Photoshop :: CS4 And Pen Pressure

Nov 25, 2008

When drawing with the brush or the clone stamp brush now and then strokes are drawn at full pressure even though that is not the case. The next strokes are ok again for a while and then again... a few strokes like they there was no pen pressure. Very annoying when retouching masks.

I already installed the latest Wacom driver but no joy.

What else could I try?

My graphics card doesn't have OpenGL capacities so I don't think that's the problem or could it?

Also CS4 is much slower than CS3 in updating the screen. Related?

I am a long time user of Photoshop (since 2.5) but I think CS4 will be the first upgrade

I will skip although I love the new adjustments and masks panels...

Windows XP Pro, 4 Gigs of Ram, Matrox Millenium card, plenty of sratch disk space.


Photoshop :: Pen Pressure / Require Pressure Sensitive Tablet

Jun 20, 2012

I have desktop PC with optical mouse photoshop CS5 when I try to use pen pressure feature of brush, I got a pale trangle beside said " require pressure sensitive tablet"..So; can I use the pen pressure feature?

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure

Jan 13, 2007

my photoshop just doesn't want to pick up my pen pressure for my graphic tablet!

ive set the brush dynamics and other dynamics to pen pressure but still i get nothing..

i really need help fast

oh and i use an aiptek hyper pen 12000u

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure

Jan 12, 2007

my photoshop just doesn't want to pick up my pen pressure for my graphic tablet!

ive set the brush dynamics and other dynamics to pen pressure but still i get nothing..

i use an aiptek hyper pen 12000u

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Photoshop :: Using Pen Pressure Without A Tablet?

Jan 12, 2013

I like to use the pen pressure option to get those interesting lines for art with the pen tool. I've been using like that for years. But today, my computer is telling me I can't use this option without a tablet. I'm very confused. Even a couple days ago I could select that option with no problem

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure Not Working In CS5.1?

Dec 17, 2012

I have a Genius MousePen 6x8 and use Photoshop CS5.1. It's been a while since I used my tablet, but it used to work before. I rebooted my computer a while ago, so I installed the new driver from the Genius website. The tablet is working fine, even the pen pressure, but for some reason it just won't work in Photoshop. I've tried to fix it by resetting the Photoshop settings by using the Ctrl+Shift+Alt, I've reset the brush tool, I've played around with the brush options and nothing has worked.

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Photoshop :: CS5 / How To Disable Pen Pressure

Jul 16, 2012

I'm on a Mac, 10.6.8 and PS CS5 12.0.4 with a Wacom Intuos3.
I select a hard round brush and turn off the Transfer > Opacity Jitter > 'pen pressure' option. However as soon as I thouch the tip of my pen down pen pressure turns back on. This is annoying when trying to do a detailed cutout in a layer mask as it leaves behind opaque areas that aren't always visible right away.
Even if I create a new preset with pen pressure off, it comes back on once saved. There must be a way to turn off pen pressure while using the Wacom tablet. Am I missing something?

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Photoshop :: Can't Get Pressure Sensitivity

Jul 27, 2009

I am having problems with my brushes in Photoshop CS4. Everything was fine till recently. I use XP on a PC. I am using a wacom tablet and the brush sensitivity is not working in Photoshop CS4.  When I go to the brush drop down or the brush palatte, the brushes are not pressure sensitive for opacity or size as they should be. Yet I have pen pressure selected in shape dynamics & other dynamics. I tried in CS3 which I also have installed and it works fine there and I can use the pen pressure. I spoke with wacom and we updated the driver. Adobe said to reinstall CS 4 which I did…and I still have the problem. BTW, there is a gray exclamation mark next to the shape and other dynamics control drop down window. No one seems to know exactly what this means.I assume it isn't the wacom driver or hardware, as it works fine in CS3.  It makes sense to me that the problem is with CS4, but I still have it after reinstalling. Any ideas. I have talked to wacom and adobe multiple times and can't get this resolved.

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Photoshop :: Pressure Sensitivity Not Available In...

Jul 26, 2009

I have a Calcomp DrawingBoard lll with pressure sensitive stylus which works fine in other applications like Painter 11 but loses its pressure capabilities in CS4 (both AI and PS). The stylus behaves like a mouse but in shape dynamics the pen pressure settings show a warning sign and in AI they are grayed out. It performed correctly in CS3.

