Lightroom :: Dynamic Link Manager Is Crashing When Previewing

Mar 10, 2013

When a video file is present in the library, camera card, or anywhere lightroom freezing and the dynamic link manager crashes. This also then causes lightroom to crash immediately. How do I fix a corrupted dynamic link manger?

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AutoCAD LT :: Data Link Manager Can't Delete Excel Link

Dec 26, 2011

I'm messing around with tables and data links, practicing. I copied a range of cells in Excel, and did paste special to create a linked table.

Now I can delete the table object, but I cannot delete the link, cannot detach it.

When in Data Manager if I right click on the data link and click delete I get the error message "The data link is being used and cannot be deleted".

I have tried detaching, and the detach does not seem to take.

Now also, the table will not update from the source xls.

Win XP, AcadLT 2011, Office 2010. Using compatible setting for saving spreadsheet, for Office 2007 (not xlsx).

If I create a linked table by starting with the Table icon, choose "from a data link", choose the excel spreadsheet, etc., then I am able to later update the table from the spreadsheet, detach, delete the link, etc. But I can only delete the link if the table is not selected when I open the Data Link Manager.

But the one that was created following the directions from the Autocad video, with the copy, paste special, that link will not detach nor delete.

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Lightroom :: Connecting To Dynamic Link Server Failed?

Mar 12, 2014

A Google search result just now showed me only 2 years of questions posed, with no Adobe Support Answers.
MacBookPro  2008
Mac Mavericks  OS
LR v 5.3
Video was viewed in 2013 in LR 4, but after install of CC and LR 5, playback is not functioning.Tried restarting LR 5, the HDD dedicated catalog and exporting a test file.  The above error message occurred while trying to reimport the test video (.avi) file. 
While in grid view, when curser moves over the thumbnail, image seems to fast forward.  After clicking twice on the thumbnail, there is no image in Loupe view.  There is kind of a weird black, white and gray graphic.One attempt to start playback resulted in this error message in white text on a black banner, " There was an error working with the video."

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Lightroom :: Import Error - Connecting To Dynamic Link Server Failed

Jun 18, 2013

Just tried to import file sinto a brand new LR Catalog when I got this's the entire error message: "An unknown error has occurred while reading the video file. Connecting to Dynamic Link server failed. (98)" Connecting to Dynamic Link Server Failed
this was then followed by a list of files of these types:


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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Link Dynamic Block Custom Rotation Action

Mar 22, 2013

So I've done a reasonable amount of work with dynamic blocks. I have a block with a rotation action and grip to arbitrarily align it.  However I realized when trying to combine it with an alignment grip (which actions on the basic or fundamental block rotation angle) that there didn't seem to be a way to some how link a dynamic block rotation action or one of the custom angle properties to a the fundamental block rotation angle.  Thus there are two additive rotations at work; the dynamic block one with its grip and the fundamental rotation property.

This can cause some confusion when one person aligns with the grip and another via rotating the block's fundamental property and would also be problematic in the generalized sense if one was trying to select or programmatically read back the net angle alignment.

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3ds Max :: File Link Manager With 2013 Migration?

May 9, 2012

We have always made extensive use of File Linking our Autocad (2009) models into 3dsmax. I seem to have found a stability issue when migrating from a Max2012 scene that includes a file linked Autocad file to Max2013.

When you Reload the linked file with 'Show Reload Options' ticked, and then click on the Advanced tab and then on 'Select Layers to include...', Max will crash. It seems to do this every time.

This only seems to happen with Max scenes that have begun in Max2012.

Workstation spec: i7 2700k, 16GB RAM, GTX480, W7x64

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3ds Max :: Why File Link Manager Dialog Box Is Not Showing Up

Oct 19, 2011

why my File Link Manager dialog box is not showing up in 3ds Max 2012?

I have not been using 3ds Max 2012 because it was so buggy upon it's release, and it appears as though that has not changed. Anyway, my 3ds Max 2012 is completely up to date with SPs, HFs, and Subscription Advantage Pack. This is literally the first time I've tried to use it, and it's already going bad; I would have thought by now AD would have had most of the bugs worked out of it.

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Mudbox :: FBX Files To 3ds Max File Link Manager

Mar 28, 2011

I thought i could "File Link" from mudbox 2011.fbx files to 3dsmax file link manager but no. i get some error. (Unable to Attach this file;the file may be missing, corrupted, or may not contain valid data)

Weird since these are both Autodesk products.

