Paint Shop Pro :: Plugin For Image Enlargement

Dec 4, 2011

I have been trying to find a plugin for PSP that will enhance image blow ups. I've just moved over to X4 .

The best one seems to be Alien Skin Blow Up 3 but I can't find out if it is compatible. I did install a copy on X2 recently but it never worked properly, crashing at the end of the render stage. Is that because the plugin is not compatible?

The fact that it installed and worked up to the render output suggests that it is compatible but, maybe not!

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Paint Shop Pro :: NeatImage Plugin In X6 Does Not Appear

Oct 5, 2013

I try to install my NeatImage v6.1 Pro+ Plugin (32 bits version, the only available) on my Corel PSP X6 ultimate (64 bits), as I previously used an old Photoshop version.

So I have placed the "Neatimage.8BF" file into the C:program Files(x86)CorelCorel PaintShop Pro X6PlugInsFRNeatimage directory, but when I start X6 64 bits, the Neatimage plugin does not appear in the "plugins / external Modules" menu list.

Of course the "Perfectly Clear" plugin, provided with X6, that is located in the "C:program Files(x86)CorelCorel PaintShop Pro X6PlugInsFRPerfectlyClearforPSP" directory appears and is operationnel.

BUT I see the Neatimage plugins in the 32 bits version of PSP X6, so maybe the plugin is not installed in the apropriate directory ?

How I could get Neatimage working with X6-64 ? (I run W7 Pro-64bits).

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Paint Shop Pro :: Add Plugin To Toolbar

Nov 25, 2013

I use a couple plugins fairly frequently in the Edit window and it's tiresome to have to navigate 4-levels deep into a menu each time I want to access them. Can a link/button to plugins be added to a toolbar? Is there another quick way to access plugins?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Vischeck Plugin Crashes X4?

Oct 6, 2011

Vischeck is a color changing tool that simulates various forms of color deficiency. I have used this plugin in previous versions of PSP, but invoking it in X4 causes a crash to desktop (Win7 64 bit).

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Plugin Nik Color Efex 3.0 To X6

Aug 23, 2013

I tried moving Nik Color Efex 3.0 out of PSPx5 Plug Ins folder into PSPx6 Plug Ins folder, but that didn't work. Tried plugging in via Preferences...File Locations...Plugins... but that didn't work either.

I installed 64 & 32 bit version per the installation instructions. Is there anyway I can install Nik Color Efex that came with x5 into x6?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Use OnOne PhotoFrame Plugin On X3?

Nov 11, 2011

I like onOne PhotoFrame plugin but I can't use it with PSP X3. I move files to plugins folder but this plugin isn't detected.Any people use OnOne plugins on PSP? The lastes onOne versions it's not compatible...

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 With Perfectly Clear Plugin?

Aug 23, 2013

Corel says Athentech's Perfectly Clear plug-in comes with the Ultimate version of X6. I can't find it in the Plugins folder - either in the 64 or 32 bit versions. I ordered X6 and am currently using the trial version of X6.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Noise Filter Plugin

Oct 18, 2012

What is a VERY good noise filter plugin for X4 or X5? In the past few months I demo's Adobe's Lightroom which had an excellent noise removal capability.. AMAZING really. The problem with Lightroom was NO support for PNG files.. and I have 10's of thousands of them. Many of my images need such a noise filter, and the stock one isn't so hot.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Background Remover Plugin For X3?

May 14, 2011

Background Remover plugin for X3?

How do I tell if I have it?

If not, how do I get it?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Finding Watercolor Plugin For X4?

Jan 15, 2012

recommend a watercolor plugin for PSP X4?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Use Topaz Adjust Plugin

Oct 21, 2011

How do i use my topaz adjust plugin with X4 ( trial version ) ? It works fine with my X1. How and where do i find an email address where i can ask such questions to corel ?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Perfect Resize Photoshop Plugin In X6?

