 I now get an error message "Cannot use Clone Stamp due to program error".

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Photoshop :: Error :: Could Not Complete The Clouds Command Because Of Program Error

Feb 10, 2009

I tried using the cloud tool and I got this error:

"Could not complete the clouds command because of program error."

I tried resetting the computer and still nothing.

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Can't Export To Previous Version - Can't Copy To Clipboard

Dec 8, 2011

I am using AutoCAD Architecture 2011 and am trying to export a file to a previous version (after i bind xrefs) so I can play with it in Sketchup. When I go through and have it export and chose the file name and location, nothing happens. I don't even get an error message and no file was created. To work around this, I was hoping to copy/paste the drawing into a new file to export from there but when I copy I get an error message that says "Copy to clipboard failed". 

I audited, purged, audited, purged, restarted my computer and CAD. All this works fine on other files in the project so I'm guessing the problem lies within this particular file. 

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Photoshop :: Error :: Could Not Complete Request Because Of A Program Error

Jun 14, 2006

I'm getting the error "Could not complete request because of a program error" when I try to Save for web. Never had this problem before.

Any ideas?

Mac OS 10.3.9
Power Mac G4 Dual 500
1.3 GB Ram

-- Rick

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Photoshop :: Error :: File Will Not Open Due To A Program Error

Apr 1, 2009

I have been re-saving many of my PSD files using CS3 image prosesssor with compatibility mode turned off. They have simply been saved again as PSD files into a different folder - no changes to the original PSD files. This has worked well and reduced file sizes by up to 50% (I had compatibility mode turned on previously).

of the 60 files I have processed, 3 will no longer open , I get a message that says "file will not open due to a program error."

these files have only ever been used in CS3. , they are quite large
from just under 1GB to 1.5GB, however other similar large files have processed successfully. I have re-tried without success.

I still have the original files so no data loss is involved.

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Paint.NET :: Save / Export History To File Or Clipboard As Text List

Jun 16, 2012

would it be possible sometime in Paint.Net to save/export to the clipboard the history box as a text list of what we did ?

since I use many effects and settings in a given PDN, I sometime wants to write me some notes about how i did something and the steps i used to do it, before my old memory lets me down.

I know that the PDN it self has the history, but now I need to go over all the list and manually write/type down in notepad the list , which most of the time is very long.

Having the ability to save/export the history box text to a file or to the clipboard, make it easy to edit the list and keep track/notes of steps and ways to do something.

I don't need the settings used in the effect/adjustments , but just the TEXT names of the steps taken as shown in the history box.

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AutoCad :: Lost Toolbar With Copy To Clipboard And Paste From Clipboard Icons

Nov 8, 2012

I somehow lost the toolbar with the "copy to the clipboard" and "paste from the clipboard" icons.. which tool bar i need to turn back on?

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Photoshop :: CS3 Program Error

May 19, 2009

I'm using cs3 on a WinXP computer and over the last few days I'm all of a sudden getting a pop-up box stating that a (some tool) could not be used because of a program error. Does anyone know what this is all about and have any ideas on how I can fix it? I've restarted PS and rebooted several times and that does not help.

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Photoshop :: Program Error

Jul 17, 2008

I have Adobe Photoshop CS2 and today when I tried to use some actions on my photo a pop-up came up saying the request cannot be made because of a program error? Has this happened to anyone before and how can I fix it? It would stop the action like halfway and not continue.

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Photoshop :: CS4 Program Error

Jul 2, 2009

tried to open the following image formats this morning...bmp., tga, exr and everytime photoshop would give me this error" could not complete request because of program error" and when I checked the open dialog box those formats were not in the list.

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Photoshop :: Could Not Save As Because Of Program Error (CS6)?

Jun 11, 2012

We're having an issue with saving files using Photoshop CS6. Several of our users are unable to save, specifically on our server. They all get the "Could not save because of a program error" message. It doesn't seem to happen on the computers running Lion, but most of the people running Snow Leopard have the problem.

We've tried resetting the preferences, repairing permissions, etc. I read somewhere about unchecking the "ask before saving a layered tiff" button, but none of them seem to solve the problem.

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Photoshop :: How To Reinstall CC - Program Error

Jun 24, 2013

How do I reinstall Photoshop CC?  I appear to have created a problem by installing Photoshop CC over Photoshop CS6 and then deleting Photoshop CS6.  When I open Photoshop CC i receive a message that there is program error.  The Creative Cloud Application Manager seems to think that everything is OK and won't let me reinstall Photoshop CC. I am using an iMac and have Mountain Lion OS installed.

