Edge Animate CC :: How To Import Layers From Illustrator And Fireworks

Jan 21, 2013

How can a import layers from illustrator and fireworks to Edge Animate?

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Xara :: How To Import PNG Files With Layers From Fireworks

May 21, 2011

I have 10 years worth of .pngs with layers that I created using Fireworks. I recently rebuilt my system and really really didn't want to install/reinstall any Macromedia software in the new system so I got Photo & Graphics Designer 6.

It looks great for editing photos, however I still need to get to the individual layers of some graphics that are in Fireworks .png format.

Is there some conversion/import in any Xara software that accesses the layers? Any other raster program other than Photoshop or Fireworks.

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Edge Animate CC :: Hiding Layers Via Boundary?

Aug 24, 2013

I'm using Edge to set up animations for my portfolio pages.  I'm working on several, but I'm still instinctively using Flash techniques that are different, or don't work with Edge.  I'm trying to set up a kind of 'conveyor belt' with two belts, one on top and one below.  Each belt will scroll and carry a word, and cycle in a loop so the words move back and forth through the machine graphics I have.
Is there a way to 'hide' an object beyond the opacity slider and keyframes/pin?  Once the word is covered by the machine, I want it to disappear, but parts of the word which still haven't been carried inside the machine are still visible, so using the opacity slider is out until the whole word is inside the machine.  But if I try to scale it, the shape changes while parts of the word are still visible. 
One solution is to break each word into chunks of 3 letters or so, with individual layers for each cluster of letters.  Then once each chunk is hidden, blink it out.  But before I do that, I'd like to find out if there's a way to make a hard edge, or a boundary, somewhere on the stage, beneath which a specified layer becomes invisible, so that if an object scrolls past that boundary before exiting the stage, it gradually disappears.  Is that possible?  I'd prefer this way, because I plan to animate the 'belts' the same way for smooth scrolling.

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Edge Animate CC :: Best Way To Import Video In The Project?

Mar 3, 2013

What is the best way to add video and audio in Edge ANimate project?

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Edge Animate CC :: Animating Elements In Layers As They Overlap?

Feb 6, 2013

I have managed to make some animations to include them in Adobe DPS for Ipad. Right now I have a doubt and I don't know how to solve it.
This is a map of Europe with some countries. I want to start the preentation bringing them one by one to the forefront by enlarging them and then reducing them again. ("Here comes Germany, Now, France..." and son on).
No big trouble. But the rub is that, as each country is in its own layer, some of them enlarge all right but some others are partially hidden by their neighbours when enlarging, as they are under those, in a lower layer. All the countries has been arranged in Illustrator and imported as SVG into Animate layers.
The question is: Is there any command to force an element in a layer to act, move or go 'forward' even if it is under the other one?

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Edge Animate CC :: Adding A Strong Colour Above All Layers?

Dec 12, 2013

I'm new to Animate and just having a play making an animated Christmas card. Problem is all the symbols look fine if you go into each one in isolation, but when you are on the stage everything looks as though it's about a 50% tint of what it should be.
Animation plays as I want, just a lot paler that it should be. I've tried adding a strong colour above all my layers and the same thing happens... 

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Edge Animate CC :: Import Image In Canvas 10x Bigger

Dec 19, 2013

i've an image of a tyre..100x100 pixels.when i import it in edge, i get something like 1000x1000 and the tyre is left side top..as 100x100 the rest is empty and i cant get it away??

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Import HTML Form Elements

Feb 2, 2013

I created an HTML FORM, then loaded it into Edge Animate.

Now, that I have it there, I created a Div, however, I cannot place the form fields on top of the DIV.

It goes behind the DIV, and does not give me the option of appending it to the FRONT.

I sent the DIV to the Back, however, the Form Fields still remained behind the DIV.
How to work with imported HTML Form Elements within Edge?
I think that I might have figured this one out.However, you loose some of the properties, doing it the way that am trying it right now.Will post back my findings later on.

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Edge Animate CC :: Part Of SVG File Missing After Import

Nov 27, 2013

when I import an SVG file into an Edge project that some of it goes missing? but then when previewing in specific browsers they will either re appear or just stay non existent?

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Edge Animate CC :: Error In Image Path When Import Them

Oct 4, 2013

I have problem when I try import imagen inside Edge stage. Then I need close the file and re-open to fix the image paths.

I note that Edge create a image folder to save the image inside the Library.
Do I am doing anything wrong trying drag/drop image inside the stage?

