Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Program Which Can Be Used To Change EXIF Data

Oct 6, 2011

Any program which can be used to change the EXIF data.In particular, I want to change the shutter speed. Photomatix
apparently reads the EXIF data to determine relative UV.

The Screen and Multiply blend modes seem to change EV by about one. Naturally, this can't recover pixels at (0, 0, 0) or (255, 255, 255) but it comes close with most other values.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Check Exif Orientation Flag?

Feb 18, 2012

Is there a way in Photo-Paint to open a photo in the orientation as it was made by the camera e.g. if the photo was taken vertically PP has to open the file and show it vertically on the screen (so it has to check the Exif orientation flag)

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 :: Missing Program Bar In Windows 7?

Mar 19, 2011

I am unable to minimize or close Photo Paint by mouseclick in W7. The program bar (is that how it is called?) is missing, so it is impossible to toggle between draw and photo paint. Coreldraw does show the program bar. Changing monitor resolution did not work, neither did  reinstalling. On another computer of mine, with W XP there is no problem.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: How To Change Shades Of Background In Photo

Feb 1, 2012

I am trying to change the background of a photo. Not just change the color but change the color AND make it keep it's original shading, etc. I have some family photos we had made recently and they used a beige color draping for the background. The ones we had made before had a black draping. I was wondering how I could go about using some sort of additive coloring to transform the varying shades of beige to the same varying shades of black.

I have already used the masking tool to separate the background from the rest of the photo.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 :: How To Change Color Of JPG Image

Mar 12, 2008

I am trying to create a neat desktop wallpaper for my work. I downloaded a JPG that I like alot, but its blue with lines and other slashes, etc through it. I want to change these blue shades to red shades, but its a JPG...

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Change The Color Of Object?

Aug 12, 2011

I use the brush to paint. After a while I would like to change the color of that object.

CorelDraw X5 v. Hot Fix 4 - Windows 7-64

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: How To Change (Round) Corners Of JPG

Apr 29, 2011

How I can change the corners of a jpg so they are round.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Change A Photograph To 300dpi

Oct 16, 2011

Can I change a photograph I have been working on to look like a sketch....... to 300dpi ?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Change In Tool Pointer On Screen

May 4, 2011

Running Windows 7 - 64 bit with X5.  About 2 weeks ago PhotoPaint tools changed from a nice, easy to use circle, showing the size of the nib in use (paint brush, clone, mask brush, eraser, etc) to a representation of the tool with no indication of how large the nib is.  I've tried working through this, being busy with work, but it's very frustrating and was so much easier with the nib circles - showing the size.

This is the same thing that used to happen in V.12, and previously the solution was to return to a checkpoint in the system, re-install and all was set back to normal. It's been almost a year since switching to X5 and have no memory on how or what the process was back for V.12.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Bitmap Effect - How To Change Color

May 11, 2011

I am upgrading some macro code (actually VB.Net code in standalone .Net 3.5 Windows Forms application) from Corel Photo Paint XI to Corel PhotoPaint X5.

My previous CorelScript.BitmapEffect("Replace Colors", "ReplaceColorsEffect.V11 RepClrInColor=5:255:255:255,RepClrOutColor=5:0:0:0,RepClrIgnoreGrayscl=1,RepClrSingleClr=1,RepClrRange=0")
used to replace the white color in a bitmap to black.

This doesn't seem to work in X5. Is there some documentation available on the use of Bitmap Effect?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: Batch Process And Only Change JPG Compression Level?

Oct 15, 2013

I've done batch processing before, but unsure of how to simply change the jpg compress on all files in a root folder (with subdirs).  I guess I'm stuck in not knowing how to set the compression since this is done in the saving of the file and not really the script part.

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Photoshop Elements :: How To Get Data Exif On A Photo

Jan 6, 2013

How to get data exif on a photo

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Photoshop Elements :: Exif Data Of Photo

Sep 29, 2012

I am new to Photoshop Elements.  How can I see the exif data of a photo?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Losing EXIF Data With HDR

Sep 18, 2013

I process three images with PSP X5 using the HDR feature and the EXIF data is dropped.

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Paint Shop Pro :: EXIF Data Not Available To Plug-ins

Sep 1, 2013

I am the author of PTLens, software for correcting lens distortion.


The software functions by reading EXIF data and, based on this information, determines the camera, lens, and focal length, and automatically corrects lens distortion.

The plug-in is compatible with Photoshop on both the Mac and PC. Unfortunately, EXIF data is not available for plug-ins under PSP. Without EXIF data the user must manually enter camera make, model, lens, and lens focal length. This is a bit onerous for users with zoom lenses.

Work at your end, assuming you have access to a pointer to EXIF data, is trivial. I estimate less than one hour of developer time. As a result, users will have access to automatic correction for distortion via the PTLens plug-in.

I am willing to work with a developer on your end to see this feature implemented in your software.

Technical information follows.
intptr_t simpProp;
Handle compProp;
int32 rc;


A call to getProperty returns zero, indicating all is okay. But a call to getSize returns zero, indicating no EXIF data. I tried a different approach. A PSP script, to obtain EXIF data, was successful. But there is no way to pass this information to a plug-in.

Setting an environment variable in the script, and reading the variable in the plug-in, won't work because I need to set an environment variable in a parent process. This is not permitted.

Writing a file from the script, and then reading it back in the plug-in, doesn't work because the script is running in a protected environment where writing files is not allowed.

