AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Stretching Multiline Attribute Text Box

Aug 24, 2011

Attached is a block that I use a lot. Originally I had two separate single line text attributes for the "title". I modified it to have a single multiline text attribute instead. I want this attributes text box width to stretch along with the line below it, so that long text strings will automatically adjust to single or multiple lines as necessary and not run off the end of the line. As it stands now I have to stretch the line and then adjust the width of the text box to match.

Also it would be nice if the bulk of the text would stay on the bottom line and only the "overflow" would move up to the next line.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Attribute Not Stretching (Lock Position Is On)

Jul 26, 2011

Why I can't get the attribute to stretch with right hand arrow.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Wipeouts - Not Stretching With Dynamic Actions

Jun 4, 2013

I have noticed in some dynamic blocks that have wipeouts in them, that they dor not stretch with dynamic actions.

In fact, they don't seem to be capable of stretching.

I have read some post about "Autodesk Sketchbook Designer for Autocad 2012" causing some conflicts.

Is there an advantage to having it installed?Do I need to uninstall it? or not?

Does it interfere with anything else in Dynamic Blocks or the drawing file?

AutoCAD 2012 / Inventor 2012

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Stretching Same Parameter In All Blocks In Drawing From One Field?

Jul 15, 2011

How do I manipulate a height parameter all of the dynamic blocks in the drawing from one single field? Say a field located in the drawing properties or on the drawing itself.

For example:  Multiple blocks of different walls of same height with other blocks of things on located on those walls, dependant on the wall height, all linked to and changed by a single field. Possibly a Wall Height field located in the custom tab of the drawing properties.

I can pickout each of the blocks and change them at the same time in properites menu because they all share the same parameter name.  I would just like to have that height parameter of every block in the drawing, that has that specific parameter controled by a single field.  Which I could enter a new height at anytime that would change every block in the drawing to that height.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: With Attribute Text - Set Constraints?

Aug 27, 2013

I am trying to set constraints to this block and having some issues. I want to constrain the attribute text so when I stretch the block from the grips the text centers itself automatically within itself. The constraints will not let me pick the grip on the attribute text as a point.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Stretching Dynamic Blocks

Sep 7, 2012

is there a way to make dynamic blocks stretchable similar to a mleader,

the blocks i create are only stretchable by grips, and not by crossing

(i am using linear or point parameter stretches)

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Constraint Red Line To Follow The End Of Attribute Text

Nov 22, 2012

In the attached block, how can I contraints the red line to follow the end of the attribute text?

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Alignment Flip - Backwards Attribute Text

Feb 6, 2009

I have been trying to convert my offices blocks to dynamic blocks and this one is giving me a hassle.

Essentially we have a line with an arrow at the end of it to show drainage pathways. I added a multiline attribute so we can add the percentage along the line with a mask. The line, arrow and attribute all need to be able to be aligned perpendicular or tangent to a given line. Everything looks great until the arrow flips sides to work from the other direction and then the text is mirrored backwards.

Mirrtext is set to 0 and I even tried it while in the Beditor to see if there was independent. Multiline or Regular attribute have the same effect as well as if they are locked position or not.

I tried adding a flip, but then the mirrortext settings work just fine and the text won't flip back.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Scale A Block Vertically But Not Attribute Text?

Jun 3, 2013

I have a block that I want to show on a vertical exaggeration of 10x. How do I make it so that a block has a Y scale of 10 without the attribute text inside the block being stretched in the Y direction 10x? 

I would like to use a Y scale of 10 rather than a block with 10x the length because I have a field that returns a length parameter and I don't want that value to be 10x what it's supposed to be, and it would make things much easier to not have to multiply my values by 10x each time I use the block. 

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AutoCad 2D :: Stretching Dynamic Blocks Along An Arc?

Mar 13, 2013

I have a 4' light fixture that is a rectangle. Right now I have it set up to where I can stretch it and it copies it’s self whatever length that I stretch it in increments of 4'.

Is there a way for me to modify this so that when I stretch it along an arc, that it copies its self and rotates its self along the edge of the arc?

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Stretching And Dividing

Jul 26, 2013

Is there a way to make a dynamic block where I will insert the total length of this “ panel”. Say 3720mm, and that it will divide the “panel” into equal segments with a maximum segment width of 1240mm. ( so with 3720mm that would make 3x 1240mm segments)

Say it would be a “panel” of 5500mm it would be 5 segments of 1100mm, and a “panel” of lets say 3750mm would make 4 segments of 937,5mm.

I made a drawing to illustrate what I mean, A dynamic block for this will save a lot of time!

(here is the example)

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Stretching Equally In Same Direction

Jan 5, 2012

I can create a block where you stretch a line and the opposite side stretches equally in an opposite direction but I can't find anything with stretching equally in the same direction.