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Edge Animate CC :: Insert Action Triggers To Individual Layers?

Aug 24, 2013

I like being able to loop the animation in Edge so it will play continually.  But coordinating an edge animation with a number of different layers for each object makes me want to be able to loop each layer.   Right now it seems you can only insert an action trigger in the general timeline.  Is it possible to insert action triggers to individual layers?
For example, I made this animation for my illustrator portfolio page [url]....
I have set up layers for each color, and layers for each texture.  Right now it cycles through them in a regular pattern. But I'd like to set individual loops for each color and texture layer so that the animation varies a little.

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Edge Animate CC :: Import A Sequence Of Images That Represent An Object Spinning

Jan 2, 2013

I am looking for a way to import a sequence of images that represent an object spinning. I'd like to be able to import these onto the timeline and have it play thru the images by turning them on/off at the correct time. I basically want to do the same way that you can do in Flash when importing an image sequence.

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Edge Animate CC :: Ability To Import Files In Numeric Or Alphabetical Order

Feb 21, 2014

i'm doing a large project that requires me to import 40 to 50 image files into separate edge documents. (about 30 documents each with 40-50 sequenced images.) each time i import a batch of images, the order gets messed up. in finder they are labeled as filename01.jpg, filename02.jpg etc. when i import them into edge, it scrambeles the files for no apparent reason (see image below) and i have to delete them and re-add them from the images library to get them in order.
why don't they just import in order?
as you can see, i moved file _10000 to the top (it was somewhere in the middle) and the rest of the files are in no apparent order. this is extremely annoying as the files were named as such to keep them in order!! is this a bug, or just the way that edge thinks importing files works?

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Edge Animate CC :: Create Interactive Animation - Publish / Import Into InDesign?

Jun 27, 2013

Is it possible to create an interactive animation in Edge, publish it, import it into Indesign, export it as an Interavtive PDF while maintaining the animation and interactivity?

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Center An Animate Stage Left And Right In Browser Window

Dec 22, 2012

I want to center an animate stage left and right in the browser window.

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Edge Animate CC :: Create Multiple Pages On One Animate Project

Jul 24, 2013

1. crolling like where you have buttons for example or press on a navigation bar tab, then it goes to that specific pace of the page, for a one page website, for example some sites you press on contacts and gose down to the bottom of the page where the contacts place is located, not opening a new link.
2.Second, navigation bar, where it fallows the scroll as it gose down, like for example when it is html the object is fixed to the top, and when you scroll down it will fallow it it,
3.I need Parallex scrolling where you can have the timeline or animations run while you scroll in the meantime and have animation running all the time, for example the infographic site where the bees are fluying but still have seperate animations while you scroll
4.I would also like to ask if like looping each animations sperately, not looping the whole timeline, can it be possible to loop an animation while you have all the interactivity witht he site like looping seperately all the time, without interfeering with all the other animation
5.I also are wondering if you can create multiple pages on one animate project, like multiple pages with html
I just moved on to edge animate from html, and html was also beirf learn for me and mostly i was doing design work, and i thought getting out of graphic river and moving on the theme forest.
I want also all the five things to work on one aimate project.

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Edge Animate CC :: Text Colour To Animate With The Lines Of Code?

Nov 22, 2013

Is it possible to get the text color to FadeIn or the opacity of the text color to animate with the lines of code below? I simply want the color to fade in when the mouse rolls over the text.

Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "${_writing_btn}", "mouseover", function(sym, e) sym.$("writing_btn").css("color","#88ACBE");

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Animate Snow Fall As Background

Oct 16, 2013

I'd like to animate snow falling. I assume Edge would be able to do this. Will it be possible to add it as a background? Or would it just be easier to add the effect to the top graphic portion of my page? I've used Edge back when it first came out. But havent' touched it in a while. I'm now working "in the Cloud". and I do use Dreamweaver.

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Edge Animate CC :: Animate HTML File Won't Work

Dec 13, 2013

I am including an animation I built using Edge Animate into Dreamweaver. I can't use an .oam file because of some other JavaScript I'm using so basically I'm limited to an .html file with all my edge includes java, and other supporting files.
when I preview in browser within dreamweaver. However, when I upload the page to my domain, my animate HTML file won't work. Here is a link to the current site in progress. (The first green box top left is my link to my animation). URL....