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AutoCAD 2010 :: Page Setup Manager Is Crashing?

Mar 21, 2013

I am just installed AutoCAD 2010  on  Windows 7 (both 64-bit). There is a problem with the Page Setup Manager. When I select any of the page setup tabs, then select "modify" or even "new", the program crashes. Same things happens when I gain access to the Page Set Up Manager through the menu. . Page Manager hasn't ever worked. Update 2 is installed. I have repaired and reinstalled, and tried all again just now. There is no error message beyond "not responding" in parentheses next to name of dialogue box. The screen grays out and stays that way. Then the screen becomes shaded with the whirling aqua ring and it's all over. Control + P  and plot causes the system to crash as well.

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Premiere Pro :: Encore CS6 Dynamic Link

Jan 20, 2014

I have noticed that since upgrading to CC I have had lots of time wasting work around to create a Blu Ray and DVD using Encore. In the past I used to create awesome quality Blu Rays and DVD from the same Encore Project dynamically linked to PrPro. But with CC the workaround is time consuming and I don't think the Blu Ray and DVD will be going away as predicted by Adobe. As a result of this I just can't wait to terminate my CC subscription at the end of my contract this year so I can revert to CS6.

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After Effects :: Dynamic Link Workflow

Apr 25, 2013

In CS6, I am working a Premiere project, but I want to make a title in After Effects. So I have a title in AE dynamically linked to Premiere. Now, I want to bring the Premiere sequence into AE to work out some timing issues, but encountered an error (5027 ::12). What specifically does that error mean? Are we not able to round trip between AE and Premiere?

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After Effects :: How To Speed Up Dynamic Link

Jul 23, 2013

I'm currently using AE and PP CS6 with Dynamic Link and rendering out in Media Encoder is very slow. I am not using my computers full power, only about 25% CPU and half of ram. What other components could speed this up? SSD? Rendering on GPU?

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Photoshop :: Dynamic Link Media Server CS6

Nov 23, 2012

I have a problem with this patch. When a I try to click on File/Import/Video Frames To Layers there's an error "DynamicLink Media Server is not available". I try to wait 30 second and restart the program and my pc, but there have been no changes.I also updated the patch downloaded from the website version 1.01

I saw that others have had this problem, but I have not figured out how they did to solve it. I'm Italian and I understand little about your language so.

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Photoshop :: Dynamic Link Not Working For CS6 On Windows 8

Aug 6, 2013

I'm trying to import video frames to layers, but it keeps saying that the dynamiclink isn't available! And I have a windows 8 laptop. 

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Photoshop :: Dynamic Link Media Server Not Available?

Dec 8, 2012

This is the message that pops up after I try to import video frames to layers. I've looked everywhere for some sort of solution to this problem. I've tried closing the program, waiting for about a minute and re-opening it multiple times, I've tried restarting my computer, I've tried disabling my firewall, I've tried using Bridge, and I've tried just about every other option that has been given to others who have reported this same issue. None of it has worked for me.give me a clear answer as to what I could possibly do to fix this problem that I haven't already tried.

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Photoshop :: CC - Dynamic Link Media Server Is Not Available?

Sep 16, 2013

It may have to do with the update to 14.1.1 but suddenly when I try to open a video file the above warning appears.
Windows 7 64bit

B.T.W., is there a way to repair a CC application installation?

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Photoshop :: Dynamic Link Media Server Not Available

Sep 8, 2012

I'm using Photoshop CS6 and I keep getting this error while trying to import video frames to layers
I've looked around and tried the recommended steps offered on other threads. When I reboot my laptop it works again for maybe five minutes but the moment I try to import another video it doesn't work. If I close the program, wait 30 seconds, and try again I get the error message again. When I try opening Bridge the whole program freezes.

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AutoCad :: Link Parameters In Dynamic Blocks

Sep 1, 2011

I have two stretch parameters on a dynamic block. How can I link them together? For example if the user stretch one them the other automatically stretches accordingly. I assume 'Parameter Manager' is the key.

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Premiere Pro :: Adobe Dynamic Link Error

Jan 29, 2014

when selecting a simple clip on  Premiere CC timeline and selecting 'Replace with After Effects composition', from Adobe Dynamic Link, AE  CC launches, creates a new (empty) comp but does not import the footage clip into the project

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Photoshop :: Dynamic Link Media Server Error In CS6

Sep 30, 2012

I've just installed PS CS6 Extended 32 and 64 bit versions 13.0.1 on a new PC running Windows 7.
If I try to open a video I get an error message:
When I click Continue I get this:

And finally this ...

