Lightroom :: Lost Keywords After (re)installing From External Harddisk

Nov 14, 2011

Last weekend, I formatted my PC HD and installed Windows 7 64 bit (previously installed was Vista). A human error was - perhaps - making sure that my backup of AppData was successful. However, my picture folder was on an EHD, and I suppose I would be saved anyway. I ran the import function from my EHD to LR3 (latest version), and everything went just find, except that my keywords were missing. Strange thing though, is that my lists of keywords and keyword suggestions were complete, but not connected to the photos (except for 1!!)So my question is, is there something I have missed (apart from my AppData folder) that could be fixed, or will I have to start re-tagging (keywording that is, metadata like dates etc. were imported as well)?

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Lightroom :: Lost A Big Chunk Of Keywords

Dec 29, 2013

I am running LR4. I was using LR and installed LR4 in its entirerity not as an upgrade. However, I deleted some folders using LR. However, I noticed that a fairly large amount of keywords are missing. The interesting thing that some of the missing keywords were between a large group of folders that the keywords remained intact.
For example, 2013_01_02 thru 2013_09 keywords included, then 2013_08_12 thru 2013_11 key were are missing.
Is there anyway that I can recoup the keyword from the back up files? If so, how do I go about it.

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Lightroom :: Get Lost Keywords Back In 4?

Sep 5, 2013

I am not sure when they disappeared sometime between updating from LR 3 to LR4 or sometime shortly after upgrading to LR4. I have a ton of catalog backups but not sure what to do. how to get the missing keywords back?

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Lightroom :: How To Find Lost Keywords

Feb 18, 2013

How to find lost keywords?
I transferred all of my photos to a larger external hard drive.  I then reclined my folders in LR to the new external hard drive.  Everything works fine, but I lost the keywords to the photos as well as the collections.  How do I recover them?

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Lightroom :: Importing From External HD - Will Keywords And Captions Show Up?

Jan 24, 2013

Having a D100 camera and keywords filled out in Nikon View IPTC... would importing into Lightroom show up my keywords and captions?  I neglected to add that I would not be importing them from my computer HD, but from a external HD. All my past work was done on a Gateway PC.  Lightroom will probably be put on a new Mac.  I also have all these photos archived on CDs. Will this change things?  Will my keywords and captions still show up upon import?  If importing from an external HD blocks this, what can I do, what program can I add that will get my metadata across?

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Lightroom :: Syncing Tags (keywords) Between Pictures And External Drive?

Feb 29, 2012

am in the process of keywording files using LR3.  how do i sync those keywords with a duplicate backup set of files on an external drive.

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Lightroom :: All Develop Settings Are Lost After Moving Catalogue To External HDD

Dec 27, 2011

After my internal HDD became full with over 30,000 DNGs, I moved all my photos along with the catalogue to my external drive. Now when I open LR, not only do I have to reimport the catalogue every time, but all my develop settings are gone! Hundreds of hours down the drain. Why has this happened, and is there any way I can retrieve them? I'm using v3.4.

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Lightroom :: Connection To New Destination Lost - Photo Files Transferred To External Drive

Oct 2, 2012

Since transferring my photo files from my hard drive to an external drive(without telling lightroom) I have completely lost all connections between lightroom and the new destination (my external drive). There is no sign of anything at all in Lightroom. It shows 0 photos, my preferences seem gone, and it is as though I have just loaded up lightroom for the very first time. Do I need to start from scratch and reimport my photos or is there some way I can retreive/reconnect the photos so I have the edits I have already made? 

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Lightroom :: Internal Error - Assertion Failed When Publishing To Harddisk

Oct 3, 2011

After upgrading to 3.5 from 3.4.1 I received this error when attempting to publish new photos to my harddisk. First I thought the problem may be related to access rights. I am running Win7, 64 bit. So I reset the read/write rights in the export folder and the LR catalogue and AppData folders. No success. Then I opened a new cataloge and imported the old one in order to start "from scratch" - no success, publishing collections were not importet. Finally I switched back to version 3.4.1, and ... it works again

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Lightroom :: Lost Adjustments When Move Images From Hard Drive To External Drive

Mar 1, 2012

I moved images from my harddrive to an external drive.