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Animate A Png Sequence With Transparency For HTML5 / IOS

Feb 4, 2014

I have 280 extracted frames from a 12 sec. mp4 clip. I've cut-out the main object to get rid of the background and saved all the files as png. How can I bring this to a HTML5 Animation to place it on a page that will be showed on ipad-air (no animated gif and no flash)

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Animate Progress Bar With Increasing Percentage

Jun 18, 2013

What the best way is to animate a progress bar with an increasing %. Seems like you would specify a variable set to 0 that is then incremented via javascript while an animation is going on.

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Edge Animate CC :: Pasting Ordinary HTML Into An Animate Div

Jun 18, 2013

I have an ordinary div I composed with HTML, that I'd like to import into an existing Edge Animate comp and have it treated like an ordinary div. The two closest things I saw were: a YouTube video of a whole page opening in EA, and divs animated within itThis other forum, which has more components imported than I need:URL...Isn't there some kind of pasting window somewhere?

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Edge Animate CC :: Insert Text Field Into Animate?

Dec 17, 2013

So I created my own subscription form, I have it appear and disapear when you are on the button. And when you click on it, it stays. But how can a put in an action to add text to it?

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Animate A Link With A Hover Feature

Dec 6, 2013

I'm looking for a way to animate a link with a hover feature. I would like the link to be initally blank, but after hovering hover the link, a colored rectangle of sorts slides in from left to right, essentially creating a new background color. When the cursor moves off of the link, the colored rectangle in the background would slide back to the left, disappearing.
After some thought, initially it sounds like an animation of clipping masks. Not sure if this is possible in Edge, or if I am on the right track.
Another hover animation that looks as if it would be some sort of clipping mask is found here on this site: [URL]....
I love the link to the right of the screen that says "Watch the trailer." It's a simple, beautiful animation that gives the site a great look.

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Edge Animate CC :: All Edge Objects Are Drawing Behind The Pre-existing HTML File

Aug 20, 2013

I have an existing HTML page (created in Adobe Muse) and I am trying to draw some Adobe Edge objects on top of the page (e.g. a rectangle or an image). When I look in the layers panel, the Edge objects show as top in the list. However, visually when I look at the page, the elements show behind the pre-existing HTML page from Muse.

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Edge Animate CC :: Right Click In Elements Window Crashes Edge?

Apr 6, 2013

The Elements window in Edge Animate seems to be unstable. When I right-click in the field to modify an asset, Edge often crashes with the resulting error message:
Edge Animate - Exception An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate.
It happens quite frequently (~7/10 right-clicks)

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Edge Animate CC :: How To Get List Of HTML5 Features Used By Edge Project

Aug 2, 2013

Is there a way for me to know what all features of HTML5 does my Edge project actually use.
I know there are a lot of sites which tests what all HTML5 features are supported by a browser, but I want to know which all features are being used by a edge project.

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Edge Animate CC :: Building A Folio In INDD From Edge OAM File

Sep 5, 2013

I've placed the OAM file of my Edge animation and gone through the steps of creating a "folio", but when I preview in Adobe Content Viewer all I get is a static page that fades out when clicked.

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Edge Animate CC :: Control Edge Symbols From External JavaScript?

Jan 9, 2013

I have come across about a dozen similar discussions, but most have presented solutions that worked in earlier versions of Edge and no longer work.
I am trying to use Edge to build animations that can then be integrated into larger non-Edge projects. I would like to then be able to control the Edge timeline or Edge symbols from elements OUTSIDE of Edge, such as another link or button in the page.
I cannot seem to figure out how to properly reference the Edge stage or symbols.
I have come across several proposed solutions for referencing Edge stage, such as:    
     var comp = AdobeEdge.getComposition("EDGE-966604542");
     var stage = comp.getStage(); 
     var comp = $.Edge.getComposition("EDGE-966604542");
     var stage = comp.getStage();      
     var comp = Edge.getComposition("EDGE-966604542");
     var stage = comp.getStage();
     and these either DO NOTHING or throw errors about either AdobeEdge or Edge or comp being undefined.

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Edge Animate CC :: Why Is Edge Loading The Same Files Multiple Times

May 29, 2013

From the image above you can see that "jquery" loaded twice @ 91kb = 181kbedge 1.5 loaded twice @ 102kb = 204kb aswell as the edge and edge actions files loaded twice and if i boot strap comps together the images are loaded multiple times aswell

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Edge Animate CC :: Two Edge Animations On HTML Page?

Apr 4, 2013

I followed the adobe tutorial to manually create an html page in order to have two edge animations on a page but it doesn't work well. The second animation starts but not the first one (I can see the first frame only).

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