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Photoshop :: Cannot Save Because Of A Program Error

Apr 13, 2013

I use Photoshop daily (7.0).  Just recently, I tried to save a photo and got the message "could not save because of a program error".  After getting the message again tonight, I re-installed Photoshop on a NEW computer, (went from Windows 7 to Windows 8), transferred my images and got the same message.  The strange part about this is that only some of my photos can't be saved - even those taken the same day.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
- they can't be saved in any format.  I tried jpeg, tiff, png, etc.  Same message for all.
- they can't be saved externally.  I tried to transfer them to an external drive and got the same message.
- I tried uploading it to an online editing site and renaming it, then re-opening it in photoshop.  same message.

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Photoshop :: Could Not Initialize CC Because Of Program Error

Aug 14, 2013

I can't open photoshop cc, by the morning it was ok, but suddenly i doesn't work. I reinstall and nothing.

Macbook Pro 6,2
Intel i5
Crucial SSD 256 GB OSX Mountain Lion
Seagate Barracuda 500 BB Storage
8 GB Ram

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Photoshop :: Save PSD To PDF - Program Error

May 27, 2013

I'm trying to save a PSD to PDF however each time an error message comes up- something about a program error- I have tried closing and restarting Photoshop - converting the color destination in the PDF dialogue box but don't seem to be making headway.

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Photoshop :: Could Not Use Pen Tool Because Of Program Error

Aug 31, 2012

I got some problems with pen tool. When I want to use pen tool and select shapes I get error which says "could not use pen tool because of program error" I really dont understand whats happening with photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Cannot Create PDF Because Of Program Error

Oct 16, 2012

I make Photoshop .pdf files all the time, but today I couldn't create one. The original file was a large .psd image (26 mb). I get this error message: "Could not save as “sandybell for desert shakedown 02.pdf” because of a program error."
It doesn't say what error! However, I wonder if it's because the file is so large. I just tested Photoshop and made a .pdf file of a .png file that was 221k.
Is there a limit to the size of file you can make into a .pdf? If so, what is that limit?

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Photoshop :: Could Not Complete Due To Program Error

Jun 1, 2013

I am always getting the message ' could not complete due to program error" Why does this happen

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Photoshop :: CS6 And CC Program Error Message?

Nov 27, 2013

I installed a new drive (OWC Accelsior SSD) via PCIe in my 2009 MacPro then loaded 10.9 on the new drive.   While I have regret about 10.9 due to the Colorflow bug, I had already done the upgrade on the old drive and stayed with 10.9
I then ran Migration Assistant to copy everything to the new drive.In addition, I ran Verify Disk on both the old and new drives via the Disk Utility and all was OK.After the migration, CS6 13.0.0 will not allow me to open a file from any internal or external drive.  When I select File, Open the error message states, "Could not complete your request because of a program error".
When I select File, Open 2-3 times, I am able to open a file but only from the Desktop.  After trying 10 File, Opens, from the Desktop with sucess, I tried selecting an external drive and immediatly get the program error message againI tried selecting internal sata drives, an external Raid 5 connected via eSata and a drive connected via USB3 but all produced the same error message.
So I installed CC.  Unfortunately the same exact problem occurs.I noticed when I was installing CC that there was an update to CS6 13.0.0.  But when I tried to update via the iCloud installer and also the download from the Adobe site ,the update failed with this message, "Errors encountered during installation (U44M1P7) I have found an inconvenient workaround that might offer a clue in that I am able to open any file from any drive if I drag it over the icon in the dock.  That works for both CS6 and CC. 

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Photoshop :: PROGRAM ERROR When Opening PS7 .psd

Aug 17, 2002

I am working in PS 7 OS 10.1.5. I have a file that was working on, saving as I went along. I closed the file and when I tried to reopen it, the file would not open. I get a message ... File can not be opened because of a program error...

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Photoshop :: Cannot Save PDF Due To Program Error

Jul 21, 2009

Running Photoshop CS3 under Windows Vista I could not save as PDF due to a "program error" (whatever that is).Looked in C:UsersadminAppDataRoamingAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS3Adobe Photoshop CS3 SettingsFile PSErrorLog.txt contained the message:2009:07:21 15:31:54 : ....sourcesPDFUtilities.cpp : 2240 : REQUIRE failedSolution:Close PhotoshopRename Adobe Photoshop CS3 Prefs.psp to Adobe Photoshop CS3 Prefs-old.pspRestart Photoshop

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