Photoshop :: Have Lost Pixel As Option?

Sep 10, 2013

when resiging an image I no longer have pixels as an option,just picas inches etc. no pixels

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Photoshop :: Image Resizing - No Pixel Option

Jun 11, 2012

I am trying to resize an image in photoshop 10.  why is pixels not an options when resizing an image?

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Photoshop :: Lost Option To Save As .jpeg

Dec 28, 2005

Just got/learning PS CS2. I noticed when I first loaded CS2, I had an option to save as .JPEG. A few days later, the option disappeared. Even when I open an original .JPEG, the Save As option does not display .JPEG as an option. For web work, I need to be able to quickly save to .JPEG (from the save as option) and I can't figure out why it is not available. I do have the Save for Web option, but it take a bit longer to use.

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Photoshop :: Lost Filter Gallery Option In Filters

Feb 16, 2013

After updating ps cs3 to ps cs6, I lost the "filter Gallery option in filters?

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Photoshop :: No Option To Turn Off (Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction) Because Its Greyed Out

Mar 19, 2012

I created an illustration in Painter 8 and I would like to bring that image into Photoshop. I saved the Painter file as a jpeg, but when I try to open it in Photoshop, I get the message, "pixel aspect correction is for preview purposes only. turn it off for maximum image quality." The image comes up as a sliver of color, totally unrecognizable. So, I go to View > Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction and uncheck and the image is corrected. It looks fine now.
I have an existing psd file that I've been working on for a while which is my working portfolio. I tried to take my newly corrected image and drag it (or copy it) into my portfolio file. At this point, I get the same error message. But this time, there is no option to turn off "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction" because it's greyed out.

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Photoshop Elements :: Lost Aspect Ratio Option In Tool Options When Cropping A Photo

Mar 6, 2014

Is it possible that I LOST my aspect ratio option in tool options when cropping a photo for the website???  It is gone and I am sure it was there before. Using photo ratio, customer or other is no good for what I am doing. .

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Lightroom :: Lost Mask Option Button For Adjustment Brush?

Aug 24, 2012

When using adjustment brush and Crop tool a bar used to appear under the photo giving me the option of seeing the overlay filter of where i had burned in or dodged. it also appeared for the 'Done' option when cropping. This bar has disspapeared from my screen and i can no longer see how much and what areas i have effected with the adjustment tool. how do i get this option back on my screen? this is lightroom 3.5 by the way

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Illustrator :: Create New Document - Suddenly Lost Ability For Customer Option

Mar 3, 2014

All of the sudden I can't create a customer profile when creating a new document.  Earlier I selecting the print profile.  I tried opening a new document and creating a custom profile but that option is grayed out. 
I created custom brushes yesterday but they don't appear today.  Is that because of the profile that the brushes were created with and without that profile I won't see the brushes? 

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Photoshop Elements :: Crop Picture Pixel Dimensions Become 6 Bytes Width And Height 1 Pixel Each

Apr 11, 2013

When I crop a picture Pixel Demensions become 6 bytes Width and Height 1 pixel each. I can no longer see the picture.  How can I fix this?

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Photoshop :: Scaling Two Objects To Match Exactly Pixel To Pixel

Apr 22, 2013

I have two art objects on two layers. I want to match to the pixel the two objects that otherwise could be exactly the same but one layered object was imported slightly smaller.

The scale tool has good scale handling, I just want to measure the tool spots to the pixel to gain an exact scale size factor and match sizes.

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Photoshop :: Changing Somthing's Color Pixel By Pixel

May 12, 2007

It blows my mind that somthing this simple isnt all that simple. I used the eyedropper tool to slect a color from another photo, then used the brush while fully magnified to change the color of each pixel.

It was coming out a weird greyish color, and I noticed that if I clicked more than once, it got darker, but so did the pixels directly around the one i was editing. So, i copied both pictures, loaded them into paint, and went to town.

It worked, but then when i copied it back into photoshop, it had a black background (there was no background in the original pictures) around the sprite I was editing. I tried to use the magic wand tool to get rid of it, but it took parts of the sprite with it, so...

Is there any way that I can edit the color of a single pixel (or hell, even a group of pixels if they share the same exact color would be nice...preferred, even) accurately? If not, what program could I use that would keep the transparent background?

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 :: Getting RGB / CMYK Color Values Of A Bitmap Pixel By Pixel?

Feb 19, 2012

Via VBA macro, some way of getting RGB/CMYK color values of a bitmap pixel by pixel?

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GIMP :: How To Make Clean Image Without Deleting Pixel By Pixel

Mar 13, 2011

I managed to remove the background, of an image,(A whit background) and put the image on top of a transparent layer. made a transparent image. When I place this image over a light color background, it looks fine, but when I place it over a dark color background, the edge of the image looks very rough and dirty, I think it's because some of the anti alias from the original image, how can I make it a clean image without going to delete pixel by pixel?

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GIMP :: How Channel Mix Works Exactly For Transforming Pixel By Pixel In Java

Jul 26, 2012

We are developing an application using functionality of Gimp´s channel mixer with java.

Our problem is that we don’t Know how channel mix works exactly for transforming pixel by pixel in Java.

For example,

We have an image an do on it the next mix:

Output Channel = Red

For simulate that, we transform all pixels with Red Component *2 and 255 (maximum) if is greater.

Our problem is:

Output Channel = Red

How can I simulate that?

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Photoshop :: Canvas Pixel Size Doesn't Match Grid Pixel Size

Dec 6, 2012

I'm using Photoshop CS5 and as you can see on the picture below, when I set my grid line to every 1 px, grid doesn't match canvas pixel size.

Now I'm not able to draw sharp shapes using pen tool because even if I hold shift key everything gets blurry. 