Oct 2, 2013

I've been a long time PaintShop Pro user, but rarely use plugins. I believe I've used some Photoshop plugins on an earlier version, but I can't get onOne's Perfect Resize to work. Here's the instructions for their PS plugin:


What's the analogy to those instructions in PSP? "Batch Process" seems the most likely candidate for "Automate", but there's no Perfect Resize options there.

I understand that X6 will load 8LI plugins, is that correct? How about Panels? I've both pointed PSP to the Perfect Resize directory, as well as copied the plugins into PSP's default plugin directory. No joy in either case. Both programs are x86 & x64 and neither makes a difference.

Are there any logs that may indicate whether the plugin is being loaded, or errors if it's not?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Plugin Can't Read Requested Format

May 21, 2011

Recently I've started getting this error when I try to use the Organizer in version X2. Then PSP freezes. I am not being able to use the Organizer.

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Paint Shop Pro :: NVidia DDS Plugin - Access Violation

Dec 17, 2012

I've recently upgraded to PSP X5 and tried to update to the latest nvidia 32 bit DDS Plugin today (this one).
After the installation i copied the "dds.8bi" file in my "PlugInsEN" folder - which worked perfect with previous versions (my latest was from 2011 tho).

When i try to save a DDS file i get the normal DDS export/configuration dialog. When i hit save, i get an error message stating that the plugin causes an access violation (in german: "Plugin hat Zugriffsverletzung verursacht").

That error message appears twice and the file is of course not saved.

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Paint Shop Pro :: X6 Perfectly Clear Plugin Short Of Memory

Sep 5, 2013

I just installed PSP X6 Ultimate 32 bit and the Perfectly Clear Plugin. It works really well part of the time but will often crash saying that Photoshop is not allowing enough memory. I'm using Windows 7 with more than 3 gb of memory. I also have Aftershot Pro running.

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Photoshop :: Image Enlargement

Jan 27, 2006

I needed to enlarge an image about to 4x its current size.

They seemed to think that instead of using the image size function of Photoshop,

I should print out the image and then scan the printout at a high DPI.

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Photoshop :: Image Enlargement

May 4, 2006

I have an image which is currently 17x22 at 72dpi.

I'm trying to convert it to 23x30 at 300dpi.

What's the best method to maintain decent quality?

What i'm doing thus far is: Convert the original to 1000dpi (excessive but hey, why not?) then flattening, then enlarging to 23x30 and lastly converting to 300dpi.

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Paint.NET :: Use Plugin To Make 3D Image

May 25, 2011

Is there a plugin I can use to make an image 3D? If not. It could look like the picture attached.

Attached Thumbnails

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Photoshop :: Image Enlargement / Zoom And Resize

Oct 12, 2013

I have a jpg image and i am trying to enlarge the image using photoshop

As soon as i open a image and go image-image size and try to choose enlargement options, the picture pixel gets shredded.

How to enlarge image upto 1000% without loosing the image pixel and making the picture usable.

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Photoshop :: Poor Image Enlargement Quality

Aug 12, 2006

i have a picture thats not to great and i made it bigger but when i did that the picture got really ... distorted would you say? fuzzy and i need to figure out a way to make it more clear and visable so if anyone knows a way could you please let me know

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Paint.NET :: Crop Area For Pictures / Align Plugin To Position The Image

May 17, 2011

Using Anim8er to make a movie sequence of someone walking. Export images as BMP images.

Select the walking guy and delete the back ground. Found that the walking dude is a little high in the picture. ( I want it 8 pixels from the bottom, not the 16 pixels it currently is.)

I will be cropping each picture. is there a way of selecting the exact same crop area over 200 pictures? In the mean time I will change the camera angle to compensate the height.

Is there a way of using a plug in such as the ALIGN plugin to position the image to a particular point?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Image Adjustment - Create Drop-shadow Behind Image?