I opened Lightroom.

Noticed there was a question mark by the photo folder I needed.

I synchronized the folders. Nada.

I rememebered I moved the images (first line ^^)

I re-imported the images from the external drive into Lightroom.

These images (other than one that was marked previously with a blue label) look completely untouched - completely original files - even though I spent hours working on them.

I am glad the images weren't deleted BUT re-doing 600 images will be a MAJOR FAIL if I can't figure out how to import the images with the settings / developments I did beforehand.

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Lightroom :: Move Many Nested Keywords Back Into Main Listing Of Keywords

Aug 13, 2013

How can I move many nested keywords back into the main listing of keywords? I was up late a few nights ago and never noticed that about 80 new keywords were being placed as (nested?) under another keyword. How can I get them back from under that keyword and into the main keywrod list?

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Lightroom :: How To Select Multiple Keywords To Add To Images Without Keywords Collection

Aug 1, 2012

Lightroom has a collection containing all images without keywords.

As soon as I apply a keyword to images they instantly disappear from the collection. This is alright when I only want to apply a single keyword, but how do I stop it happening when I want to apply multiple keywords to the same image(s)?

Lightroom 4.1 trial, Windows 7

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InDesign :: Lost Toolbar After Installing Mavericks OS X

Feb 4, 2014

Just installed Marvericks OS X and now in InDesign I have lost my toolbar. It is not in the listed in the Windows pull down menu either.

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Photoshop :: Installing From External Hard Drive

Mar 21, 2009

My Dell laptop crashed about a year ago, and I was able to have the hard drive backed up to an external. I now need my PhotoShop CS which is on the external hard drive. I need to know how to install PhotoShop, and others in the creative suite, from the external drive. I am having a problem figuring out which files need to be installed first, i.e. .exe and .dll files.

The hard drive is an iMicro 3.5" SATA and IDE HDD

I am currently running Windows Vista, Gateway Notebook
**I can not find the original Creative Suite cds; I think they may have been "accidentally" thrown away by someone other than myself.

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Photoshop :: Harddisk Crashed Before Deactivation;...

May 4, 2008

We have 3 Photoshop CS3 licenses at my workplace, and we didn't record which machine have which license. Then a week ago one of the machines broke down and it was too late to deactivate. So now we are having a trouble reinstalling the program.

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Lightroom :: Where Have Keywords Gone

Mar 3, 2013

I have just installed a new computer when my old one died.  I had everything backed up and have managed to successfully restore my lightroom catalogue.
I can see all my photos and all the adjustment history and I can see my library of keywords.  However, none of my photos show the key words that I previously assigned to them. 
I am not sure whether there is a file that I need to restore from the backup somewhere.

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Lightroom :: 5 Keywords Are Missing?

Jun 12, 2013

When i try to upgrade to LR5 I see the keywords are missing. Eevn when I import them again, no keywords...With about 275.000 images keyworded in LR3-4...

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Lightroom :: PSE10 Keywords In 4?

Mar 8, 2012

I am very happy with some 200 keywords that I use in PSE10 under Win7/64 on over 20k images.  Is it possible, in LR4, to pick up files with keywords written to metadata, and work with them in LR4 (selection, editing, etc.) WITHOUT damaging or "upgrading" the PSE10 catalog?  If yes, could PSE10 pick up keywored changes made in LR4?  
Or do you have to commit to one program or the other?

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Lightroom :: Keywords Out Of Place

Jun 20, 2013

Why do keywords sometimes "jump" out of the master tag folder and line up alphabetically outside their assigned set?

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Lightroom :: How Keywords Got Scrambled

Dec 20, 2012

Some how my keywords got scrambled. The first thing I'd like to do is move a keyword from its new (incorrect) location as a sub-keyword back to being a parent keyword of a hierarchy. I have tried dragging and dropping it but it immediately returns to its incorrect location. I considered creating a new keyword as a parent keyword (the same word), then open the images linked to the misplaced keyword and drag all the images to the newly created parent keyword. Then empty and delete the misplaced sub-keyword. But...I fear loosing links to collections, vitual copies, etc. for all the images. best method for returning the keywords to their original placement in the hierachy.

