After Effects :: How To Add Text Effects Over Video

Aug 24, 2013

I’m trying to add some text effects over my video, but I’m really stuck right now getting After Effects and Adobe Premier to work together.

From the tutorials I’ve watched online, I’ve been trying to create a dynamic link between the two programs so I could easily create texts and other effects in AE that immediately show up on my timeline in Premier.  I've been able to create texts, but whatever I create in AE is not showing up on the Premier timeline.  Am I missing a step?  Also, when I load up my sequence into AE, all of the color correcting that I’ve done with Looks inside Premier goes away, and the clips appear as they did right out of the camera.

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After Effects :: Transparent Smoke Text After Effects CS5.5

Feb 27, 2014

I've made a fabulous Smoke Text effect that  I then insert the .mov file into Final Cut Pro.  The smoke effect I downloaded from the tutorial has a black background and therefore when rendered out, it's a basic white text against a black background.  Once in FCP, I have to turn the file's opacity down in order for it to layer over a video file and not black out what I layer over it.
How can I make the file transparent?  A simple toggle of the transparency grid isn't going to do it.  I need to make or find a video of smoke that is transparent?

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After Effects :: Erase Extra Video And Show Only 1 Of The Moving Objects In The Video?

Jan 17, 2014

I am trying to "erase" extra video and show only 1 of the moving objects in the video .on an athletic field we are trying to show only the movements of 1 it possible to "delete all of the other players movements and just show one player and then overlay that video on the empty field?

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After Effects :: Converting Video To JPEG And Back To Video

Feb 18, 2013

Is it possible to import a digital video sequence into photoshop and convert it into individual frames, so that each frame can be manipulated individually (drawn into, coloured etc) and then reform the individual frames into a video file for export toAfter Effects, Premier Pro or Avid?

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After Effects :: Audio But No Video?

Jun 2, 2013

Everytime i try to put a Fraps video (with the avi extension) the audio does work but the video does not, there is only the grey part which you see when you have nothing at all. When I try to open it in my documents, it works just fine.

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After Effects :: Can't Import Video

Jan 27, 2014

I'm trying to import a MPEG video from my camcorder into after effects, but AE says that the video is "corrupted or unsupported" and won't load it. I've tried taking it and exporting it from Premiere Pro and i've also tried just importing it as raw footage and it won't load it either way.

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After Effects :: Not Displaying AVI Video?

Jul 20, 2013

I recently restored my PC and when i came back to After Effects and tried importing my old videos it suddenly doesnt show anything? Before I restored it, the AVI videos i had were importing great and the video was showing, but now there is no video, although the audio works.

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After Effects :: How To Add Intro To A Video

Jan 1, 2014

i`m trying to add an intro to a video but no matter what i do and what i search on youtube/google, nothing comes up.what i want to hapen is for my intro to fade away into the video so i can export it and upload it to youtube,but i can`t seem to get that to happen...

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Photoshop Elements :: Moon Effects - View Both Layers And Effects Panel At Same Time?

Apr 9, 2013

I have PSE11 and purchased Paint the Moon effects.  How can I view both the Layers panel and the Effects panel at the same time?  Was this an option in older versions of PSE that are used in the Paint the Moon tutorials?

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Paint Shop Pro :: Instant Effects In X5 - How To Make User Defined Effects

Sep 2, 2013

In PSP X5 I'm pretty sure there's a way to make User Defined Instant Effects in the Adjust mode, but I can't find the steps in the Help Files. I'm thinking these are just scripts, but I'm not sure.

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After Effects :: Way To Export Flash Vector Animation To After Effects Keeping It Editable?

Aug 7, 2013

I have a flash animation, just shapes and tweening. I was wondering if there's a way to convert it to After Effects but keeping it editable (i.e. getting AE shapes and keyframes).

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After Effects :: How To Import IPhone 4 Video Into CS5

Aug 20, 2011

I am currently experiencing problems trying to import iPhone 4 video into After Effects CS5.
Firstly i'd like to note that the video plays perfectly fine on the iPhone, VLC and in Quicktime Player. The audio and video is in sync.
When I add the footage to After Effects the video becomes slightly out of sync with the audio. I have noticed this in RAM preview and also in renders I did just to test.
I also want to note that, both my iPhone and After Effects have latest software updates.