The block in questions is a door with windows to the side. The door size will remain fixed but as I stretch the window jamb I would like the two mullions to stretch to create an equal stretch.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Stretching Equally While Arraying

Jan 17, 2012

I have been trying (albeit unsuccessfully) to draw a DB that requires a hole spacing of 16" maximum. The problem with this is that a pair of holes will need to be added or subtracted based on the width while not exceeding this 16" maximum dimension, but maintaining even spacing. I.E., when this block is stretched down, a pair of holes needs to be subtracted and the remaining holes need to be spaced evenly. I have attached the block drawn at it's maximum width and most required holes at this width with stretch parameters for each hole set. The best idea I could think of would be visibility states for each series of holes that would be activated when the block is stretched accordingly but just can't seem to make it work.

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AutoCAD LT :: Stretching In Dynamic Blocks Moves Line

Nov 14, 2012

Please see the attached drawing. It's for a conveyor system, and the idea is that when you insert the block, you could then select the size of the conveyor and the angle of the turn (straight sections are another block).

What is suppose to happen is, when you insert the block, you stretch the conveyor to the size desired, and the rest of the block should scale to match. Then you select the angle of "turn", and you're good to go.

I got it all to work except... when you stretch the line out, everything scales, but the line doesn't stay in place and just stretch to the left, it moves, which leaves a gap where the conveyor should be.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Combination Stretching And Visibility States?

Dec 9, 2011

I am working on a few dynamic blocks with ducts.The plan is when you stretch the duct to far it will automatically place a coupling and the next peace of duct.

This wasn’t the problem but if I connect more than 2 ducts it goes extremely slow. (see attached file)

I think that if I am using larger steps between stretching (still testing this theory) it will go faster but this goes against my nature of being possible to exactly decide the length on my one.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Stretching Multiple Lines By A Different Amount

Oct 18, 2012

I'm looking at a block which has multiple visibility states, 2 of which show a beam as a side elevation, where the beam can be stretched to give a length. This works well.

But I'd like to be able to have the beam stretching so the bottom flange of the beam can stretch relative to the top to give an angle to the beam end, and also have the lines representing the flanges (whose position will vary depending on the steel size) can also be stretched to give a neat cutoff.

Stretching the bottom of the bottom flange is easy, but I can't figure out how to stretch the inner lines? They would have to be moved a proportion of the distance which will vary between beam sizes/flange thicknesses, so putting in a fixed multiplication factor won't work. The mathematics to set a multiplication factor based on other elements of the dynamic block is easy, but is it possible to have such implemented on a varying basis?

Elevation showing what I want to do, and the block itself attached.

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AutoCAD LT :: Multiline Text Attribute Width?

Jan 30, 2012

I am using a multiple line attribute.  I insert the block, fill in the text, and adjust the width of the multi-lines text so the lines are longer and there are fewer of them.  I save and close the file, then re-open some time later and the width of the multli-ine attribute has reverted back to a different width (shoter) - I am assuming it is the default width that I set to the attribute.  Is there a setting to stop this from happening?  Is there something I should do when I create the attirbute?

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Insertion Point Of Attribute Changing Within Dynamic Block

Nov 21, 2011

I wish to create a dynamic block containing some attributes. These attributes are inside rectangles that can't be modified in length using linear parameters ; but the attribute has to be always in the middle of the rectangle. So, I draw a line inside the rectangle (in a hidden layer) and insert the attribute with center justification (not sure for the translation) that I place in the middle of this line ; then I put a coincidence constraint (not sure for the translation, but it's the first one) linking the middle of the line with the middle of the attribute.

But here's the problem : when stretching my rectangle, the insertion point of the attribute suddenly changes from "center" to "bottom left".

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Pass Attribute Values To Dynamic Block Parameters?

Dec 4, 2013

I am looking for a way to use the ATTIN/ATTOUT workflow to bring in data from an excel spreadsheet to drive the size of each of my block's instances. The block will be simple, a rectangle, with width and length parameters. For each entity in my excel/csv file these parameter values are spelled out. I know how to display these parameters in my attributes, but I don't know how, if I were to feed in these values, to drive the geometry. If there's a better way to take a list of width and length values to generate a series of blocks each with a rectangle containing its respective size.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Delete Last Attribute In All Of Specific Blocks

Jan 24, 2012

I have the same block repeated multiple times in a drawing, and I want to delete the last attribute in all of the specific blocks.  When I edit the block in block editor, the attributes do not show up.  After I explode the block, there is no text.  The attached image shows the properties of the block.

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AutoCAD VB :: 2011 Batch Convert Field Attribute To Text Attribute In Blocks Using VBA

Jun 3, 2011

I've got hundreds of files to convert. 

In VBA, how can I batch convert field attributes in blocks to text attributes while retaining the blocks?  Is there a simple way to univerally convert them all at onceusing VBA?  The plotted values for the fields must be retained, too.

Explode will not retain the value of the field.

Burst will not work as it explodes the blocks as well.

You can right-click on the field and slelct "Convert to text" from the RCM.  So I know that the process exists within CAD, just need to batch the process for a quantity of DWGs at a time - in VBA.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Add Attribute Value To Mtext

May 25, 2011

I have an attribute definition and I need to add its value to an mtext. I added it in mtext insert field it is ok, every thinks work fine it is only needs a regen but it is not a problem.