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Lightroom :: Copying Keywords From JPG To Raw?

Oct 28, 2013

I imported all my jpgs with keywords into lightroom 5. I'm now thinking I will no longer make a jpg as part of my workflow and just keep the keywords in the raw files. Is there an easy way to copy all keywords from 1234.jpg to 1234.tif (raw file).

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Lightroom :: How To Add Keywords To JPGs

Sep 5, 2013

I'm new to Lightroom and I would like to add keywords to my jpgs. These have already processed using adobe camera raw. If I add the jpgs to my catalog and then add the keywords, those keywords are not written to the jpgs when I close Lightroom. How do I add the keywords so they are searchable for example using windows search?

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Lightroom :: Import Keywords From 3 To 4?

May 12, 2012

I have just upgraded from LR3 to LR4.  My LR3 keywords are not showing up in LR4.  Found Import Keywords dialog but cannot find the folder/file with the LR3 keywords in it.  Is there a folder/file name I can search for to locate LR3 keywords?

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Lightroom :: How To Import Jpg In LR5 (cc) Without Keywords

Mar 17, 2014

When I import jpg photos Lightroom automatically also imports all keywords. How can I stop this? The reason I don't want them is that I actually want to re-do all of my keywords/imports. I know it's a big pain, but I feel that it needs to be done, as I've learned how to do things more properly (in theory).
Lightroom 5.3 (creative cloud). Fully updated. Windows 7.

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Lightroom :: Exporting Keywords In V5?

Nov 5, 2013

I recently converted from Lightroom 4 to 5.  I just noticed that not all my keywords are exported to my jpeg file.  For example I have the following keywords in Lightroom; Horizontal, Landscape, National Forest, Scenic.  My exported jpeg has only the keyword Landscape.
In the Library Module, when I click on the dropdown Keyword Tags and select "Will Export", I only see the keyword Landscape.  I'm not sure what this "feature" is all about. I need to be able to export all keywords.
This problem seems to be consistent and I have a test file set up so I can repeat the problem.  Only certain keywords are not exported.

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Lightroom :: How To Edit Keywords In 3

Oct 19, 2012

I want to delete some keywords and cant find the source for that task.

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Lightroom :: Search For Images Using Keywords?

Sep 23, 2012

1) In LR4, Search for images using Keywords (click on arrow next to Keyword).

2) Select image, export to PS6, save as Tif.

3) Tif retains all Keywords when it appears in LR

4) Despite that, image does not show up in the same 'Search for images using Keywords'.

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Lightroom :: Maintaining Keywords In PC To Mac Conversion

Feb 13, 2013

I recently converted from PC to Mac; downloaded and installed LR4, and it quickly recognized my photos and photo folder structure.  Also, apparently each individual keyword has been imported.  However, 3 problems:
1. no photos have keywords assigned to them
2. the keyword nested structure (keywords within other keywords) did not transfer, so they are all listed alphabetically
3. I don't see any history on the edited photos, so am not sure if I have originals (unedited) or edited.  If I have edited photos, can I go back and re-edit (non-destructive editing in LR)?

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Lightroom :: Importing Catalog With Its Keywords Into LR5?

Apr 20, 2013

I want to import my LR4.4 catalog into LR5 with its keywords so the pictures keep their keywords in place.

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Lightroom :: Can't Purge Unused Keywords

May 30, 2012

Searching on the title there are 8 queries responding to same problem ...   The latest in 2010.  
They still don't purge!!???

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Lightroom :: Searching Based On Two Keywords?

May 28, 2013

I always click on the arrow next to a certain keyword in order to filter my photo results down to just that keyword. How can I search for images based on two keywords? So maybe I want to search for all images of keyword "Bob" with his dog keyword "Charlie." When I click on the second arrow it deselects the first one.

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