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Photoshop Elements :: Where To Find Feather Option And Smooth / Refine Edges Option In Adobe E7

Sep 19, 2012

Where can I find feather option and smooth/refine edges option in Adobe Element 7.

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Photoshop :: Layer Blending Option Mess With Other Layers Option

Oct 2, 2011

As you might see in layer panel. there is a blending option applying on text. and when i try to applying new blending option i-e drop shadow or inner shadow to layer shape 5. it will mess with also to text layer.

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Photoshop :: Why Do Paths Snap To Pixel Grid Although (snap Vector Tools To Pixel Grid) Is Off

Aug 8, 2012

When I drag around vector points of paths they are not constrained to the pixel grid, when the option "Snap Vector Tools and Transform to Pixel Grid" is off. This is the behavior I expect.BUT: When I drag whole paths, they snap to the pixel grid, no matter what. I even have snapping completely disabled.
This is particularly annoying when eg. creating a path for a zipper. I first make a path for the inside of the jacket or whatever, then I make one notch for the zipper and copy it over and over again for all the notches. It's very troubling when these elements snap to the pixel grid, because it's very unprecise then.

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Illustrator :: Remove Layer Option Color Option?

Jan 13, 2012

I cannot stand it when I make a new layer in Illustrator and the color hint becomes yellow. This usually happens on the third new layer into every project. I can go in and manually change it from yellow to the ten plus other colors, but I just want yellow completely out of the list. It's awful to look at, and I think every other color is easier.

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Photoshop :: Pixel?

Apr 4, 2006

My first post on the forum, after being a guest for some time now!

Anyhow...Is there anyway I can get a plug-in, that turns my normal images into Pixel art?

Surely there is a plug-in for CS2, where I can change an image, into a pixellised version.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Art!

Sep 13, 2004

way to create professional, clean, sharp icons. I do know that I should use vector programs like illustrator or CoralDraw, but is there a secret to pixel icon art that is hidden or the best way to approach it (program, size, sketch)?

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Photoshop :: Pixel

Feb 14, 2003

i was wondring if i could make image like this in photoshop.

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Photoshop :: Pixel To Cm2

Jan 4, 2009

how to convert pixels to cm2? for example, let's say that i have an area of 100 pixels. the square root of the pixels is 10 and the resolution is 10 pixels/cm. thus the area in cm would be 1 cm squared, correct? unfortunately, this does not compute correctly in photoshop. as in the number that i get never corresponds to the actual dimensions measured in the image.

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Photoshop :: CS6 Nudging 10 Pixel

May 23, 2013

I have identified a major problem using CS6.
When nudging folders (filled with layers) around in Photoshop. Holding the shift key at the same time as pressing an arrow usaully nugdes content 10 pixels. However, pressing the arrow key in quick succession, for example 4 times, it will only nudge content 39 pixels or 41 pixels. Pressing the arrow key, say 10 times, quickly would result in only a 95 pixel movement.
Opening the same (80mb) file in CS5 and performing the same test, nudges a ... perfect 10 everytime..
I am a ux visual designer working on major household clients and my PSDs need to be pixel perfect before passing to development. Anything out of place would be highlighted and ultimately would make me look like a novice.
The files are not big. They are for the web. I use CS6 (v 13.0.4) and a 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i7 Macbook Retina with 16GB RAM and SSD. Currently the fastest Macbook you can buy!

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Photoshop :: How To Move 1 / 2 Pixel

Jul 1, 2012

I would like to know if it is possible to move a shape (or what have ya) less than a full pixel left, right, up or down?
I've tried holding the Alt key and other things. Also, I've been unable to pinpoint the right keyword while searching the user manual and the FAQ's.

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Photoshop :: How To Add A Pixel Mask Using CS6

Sep 26, 2012

In Classroom in a book for CS5 this is clearly explained and community fora make mention of pixel mask, but none actually step you through it. I can not find it in the properties panel.

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Photoshop :: CS3 How To Turn Off Pixel

Nov 12, 2008

How can I turn off this most irritating default that was not present in 7?

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Photoshop :: Pixel To MB Converter

Jan 13, 2005

Accepted File Types:
The Photo Center accepts JPG (.jpg) and TIFF (.tif) files under 6 megabytes (MB) each. You may add up to 200 MB at a time. (Quote)

This is what i can uploading for 8x10 prints from my PS "creations"
i have several photos with many layers and some are less,and i was able to increase or decrease the pixel in each photo,to match the allowable (under 6 MB) there a way to calculate the ratio from pixel to MG to my Max.allowed?
(basically i want 5.99 MB)

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Photoshop :: Pixel Erosion?

Jan 7, 2005

how to create this sort of effect? It looks like whoever made it started out by making a conventional design then filtered everything so that it looks 'smeared' and worn away but keeps it's 'pixel-ness'.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Dimensions In CS2

May 3, 2008

I opened a jpg image in PS CS2, and opened the Image size panel. I found the following: Width 2304 px., height 1728 px., doc size 32" x 24" at 72 px/in, and Pixel Dimensions 11.4M.

Can anyone explain the relationship of the pixel dimensions to the other data, i.e., how the pixel dimensions are calculated.

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Photoshop :: Pixel Tolerance

Nov 23, 2007

bought a CD printer and made a template on photoshop. when using the elliptical tool (and yes, i held shift+alt to make it symmetrical/centered) to make the work paths around the inner ring, it asks something about pixel tolerance (the default was at 2.0) and after i hit okay, the circle becomes messed up.. how can i make a perfect circle? if i change the tolerance numbers to higher or lower, the circle becomes even more irregular and jagged.

this is how it looks in photoshop...

this is a smaller version (kind of easier to see the irregularities)

and this is how it looks when i print it

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