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure/Tilt In PS 7

Apr 4, 2008

I recently bought a Dell XT tablet PC which uses N-trig Technology (instead of Wacom). I can't seem to get the brush tool to recognize pen pressure or tilt. How can this be resolved?

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Photoshop :: Cs4 Pen Bug?, (pressure Steps)

Oct 28, 2008

I'm trying cs4 TRIAL.
And I get bad steps (look by the arrows) when LETTING GO of pen pressure. Normal?

Both are drawn at 25%spacing which I want, because the pressure gets easier to control.

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Photoshop :: Shortcut Key For Pen Pressure

Apr 12, 2008

I am using Photoshop with Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet. I sometimes want to use pen pressure but sometimes not.

Is there a shortcut key that can toggle between "pen pressure" and "off"

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure- With Brush

Jul 15, 2009

I've just started using CS4 and the pen pressure when drawing using my wacom tablet seems to be sporadic at best.

It doesn't matter what brush size I pick, when I start drawing, however lightly, the brush will frequently, and it appears randomly, just draw a line to its full thickness. It's annoying because it sort of responds to the pen pressure but then will just suddenly stick a big thick line in for no reason.

Things I have already tried to fix this:

adjusting the flow %

playing with the pen presure slidey bar in brush menu/ shape dynamics

adjusting the pen sensitivity in the wacom tablet setup.

What's really annoying is have been using my tablet with photoshop 5 for years and it's worked perfectly. CS4 seems to be quite buggy though. It crashed today after telling me something about gpu enhancements (?) and zooming using the wacom slider sometimes decides not to work.

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure In CS4 Vista 64-bit

Jan 15, 2009

Even through all other applications on my PC were able to respond to tablet pen pressure, CS4 running in Vista 64-bit did not. I was able to get the pressure to work when executing the 32-bit photoshop.exe found in C:Program Files (x86)AdobeAdobe

Photoshop CS4Photoshop.exe. I'll continue to use the 32-bit program until Adobe solves this in the 64-bit version.

It was good of Adobe to automatically install both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of the program.

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Photoshop :: Cursor Pressure?

Jul 30, 2006

when i have a low optimicty on and when i click on the picture with the paint tool all is fine but if i click again it goes darker, then darker again if i click again? i know this is normal but, can i stop it?

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Photoshop :: Wacom Pressure

Jan 16, 2008

I'm using CS2 and a Wacom pressure sensitive graphics tablet that's about ten years old. I've noticed that the pen's pressure sensitivity only works on brushes that have a hardness control slider. I would love to use the smudge tool with certain brushes but I can't because most of the brush shapes don't have pressure sensitivity with the Wacom pen, Is this normal? Is there any way to get all my brushes to have pressure sensitivity with my Wacom pen?

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Photoshop :: Pen Pressure Not Working

Jul 10, 2009

I was using my brush with pen pressure, but now its not working!! I have no clue how that happened either!!I keep trying to apply the pen pressure to the brush tool, but it doesn't show that there is any sensitivity to the brush! :OI don't think its the tablet that is acting up, cause it seems to be working normal.So I have no clue whats wrong with it!! I don't have to change the size jitter tho right? Cause I never had to before.I had put in the control box at the top that I wanted to have pen pressure so that couldn't be the problem either.I tried resetting the menus, and then setting the pallets back to defult,

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Photoshop :: CS6 Not Recognizing Tablet Pen Pressure

Dec 27, 2012

I just recently upgraded to Photoshop CS6 and for a while everything was fine. Then for no reason that I can see, the pen pressure recognition for my tablet simply stopped working. It literally was working one day and then stopped the next.
I am using a WACOM Intuos2 tablet, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for it many times to see if that was the problem. I have rebooted after each successful uninstall and reinstall, with zero effect. I have tried other USB ports with no effect. The tablet software recognizes the pressure when I run a diagnostic, it simply does not work in Photoshop. I realize the tablet is an older model but I can't imagine it is incompatible with Photoshop CS6.
I have made certain everything is up to date, including Photoshop, Windows 7 32bit, any hardware drivers and my tablet driver.

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Photoshop :: Unable To Set Up Pressure Sensitivity In CS6

Dec 28, 2012

I just got my first ever drawing tablet and so I'm having a lot of problems setting up the pressure sensitivity. I have a DigiPro WP5540 and I've installed the driver and the software and everything. In CS6 I go to shape dynamics and it doesn't allow me to do anything. It just has a warning icon next to it:

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