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Photoshop :: Error / Could Not Complete Your Request Because Dynamic-Link Is Not Available

Nov 16, 2012

When loading a music file into CS6 I get an error message "Could not complete your request because Dynamic-Link is not available" I have just load this program and want to do some video work?

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Link Rotation With Stretch

Nov 23, 2011

if it's possible to link a rotation with a stretching action. I have a text (or an attribute) inside a box that can be stretched. But if the box becomes too small to hold the text horizontally, I would like that the text automatically rotate vertically without any other action that stretching the box. If that is possible, is it also possible that instead of a text, there's an attribute, and that it rotates according to the attribute's length ?

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Using Data Link As Attribute

Nov 19, 2013

I need to create a small table to ID the User, Computer name, Door Key, etc for a floor plan drawing of our office.  I'd like to get this done in Excel and link it all so the bldg manager can make changes to the drawing without me.  I have created the excel file and created a "name set" in excel for each room.  In Autocad 2013 I have inserted a table from a data link and pointed that link to the named range of the room (the named range in excel is an 8 cel block with al the info I need repeated and uniquely named for each room.

This works my next step is to create a block out of the table and make the DATA LINK a variable attribute...that's where I'm stuck.  i cannot figure out how to do this.  I would love to be able to INSERT BLOCK and have one attribute question...ROOM NUMBER?.  That should look to the excel NAMED SET the corresponds and populate the table.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Link Parameter Value To A Function

Aug 14, 2011

Is it possible to link a parameter value  to a function? I want text or attributes to never be "upside down".

If it is rotated with a rotation parameter the text would need to be automatically flipped or rotated if the angle is less than say >3*PI / 4 and  < 7*PI/8.

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After Effects :: CS6 Warning / Unable To Obtain Dynamic-link

May 31, 2013

I'm using a pc with windows 64 bit, and get this warning when trying to analyse the footage with either the 3D camera tracker or warp stabilizer. A warning pops up that says, unable to obtain dynamiclink server connection, and the footage does not analyse. The only solution is restarting my machine.. not very time saving.
Also similar issue, when I am working on a comp in AE and go to open the edit in premiere pro, premiere freezes and closes without opening.. only way to fix this is to either restart the machine, or have opened a premiere project before opening an AE comp.

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Premiere Pro :: Dynamic Link Background Turned Transparent?

Jan 10, 2014

I used Dynamic Link to import an AE comp into Premiere Pro - for some reason the white background has turned into a completely transparent background.

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Premiere Pro :: Dynamic Link Error When Sending Sequence To AME

Mar 4, 2014

I have a very short sequence without errors in premiere pro, but when I drag the project over to Adobe Media Encoder, I get a "Dynamic Link Error"...
"There was an error when adding selected sequence to the batch".
Currently I have to export sequences one at a time, and that's not going to be cool in the near future.
Premiere pro 6.0.5
Adobe media encoder

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After Effects :: Unable To Obtain Dynamic-link Server?

Feb 18, 2013

I decided to download the trial version of Adobe After Effects CS6. I've been playing around with it and I've run into trouble. When I try to us the 3D Camera Tracker tool, I'm promptly greeted with an error that states, "unable to obtain dynamiclink server." This happens every single time I press the "analyze" button. It happens with every single clip I try to use (AVI, WMV, MP4, etc.) I've checked my firewall and virus protection (Kaspersky) and nothing is restraining anything in After Effects

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: How To Set North Angle From A Field In Sheet Set Manager

Jan 24, 2013

On my border, I have a compass with a rotation parameter to rotate the angle for north.  How to set this angle from a field in the sheet set manager?

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Photoshop :: Entry Point Could Not Be Located In Dynamic Link Library

Mar 20, 2013

when i start photoshop cs6 it prompts a error that
"The procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"
What should I do?

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AutoCAD Architecture :: Dynamic Link Between Property Set Definitions And Excel

Nov 12, 2013

Any way to create a dynamic link between the property set attached to a space and excel?

I have a lots of spaces that has a property set attached, some of this property changes often. So if it was possible to create a excel sheet that presents each property for each space and then I could change the property in excel and put it back to Architecture it would save me a lot of time.

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