The problem is when my mtext and att in a block regen does not work in model space, I had to enter block and regen. Is there any way to do it without entrance in block editor?

I attached a simple example.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Rename Attribute Tag

Nov 4, 2011

How do you edit attribute tags (only) and retain the values of the attributes? When I try to redefine a block the attribute values change with ATTSYNC.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Getting Parameter Value From Attribute

Nov 10, 2011

I need a rectangle block which on insertion prompts me for some data (name/tag/item number) and then displays it (this I can do). This is al pretty straightforward. But I also want to be able to fill in width and height and then have the block stretch to the correct size. So basically what I think I need is to have the value of a parameter refer to the value of an attribute. I've gotten it to work the other way around, where the attribute displays the size of one side of the rectangle (after stretching and regenerating), but I'd really like to have it working the other way.

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AutoCad :: Dynamic Blocks And Attribute Definitions

Mar 6, 2007

I've created a dynamic block with two visibility states. The second state is a copy of the first state, but some of the attribute definitions have been moved, along with some of the geometry.

When I insert the block, then toggle between the two visibility states, the geometry changes as I would expect, but the attributes stay in the position dictated on the first state.

How can I make sure that the attributes move for the second state, as I need them to.

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AutoCad :: Editing Attribute In Dynamic Blocks?

Sep 24, 2012

making dynamics blocks and more over utilizing the attribute feature but I have discovered some chnages tat i need to make.

My question right now is, once an attribute is created and put into the block editor is that it? Ifi need to edit it can i edit it? I don't really see an option or command right off that would allow me to do this ?

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AutoCad :: Dynamic Blocks - Stretching First Image To Generate Second Image

May 5, 2011

I have a box, and inside that box, there is another box. Connecting/joining both boxes are two lines on all four sides of both boxes. What I don't know is how to stretch the outer box (dynamically) from the top right corner, to any size i wish to drag it out to (keeping the inner box in the center at all times, and keeping the lines joining the boxes, connected to both boxes).

I can:
-Dynamically stretch the outer box from the top right corner, keeping the inner box in the center

I can't:
-Keep the lines joining the two boxes connected to the two boxes.

There is a picture attached that shows the box before it is stretched, and a picture of the end result that im looking for. I just need to know how to dynamically stretch the first image to generate the second image.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Flip Attribute Justification?

Jan 27, 2009

I've built this nifty block for holdowns, but the attributes get all goofy on me when I use the flip command. The problem is that the justification of the attributes does not change when they are flipped - so if I modify the text in the attribute while the block is in the FLIPPED state, how to modify the justification?Check out the attached file to see what I'm talking about. The block instances are numbered so you can follow along:

1. block is inserted
2. attribute text is modified in NOT FLIPPED state - everything is dandy
3. block is flipped
4. attribute text is modified in FLIPPED state - text justification is jacked up
5. block is flipped again, in order to demonstrate the continued jacked-uppedness of the attribute

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Attribute In Visibility Parameter

Dec 17, 2012

What I'm trying to do is have a graphic scale with a set list of scales the user can pick from. This was easy using the Visibility Parameter.

However, I want to add a "custom" vis state where, once they select this option, the attributed definition box will pop up and give them the option to input whatever scale they are using.Check out the attached .dwg to see what I've done so far (I just have the attributes on the "custom" vis state).

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Not Updating With Value Of Attribute Within Same Block

Jul 2, 2013

Fairly versed with Dynamic blocks here, so the first thing I checked was to make sure that my FIELDEVAL was set to 31 to ensure updates but this one isn't working for me and may be a limitation of the software?

I'm making a dynamic block for my users who aren't familiar with electrical wiring so I am developing a series of blocks for our typical wiring configurations.  In this instance, I've setup a pair of attributes to allow the changing of wire color codes and I want to use that single attribute entry to used in multiple other locations that are also connected to that conductor in certain situations.  I have setup a field within this block to be the "VALUE" of the object (the attribute) in order to accomplish this.  Unfortunately it is only displaying the default value I have for the attribute and will not update either upon insertion of the block or after an edit.   Is this beyond the capabilities of Dynamic blocks or do I need to take a different approach?

Find file attached.

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AutoCAD Dynamic Blocks :: Using Data Link As Attribute

Nov 19, 2013

I need to create a small table to ID the User, Computer name, Door Key, etc for a floor plan drawing of our office.  I'd like to get this done in Excel and link it all so the bldg manager can make changes to the drawing without me.  I have created the excel file and created a "name set" in excel for each room.  In Autocad 2013 I have inserted a table from a data link and pointed that link to the named range of the room (the named range in excel is an 8 cel block with al the info I need repeated and uniquely named for each room.

This works my next step is to create a block out of the table and make the DATA LINK a variable attribute...that's where I'm stuck.  i cannot figure out how to do this.  I would love to be able to INSERT BLOCK and have one attribute question...ROOM NUMBER?.  That should look to the excel NAMED SET the corresponds and populate the table.

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