Paint Shop Pro :: Where To Place New Picture Frames

Feb 1, 2013

I am trying PSP 5 and have downloaded additional picture frames from an external sourse. I cannot find a folder named "picture frames" in the PSP 5 program files.

Where do I place these new templates?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Picture Frames

Oct 12, 2013

I have an ancient version of Paint shop pro X. It worked fine for what I used it for-making note cards and simple stuff with photos. That was all fine until my computer died. OK I had the disc and install on new computer but now all the features do not seem to be working-ability to change color of the fill area etc.

Tried messing with that for a couple of days to see if I could get it to look like it did on the old computer-no such luck.

Now I download free trial of Paint shop Pro 6-great most of what I needed seem to be working and easy to do. But now I want to add picture frames and there is a very limited selection and when I tried to manipulate a previous version of a picture + frame+ texture only on the frame part-now the texture went all over the picture/space.

What gives here? I am very technically challenged and wish I could get my old version to work right and I would be happy. The layers of the new version give me a real headache and don't know that I can figure that out now-didn't need to do that on the old version. I was used to the old way and want that back on the new computer.....

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Paint Shop Pro :: Missing Picture Frames On X6

Oct 26, 2013

I know that x6 comes with limited Picture Frames. I loaded, via preferences, the x5 set of frames that I had been using. All was well. Now my frames have vanished. (All but the original limited set). I've tried to reload them into x6. But x6 is refusing to find them. I'm using 64bit. Was before when all was well. Why can't preferences find them now? The thing is I rarely use Picture Frames so I may have forgotten how to reload them via Preferences.

(For interest sake I fired up x5 and the frames have also gone from it. The location was /My Documents/Corel Paintshop Pro/16.0/Picture Frames. The files are still there).

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Paint Shop Pro :: Exporting Frames From Animation Shop

Dec 24, 2011

Just came upon an error I had not seen before. Though PSP no longer supports Animation Shop, up until PSP X4, the user has been able to export frames back to PSP from Animation Shop. Now, this no longer works! There's still some communication there, because an error message - which, incidentally, makes absolutely no sense at all - is generated in PSP X4:

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Paint Shop Pro :: X4 - Export Frames From AS

Oct 3, 2011

I was doing a tutorial the other day that required animation shop. It required that I export the frames from AS to PSP and then back when done. When I started using PSP, I used X2. In taking lessons, I found that I needed to have PSP9 installed on my computer for the export frames to work properly. When I got X3, export frames worked fine. Now in X4, I tried to export frames from AS to PSP and it doesn't work. No error message, just a computer sound letting me know that nope, that's not going to work.Or am I going to have to use X3 whenever I do something that requires AS?

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Paint.NET :: Using Grey Scale Picture Frames?

Feb 27, 2011

Is it possible to use .png grey scale photo edges (made for photoshop) in I found some "frames" that will add various edges to the image (torn edge, lace, ect), but they are in grey scale and I'm not sure how, if I can, to use them in pdn. I'm just wanting to give a ragged or other style edge to my photos or backgrounds to use them for digital scrapbooking and framed photos.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Creating Custom Edges / Frames?

Dec 28, 2011

Using X4 on Windows 7. I'm trying to create a series of custom edges to supplement those already supplied in X4. I've created the edge ok and exported it as a frame and it works ok. The problem is selecting it in the dropdown menu under Image/picture frames. Whereas the thumbnails of the supplied edges have grey shading to represent the transparent section of the edge, mine don't, they are just plain white and that makes it difficult to know what edge to select. What have I done wrong? I've opened a couple of the supplied edges and they look similar to mine ie no shading.

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Paint.NET :: How To Place Logo On A Picture

May 19, 2012

Is there a way to place a logo on a picture? I thought maybe text box, but that only lets you actually type text.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Place Image In Text Using X4

Nov 17, 2012

How to place an image in text using PSPx4? I am trying to place a flag to appear in the text "Vancouver" I am not all that proficient with PaintShop.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Place Transparent Background Over Another Image

Sep 12, 2012

I have a jpg 350 x 250 with a white background and a photo of a girls face within a round circle in the center.

I Tried to create a transparent background it did not work for me, so I used the background eraser tool (psp12)
So now I have a circular image with a transparent background.