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After Effects :: Inserting Video Into Templates?

Feb 28, 2014

I have a template I am working with that I want to insert video clips into. The template has jpegs that say "insert photo or video here". How do I swap the jpeg with the video clip without losing the keyframes and effects? I'm not well-versed enough to just re-do them all. I am using the templates to learn the program but to also build a few videos for the non-profit I work for.
Another thought I had was if it was possible to copy all the attributes/effects/keyframes from one media piece to another. So if I were to add the video clip to the composition and copy the attributes from the template photo to the video clip I just added and then make the template photo invisible.

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After Effects :: CS6 Audio Not In Sync With Video

Aug 24, 2013

for some reason my video in AE that i am rendering is not in sync audio wise however i have the original file and the audio is fine. why is it that in AE the video is not in sync?i previewed it many time in different scenes however when the video hits about 2mins the video suddenly becomes off synceven tho the original video i have isnt.

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After Effects :: How To Create Tracers In Video

Jan 1, 2014

I am wanting to create visual tracers in my video, something like waving a flashlight around in the dark or the effect you would expect someone hallucinating to see. I found a tutorial on tracer rounds like for bullets, but I want to make flowing ones for a person casually moving, like while they talk or walk.

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After Effects :: Extend A Video Clip?

Nov 15, 2013

How can I extend the whole clip. Composition setting a setupped for 1min and 30 sec. My clip is 45 sec. How can i extend it to 1.30. when I press Ctr + Alt+T. Its allows me to extend  a orange frames  , but without extended the content inside.

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After Effects :: How To Add A Picture Partly Into A Video

Sep 26, 2013

So, I'm currently making a 3 minute news film at school, and am trying to add a picture into a video, so at the beginning of the news, I want to add a picture either right up or left up corner of the video something like this...
so,,, how do i insert a picture like that into a video?
and, additionally, is there a way to make it look like when transitioning the screen, the picture would magnify and fill up the screen.and the film begins
so in the example, the bread/snack picture would enlarge, fillup the screen and another video would resume.

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Photoshop Elements :: Adding Personal Effects To The Effects Panel?

Sep 2, 2013

after editing an effect from the panel (such as adjusting the levels of a drop shadow), to add it to the effects panel?

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After Effects :: Decoupling Keyframes From Audio File For Dynamic Effects

Oct 17, 2013

I have created keyframes from audio file and used them to generate some effect, all works fine, it is amazing how easy it is However, I would like to generate flash (?) so that these effects would be dynamic to different audio files after export.

What I want is basically to create effects that can be used in life event to the streaming music.

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After Effects :: CS6 Opening With A Lot Of Alarms Related To Effects Redundancies With Other Programs?

Feb 21, 2013

After intalling Premiere pro CS6 and After effects CS6, I installed add-ons for these programs (newblue, boris, prodad...). When I open After Effects it gives me 38 cases of effects (Detail Enhancer, noise Reducer...) redundant in other programs, telling me to get rid of them.

When I check these effects in my programs, they are mainly .aex files, located in Premiere Pro CS6, Adobe Common Plug-ins, NewBlue Video effects collections 1 to 6. Some of them also exist in avid /pinnacle studio programs (my former video tools I still use to close previous video projects) before concentrating in Adobe CS6 suite. I don't know what to remove in a safe way. Premiere pro CS6 doesn't worry about redundancies ! Only After Effects...

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Photoshop :: Way To Open Video Project In After Effects

Jul 19, 2013

Is there a way to open a Photoshop "video" project in After Effects?  I have someone painting on video but I need to tweak it in AE.  I can import it but it sees just the first frame and makes it a still image for the length of the comp.
Also, I am only seeing "Photoshop Sequence" and "h.264 Quicktime" as options for video export from PS. I have all the flavors of Quicktime when rendering from AE (ProRes HQ), etc.  Couldn't PS do the same?

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Photoshop :: Export Video And Layer Effects

May 22, 2013

When frames from the timeline are saved using export video, some layer effects display differently from how the frame looks in the timeline. It seems as if some layer effects are based on the layer effect settings for a different frame (for that layer effect setting) 1 rather than the actual frame visible in the timeline.

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VideoStudio :: Video Is Skipping After Transition Effects?