Oct 28, 2011

I have a rectangular screen grab (Windows application) that I would like to simply round the corners and add a border. The image is not a photograph, but since I have Paint Shop Pro X3 and like how it works, I thought I would try it . I have spent some time trying to do this with Paint Shop Pro X3 with no luck. None of the pre-defined frames seemed to do what I need. I would also like to create a drop-shadow behind the image. how to do this or a video that I can watch. A list of steps would also be OK.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Create 2D Gray Scale Image From Color Image?

Jun 8, 2012

How can I create a 2D gray scale image from a color image?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Create Image Of DOT To Add To Another Image

Dec 19, 2011

I have an image of a map and want to create a number of individual images of that map each with a large white dot with a black edge (to highlight different cities).

I have created a separate image of the dot using both transparent background and normal background and then attempted to use EDIT>COPY the image of the dot and then EDIT>PASTE to the image of the map but no matter which PASTE option I use I cannot achieve what I want to.

Also (different problem) I lost my MATERIAL PALETTE. I noted that to restore it I could use VIEW>PALETTES and select MATERIALS but it was already selected. I also used the F6 key without success. I had to start PSP by pressing the SHIFT key when I started it to restore PSP to its defaults and then I could select and display it. So what stopped me from displaying it in the first place?

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Paint Shop Pro :: How To Save RAW (CR2) Image

Aug 25, 2012

A client sent me four images taken with his Canon camera - they are in Canon Raw (.CR2) file format. I can't get them to open and then save them as a .jpg or a .pspimage format in either PSP9 or in X3. In X3, when I click on the pic, it brings up the "Canon RAW Lab" dialogue box, showing a black and white image but with a deep pinkish cast to it. And there is no options to save it. What do I do from here?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Getting Rid Of Image Join

Dec 1, 2012

I am using PaintShop Pro X5 & PaintShop Photo Pro X3

I have an image which was originally made up of two other images side by side. They are both of similar colours and content but the dividing line between them is quite obvious. I don't have the original PSP files in order to use the selection and layer method of feathering them, so what would be the best way to get the pixels to blend across the join? I thought there was a tool in PSP to do this but can't find anything.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Saving Image As PNG?

Jul 4, 2012

I have learned how to remove a background and how to save the resulting image as a PNG.

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Paint Shop Pro :: V12 / How To Do A Transparent Image

Dec 30, 2011

I have 2 gif images. On image2 I have erased the background so as all you see is the checkerboerd.I want to place image2 (the visible part) on to image1.

I'm sure I have done all the correct procedures but the #2 image will show either a black or white background when pasted on to image 1.

These are the rules I followed. To make one image color transparent

1. Choose Image Palette Set Palette Transparency. If you are prompted to reduce the color depth and number of layers, click Yes to continue and then choose the options for decreasing color depth.

2. On the Set Palette Transparency dialog box, choose one of the following options:

• Set the transparency value to the current background color — makes the background color transparent

• Set the transparency value to a palette entry — specifies a color to be transparent. Click the color in the image, or click the color box to select from the current color picker. If you want to view the transparency, click Proof.

3. Click OK. The color is now transparent; however, it may still be displayed until you hide it.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Best Image Treatment

Jan 2, 2012

I have 3 images which I am looking for the best treatment.

a) Dark hair: the woman has an dark hair which is almost blended with the background. What to do to bring more definition to hair and to “separate” it from background?
b) Face light: one side of the man face (and body) is with much brightness, blending with his white shirt yet. Is there any way do correct it?
c) Spot of light: in a slice of a landscape there is a spot with much clarity/brightness. I would prefer to bring more blue from the sky then light. On the other hand, maybe there is any way to take benefit of the light.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Paste As New Image

Dec 1, 2013

Why is it necessary to have an image open before using the "Paste as New Image" function.

I want to be able to copy an image from another program and paste in into PSP for editing. I can only do this if I first open a new or existing image in PSP before doing "Paste as a New Image".

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Paint Shop Pro :: Enlarge Image

Sep 24, 2011

I go-image-resize-resample-unncheck resize all layers-set new value via % (tried 400%)-lock aspect ratio in a jpeg image.but not much happens, I want to try and double the size, where am I going wrong?

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