I have another Image of the same size and I want to place this round image 350 x 250 with transparent background on top of the second image 350 x 250. How can I do this ?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Duplicating A Picture

Jul 26, 2012

I have PaintShop Pro x2 and x4 installed on different drives. Problem is that I cannot duplicate a photo in either programme! I chose "window>duplicate and nothing happens. What am I missing?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Possible To Add Length Of Picture

Nov 5, 2012

possible to add to the length of my project by about 35 pixels. i was cropping the two halfs of my project, and i took the measurements from the wrong point of view. long story short, if i could increase the length at the base without stretching.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Picture Merge?

Aug 25, 2011

I did look through the FAQ but couldn't quite find what I was looking for, perhaps because I am not sure of the proper terminology.

I have attached a screen copy of the effect I want to achieve.

Basically I have a picture of a scene/building from the past and I want to merge the two into one picture with the same scenery is shown on the edges and the scene from the past, faded In towards the middle section of the image.

Can this be accomplished with Layers? or Maybe a Collage? or is it something else?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Create 2 Color Only Picture?

Jul 3, 2011

I no longer have my Paint Shop manual and I don't know what "this" is called to search here or in my help section of my software.

I have Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, version 12.00

I want to change a pic I have of Jimi Hendrix like the one below so I can sketch it onto a canvas. I have played around with Photo shop.

73164_145358045511754_102317626482463_234732_3842573_n.jpg (20.36 KiB) Viewed 586 times

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cloning One Object To Other Picture

Nov 29, 2012

I would like to clone one object from one picture to another. When I have 2 pictures side by side and I want to clone one object to the other pictures the percentages are not the same with each other and the object is out og proportion. How do I get both pictures with the same percentages? As an example maybe there's a fire hydrant and I would like to clone it to the other picture and have it look as a 1 to 1 ratio.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Getting Error When Try To Save A Picture?

Sep 10, 2012

It's been a few days now that when I try to save a picture (either with "save", "Save as", or "save copy"), I get the following message popping up:

"because of the limitations of the specified file format (and possibly the save options you've selected), the saved file will be limited to a merged image. Would you like to continue?"

I have hit ok to that and the software would save the picture, but when I checked the size of each picture I noticed a dramatic drop in size (from 6.5MB to roughly 1.3MB). Just for the record, the editing I did to these pictures was minimal, just a little rotation and a removal of maybe 2mm from each size.

First of all, is it normal to get this message?

And then, is such a drop in size normal?

it's pictures in JPEG taken from the camera and saved as JPEG.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Cannot See A Picture When Opening File

Oct 2, 2013

I somehow managed to change the settings so that now when I open a file, I can't see the picture I want to edit. I get a black box with vertical colored lines through it. How do I get rid of this, or get back to the system defaults?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Minimize Picture Window In X5?

Feb 16, 2013

How do I minimize one picture, in order to view two pictures is the same screen?

More details...In my previous version of PSP, when working on a photo, the tab at the top for the photo had the following options: Minimize ( _ ), Maximize ( [ ] ) and Close ( X ), similar to the options found in the upper right corner of most windows.

However, in X5, the picture window/photo tab only has the Close ( X ) option and no Minimize ( _ ) or Maximize ( X ) option.What am I missing or am I just daft?

I found being able to minimize multiple photos in the same window useful when pasting/cloming one image over another.Or, if I have multiple, yet very similar images, determining which is best without having to tab back and forth.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Removing Spots On Picture?

Oct 12, 2012

I took some pictures outside recently and when I looked at them later realized there were sun spots on them. I have Coral Paint Shop Pro x2 and how to remove this sun spots so I can salvage the pictures. Some of the spots are yellowish color and some are white. They are all on peoples legs so I have not been able to find a way to remove them. I have tried the cloning but it looks funny. I have also tried creating a new layer and removing the color yellow from the picture but that doesnt seem to work either.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Making Picture Composition

Dec 9, 2011

In the picture attachted there is a compostition I made through PhotoScape (I just have come from this software). How to do it in PaintShop X4. My traditional-old steps:

a) First I applied in each photo picture a picture frame (like a shadow).

b) Second I join all photo picture and logos in a big picture.

c) I inserted titles (people name) bellow each photo.

d) To conclude I applied a picture frame to the big picture (in PhotoScape this frame is called “shadow border”).

Just a comment: It seems Corel PaintShop has mostly “cartoon” picture frames. I tried to find out something like “PhotoScape shadow border” without success. Is there something similar available in PaintShop? Is it possible to add new picture frames to the PaintShop library?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Printing A Smaller Picture

Sep 7, 2011

I have Paint Shop Pro PHOTO XI. I want to shrink a photograph so when it's printed on a standard 6x4 print the picture only takes up a part of the print. Is this possible? If so, how do I go about it?