Mar 11, 2013

After creating a DVD or HD Blu-ray disc to watch on my HD TV the video skips after every transition effect while watching the DVD or HD Blu-ray disc on my tv's and computers. The videos do not skip when I upload them to the internet.

I'm using external USB 2 hdd and USB 3hdd

VS ProX5 and VS12

The properties for my video:

File format: mpeg2
file size-1,173.668
duration-478.378 sec


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3ds Max :: Composite 3D Objects / Effects Into Scene (Video)

Mar 16, 2011

I'm starting to get into video compositing a bit and I was wondering what your opinions are on the best program to use - 3ds Max or After Effects? Basically I'm shooting some live footage, solving for the camera motion in PFTrack, and I want to composite 3D objects/effects into my scene. Of course all of my modeling and animating will have to be done in Max, but which is the better program to use for actually Compositing it all together? Is it better to import the camera track into Max, set up the whole scene with lighting and cameras and everything, set the environment background as the original footage, and render it all in one shot? Or is it better to just render the models as an image sequence in Max (with alpha channel) and actually put the layers together in After Effects?

So far I've done a few test shots in 3ds Max alone, but it seems like most people prefer to composite in After Effects. What are the advantages/ disadvantages to each? It would be great to hear from people who have actually done this before.

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After Effects :: No Audio From Video Clips Even After Rendering?

Jul 9, 2013

It seams that when editing in After Effects (CS6) despite doing everything i've been told to do i get no audio when editing video clips imported from my digital camcorder. The only audio it seams i can hear in it is an actual song or audio file (MP3) and the worst part is when i render out the video after adding my effect even when i check the audio output box in the Output Module, i keep most render settings the way they are? but i have tried everything that i have seen suggested but nothing seams to work and no matter what i do i cannon manage to get any audio from my finished products unless there is an actual song in it.I must also add that in the Output Module i have tried many formats such as MPEG4, H.26, AVI, WAV, Windows Media and many others, none of them make a difference to the audio, only the quality of the video.

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After Effects :: AMD Radeon HD 7670M - No Lag Previewing HD Video?

Aug 20, 2013

I am considering a computer with a Radeon HD 7670M 1GB GDDR5, I believe. Will this be sufficient for previewing HD video without more than, say, 5 seconds of lag?
P.S. I think previewing is mainly GPU-based, but if needed, I am running the Intel i5 3570 processor.

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After Effects :: How To Create 2 Or More Sections Of Video Fro Rotoscoping

Aug 13, 2013

how do i create 2 or more sections of a 3 min video for rotoscoping in ae to mocha and back

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After Effects :: Making FPS Bigger And Speeding Up Video

Apr 23, 2013

i recorded video in 60fps, but the camera automatically converted video in 29,9fps, so it made the video slow-mo. But now i want the video in original 100% speed and 60fps (í want to use twixtor at some parts, so 60fps is needed). I use after fx 5.5 and sony action cam.

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After Effects :: Unable To Obtain Video Render

Aug 8, 2013

I have a issue with the wrap stabilizer, there Is an error that comes out and say unable to obtain video rendere.

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After Effects :: How To Embed Vector Image Within Video

Nov 5, 2013

I'm trying to figure out how to embed a vector poster into a "walk-by" video. I want to fake a lenticular lens by demonstrating the change in perspective as the person walks by the poster, but I want to be able to embed the poster into the video somehow so that I don't have to adjust the 3D orientation and position of the image frame by frame. This can probably be done with green screen, but I may not have access to that, so is there a way to place a plane (with trackers) and parent the vector poster to said framework? This probably makes little sense..

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After Effects :: Delivering Anamorphic (2.39:1) From Video 16:9 (1.78) Format?

Mar 26, 2014

When I wish to deliver the look of the anamorphic format, but have source video shot in the 16:9 (1.78) format, what is the best method to convert it?
So far, I have read that one can imply add the letterbox bars on the top and the bottom to simulate the visual part to be in the 2.39:1 format.  I now realise, that even though visually it is the 2.39:1 format, the actual footage is still the original 1.78 format, just with black at the top and the bottom of the frame.
If that is okay, should one then notify film festivals and other alike that the footage is in the 1.78 format for them to project it correctly.  On the other hand, should one render only the visual part of 2.39 and then also notify them that the format is 2.39?

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