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Paint Shop Pro :: EXIF White Balance Data?

Dec 9, 2012

I use a Pentax K-r and the white balance icon above the EXIF data panel only shows if I have used Auto White Balance. If I have used any of the other modes available in the camera, no icon is shown and the EXIF data lists the shot as taken with manual white balance. The other two icons (metering mode and JPG/DNG) work correctly. The white balance issue means that I have to note the white balance setting of each shot while the card is in the camera and put it by hand against the shot in PaintShop Pro. This is very time-consuming and seems to be a serious omission.

I have since found that the white balance icon works with my Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-150 camera, although the EXIF data still shows the shots as taken with manual white balance, so it seems to be a compatibility problem that needs to be resolved.

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Paint Shop Pro :: Way To Print Exif And Iptc Data Using X4

Dec 10, 2012

Is there a way to print exif and iptc data using paintshop pro X4 ?

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Lightroom :: Export To JPG - Exif Meta Data Contain A Exif Tag

Nov 8, 2013

Since today I'm using "Lightroom 5.3 RC for Windows". When I export to jpg the Exif meta data contain a Exif tag "Software", the value is "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.0 (Windows)". Why doesn't this tag show the version number "5.3" (or "5.3 RC")?This behaviour has been at all prior Lightroom versions I know.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: New Tool For Removing Background From Photo Really Quickly?

May 11, 2013

removing a background from a photo.

For example, remove the grass from this photo:

Make it look like this:

Current System: i3 3.07ghz, 3gb ram, Windows 7 32 bit with all updates and X6

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: How To Resize Photo Correctly Without Loosing Quality

Sep 30, 2011

I want to know how to resize a photo without loosing quality....... in the image resize box the is a check box that says maintain file size ......what does that do .

I have tried to resize using it and the file stays the same as the original.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Turn Color Photo Into Black And White Outline Drawing?

May 8, 2012

I haven't found a way to turn a color photo into a Black & White outline drawing in Corel PhotoPaint X5.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Creating Bulging Eyes In A Photo

Sep 27, 2011

I want to create bulging eyes in a photo that i have. I would do this in photo paint?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 :: Transparent Edges On Elliptical Photo

May 6, 2012

In a photo, I cut out an elliptical or round face.I saved the cutt image as .; "New from clipboard" No problem, the background is now transparent.

But now I want to make the edges of the oval or round image transparent.(then I want to put the result image on another image)

How can I make the edges transparent with Corel Photo Paint (or Corel Draw)?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Do Color Tint On A Photo?

Jan 4, 2012

Is there an easy way to do color tints on a photo in PhotoPAINT? And by that I don't mean just correcting the tint, I mean converting a regular photo into one that has a single color tint (e.g., yellow, red, etc.). I've tried graying it out and then adding a transparent color layer over it, but I'm not getting the result I'm looking for.

Also, while I'm at it, are there any (current) books out that cover PhotoPAINT in depth? I know that the official DRAW book has a section on it, but it's pretty basic.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 :: How To Create Instagram Look To Any Photo

Aug 7, 2011

The current crop of photo sharing apps like Instagram have made filter effects a popular way of adding some extra vim to your shots. What if you want to give the ‘retro’ look to photos that aren’t on your phone though?

How can we create retro looking photos in PhotoPaint?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 :: Turning Photo Into Sketch?

Apr 20, 2011

Is this possible to do in photo paint and is there any tutorials on it?

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: Transparent Photo Edges

Nov 22, 2013

As a service, I am setting up some photos that will be exported as png files for use in Publisher.

I need grungy photo edges to be transparent so her background shows through the grunge effect.

Thought I knew how to do this but it's not working.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 :: Use A Photo Frame From Connect?

May 12, 2013

I would like to use a photo frame from connect, and keep it in the Effects>Creative>Frame menu of frames.  I have downloaded and clicked and dragged the frame to my image, but I would like to reuse this frame.  Is it possible to add it to the menu?  I can download it to the menu - but it is a temporary item in the list of views to the right, which can be replaced from any of the permanent members of the dropdown selection of frames on the left of the Frame menu.  I would like a frame to become one of those "permanent frames."

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 :: Altering Newspaper Photo?

May 20, 2011

How to alter a scanned newspaper photo to get it to look like a continuous line photo using cpp apps?  is there a tried technique? i tried tracing in cdgs but it looks like the dabble app was applied in cpp  i want to try and get rid of the 65 line printing ink dots. if no one has a way, i will post one if i am successful. trial and error can be fun if you have the patience and fortitude.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 :: Colors Not The Same When Going From Draw To Photo?

May 16, 2011

I am making a background image for a website in Draw.  The main part is Black.

I export as a jpg and the image looks fine when I view it.

Then if I open it in photo-paint the black is not black, but rather has a grey color to it.  The image is exported fine and looks great when viewing it with the normal windows photo viewer program.

Something is happening when it is opened up in photo paint I think.

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Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 :: Effect / Paint Or Clone Tools Won't Work In Image

May 27, 2011

i'm using my corelphoto paint x3 for a year now and it is working fyn then on one occassion i don't know but while editing an image, i suddenly discovered that my effect tools, paint tools, clone tools wont work or wont make changes on the image i'm editing...  i've already checked the menus and settings but still no work..i also tried reinstalling the program but still it's all the same..

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