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Paint Shop Pro :: What Format For Picture Tubes

Feb 2, 2013

I have lots of picture tubes from an old version of PSP. I now have PSP X5. What is the correct format for the pictures? I have both psp and tub.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Create Smoke Affect Over A Picture?

Jul 16, 2012

I need to create a smoke affect over a picture. It needs to be transparent. I've tried a few approaches but my brain is having fits trying to figure it out. Google has drawn blanks.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Picture Size Goes From 6mb To 700kb When Saved

Jan 8, 2013

When I save a picture it goes from 6mb to 700kb. Is this normal or do I need to do something different and does it effect the picture quality when printing?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Change Colour Of Picture Frame

Dec 15, 2013

I want to change the colour of a picture frame (black) around the outside of an image and I am trying to use a (blue) from a 2nd image to do so. The 2nd image is an edited version of the !st image saved under a different name. PSPRo X .This is my work flow :-

1 Open 2nd image
2 Click the dropper tool on the 2nd image-the foreground colour in the met palette changes to that colour(blue)
3 Click on foreground colour box
4 Click on background colour box-wanted colour shows-OK.
5 Select flood fill tool

Then the foreground colour changes to white. Not doing step 4 ends up with white too.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Convert Section Of Picture To Symbol

Sep 20, 2011

A user in Flash gets a picture, prepared with the inside of the box blank. The user selects a jpg color picture and fills the box. This is done by creating a point zone. (1) a way for flash to be texturized or painted.

No 1 is the box after is filled by the user. That is now.
No2 is the image, if I make the background blank as well as the inside.
No3 Is the image I need (nothing around it)
No 4 Is the background
No 5 Is if I use picture No1 (as I am doing now)
No6 Is if I use picture No2 (blanking the surrounding area as well the inside of the box)
No 7 Is I what I want.

Question: How do I convert No1 without the area around to look like and be like No3 as a symbol ? By converting the image to a symbol or an Icon, then how can this be accomplished?

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Paint Shop Pro :: No Arrow Shows Next To Picture Tube

Dec 25, 2013

I have a problem where no arrow shows next to the picture tube. I went to the PSP folder and they are there in folder 10. How do I get them into the program so the arrow shows up and I can add the picture tube I want to my picture. I am running Windows 7 home premium. x64

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Paint Shop Pro :: Registering Downloaded Picture Tubes?

Nov 13, 2012

I am having trouble getting my tubes to show up in the Tube tool drop down box. If they are downloaded with the .tub extension they show fine. But if the need to be converted they don't work. I've tried 2 different converter programs and couldn't get them to work.

I used PSP5 a long time ago and used a converter that worked great. Now can't seem to get anything to get my downloaded tubes to register in my Tube Tool .

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Paint Shop Pro :: After Import Size Of Picture In X4 And X5 Is 4x6 Centimeters

Dec 28, 2012

When I try to import from a twain bron. Canoscan lide 210 says the picture is 10x15 cm = about 4x6 inch. Looks alright. But after import the size of the picture in PSP x4 and X5 is 4x6 centimeters. So somewhere it's going wrong.

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Increase Picture Size Gradually From Top To Bottom

Jun 2, 2013

When photographing a tall object from the ground, for example the rectangle of a house wall, the picture perspective will be distorted in the sense that the bottom of the wall will be wider in the picture than the top of the wall.

Say, for example, that the bottom of the house wall in the picture is 1 inch wider than the top of the wall. Is it possible to increase the size of the picture gradually from the bottom to the top, from 0% of 1 inch at the bottom to 100% of 1inch at the top? So the end result in the picture will be an evenly sized wall from bottom to top?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Removing Background (picture With Similar Color)?

Dec 8, 2011

Reference tutorial=> Remove Photo Backgrounds with the Background Eraser {URL]

a) I follow the tutorial above to remove backgrounds. However, the background has similar color than picture (in this case "white" - picture attached - FIG_2). So, when I use "background eraser" tool, it erase part of my picture as well. So, how to handle it properly?

b) The tutorial was usefull to other image that has different backgound color (FIG_3 attached). But using other software (Gimp) I could just take the transparency index (color=> color to alfa) with "one click" without the request of erase background manually. So, is there any similar way to do it easily in Paint Shop?

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